Ascension Blocks: Normalisation and Desensitization

That is the way the world is.

**IT happens.

Learn to accept what you cannot change.

Show your other cheek.

Let go and let God.

We all have heard these useless things, haven’t we? Worse of all, we believed in them. We were trained throughout our life to accept negativity, allow evil, be kind to those who perpetrate crimes, be compassionate to those who harm, and last but not the least – we were trained in spirituality and through ‘new age’ gimmicks that we must ‘be at one with all there is’, ‘close our eyes’, ‘accept people the way they are’, ‘love others who hurt us’, ‘love thy enemy’, ‘bless those who curse you’, ‘be mindful’, ‘be at peace with everything’ and finally ‘just be happy’.

Peaceful war memorials are built with pride, the legacy of ancestors joyfully revealed in cunning ways – of how they usurped earth from animals, killed and hunted other species, took away lives of fellow humans and claimed land for the kingdoms of talented and severely proud European invaders or aggressive modern American citizens.

The way the Matrix or simulation system of our typical society works is that we are ordinarily presented with distorted images, videos, books or literature that either glorify or make us insensitive to the following crimes:

  • Rape, prostitution, lust and sexual abuse (Moulin Rouge, Pretty Woman, Koran, Bible)
  • Child abuse (Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events, The Field of Dreams)
  • Females being trained or groomed to look ‘pretty’ and ‘glamourous’ (Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady)
  • Overbearing concepts of marriage, family and sexual partnership (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Love Actually)
  • Lusting after animal flesh or dairy (Bob the Cat’s Christmas, Chicken Soup For the Soul)
  • Farming, hunting and fishing of animals (Shawn the Sheep, A River Runs Through It, The Hunger Games)
  • Wearing leather jackets, fur and other animal cruelty fashion (Charlie’s Angels, Christmas Chronicles )
  • Driving cars fast and dangerously (Fast and Furious, Cars)
  • Gambling, bank robbery or other financial crimes (Ocean’s Eleven, Gangsta Granny)
  • Drugs, cigarettes and alchohol (The Hangover, The Wolf of Wall Street)
  • Guns, violence, shooting with guns (Matrix, The Godfather)
  • Murder and intimidation (I Know What you Did Last Summer, Basic Instinct)
  • Scary behavior, threatening, causing mental harm (The Exorcist, Nightmare On Elm Street)
  • Manipulation and deceit (Inception, Catch Me If You Can)

Since we are born we have the Idiot box or television turned on in our faces to slowly program us and mind-control our life in subtle, serious and unmentionable ways. Then we are sent to school and colleges to learn the same things officially.

We are issued books including children’s books to train us to accept ‘vanity’, ‘sexuality’, ‘economic power’, ‘nobility and monarchy’, ‘religions’, ‘financial institutions’, ‘jobs’, ‘government officials’, ‘medicine’, ‘real estate’, ‘war’, ‘animal products and meat’ and in general The Reptilian System – the world pulled over our eyes to prevent us from seeking truth.

Supermarkets and shopping centres all around us train us that we need to buy food and other items relentlessly day after day including harmful chemicals, dead animal stacked in morgues, dairy chocolates, plastic toys, fancy cars and gadgets.

Churches, masjids, gurdwaras and temples, all dish out programs to fulfil myriad wishes and pray to unseen evil ghostly beings or ‘creator’ spirits that fool us and send us to hell if we disagree with their crazy ways. In truth our mind is making up one hell of a reality show rather literally as invisible monsters take all the credit.

We are trained to consume organic plants grown in fecus and blood of victimised animals and we are told it is good for us and the environment. The other option – pesticides. Land afterall is neither free nor arable for us to grow normal food upon.

People tell us on a daily basis how hard it is for them to go vegan and give up rape and murder. ‘Does vegan cheese taste quite as bad as gouda or parmesan? We love dirty and smelly food and the taste of human flesh (bacon). I like to chew real meat from bones.’ These are the horrible things people say all the time, just because it is legal to kill.

Our family members showed us their ego, the need to honour them inspite of their artificial guile and control, their power over our life, our career, our relationships, our decisions, our nationality, our genetics and our home, none of which are real.

We are conditioned that violence, evil, sinfulness, lust, greed, animal farming, real estate all are normal things that happen all around us, and should we beg to differ, we will be outcast, with no friends, no jobs, families or home to call our own.

Should we leave our houses and wander the woods to meditate like Buddha, government officials will take us into prison for trespass, encroaching land and force us to earn money and pay them rent, or worse, they may designate us mentallly ill and place us into medical care and supervision, especially if you can hear ‘voices’, no matter how truthful.

We are told that we ned o be in balance with this world, this is our home, the place to be, no matter how much it resembles Pandemonium, our cities, our towns, our countryside and its evil villagers….and of course our delectable graveyards where we are promised rest and peace.

We are told that human lie, as snakes and dragons walk around with insects and strangers pretend to be our family, in a well staged drama to make us ‘believe’ in a lie.

In short, the Matrix has us all! We know we live in a simulaton and we are given no choice in this matter, although we can tweak things every now and then with mental energy, overall the system remains unnatural and evil. No matter how cleverly you visualise it, you cannot manifest heaven for real, it will always be an illusion crafted by the dream machine.

Every song, film, poem, storybook, graphic novel, has been designed to get into the head so deeply that it makes our artificial-reality projected out of the brain, highly dysfunctional, lucid, yet ordinary enough to be dismissed as our ‘normal, everyday kind of stuff.’

Strangely enough nobody cares. You are asked to get used to it. A dystopian world that you loved, a lie.

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