Ascension Disclosures: Demons Not Angels, Part 13

In the previous articles of this series till Part 12 we had a discussion on common spirits that are people in the Matrix or simulation world around us as well as in our mind appearing in dreams, apparitions or thoughtforms. The terms demon or fallen angels no mater how frightening are actually nothing to worry about as they are assimilations of scientific energy from the mind playing out characters in the dream or life story. The reason why we use the term demons is simple, we are in the lower world and not in heaven and we as humans have considerably harmed our environment to a degree that the planet cannot tolerate us. In every aspect of our life, from swimming in a chlorinated pool, to dancing or drinking in a pub, going to the toilet and flushing with water, digging the soil for minerals, purchasing clothes from shops, driving and living in buildings, we cause harm to be planet and millions of organisms. Yet society controls us to make us believe that all this is necessary and normal and deceives us to become co-dependent on the socio-economic and political systems that are all part of our inception (mind control) so that we never leave the simulation and remain moving around here itself in the dreamworld of stories made up solely by mental energy. Demons as described before and in the following chapters are all part of the control programs ‘running the show’ of the Matrix that controls us through religions, laws, society, family, economic system, glamour, media, real estate, healthcare and food systems.

145. Pisacha: Mythological beings from Indian lore and legends who hunt animals and possess people, Pisachas are visualized as weeping and violent ghostlike creatures who feed on energy of humans and haunt graveyards. They can follow people and mislead them. In human form they incarnate as people who have supernatural or psychic powers or mentalism and can hypnotise others, are proud and of haughty nature and like to control those around them. They can be angry in appearence with bulging eyes. One famous Wiccan female from India was a Pisacha as dictated to me by the masters, she has a similar first and second name combination to Pisacha. She misrepresented Wicca in popular Sunday Times newspaper by stating she can ‘bring any man or woman to your doorstep using love spells’ which is not Wicca as true Wiccans do not perform black magic or enchantments of this nature for money or other temptations. One of her students once came into my Magick store to describe how he was really put off by her workshops and left half way through, although he was no kind person himself. These beings do not like anyting heavenly or idealistic and refuse to go vegan too, as they love western carnivoous reptilian culture, enjoy the lower world where we live now and collect personal power as reptilians who cloak themselves with black garments and move about in the world unperturbed by the suffering or pain of others, especially of animals.

146. Grigori: As per Enochian descriptions of Fallen Angels Grigori or Gregori, were Satanaic Watchers, a group of fallen beings who patrolled cities and towns pretending to watch over other people, but infact were controlling them. According to the Book of Enoch, they lusted after females to produce Nephilim giants as described in the Bible ‘the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.’ (Genesis 6:1-4) Grigori Rasputin is famous for being a Russian religious advisor to Tzars nd accused of rape was one example. I have also been recently informed by the spirit team that a man with similar name to Grigori was actually a watcher who appeared in the form of an agent of housing looking after my temporary accomodation by checking on residents every now and then although he dd nothing in particular except look around to check on our wellbeing or safety. At those times black helicopters also appeared a few times to hover and circle just above my head at that place whenever I thought of how I am in the Matrix and being controlled by the government to be confined in a danger zone and unable to move out of its crcumference very unnaturally because I was told by government officials that I need to be ‘stable’ and not move as a victim of domestic violence who had left family home. Previously too in London home black helicopters always circled specifically around my home for no specific reason especially after lucid dreams involving teleportation and contact with aliens whenever I concentrated upon how this is a simulation and how to leave it.

147. Jormungandr: As per Norse mythology and folklore an evil snake called Jormungandr surrounds the cosmos. I heard this name a few times in my ears last year before I realized quite recently that it is a demon name and a female by a very similar first name second name combination was controlling me coercively throughout last year. She had flaring nostrils and poor quality of intellectual development. She kept calling me over phone incessantly to organize some sessions with my son over video call which she would supervise for him to speak to his father and had absolutely no clue of our background or circumstances. All she wanted was to waste time and kept on pressing to increase frequency of sessions without any reason to do so and even though court has not approved of the contact. Noone in her team had any clue what is goin on although she said she was instructed by a family court agency. The reptilian person apeared in human form but was entirely a fictional character which is how all nightmare characters are, in other words demons who control us and keep us engaged in the matrix like simulation system where we are dreaming and not quite awake in a world that is not our home.

