Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 12

So far in this series Part 1 through Part 11, we have examined various names of demonic beings and fallen angels who have surrounded what we believe to be earth but is infact a simulation controlled in such a way that it seems extremely realistic, emotional, organic and multi-dimensional and we are unable to be free from it.

We discover by experience of meditation and mindfulness that our thoughts are manufacturing our life story and various characters in this simulation, just like buildings, people, roads, highways, forests, seas, galaxies all come rolling out of the computer program, appearing to be infinite but actually fractally encoded virtual reality. Last night I was transported to alternate dimension in which I was quizzed about fractals and given a hint that ‘Donald Trump’ (who is Devil) is not real, and asked to think about ‘how can it be possible that a person such as that could be elected as President of USA?’ I was also taken through dusty corridors of India with a poster of Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Wembley performance which I had never seen before but googled only this morning to be the same image. While in dream it was confirmed upon viewing that poster that he was Iazel or Azazel (demon of death) as I could see him dancing next to me through the corridor singing about germs (Coronavirus in India), and his hidden curved scorpion tail pointed upwards behind him visible to me in that picture.

We have memories of our past self that is also demonic, as I found through personal experience, hidden in our own given name, and memories of people in our life that are all demonic too, the demon names hidden in the given and family names of our family, friends, colleagues, associates, celebrities, neighbours and all authority figures, just about in every corner of the Matrix of illusion are these beings, emerging out of hyperspace or AI simulation.

We found that the main characteristics of our demonic self and that of our ancestors and people around (including our gods, goddesses, masters) are related to the great sins such as Carnivorism, non-veganism and gluttony or desire for food (even Jesus ate fish), Lust and lasciviciousness or sexual desires (Shiva-Shakti tantra, Eroticism), Criminality and violence or anger (wrathful God and religious wars), Money and greed for more land, property, jewels, commodities, companionships, sexual soulmates, ‘twin-flames’ (holy land, promised land, heaven of milk and honey, swarg with ‘apsaras’, jannat with ‘houris’) and other unnecessary pursuits that are designed to keep us ignorant, carnally engrossed in physical reality and unable to return home to truth or spirit.

Many people falsely believe demons to purely be spirits who wander about or possess us at times, unaware that our own mind is the producer and creator of our reality and it is our own meaningless desires that draw us deeper into hell, attracting these demons to us, and making us even more engaged into the simulation in which we are lost eternally with no way out.

To identify the demons inside our mind and therefore projecting outside us (as what is within also projects outwards) is the most important step to our freedom and liberation of our soul from this sensual and senseless simulation – as is rejecting all possible versions of truth (lies or demons) issued to us from society and identifying that ‘I am being controlled and deceived and I need to stop the process’.

Pesonally I have found how my mind has projected people and situations outwards into my life, both good or bad and the long list of demons and fallen angels are all projections of my mind that created my circumstances.

133. Belial: Also called Labal and Ablim assistant to feminine faced Paimon in Hell as mentioned in Ars Goetia, the name Belial refers to a relative of Bael or Baal but worthless, causing insolency, waste of time or resources, causing guilt from the past to resurface and bringing about destruction. This demon was mentioned in the Bible in Corinthians 6:15 as a name for unbelievers or those who do not have faith in or disagree with God. However it may refer to those who are unable to shed light on truth and prove to be ineffective in helping people who are in trouble. Last year my son was interested in having a dog by the name Bailey that manifested as a toy dog when I did not approve of a real dog due to not having a garden at our new home and a social worker who was supposed to help us in staying safe from danger from a person we fled from and who knew our whereabouts, but this social worker was instead taking great interest in the dog. Funnily enough after this incident, one of the people this demon manifested as was a person from a court advisory services for child arrangements post separation of the same name as the dog and first and last name combination phonetically sounded as Belial. However the case was closed by me as soon as she came into the picture and nothing ever happened as a result making these officials completely ineffectual in helping me or my son towards safety.

