Ascension Disclosures: Angels not Demons, Part 11

As quoted in the Stanford University paper, “Are you living in a computer simulation?”, Nick Bostrom presents a probabilistic analysis of the possibility that we might all be living in a computer simulation to conclude that it is ‘not only possible, but rather probable that we are living in a computer simulation’. 

In this unique series of disclosures it has been elucidated that we have all been placed in a lowly simulation of a hellish nature with carnal and sinful actions of violence, vulgarity and non-veganism all around us in the world. We have also our given names and lower bodies of the Matrix that appear as humans but connected to demon or fallen angel names and having real forms of other star beings behind the human body mental simulation, such as Reptilian or Semi Reptoids such as Demono-coils, Draconian, Avian, Lyran, Pleiadian, Alderbarans, Insectoids, Mahadi and so on.

The previous articles of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 and Part 10 have more information of the various demonic programs that have controlled us, defined our own names and personality, our family members, colleagues, friends, acquaintainces and our own past reptilian behavior.

As there are less than 1 million of these programs around us and in us, we may not be able to have diect experience in interacting with each one of them, and ost of the previous examples were from my own unique memory. There are also examples from our simulated reality that is not personal, for instance, celebrities, politicians, businesses, organisations, religious leaders, philosophers, scientists, business tycoons, film stars, musical or rock stars, folk magicians and criminals who are also manifestations of demonic or fallen angel programs of unique names and codes.

Of course finding our own personal demono-fallen angel name is the key to our own liberation, as is negating the influence of other harmful and deceptive programs.

A few examples from public memory:

Musical stars: Freddie Mercury (Duke/ Count Furfur Murmur), Michael Bolton (Beleth), Christina Augilera (Carnal), Micheal Balzary (Balthazar), Michael Jackson (Malcom), Beyonce Knowles (Anubis)

Hollywood stars: Arnold Shwarzenegger (Azrael), Tom Cruise (Tammuz), Marilyn Monroe (Mammon), Jim Carrey (Ziminar), eonardo Dicaprio (Decarabes), Keanu Reaves (Carieu), Angela Jolie (Gello)

Bollywood stars: Amitabh Bacchan (Abbadon), Emran Hashmi (Hashmodeus), Salman Khan (Samkhel), Sharukh Khan (Shax), Aishwarya Rai (Ashrel), Rambha (Raum), Amir Khan (Marax)

Business personalities: Mary Teresa Bara (Marbas), Donald Trump (Paimon), Elon Musk (Lemia), Jeff Bezos (Beelzebub), Rothchild (Ashtaroth), Steve Paul Jobs (Separ), Larry Paige (Leraje)

Military: Saddam Husein (Satan), Kim Jong-un (Kimeris), Hannibal Barca (Hanni), Napolean Bonaparte (Naberius), Benito Mussolini (Balim), Alois Schicklgurber Hitler (Lucifer), Juvenal Habyarimana (Haborym)

Political: Elizabeth (Belzibuth), Julius Caeser (Lucifer), Bill Clinton (Baphomet), Boris Johnson (Buere), Abrahim Lincon (Abalim), Ashoka Maurya (Shamael), Barack Obama (Barakiel)

Spiritual: Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio (Belphegor), Archbishop Justin Wembley (Satanel), Jehovah Witnesses founder Charles Taze Russel (Azrael), Mormon Founder Joseph Smith (Agent Smith), Witch Hunter Heinrich Kramer (Crimea),

Science: Louis Pasteur (Lucifer), Sir Isaac Newton (Satan), Carl Linneau (Carnivou), Albert Bandura (Abraxis), Alfred Bernhad Nobel (Bolfri), Enrico Fermi (Furfur Murmur), Neils Bohr (Naberius), Albert Einstein (Abalin), Pythagoras (Pythias)

Criminals: Ted Bundy (Abbadon), Jeffrey Dahmer (Jaffa or Japhan), Ahmed Suradji (Surel or Churel), Charles Manson (Chamus or Chamunda)

These programs while accurate in rationality, ethics, logic, language, rhetorics, intelligence, acumen, skills, art, economics and brilliance, will make us believe that we are in the real world and bound to it eternally in order to obey governmental agendas established through traditions, businesses, religions, social life and family systems. They also can show poor morality.

