Ascension Symptoms: The Big Truth About Vit B12 Cobalmin for Vegans (Hint Inception)

Many of us who are on the spiritual path to Ascension seem to have a few rare (but common in Ascension or Psychic communities) Ascension Symptoms that can be confused for physical or mental health illnesses – they are not.

One of the very big confusions or rather deceptions created by media, government and medical system is around Cobalmin or Vitamin B12 that is a bacterial product and rich in animal excreta and unhygenic animal products and also secreted naturally in the gut of every animal including humans. We need a very very small amount of Vitamin B12 ingested from outside as a micronutrient as per medical science for correct brain functioning (optimal level). Yet Vegans are constantly criticized for this as they are for Omega fatty acids that are claimed to be found only in fish oils but actually an algae secretion and completely available in a Vegan formulation with no need to kill any fish at all (as described in Seaspiracy documentary). Similarly obtaining Vitamin B12 or Cobalmin does not require killing of any human or animal being or any kind of abuse by the methods of disgusting animal farming system that exploits animals causing them unnecessary distress, rape and murder primarily of young children who are victims of dairy, egg, meat and other animal products industries.

But there is a new angle to this contoversy that is an entirely mystical one. One that not many people discuss and one that is seldom a point of view shared by the unconscious (or should I say sub-conscious) masses of people around us in this Matrix or simulation of a highly sinful nature. Most people being non vegan is a very very big hint that something is wrong, or strange about this world, it simply cannot be real! Most people in the world are not normal and their brain is not functioning properly or optimally at all with this B12 consumption on a daily basis as non vegans (over 90 percent of the world is non vegan and having excessive B12 daily). They are unhealthy, ridiculously ignorant, casual about violence, unclean, sad, mentally ill, emotionally senseless, lacking empathy, of unsound judgement, poor in professional calibre, unauthentic or cunning, selfish, artificially mild mannered in socialization, insensitive and demonic, destroying lives of other species and the planet unnecessarily. They move around like zombies the way The Matrix and Inception movie projections do.

A hint, the Hollywood movie Inception shows how dream-world such as The Matrix movies have shown before are architected and people placed in them subliminally using technology of dream induction and hypnosis. These dreams can have several levels – dreams within dreams and we do not realize we are in a dreamlike simulation.

