Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 10

We are all in a simulation, including our own bodies and minds. Not only are outside people and businesses reptoid or demono-coil simulations controlling us here, but so is our own physical body and identity that keeps us blocked. ‘Know Thyself’ is an ancient and truthful adage that must be followed in Ascension. While we all may be quick to condemn other people, our associates, friends, relatives, colleagues or family members who have led to feelings of desolation or being controlled severely in this worldly illusion, what about looking within ourselves too? For example, our own inner spirit has many negative aspects, weaknesses, inferior qualities that resemble that of infernal beings too. We have all sinned and therefore trapped eternally in the lowly realm of this present environment, it is necessary to accept how we had fallen to this limit and what character changes we need to make in ourselves towards liberaton.

I have identified a few of my own inner demons, not just those of the people around me in my matrix that are manifested from within, but also myself, fully aware that my own body and mind are imperfect illusions or simulated constructs and experiences. I have also been wrong many a times in my growing up years, lost in simulation and till date at many points of time in my life I have been terrible in my own behavior too. It will be wrong to blame others and ignore our own negativity. In Ascension we all rise up after realizing who we are, how we fell down to earth as angels and turned into demons, and from that point on we all rise again leaving our huge egos behind.

As previous articles have disclosed in great detail in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part, 8 and Part 9, there are many many demons or fallen beings in our matrix, identifiable by not just behavior but also by our name itself. Discovering your own fallen angel-demon name in this Matrix and your own flaws, is a secret key to Ascension. Unfortunately our ego sets in to say ‘I am good’, ‘I am not evil’ and thereby we lose ourselves yet again in the matrix of logic and ignore the amazing transformational opportunity that is there within our soul in the Alchemical Great Work of Waking Up – from Tamas (darkness) or Nigredo (unconscious, lead) – to Rajas (awakening) or Albedo (gaining consciousness, silver) to – Sattva (awakened) or Rubedo (conscious, gold) state of being that is then uncorruptable and does not fall ever again.

109. Miguel: Also known as Archangel Michael or Mikael, the fallen aspect of whom is also found in the matrix as people we know and within us with qualities of new-age philosophy of Ascension and cutting off all cords with those around us. I had severe dreams of a twin-flame called Michael repeatedly at night time coming in changeable forms and introducing himself as a twin-flame with many many premonitions that have all come true. Notably by the end of that year my younger sister Meghna died on 22 December 2017. She was whom I believed to be my twin-flame as I do not think twin-flames are sexual in nature but are people whom our soul is inspired by and this what I had said in an interview too with Bombay Times in previous years. She took me away from simple meditation or yoga into western tarot and new age philosophies of Kaballah, Western Alchemy, Ceremonial magic, Wicca, Angels and the Matrix and I had christened her Mageka before staring a store of similar name Magick in Mumbai which she did not visit as she turned Christian and was a God fearing person of noble character. She believed me and my ex-partner to be a lower spirit compared to herself and stopped talking to me then she died mysteriously after refusing to go to a hospital in India in my absence as she was against conventional medication and against using gadgets or phones. This name may also refer to Magna Mater the Latin name for mother goddess.

110. Sabbathiel: Also known as Sabbathiel, another name for Archangel Michael based on being the solar angel of Sunday, the Sabbat or 7th day of rest of God, the fallen qualities of this being include using meditation and astrological arts for fortunetelling, giving away all information and secrets to those who misuse it, being temperamental against other beings, seeking relationships with unfit humans, exposing the Matrix and demonic realms, being too liberal and wasting time and money in charity. Phonetically speaking my name Swati and Sabbathi as well as alias Astra are connected with this being. My lower qualities were the reason my sister disliked me too as she found me to be using powers of meditation and prophecy to be popular or wealthy in the Matrix simulation or illusion, something I recognise now. I was also criticized by her for being like a reptilian psychic Phoebe of Charmed, eating non vegan items to socialize with others, and seeking relationship or marriage with men who were useless and sexually depraved instead of focusing my family. It took me some tough lessons to realize that I needed to focus on freedom from the matrix and to be celibate instead of seeking partners or social life, and to choose veganism. This demon is found in those who fall from grace into the lower realms due to carnism, seeking associations with inferior beings and giving away power and secret knowledge away liberally to those who are undeserving, malicious and cunning.

111. Suriyel: Also named as Suriel and Zuriel this is a now fallen angel whose tasks and duties included sending lower beings back to heaven and transporting dead souls to other realms. His fallen aspect includes moving between higher and lower realms and staying neutral. One of the people this manifested as in my life was my own reptoid son Shaurya whose name phonetically resembles Suriya who in a dream of 2014 was taking me into an alternate reality after I was taken higher in an escalator by one of the forms of Micheal who appeared as death or Azrael as the singer Micheal Jackson. I was being offered in a lucid premoniton, an option as a spiritual enactment of a dance-drama to either live with my husband who was a manifestation of Bael or Balthazar as ‘Mael’ of ‘Maya’ his illusion or twin-flame, or to love my son as Swati my true self and move on being happy to dance on my own. This was followed in later years by my eviction from my matrimonial home with my son whom I had to protect by choosing to go homeless and leaving my husband in the bargain as authorities stated the need for me to safeguard my son over and above all else. While my 8 year old son sings rock songs about being Vegan and ascending to heaven and chalks down these messages, he also has felt confused by his other parent forcing him to not be vegan and thereby severely torn between the two options inspite of the court having ordered he remain vegan during stay with the other parent.