121. Ziminar: Duke Ziminar or Zymimar as per the Lesser Key of Solomon is an evil demon who controls other demons. He is also equated with Samgina or Gamgin. This demon is a reptocoil being and manifests as people who are dangerous, skilled in martial arts, are controlling and commanding in nature although soft spoken in general, do not help the innocent, befriend those who are evil and helping them in their agendas. They are not very bright witty but can easily charm others or seduce them with good communication, friendliness and manipulative nature with mannerisms. They also appear on the outside to be harmless, civil and innocent looking or frail. One of my friends from my later teenage years had similar phonetics in her first name and was a manifestation of Ziminar. This demon can also have occult knowledge for example my son’s Wing Chung grandmaster is a Ziminar/ Samgina personality and has similar first name. These demons can keep strong in adverse situations.

122. Lechies: A demon similar to Alochi and Loki who resembles Pan is mentioned in Dictionairre Infernal by Colin de Plancy as a goat headed forest spirit wanderer and related to the Leshi of Tuetelar or Slavic folklore. People of this semblance are cunning in nature and always have something up their sleeve kept hidden from the outside world. For example one of my tarot and spells students who was a relative of my landlord in Mumbai had a phonetically similar first name. She appeared to be a siple girl at first with casual interest in tarot and Wiccan magick but later suddenly started a shop of her own similar to my own along with her mother after copying everything nearly exactly and did not even thank me. It appeared she had befriended my store assistant manager who was training her privately in my absence in methods of healing and sharing secrets with her. A famous tarot reader of similar first and second name combination who once was an online member of my Tarot India Network had also insulted me although I was praising her as she proudly said she was the chief guest in a psychic far in Mumbai where I gave a workshop and she looked angrily at me in various parties when I did nothing wrong to her ever although some people long ago had praised me and said they were unhappy with her and her materialistic nature.

123. Turel: According to the Book of Enoch Turel or Turiel is mentioned as a fallen angel and one of the leaders of several fallen angels who act as Watchers (beings who watch over the actions of other beings). He is a reptilian spirit and fallen due to being a Nephlim or a angel who procreated with lower beings through sexual temptations to fall from grace. They have lost their wings by rejecting angelic powers and freedom and deciding to cohabit with other fallen and demonic beings instead and alluring them into being even more sinful. They might believe that the only test of being human is to have language and skills that humans possess and nothing to do with having a good heart or being kind to others. This is due to the fact that Turel has lost connection with higher self or true spirit and believes only lower works to be human. One of the highly esteemed judges of UK court was of a similar second name and disposition. Alan Turing the inventor of Artifical Intelligence systems is connected with this demon too, known for the famous Turing test that established whether a machine was intelligent only based on whether it could fool a judge by imitating a human being in language and conversation so that the judge cannot tell it apart from a human.

124. Anzu: An Akkadian repto-coil demon of large sized bird or avian form and is believed to be an evil being who steals prophetic powers away from those who safeguard them. This entity is also connected with storm. A person who manifested in human form as Anzu was an assistant manager in my Magick store of Mumbai who stole all my secrets, information, even photoframes, paintings, artworks and data systems or in other words information theft. She also shadowed me to learn all the secrets of magic and prophecy and started her own shop slyly after assuring that she will help me begin a franchise of my store to be managed by her in the area where she lived. She joined forces with another student who was an initiate and a rather dull one who had enough money to invest in property and stock while Anzu took all the clients away from me by sweettalking them and befriending them on her personal mobile and offering them discounts and offers approved by me. Another being this demon manifested as was a journalist of similar first name who constantly argued over facebook and displayed severe vanity in her selfies and constantly drew people to herself in conversations claiming to be enlightened spiritually on the perfect ‘tamasic’ path.