134. Amy: Also called Hanni or Amii this demon is described in Rudd’s Goetia and in Collin de Plancy’s Dictionarrie Infernal among other grimoires as a flame of fire that turns into a human. Think of this as a confirmaton that we are in a simulation and thoughts or ideas are turning into demons or humans around us such as we see in Inception, the movie, an idea is like a virus that possesses us. The mythological demon is believed to point towards hidden treasures and strangely enough a few weeks ago a person from a government agency of the same name as Amy called me and informed me that my violent ex whom I fled from has been making malicious reports to them stating that I have great inheritence and properties in India which is completely untrue as I have only a mother who has a small 1 bed in her own name and she is healthy and I have no other inheritence source. The objective of my ex was that I should not be supported in UK as a victim of domestic violence being rehomed by the Council during covid pandemic and associated economic uncertainties and I should be forced to go home to India while he should keep the child solely with him inspite of him being a danger to us as stated clearly in multiple expert and government assessment reports to court.

135: Flaga: A demon depicted a a flying evil sorcress or witch in occult dictionnaire infernal of Collin de Plancy is also connected with Scandinavian fairy like beings in visualisation and also connected with eagles. The British character of Mary Poppins and the nonsensical word ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocius’ might come to mind with the obsession on speech and language of the English folk and fairy like magical ideas of roaming about here and there to enjoy the world jumping in and out of pictures. Witchcraft and fairy like medieval tales of magic have nothing to do with spirituality that is about discovering the truth about who we really are and where we are from. They are merely interested in vanity, fancy ways of dressing, speaking, entertainment and travel as well as fantasy and imagination. One of the people this fairy demon manifested as was a lady of similar first and second name combination who wanted me to write articles and was testing me for highly accurate British grammar and punctuation in lenghty way for insubstantial payment amount for promotion of goods and services of retail. I heard from the spirit team that it is a temptation to promote being ‘sinful’ and to spend money and time on unnecessary services of retail.

136: Busas: Another name for Pruflax is Bufas or Busas according to Collin de Plancy’s Dictionaiire Infernal and John Wiers Psuedomonarchia daemonum. This demon is a demon of deceitful and lying tongue who show fake sympathy or shallow concern about us, those who pretend to be friends or angels and speak politely and in soft voices while having different feelings inside. For instance if you know that someone is doing something wrong, a criminal or a dangerous person, you will not associate with them at all, yet a lot of vegans believe that it is absolutely alright to befriend non vegans and enjoy going around with them or having relationships with them even if they are told a hundred times that hurting and harming animals is evil and a bad thing to do. This demon also manifests as people who are not true friends, for example a person I knew through tarot meetups organised by me in India of a similar phonetic name who wanted to me to take permissions of all members before organising any event and I stopped associating with him. Another lady from London whom I met in a workshop was nice to me and my son and was of a similar name to Busas and spoke unusually sweetly offering me presents of free jewellery and purchasing books from me and offered to help me and my son as she witnessed incidents against me and him both but she did not know us well enough to be able to understand anything in a proper way and only knew of superficial incidents she witnessed personally.

137: Orobax: Also called Orobas and Oriax or Orias this demon is related to astronomy and prophetic arts and desctibed as a noble person who helps and heals or transforms men but is a Prince or Marqius of Hell. The Ouroborus is an ancient symbol of reptilian origin that denotes transformation and self-destruction (a snake consuming itself from its tail in a circular formation indicating endless or infinite cycle of birth and death). People affected by this demon believe that we are in an endless or infinite cycle of life and death, reincarnation and transformation and held in this world infinitely with no other option whatsover. Also this manifests as people who believe in astrological and prophetic finality and accept thier fate as dictated and decided by higher powers to whom they pray. One of the people this also manifested as was a psychic surgeon of similar first name and second name combination, a famous Alex Orbito from Philippines who used to heal people producing chunks of flesh and blood out of nowhere on touching their body superficially, claiming he has removed tons of negative energy and healed them. However it is logically known these healers might use animal liver or chicken pieces as his organiser of India informed me he heard a sound of something bursting after which the tissue was shown, which is only likely to be a plastic bag containing the dead remains.

