7 Laws of the Eco (nomic) System and How to Overcome Them

Our eco-system is a well architected simulation held together by the careful control of Draconian Laws that overpower the majority of animals surviving here on what we believe to be earth.

Several laws contain us within this structural virtual reality show aided by our governments, law firms, technology and science, market forces and our own thought process that is affected by various media and people that surround us since our fictitious birth.

  1. Sustainability: Everyone talks about it. The ‘in’ thing in all media is climate change, deforestation, war, hunger, mass destruction, coronavirus crisis, and all possible apocalyptic situations that threaten survival and bring upon extinction, forcing us to rebel, to protest, to protect our environment, to go plant based, or to heal our planet. If we do not the show would not go on. We know, not just on a superficial level but very very deeply, intellectually as well as through personal experience that we are in an artful illusion. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has confirmed it, Elon Musk swears it true, Vedic philosophers and Upanishads have disclosed it in ancient scriptures thousands of years ago. We are all in ‘maya’ and near the end times, just about now every year, according to apocryphal or Biblical texts as well. We are in a world made of light, apparently organic and created through thoughts ‘as we speak’. God is within us. Yet we wish to live, remain, continue within this light projection. A cage inside which our mind is functional, manufactures realities and aims to carry on forever. We know we are dreaming in an artificial reality and our mind creates forms out of thoughts, yet we do not give up dreaming and go on an on eternally. Why? Because we love this world and want to be comfortable, to eat its artificial yet natural looking ‘healthy’ food, and to have a bath, clean our homes, look okay (tidy) if not good and have a cosy blanket around us in this virtual reality instead of seeking truth of who we really are and where we actually are from.
  2. Stability: We are in a reality that is a dream, yet unlike (or actually like a dream) it has some stable elements more or less. The parallelisms between reality and dreams are many. We see people, talk to them, feel emotions, taste, touch, breathe, think, write, eat and go to the toilet. We can also sleep within a dream and see a dream within dreams. However when we ‘wake up’ we remember our dreams to be a bit unstable, something looks different, feels wrong, some laws gave in, something happened unnaturally, maybe we were flying or met a dead person, or a celebrity out of nowhere, or landed up in a new place, or a lightswitch did not work, or words changed on a poster. In this world, too lighswitches malfunction and words change on posters all the time (technology you say?) We do not really fly do we in ‘this world’? Maybe we have not tried that because we are not lucid enough. We know many many things in the world are wrong, hints that we are in an unnatural reality, yet we believe them anyways and have a cup of tea or hot chocolate to keep away the blues. We want to relate to people genuinely, seeking friendships, emotional warmth and family in this dream. We want to stay in a place and have an established routine, calenders, meetings, time-tables, time-zones, schedules and bullet points or numbered lists like this article. We are always organizing our thoughts to be able to make sense of our own mental activity. We live in a house. We have uncertainity around us – the system is crumbling and it is far from stable, yet we crave stability – for the Matrix to be reset or reloaded, with a few tweaks, maybe more vegan food, that is all. We live a lie.
  3. Engagement: The world is mind, but we keep on thinking about it, and talking about it. We like to be busy here. We write letters, emails, blogs and comments, we write awesome poetry and awful articles that criticize our systems. We think of what to do next. We go on trips abroad, adventures, cinema and stage-shows, parties and shopping, and we post our images and videos with selfie-sticks on instagram because facebook was yesterday’s thing. We are engaged 24×7 in an artificial reality projection, and no matter how much we know this to be a fact, we choose the ‘blue pill’ of not thinking about it. We relax, meditate mindfuly to change our mood and slip into our shells, we burn incense, sage and aroma oils and beat a drum gently with patience and compassion. Some of us choose not to. Some of us cannot sit still and want to talk, walk and run. We like the life of simulation as automatic as it may be, as thrilling or exciting as we can make it to be. We are plugged in. We also need to be busy – business, jobs, money, that is the twist. We are born here, (are we really), no one can evidence their own birth, but we think we are. We are also born with expenditure, taken care of with lullabies and provided for and clothed through the efforts of our masters, appearing to be our parents and relatives or the government that supplies things to us, homes, ancestral property, food and shopping. We need to do something and that is why we have careers. We find a way to make a dreamworld as rich as posibble and lively too. We enjoy being plugged in – loyal subjects and clients of the AI (artificial intelligences) that run the show.
  4. Challenges: ‘Life is a dream, row row row your boat, gently down the stream’ – our thoughtstream. Notice that we like going ‘down’ not up. Not towards Ascension. We want to go higher. We want to reach for the stars literally. We believe we are radiant ‘stars wrapped in skin’. We believe we are ‘the light’. We believe we are gods and goddesses, divine beings of love and beautiful ones. We are looking for something. We want to build spaceships and rockets that leave earth and discover new frontiers – who knows even new universes. We crave for a challenge to fulfil our longing for something better. The world goes on too and produces its own challenges to stop us from this noble pursuit. The world gives us relationship drama, cold weather, rainfall and floods, draughts and lockdowns, suffering and food scarcity, a bit of time perhaps so that we can work our way through the forecasts. We believe in survival of the ‘fittest’ not the ‘nicest one’ so WE want to live. The Goldilocks system of Earth is just about the right temperature and suitable for life and until we find the next planet we will take our time on this one to make life better, more ordinary infact, to not disturb the status quo because that itself is a challenge. We are going down and looking up. We want to rest in peace but that is not how the system works while we are alive. The system will ensure that and extend our story with new ‘twists in the tale’ created through our ‘special effects demonic reset team’ of invisible angels that become people in our life too. There will be lucidity through it all (if we are willing) and this too shall pass.