125. Sagan: A semi reptilian demonic being called Zagan or Sagan who shapeshifts into cattle form sometimes with wings as per Ars Goetia and can be a sort of an alchemist is described in ancient texts. This demon manifests as people with scientific temperaments and good behavior of politeness and decent actions in social situations. He is clever as well as wicked in mindset and connected with transmutation of elements for example the story of Jesus magicing water to wine and wine to water or using blood as wine or wine as blood as the Christians emulate in mass. Carl Sagan who is known for experiments on converting base chemicals into building blocks of life such as blood is one example. Also it is connected with ‘making money’ and found in people who want to create something out of nothing. One of my ex-employees who left my PR business to take the goodwill of my key client, a real estate magnate towards himself and started his own PR office in the township of my client and then a chain of offices with employees using cunning and guile was a manifestation of Sagan and had similar first and second name combination and contacted me over linkeding boasting about how he achieved all this after leaving me, and looked down upon my previous PR office in taunting way. I personally knew about leading politician Chaggan Bhujbal, another form of Zagan who opened Mumbai’s salt pan land for development, mirroring what prominent real estate doyens said to him suring my stint as PR agency head for a prime magnate.

126: Malcom: Also Adramalech abnd Moloch, this demon is connected with child abuse just as thei Moloch deity he is related to was offered human child sacrifices and animal sacrifices. According to Colin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal Adramalech is related to party, fashion and glamour and takes the form of a hybrid mule with peacock feathers around him, and works for Satan. Pop and rock stars and drug addicts who lead children and adoloscents astray into corrupt, showy and sinful behavior or into Satanic cults are associated with Melcom. For example I was informed by spirit team yesterday that Michael Jackson was a Melcom spirit as indicated by his phonetic first name and second name comnination and he too was a long term suspect of child sexual molestation. One of the men I met in a group while attending an event turned out to be a trustee of the facility where the event was hosted and took us upstairs to a large room on the upper floor cluttered with items stating that he wanted to use the space to invite youngsters for rave parties and heavy metal music and his name was also similar to Malcom.

127. Lamia: This is a vulgar reptilian spirit that hovers around people and coerces them into sexual relationships while seeking rich people and being negative to children. It may also be related to an angel Lamechial in a fallen aspect who is a trickster being. The male form of this demon is known as Leonard in Dictionnaire Infernal and depicted as a three horned goat that initiates people into nocturnal orgies. This demon affects victims to be sexually wanton and to not care about their self respect and true form by turning reptilian and craving for sensuality and money alone. A female client who was mad enough to seek further relationship with an abusive man who conned her of all her money after marriage just because she felt physically desperate for him was related to Lamia and had a similar phonetic name. A TV show hostess was also similar in name to Lamia and often seduced people using a show of cleavage completely unnecessarily and deliberately in front of me during tarot sessions for the audience who wanted questions answered by myself. Another friend who came for a tarot reading for relationships had similar phonetic name and often went to dance in night clubs seeking rich men to marry with who did not love her. A female relative who needed large sums of money had told she cursed me just because I was single professional living on rent with no property afetr my dad died, and asked for repayment of my money in order to pay my shop rent and to buy inventory after a good one year of expiry of her loan term of three months and she continued to expect money when I was poor and homeless after domestic violence.

128: Gaeneron: Also known as Gemon, Gomori or Gremori this spirit is described in occult lore as a female or male with prophetic powers to answer questions of past, present or future and crowned as a Duke on a camel. The demon also is an infernal being who procures love of young women by controlling them and is found in the form of men who are attracted to women who are many years younger to them and those who are sensually addicted to nudism of females. A man of phonetically siilar first and second name combinatio as Gaeneron who was well studied in tantra yoga and Hindu fanatic was once a student of psychic and divination course and later joined the Wiccan circles a few times in my occult store in Mumbai. He confessed to one of my female actor students when he met her for the first time that he had her pictures on her desktop as she was a nude model. While this man was much older and highly knowledgeable about god and goddess lore and various yoga techniques and mudras that he was demonstrating to her he was also into worship of phallus and yoni in the Shakti traditions of tantra.