148. Davy Jones:`An English metaphor of being sent to ‘Davy Jones Locker’ is often used to denote death especially by drowning to the bottom of the sea and connected to either a fictional or historical pirate called David Jones. It is also relatd to a parable by jesus of Jonah in the Bible where Jonah is gobbled up by a large whale and prays to God and then is regurgiated out due to his faith. Davy Jones is usually called the sailor’s devil. One of the humanoids he manifested as in my life was a man by the same name who was a principal of my son’s previous school at Grays. This guy walked around pretending to be an old British Pirate in a party held at school imitating a deck of a ship where they roasted whole pigs in front of children with the face of the victim baby pig showing immense pain. The students of primary school and pre-primary or nursery were then taught by parents and teachers to take knives and forks and eat the flesh directly out of the tormented baby pigs dead body called a Hog Roast, a shameful tradition British people are very proud of. When I was writing a letter to the principal to ban this practice my husband tore the letter angrily and shouted at me defending British culture. He also made the principal forceably sign papers to change my son’s citizenship into British, so much so the Principal felt there was a gun on his head to sign the papers. The class teacher of my son in that school also wasted time teaching Bible’s parables such as Jonah all day to my son when I went to talk about domestic violence all she cared about waas talking about how Shaurya has learnt Jonah’s parable and was disinterested in impact of domestic abuse on child and she regularly distributed Haribo and Shellac sweets made of murdered pigs and cows and insect poop to children and was unhappy I said no to sweets for my child.

149. Divs: Vedic deities called daevas are supernatural creatures that can rule the world with their occult powers. SImialrly Divs are Persian monsters who are described as giants who are carnivorous with large teeth and have occult powers supposedly created by Ahriman the Devil (a symbolic of an evil mind). They also appear in human shape. One of the females who worked temporarily for me in my Magick store was of a similar name and constitution. She had a hoarse voice, very tough in her way of talking, always hypnotised customers to coerce them to buy more items than they needed and won their trust by speaking aggressively and praising them, and also sold items for more price than what I had specified without my approval to keep the extra cash with her, at times double the price. She also had a large frame of body, large teeth with square jawline and was carnivorous. She was really casual regarding work and came up to my private residence to sleep instead of working and asked me to go and work instead of herself at times and was more of a bully than someone who was conscientious and liable to work properly as instructed. She never actually followed me or learnt anything from me, but did whatever she liked.

150. Sabnock: A Goetian demon described as an armoured being who controls buildings and furnishes them arms and ammunitions and also makes wounds sore orinfected is called Sabnock or Nok Nok in some dictionaries. He is also connected with Samkhel, a version of Samael or the reptilian demon of death. One of the people he came up as was a formidable looking female of similar first name second name combination who owned the shop next door to mine before I moved in and had Bollywood clientele as a hairstylist and tattoo artist. She had innumerable tattooes and piercings on her body and wore tall boots in summer as she patrolled streets. Another gentleman who was similar to Sabnock in his first name second name combination was a resident of a tower diagonally opposite to my store. He was a famous bollywood actor of similar first and second name combination who was notorious for carrying weapons and killing or wounding animals in psychopathic pleasurable hunting trips as a narcissist. He also drive drunkenly on streets, wounded and killed poor homeless people sleeping on pavements and remains to this date some sort of a God who is worshipped by humans of India as a role model or celebrity.

151: Barbatros: According to Grimoires of Goetic legends, Barbatos is a Solomonic being who is skilled in speaking happily and enchantingly in voices of animals, conciliates friends and foes, tells the past and future and takes care of hidden treasure as well as leads people to it. One of the people he manifested as was a person of a similar first name second name combination who appeared in my life when I was afraid that I will be hunted down due to a threat made to my life and I wanted to prepare my will beforehand should something happen to me so that my son is secured. This lady of similar name and mannerisms met me in her office and hearing over phone that I was unhappy about the length of the journey, she started telling me stories with some strange voices that made absolutely no sense at all as soon as she appeared and when I was non plussed she said it was only to cheer me up. She then produced the paper of Will and made me sign it and kept it in her safe along with the other signs needed that she organized.

152: Angul: A demonic being alled Angulimala is a story I have heard in childhood of a notorious serial killer who hid in forests to kill people in order to collect their fingers (anguli) and braid them into a rosary (mala) to please the teachers of his Satanic or Tantric cult. Later he is believed to have been reformed by Buddha and turned into a saint immediately on meeting Buddha which clearly is an exaggeration as psychopaths are known to be manipulative and pretentious and often dres up as robed monks to hide their crimes. A demon called Angul is also known in East Asia as an ‘axe man’. My neighbouring allottment holder who is a reptilian pot bellied beef and chicken dosa chef and restaurant owner, works with an axe to chop trees next to his allottment, and also uses hoes to cut weeds into soil everyday instead of pulling them out. He feels no remorse for animals being killed to be cooked for profit in his restaurant, and takes undue interest in women, asking me if I am married, much to my irritation and his first name second name combination is phonetically in semblance with Angul. In my life this demonic being also manifested as a young man with sharp canines like a vampire protruding from the front who had a stale smell in his pants and whose home was infested with coakroaches. He carried a photographs of a girl whom he wanted to marry in his wallet at all times and he married her later on but she contacted me online for a tarot reading and informed me that he is severely controlling and forces her into sexual relations. This man too contacted me later on and cribbed about how his wife wants to leave him and has accused him of being unhygenic as well to court which frankly being true I did not help him in the reading or spells he wanted from me. He had also similarly mistreated other females from his college and was an obnoxious serial abuser who pretended to be a nice person and innocent of face.