  1. In Inception the movie, the lead characted is curiously called Cob and he works for a company called Cobol who seem to have hired him to infiltrate the mind of subjects using dream architechture simulation to extract information for criminal purposes of financial monopoly, while a man called Saito hires him parallely to perform inception or implant an idea into the head of a person in the same way as extraction.
  2. Notice the similarity of the words Cob, Cobol and Cobalmin which is another name for Vitamin B12 a chemical compound, the term Cabal – a severe term for financial and capitalistic mafia that conspiracy theorists believe are ruling us in this reptilian simulation, as also Saito and Satan, a draconian being group I have described before in articles who controls other reptilian programs or demons (which is what ideas essentially are – mental programs that can control us by shaping our reality).
  3. Nick Bostrum and Elon Musk as we llas leading scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson who have fueled media debates on whether we are all living in a computer aided simulation of a dreamworld have already been clear – there is from one in a million to ZERO chance that we are living in actual base reality.
  4. The fact we are living in a simulation is something that can hardly be contested at court of law however, it is something that each one of us needs to realize for ourselves – which is what Ascension is all about – the quest for TRUTH and a return to HOME.
  5. In Ascension we do not merely suspect but are SURE or certain that we are not only living in a simulation but our mind is constantly creating and perceiving our own reality.
  6. My own past background in a public relations agency owned by my dad called CP expanded as Creating Perceptions is something strangely connected to the movie Inception in the scene where Cobb explains the architect C and a line in between and another curcve resembling P which is what the logo of my agency was – about how we Create and Perceive reality at the same time and how inception is about infiltrating the process by taking over the Creative bit. For all I know this might be a hint for me as a subject in the dream from my subconscious in the form of this movie.
  7. While watching this film again I was clearly told by higher-self or ascended masters in my ears, ‘Cobalmin’ when the characted Cobb working for Cobol was introduced – which is what has triggered this post so that I record this evidence.
  8. I have been lucidly told I am in SAITO’S DREAM, IT IS NOT MY WORLD, I AM NOT HOME, AND I AM THE SUBJECT.,
  9. Our subconscious is projected around us in the form of people or animals (actually reptiod beings or simulations). This reflects our deepest fear and desires. We may not always be able to control them unless trained to do so. For example to defend ourselves from others who are trying to control our mind such as the character Robert Fisher was trained to defend himself in the film.
  10. I have manifested many many people in my own life through the years, clients, friends, police, legal personel, judges, social workers all to protect myself from what I felt was a threat to me, so I know from prior experience how the subconscious can be trained to defend oneself.
  11. We live in a controlled mathematical architected world simulation of FRACTAL reality as evidenced in the fibonacci series of numeral codes that manifest all of natural phenomena and all objects around us material in nature or man-made. The rules of physics such as gravity and Archimedes and Newtonian laws are applicable to make us feel that reality is fixed and to believe in the dream, lest the subconscious mind starts attacking the dreamer as indicated in the movie.
  12. The characters hear sounds from the higher levels for example a certain music designed to alert them together that they all need to wake up or feel physical sensations that come from higher levels such as turbulence on aircrafts, when we are asleep on them and in a dream of a lower level, or driving accidents that jerk us around like vertigo, or synchronised kicks to awaken the sharers of the dream together from lower to higher levels. This is due to inner ear function that controls our balance and movements being operational evenin lower levels of dream inspite of being sedated by chemical compunds. Ascension symptoms are loosely similar.
  13. In Ascension many of us are hearing a static radio frequency-like background sound in our ears. We hear voices we call angels or spirit guides or ascended masters who tell us accurately what will happen in future or what to do like Morpheus would tell Neo from the higher reality to the Matrix self of Neo or music like the higher reality synchronised musical interlude of Inception designed to alert the dream sharers.
  14. I was told a few days ago I have 19 minutes to wake up in the real world, which could be a different amount of time depending on how deep I am in the levels of dreaming, if I am in the third level it will be in August 2021, if I am in limbo or below 3rd level, perhaps in Jan 2027 considering the equation of 20 times in each level for time variance. I have ben told that I am in limbo. If the movie is a hint from my subconscious or memory ‘wake-up’ program , you die before the time is up, you may go to limbo instead of waking up if you are in a very deep level and in lower levels or limbo time may be very very slow to many decades for every minute of real world time.
  15. I have been explained in dreams – the way the system works is ‘you lose your memories and judgement, you get friends and economy and – you will begin by dividing yourself’ before seeing myself getting into the dreamworld of this world.
  16. Most spiritual masters are very clear that the world is an illusion, maya or dream and the Mind or Mana is the creator of reality as Maya, both good or evil or inter-mixed. Also that we are all ONE not many – unity not duality which is illusion. The separation exists due to fear-based presence of evil or negative energy, for example ECONOMY (reptilian control system).