129: Guryyat: This demon may be connected with a demon Guayota of ancient legents of a volcano of Tenerif islands and with similar goddess pele and dragon lore associated with volcanoes and monsters that are from the underworld as volcanoes were mystified as entrances to the chthonic areas. This demon is associated with sexual energy and an obsession with spirits of lower worlds to whom the demon draws close to for immoral and sexual reasons. It also goves cravings for unnecessary and harmful foods. A chartered accountant and director of a production house from Mumbai was of similar name as this infernal being and wanted spiritual advise on whether or not he should have sexual relations with ghostly spirits or demons although he was a married man with a decent public image and he did not listen to advise from methat immoral actvities are not good for him. A female cousin of a similar name was attracted to her own cousin brother and wanted to marry him as well although it was ill advised. She also continued to offer her baby dairy milk and cheese although I sent her research reports on how it can cause juvenile diabetes and her baby had this disease.

130. Xaphan: Also related to Jaffa or Japhan this fallen angel is a Lyran being and has the power of wind and is depicted as billowing air into heaven to set it on fire because he was cast down from it as per Colin dePlancy Dictionairre Infernal. He could also be a fallen version of Phanuel or Jabreal who rule over emotional healing. A doctor who wasted time trying to heal relationship and insisted that couple stays together after female complained of rape and even after an ex-partner confessed to him in my presence in the appointment room that he hit me with a belt, was a manifestation of Xaphan or Jaffa and he did not even note in in his appointment notes leading to failed investigations by police due to loss of withheld circumstantial evidence. Serial rapist and cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer is also related to Xaphan or Jaffa as he was casual about serious crimes.

131: Piccolus: This is an ancient deity of Prussia as per Dictionnaire Infernal to whom blood sacrifices of humans and animals were offered, and also connected with ancient English legends as Puk, Pucca or a medieval faery being who is a mischief maker or a pixie, goblin or devil related with British witchraft and pagan ceremonies. This demon is found in people who demonstrate no magical skills or latent spiritual powers but participate in magical ceremonies regardless and worship pagan deities to seek merry companionship. A female client and Wicca student who worked in the film industry had kept beautiful and large wild birds in cage in her flat in Mumbai unnecessarily which I told her was abusive to the birds. She had a similar phonetic first and second name combination and spoke in an artificially sweet and thin although chilly voice and was a draconian being and was seeking a twin-flame from around her.

132: Dagon: An ancient Mesopotamic water or fish-tailed deity worshipped alongside El was also known as Dagon or Dagan and related to agriculture and also related to Indigenous American Dagwanoenyent, another malevolent spirit of rain. The demon related to the fallen aspect of this being is characterised by a person who is not very useful, shallow and ineffective although of helpful nature. An ex-solicitor at a refuge had a similar name who issued wrong advise and misleading answers without looking at anything in depth and did not take any time to read up the information presented to him. Another time this demon presented itself was a policeman of a similar phonetic name who also saw the reports of the government about the risks to my son but flossed over it without reading the important conclusion and danger statement and did not help me at the right time leading to much troubles for me. A female closet witch from India who organised full moon meditation groups and past life regression workshops alongside her husband for select gurus was also of a similar second name and did not contribute her powers of energy to the groups although she came to meet me about Wicca and they promoted a fraudulent practitioner who was wanted by police from another country who used chicken livers in the name of psychic surgery.

These negative and dangerous programs severely inhibited our mental health, wellbeing, social justice, sense of judgement, spiritual ascension, safety, morality and inter-personal hygeine making life stressful as a nightmare for most of us and a semi-casual and sinful passing of time for the rest of us. We have all been deceived by these programs from the simulated world around is, and now through this awareness have a chance of resisting the many sinful temptations of evil that are still surrounding us so that we may rise up with a more positive force to the higher dimension.

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