153: Shava: Also called Shiva who turns to Shava when his feminine counterpart Shakti or life force leaves him or goes against him, Shava is a demon of death, incontinency and loss of consciousness. While Shiva represents his living aspect in which he wreaks havoc or tandava upon the world to destroy the universe in agred (Rudra form) he also can be benevolent as he represents the psychic reptilian Kundalini power of ‘third-eye’ that can focus and make anything happen, whether good or evil. One of the people this demon manifested as in my life was a Osho lineaged monk with deep reddish-orange robes and downward smile, of similar name to Shiva who had an evil look about him.He used to fiddle with his own longish hair and suddenly grabbed my hand while travelling in a rickshaw to meet someone in my tarot meetup as he taught astrology and wanted to met other practitioners whom he could teach as well. He was a rather intelligent man but also a quack as he never issued any accurate predictions but made up his own systems that were a mixture of western progression system and traditional dasa based Vedic astrology of many names that he invented. He also specialised in sexual tantra due to which I was very afraid of him and his Osho named cults in which he constantly tried sending me for initiations that I fled from mid-way after having dreams that all the people were like giant cobras swaying to the tunes as they were hypnotised by the guru before them.

154: Nagas: Reptilian semi human and semi serpent race from underworld in Hindu legends they surface upwards as powerful men and women whose king is called Nagraja. They guard and control wealth and ‘amrita’ or nectar of immortality and healing as well as adorn Hindu deities such as Shiva and Vishnu and Buddha or other deities such as Jain Mahavira. A man of a similar name was a Hindu doctor who contacted me to promote himself and his specialized healing system to cure cancer at a very popular large hospital that was also my client, and he wanted to sell to the world his machine based cancer cure. He was highly interested in my work as a professional past life therapist at that time as he believed in Buddha’s meditation and hypnosis systems taught by my Buddhist teacher at that time. Another man this being manifested as was a tall man of similar name who controlled land and gave it to his ex-partner and helped her out in every way possible admiring her efforts for environmentalism and tree planting and he also believed in my theories aboutt he Matrix and that we are all in a simulation. Nagas are guardians who look after wealth, land and property and consider them precious and enjoy living in the simulation as well as believe in meditation to keep us happy within the simulation itself so as to control us.

155: Jinn: In Arabic folklore Jinns also called Genies in western world were believed to be supernatural entities made of smokeless fire or smike and fire, and as well all know in fairy tales such as Alladin they are trapped in a magic lamp to be commanded in order to fulfil wishes of the people who command them. In Roman ancient religion Genii Loci or Genius Loci was believed to be haunting spirits that occupy a place and protect it from invaders or misfits. An Ifrit or Afarit is one of the most powerful of these Jinns who can also curse people if disturbed. A lady named similar to Genie was one of these spirits that manifested slyly through computer systems to manifest wishes of my family members and especally of my ex-partner. Prahlad Jani a famous Jain monk known for fasting for many many years also called Ineda or breatharianism and died in recent years after dwelling as a caveman until he was 90 years old was described as a Jinn to me by the masters recently.

156: Ammut: Ammut or Ammit is an Egyptian demon who devoured the hearts of people whose hearts were weighted on judgement and found to be impure thereby making the hearts be subject to powerful torment endlessly. One of the persons this demon manifested as in my life was a manof similar namewho visited a friend as her boyfriend and colleague from her office and sat down in the garden with me and herself just before Yule. When I described how Christmas is a false festival manipulated by modern western Christians after ancient pagan tree worship practices he felt really angry. Especially when I challenged Christian dogma around Jesus and said he might have simply been a good man who was killed unnecessarily he was fuming with anger and judgement and said that Jesus was the ‘son of God’ and he was not a ‘man’. Later I found out that he was a devout Christian who was antagonistic to anything other than his beliefs and judged peole. As we can guess Chrtistian beliefs are very similar to older Egyptian beliefs of death, hell or underworld and judgement and weighing of hearts on a scale to decide heaven or hell, resurrection of Osiris and the corpses being embalmed and placed in coffins inside earth to await judgement, and the crucufix or cross similar to Ankh in many ways.

Similar to Inception movie and The Matrix movie programs are all around us in this well architected simulation running through or mental energy entirely and this mental energy is giving rise to people around us that are manifestation of these programs as characters in this dreamworld. You could also compare them to characters in the Jumanji movie video game system in which players are trapped only to meet humans and animals who repeat certain actions, ways of speaking, specific behaviors and body movements robotically in a pre-programmed way and are not real people at all but crafted out of Artificial Intelligence in the virtual world that we all feel trapped inside of currently.

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