138. Rakshasi: Rakshasas and Rakshasis are deemed to be demons of indian origin and mythology who protect the forests or wander in them to keep the earthly resources hidden from human eyes. The word Raksha means protection in Sanskrit. However Rakshasas are also malefic beings who are hideous, can harm others, hit them or drain and consume all the energy for themselves. Recently I was met by a demon called Rakshasi in a dream and given her facial features as well as star race drawing as a Lyran feline female with curly long hair and a pout on her mouth through which she was attempting to suck my energy out from my mouth. That same morning as I woke up I found on the internet in vegan websites a description of a person of the same face and similar name spelling, a female who was looking for someone to join her marketing team to promote her brand across social media but did not promote morality, only health benefits. Another person this demon manifested as was a man of the name similar to Rakshas who was working for an advertising agency where I was a summer intern while completing my post graduation in management. This man would often take credit for my ideas and work claiming that he thought of the same to promote himself while I was not even a salaried employee. A client of a similar name from another media company would also often meet with his family for tarot readings for unusually long time to take as much energy away as possible and said he is doing that, although these demons did not affect me at that time.

139: Deimos: A god or demon of fear along with his twin brother Phobos of ancient mythology, Deimos is connected with warfare and situatons that cause anxiety. A random stranger whom I met while out with friends in a discotheque many years ago was a manifestation of this demon. He was eager to date me and was a foreigner who spoke politely and suddenly turned up with an Arabic friend to my shop where I gave tarot reading out. He said he was being ousted from his rented accomodation with his friend as he was a Muslim man and suspected of terrorism and wanted me to let him live in my home for a while which obviously would be inappropriate and not agreeable to me. Besides I did not need to date anyone and was well off by myself and rather career focused and not attracted to him at all, I did not believe in casual relationships and only went out with platonic friends, something he could not understand and he scared me off as the concept of platonic friendship was unknown to him. This person also manifested as a demon in a dream before he met me physically as someone who was entering my home and assaulting me against my wishes. Another man this demon manifested as was a client of my father’s PR agency, a man with similar first and last name initials who was being interviewed by a prominent journalist in his jewellery store along wth me and suddenly went away with her after she was being seductive with her and he used to make me feel uncomfortable as well as he had the roving eye.

140: Ronwe: Also known as Ronve of Ars Goetia this demon is depicted as holding a staff and come to meet or harvest souls of people who are about to die. Like many other demons he too is said to be a master of languages, rhetorics and arts. One of the people I met as a distant relative was a man of similar phonetic name who was abusive towards his wife, lustful towards another woman and divorced her unpleasantly. He often displayed his status and talked impressively and tried to bring his son to his side by taking him out to the movies with him and educating him about concepts and difficult terms well above his agegroup in loud way in front of everyone. Another being this demon manifested as was a well-seasoned estate agent who forced me to accept my present flat the way it was saying that it was the only choice although I stated that I was in a danger zone as a victim of crime who wants to live in a different area, but he paid absolutely no heed to me. In my dreams three years ago I had seen in a crystal clear premonition that was lucid and life-like, the same flat with the same window and also in another premonition I had observed myself dying here in the bathroom falling down and going high up in the sky with the same cloud and skyscape as my present flat has.

141: Rahovart: Also called Rahuert and working alongside Satan, this demon is a tormentor of souls in hell. In Vedic astrology the pseudo-planet Rahu is the north node of the moon (the point of intersection between moon’s orbit and earth’s at the time and place of one’s birth) and is also a demon of dissatisfaction bringing misery, unhappiness and strife. It is called the head of the dragon while the daimetrically opposite end is Ketu, the tail of the same demon regarded as a harbinger of death, endings and trauma. One of the people this demon manifested as was a rather intelligent gray haired Wiccan student of phonetically similar name who insisted that she believes in ‘Gray’ magic and believes that people need to be punished if they are wrong or evil. Another person this demon manifested into was a family court judge of similar phonetic name who mistook me for the male accused of domestic violence, instead of as a victim, and in a hurry issued me a penalty clause to enforce direct contact of my son with the man we fled from who had injured me and my son, therefore endangering us further and preventing us from being free of the unwanted influence of the controlling man. Another person of name similar to this one also was eager to appear as a witness for a criminal trial to support me against my ex for his crimes but did not issue statement to family court thereby placing my son in a difficult position without evidence.