  5. Fears: We are happy? No. We are afraid to be unhappy. We are avoiding pain. We want pleasure, a relaxing warm hot water tub and an oil massage on the joints where it aches or on our temples and on the top of our head. We want health because we are afraid of suffering from diseases. We are afraid of being hurt so we choose to surround ourselves with soft spoken and kind people who feel like home (they are not). We want a cup of coffee because it feels good and makes our brain ‘light up’ for a while and so we are addicted because we are afriad of sleeping at our workdesk or in the middle of a cinema show. We are afraid that someone will judge us for our words or actions, or inactions (and plunge us into isolation). We fear being injured or abused by others and even prosecuted. We avoid conflict, at least most of us do. Some however choose to intimidate others. We fear losing our reputation and being maligned. We are afraid of not having a job lest we are deemed failiures and unsupported. (So much for loving the world). We fear being mentally ill (although we all are to an extent) being conditioned to accept the simulation as real. Afraid of criticism if we speak the truth. We are deluded and we are afraid to realize this and so we do not read such posts. In most cases we are probably afraid of harm to our loved ones, our children, of losing them, probably not of losing our own life as much. Acceptance or Denial?
  6. Continuity of Demand: The truth is they do not want to stop selling things and ideas to us, no matter how unnecesary, or evil. Our shameful ancestors wore fur and skins of polar bears and foxes. These are not necessary now. But they are still sold. We have animal products all over this place called earth, name one country where we don’t. The economy wants each industry to be supported and each business to thrive. That is only possible if people keep buying. So they switch to plant based alternatives casually to increase their footfalls from both sides – from those who buy silk and eggs, and from the happy (or sad) vegans who are also consumers. Consumerism is the key to keeping the Matrix going on and on forever. They day we stop consuming is the day we will surely die, says the prophecy of the artificial money Bible god. Those who claim to live off breath alone are lying obviously, or so we have heard. We are afriad to try it ourselves and if we have not escaped the Matrix who are we to preach to others that we can. If we are still here, what choice do we have anyway? We all have magickal powers however faintly so, and we can think, say affirmations and prayers or spells anytime to manifest reality. Bingo, jackpot and flying to some, a bit of peace of mind to others. In any case we will keep up the demand, by using magic to attract wealth and things to us, or will we not?
  7. Mental Projection: The biggest law (lie) of the universe it that it is ‘within us’. True or false? Probably those who were into new age hippie or fairy dust magick like I was will say True in a jiffy. The skeptics will not. They have never tried fairy dust themselves. They want us to bring a spaceship from a far away galaxy to our window or or make Donald Trump knock on our door first in order for them to believe in magic. (At least that is what a demon claimed recently to be irrefutable evidence that thoughts become things). Maybe we are afraid of that kind of power and worry about Donald Trump actually tunring up (that would be terrible for anyone anyways). But I know that these things can happen, although the best I could manifest when I thought of a UFO appearing over my head one fine morning when I was walking around the Thames riverside, was a drone that immediately flew and remained there hanging in the air right above my head, till I made it go mentally. I thought of a friend just this week and she appeared that evening walking casually. I imagined a conversation with a lady at the turn near my son’s school and what she would wear and the exact thing happened that morning, the same words, setting, clothes. I went lucid. I did not wake up. This has happened all my life anyways. ‘The mind makes it real Neo’ says a Morpheus invisibly in my head, but no real Morpheus is around me. No phonecall yet either. But I know this for sure and not just vaguely but with assured certainty that I am creating my own ‘reality’. Do I use it to make the ‘reality’ more fun, probably not. I simply want to wake up. This does not mean I will because wanting something is still an illusion that will create an illusion of ‘waking up’.

So what is it that will set us free, or me free (in case you are not real people). Probably meditation. Not a movie or a spell. Not a feel good therapy or magickal energy healing session that loosely resembles meditation. But probably a way to stop the mind and be free of ALL illusions – for good. As much as I would like to keep you posted, I probably would not. Afterall if I wake up the dream collapses anyways, like Alice and her pack of cards (as long as it is not in an idiotic courtroom where I am tried and tested for stealing a fictitious tart, I am happy). But for most of us probably we are planning our next meal, chain smoking, or thinking of a small holiday with our kiddos and maybe we meditate just a little bit with our mind-full of all our future plans. I have to clear up the weeds off my allottment. That is the way this life dream goes on and the eco (nomic) system too. My spirit team is correcting my typos and text and that makes it fun for now, but for how long?

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