  17. Affirmations, thoughts, visualisation, spells, magical work, prayers, all work to manifest a reality of our choice if we learn them. This clearly demonstrates the illusion of reality and a warning not to believe in reality around us – that we are in a dream and lucid in it. I have confirmed this throuhout my life although noone might believe me from the ordinary unmagical world, except for those who were my students and friends from magical and spiritual groups who know this too. Unfortunatey the Matrix will temp or lure us to use magic to enjoy the Matrix more rather than to break free.
  18. Our dreams also become lucid and a lot of information is given in dreams about future and various demons, programs or negative subconscious energies operational in our personal Matrix simulation.
  19. Meditation makes us more lucid both in dreams at night and in this day-dream we believe to be our waking life. It gives us power to control the mind and thoughtwaves that generate realities.
  20. When we go vegan and realize the interconnection of all lifeforms and decide to not harm anyone out of compassion to the self that is within all, we are said to be at a risk of less Cobalmin or B12 vitamin unless we take vegan supplement or alternatives.
  21. B12 or Cobalmin is expected to ake our mind believe in the reality around us as the true world and to control our brain function to a ‘normal’ level as most people are controlled and unable to experience altered states of conciousness. In other words is keeps us dreaming and believing that we are in the real world when we are not, by ignoring the higher messages from upper levels or dimensions in the form of voices, sounds, sensations and other psychic insights.
  22. Those who receive lucid messages, memories, visions, sounds, smells, sensations in body, noise in ears, voices of other beings are at times criticised as demonically possessed, schizophrenic, psychotic, delusional, hallucinating, on-drugs, low on Vitamin B12 or Cobalmin and so on which is wrong if they are actually not mentally ill, not on drugs and otherwise absolutely calm and sensible people carrying on life regularly without any harm to anyone.
  23. Vitamin B12 or Cobalmin is found in animal dung or excreta, in animal blood or human blood, bones, flesh and breastmilk or ovulation – none of whiCh are healthy, hygenic, non-violent or ‘normal’ to consume.
  24. We can get Vitamin B12 from vegan sources but we really do not ned excessive amounts even if you take it for bio-medical reasons.
  25. Most of the world around is being fooled terribly and drugged on non vegan products of excess Vitamin B12 or Cobalmin and Omega acids from animals that are raped, expoloited, controled, abused and murdered horribly – we need to give this system up completely.
  26. In case you have any symptoms of Ascension you are not mentally ill. These include: voices from higher beings, very lucid dreams, vertigo like symptoms of falling, being dizzy or the room spinning around, sounds of buzzing or static radio or water gushing in ears, physical pinches, pricks, pins and needles, itches, burning sensations, relationship breakdowns, traumas of abuse or domestic violence or rape, hot or cold flushes, scratches, breathing being controlled unnaturally, body movements controlled unnaturally, hunger being on and off, channeling of messages, channeled art, lucid information as if other beings are taking over your body as a medium, emotional highs or lows for no apparent reason in your life, insomnia, prophetic visions or clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claigustance, clairallience or clair-empathy of feeling emotions of others – you are not mentally ill or Vitamin B12 or Cobalmin deficient.
  27. You might be receiving sensations from other levels in the dreamworld or from around you as a medium and need to ask your higher self to guide you with them and you will get answers in response to your questions on every symptom.
  28. For example I have recently experienced vertigo (related to inner-ear function of balance) and sounds of running water in ears attribited by Occultists previously to a program or demon called Crocell whom I have also described before in lengthy articles. Most people have not studied occult-lore or demonology and I had also not being more into meditation, tarot, new age affirmations and positive thinking, until three years ago when I was trained by Ashtar command ascended masters and introduced to various demonic programs and how to deal with them one by one in a crashcourse in 2017, all of whom manifested as ‘real’ people in my world around me as explained in the series of articles of Demons not Angels.
  29. It is necessary to not be afraid and to investigate the symptoms properly while remaining neutral to what they mean – they may be a clear indication of something going on such as someone in your life controlling you mentally, emotionally or financially which is what you need to learn to defend yourself against – something that happened in my life personally as a manifestation of subconscious again.
  30. You need to stay vegan and not fall for the B12 or Cobalmin lies or deceptions asking you to take animal products again, and do not think you are mentally ill or demonically possessed if you are experiencing somewhat strange or lucid Ascension symptoms. You are awakening from a deep dream state and tackling programs that are coercive and controlling you at inner level. This training is an essential part of the awakening process.
  31. Your medical practitioners and social systems may or may not not be able to help you in deeper psychic awakening as well as a psychic experienced in this subject personally can – preferably your higher self.

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