112. Nybbas: Derived from the ancient Akkadian God Nabu of of prophetic power who wrote the fates of humans and described by Colin de Plancy in Dictionnaire Infernal is associated with theivery, buffoonery, meaningless dreams and visions. This may be archetypal of the Fool card of Tarot, denoting people who are seekers of thrills and rave parties. Picturised always smiling, seeking fun and games regardless of how anyone feels, this demon is equated with empty headed smiles and being superficial in entertainment. One of the people this being manifested as was a lovely girl from a local reptilian group of environmental rebellion with similar phonetics in first and last name combination. She insisted that it is Satan who has set humans free by letting us know that we could eat of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and thereby should believe in Satan for the liberation of humankind regardless of the fact that Satan is a wrathful and violent demon. In my dreams she was revealed as a hamster who was about to meet me for a ‘pyjama party’ and when I woke up and messaged her about the colour and design of the pants she sent a picture of the exact same one that she was wearing that day. A male plant based farm land owner who manifested the moment I asked for a confirmation that I am in the Matrix was also Nybbas who immediately appeared and smilingly agreed with me totally but insisted it is a ‘wonderful journey’ in our spaceship if our true self is in a ship and simulating the dream.

113. Muriel: A strong angel of the higher orders of Dominions who regulate other angels, she is a draconian being associated with managing difficult emotions. One of the lower aspects of this being include programming victims to regulate their own emotions of fear or worry and instead be alright with abuse, harm or those who are dangerous to them. In the new age a lot of spiritual healers educate people to simply breathe and relax their mind instead of taking sharp and decisive action to oppose their abuse or to prevent further harm. One of the people this fallen spirit manifested as was one of my son’s teachers of a phonetically similar surname who programmed me to be controlled and to brainwash my son on how to accept a controlling parent in order to be agreeable to direct meetings with them instead of being firm and refusing if he had displayed any concerns or fears as a witness to and victim of domestic violence. She was also very calm when interacting with children who are aggressive even if they hit her and seldom disciplined them or said that they are wrong. Shopping store Morrisons who sells vegan and well as non vegan items to please all customers is also related to this demon name.

114. Hiis: A cruel reptilian demon related to the Scandinavian mythological creatures Hiisi that haunt sacred locations or geographical sites Hiis is another name for a reptilian devil or trickster being such as Loki and also connected with merriment, pleasure, wandering, culture and art, celebrations and festivities. One of the person he appeared as temporarily was a human man of similar name who organized several cultural shows, cinema evenings and gay meetups regularly in the community in UK. Upon him inviting me to a cookery event at the local Library workshop I suggested he bans non vegan food items in the same which he completely refused although he wanted me to chair the meditation section of the international cultural festival that was being hosted in our town in 2018 and for me to sell my books and spiritual products there along with offering free workshops to people. This demon manifests as those people who believe that we are here in this world to learn about all types of activities and cultures and for enjoying a community centred lifestyle and to worship or honour the place or geographic location we are situated in without any interest in moral values, ascension or liberaton from the Matrix.

115. Karnal: An evil draconian demon who appears at times as a man dressed in military uniform with guns or weapons and giving orders as a Colonel would, and related to Satanael of violence, this being is someone who inspires war and imprisonment. The name also conveys carnal or flesh the desire for which is the evil and sinful, for example non vegan products. The mythological underworl deities Greek Charon who transports souls to Hades or Hell and Carun who leads people to underworld on death are also mentionable. One of the people this demon manifested as in the simulation of my personal life was a female who was strict and authoritarian and heading the refuge for women victims keeping an eye on their every movement using videotape of CCTV and daily safety checks to find faults in their behavior instead of helping them in housing after they are made homeless due to domestic violence. She agreed that violence against animals was wrong while talking to my son, but told him that ‘we do not think about it.’ While she gathered secrets of victims she did nothing to help them practically. She had a phonetically similar first and second name combinaton to Karnal. This demon also appeared in a dream as an army colonel similar to my late father at times, once as someone controlling my son in his present school, just before I was asked due to a mistake of my child’s solicitor to stay confined within the danger zone of my son’s school that was known to the ex partner I had fled from and who terrified me of my life.