142: Sebile: Also called Cybele or Cybebe this is a name similar to the ancient goddess in Greco-Roman mythology, a mother nature styled deity to whom sacrifices were offered including bulls, rams, bloodletting and castration rites of initiating eunuch priests in honour of Attis the castrated god who died and was reborn in three days in springtime. This spirit is also an oracle and believed to commune between the living and dead and confering mysterious prophetic books to nations in a similar tone to Bible. As a fairy queen or witch Sebile is in legends lures strangers into sinful cults and temptations in fairyland. People affected by the demon Sebile are enchanted and allured by sinful pleasures and unable to comprehend right from wrong. They can harm themselves due to the false belief that everything or everyone is noble and trustworthy. For example one of my son’s friends of a similar demon name to Sebile, moves his head rhythmically side to side and always refuses to listen to him about dairy chocolates being sinful, arguing that although baby calves and mothers are killed for dairy, why say no to the numerous varieties of dairy chocolates and icecream flavours of various brands in shops by choosing only vegan brands. He also believes that queens and kings who hunt wild animals live long and are really old because they are very good people and he displays absolutely no inkling of dangers of abuse or harassment and how to safeguard citizens or children from the same inspite of this repeatedly being taught to those of his agegroup in school.

143: Daityas: A race of Hindu demons daityas are primarily the ones to fight with devas or semi-benevolent beings, and are essentially materialistic in nature, canniving, greedy and also devotees of Hindu deities who rigidly follow religious rituals at the same time. The beings of this nature as humans manifest into the Matrix to oppose those who are good and try to steal away their belongings cunningly. They are also found praying to gods to be granted wish fulfillment and mental powers, thereby being corrupt although spiritual or religious. One of the popular stories in mythology is of the churning of the ocean by devas and daityas to find various treasures including amrita (the nectar of immortality) which daityas wanted to grab away from the devas causing Lord Vishnu to take the form of an enchantress Mohini to mislead them and steal their portion away so that they do not get the power and are unable to use it for evil purposes. In my life a family by the name phonetically similar to Daityas has been instrumental in stealing all my heard earned money, cash, all the proceeds from sale of my store’s products after its closure due to their insistence, and also my gold and diamond jewellery that they sold off and took the money to fund themselves. They even took away presents and gifts issued to me by other people from their extended family in shameful way as they had an endless greed for more and more things to consume all the time while praying to gods and goddesses in manipulative way to show that they are ‘spiritual’ worshippers.

144: Pretas: A name for ghostly beings in Indian mythology, pretas are synonymous with ‘bhoot’ or past beings, i.e. departed ones who haunt locations, but with the difference that they move around in the world usually lost and suffering in various ways and also manifesting as humans living amongst us. It is sad that they suffer due to sins of past lifes or negative karma that inflicts their body and mind with pain, disease and misfortune. One of my friends from my college years of a similar name to Preta was always moaning about her lack of joy in love life taking away almost all of my free time and also claimed that we are all ‘lost in life’, something I disagreed with as I was into meditation and spirituality and told her I prefer to practice healing and magical skills rather than waste time on one sided lengthy conversations. The second person of similar name was a female from my office who constantly moaned about a boil she had that made it difficult for her to remain seated in meetings or at her desk but she refused to seek medical support and downplayed it inspite of it being a ‘bartholin’s cyst’, inspite of being asked to do so and ultimately ignored it to the level that she needed hospitalisation and several days of break from work and that too just before her wedding to a stranger who had no idea of her trauma, as she was in severe pain at the hospital found screaming when I had been to visit her at her hospital room. A tarot client of similar name also always cried about suffering financially in her divorce and she had deep set eyes with dark circles and so had the other females too, all being of Preta program set.

As explained before, these programs from the Matrix seem extraordinary but are infact normal looking and sounding individuals just like us as we continue to survive in the lower realms that certainly is not ‘earth’ or a planet but a simulated hyper-reality show. The demons who control our reality show keep streaming and in and out of us and our environment and unknown to those who do not meditate, they dictate every motion or movement of the body, thoughts, reality projections and dreams or sleep. The benefit of meditation and mindfulness as of psychic or mediumship practice is that we are aware of the presence of these beings and how they operate in our life, fill our mind and confuse us, and from then on we can be in more conscious control of our our own mind and body, instead of allowing subconscious mind-control and dramas by others of infernal and reptilian or demono-coil nature. However it is even more important to recognize or our own programmed mindset and our own demono-self patterns that keeps us enchanted and lured into sins and material temptations of the world instead of moving out of the cozy yet artificial simulation.

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