116. Forcas: Also called Furcas and similar in name to demon Foras, this repto-demon appears as a frail man or woman of older appearence even if young and thin body type, with sullen eyes set inwards in hollows and with pale complexion. Two of my ex employees manifested as this demon with phonetically similar first and second name combinations. Another thin man who was a neighbour and also claiming to be a domestic abuse victim had similar second name and appearance. As writen in ancient Grimoires the demon is related to invisibility or keeping a low and gentle profile while mastering philosophical arts and is sometimes picturised riding a pale horse holding a pitchfork and being strong and energetic although old. Although people who manifest with this demon name do not outwardly harm anyone they are not particularly kind at heart either and can be cunning. They can be deceptive in spying on people to gather information, eloquent in miselading others and good in rhetorics, communication, logic, various occult sciences such as astrology (comparable to the term Forecast similar to their name). They are good in herbal lore and indigineous herbal medication such as Yunani remedies for ailments and are great at logic although ineffective in delivering work output and often passing time in the matrix. They can be unhappy people who can bring the energy of the environment down and slow the pace of ascension.

117. Anubis: Named after the Egyptian reptilian underworld demonic canine headed deity who sends souls to hell, this demon is a judgemental one and manifests as people of sometimes clumsy appearance who are protective towards you but can also be quick to sue you, speak sharply against you in a cunning way or call you evil without any sound basis. One of the people he manifested as in my life was a female friend who a gifted tarot reader with phonetically similar first name second name combination to Anubis. A second person of similar name was another good friend who was extremely artificial in talking with changeable voice and tone and melodramatic and having phonetically similar first name. She pretended to be nice and protective towards to me but suddenly changed her behavior and badmouthed me accusing me to be an ‘evil witch’ simply out of harassment. A schoolmate and another college pal who were untidy and another who was overbearing, were of similar phonetic first name too. They at times are also controlling people who are envious of your beauty, high performance calibre or good work and try to use you so that they can make money or show you around to improve their image. Judgemental talk show hosts, rude talent show judges and those who use innocent victims to rake in millions and billions of dollars for their performance are also similar in energy to this demon such as Bollywood’s Anu Malik and Anup Jalota and rapper Beyonce Knowles.

118: Daniel: A reptoid fallen angel whose lower aspects of earthly realm include judgement with kindness to those who are evil and being sweet natured to everyone undiscerningly. For instance a close friend who usually appeared whenever I needed to go to the cinemas to to eat vegetarian food with someone and was nice to me as well as my evil ex was of a phonetically similar first name. A famous metaphysical headteacher of large online platform of students was of a similar first name and second name combination and of a similar constitution. Many evil witches and Satanic elements were regulars on their forum and he was gentle and kindly to all of them instead of admonishing them from the database although he was very clear about judging evil and harmful actions as wrong and against the guidelines of the groups belinging to the community of professionals. A childhood friend and an ex-employee both had phonetically similar first name and were extremely nice even when I was rude to them plenty of times. These fallen beings are not exceptionally cunning but are vulnerable to exploitation and harm by others around them.

119: Raum: Also called Vaum and related to another draconian demon named Herem related with Hermes, this demon presents as a large bodied human being who although strong, muscular physiqued and generous in disposition are not always helpful. A Hindu water buffalo shaped lustful demon called Rambha is also connected to the demon Raum. They can also have strong views and opinions about religion or politics and have skills and mastery in crafts, hunt for treasures, steal artifacts and travel to new places. For instance the deity Hermes is notable for stealing from Apollo and is related to travel and transportation. An ex-client from Bollywood who was notable for aggressive PR skills and had a machiavelle psyche and heavy built physique was also of a similar phonetic name. A photographer and videographer who made documentaries regarding Hindu culture and its exploitation by other religions and who was good at vaastu shastra or Hindu occult geo-space magic and collecting idols, was also of a similar phonetic name. A famed south Indian actress of strong build called Rambha also has a phonetically similar name. One of my south Indian friends of strong physical energy and rude temperament was of phonetically similar first name. This demon is also related to Ramiel described in previous articles.

120: Valefor: A Solomonic grid reptilian demon Valefor is also a Duke in the hellish region we are grounded in remarkably. He represents the spontaous ability to be incharge of the people he rules over in his zone and establishes good relations between corrupt and cunning businesses being of a capitalistic agenda and tempts people to steal and cheat on others who suffer at their hands. One of the famous British politicians incharge of children is of a similar phonetic first and second name combination, someone I have corresponded with and who ignores all issues and problems by giving general answers to those in her constituency on environmental and educational issues as well as matters of child abuse. She makes absolutely no efforts to improve the way the local governments, schools, legal professionals and police handle these matters inspite of her enormous powers as she primarily focuses on businesses and money to please the bankers, economists and billionnaires as well as small time money makers in her regions in order to maintain her vote banks. This demon is related to Balam and Baal’s command and also related to Bolfri and to another demon Vaul. A famous London philanthrophist and his technically brilliant Indian wife who were my client in PR were also related to the demon name Vaul.

About our unique simulation programs – demon and fallen angel names on this region of the Matrix we call Earth, I have been informed by the ascended masters that ‘there are less than one million of them’ although only 120 have been featured so far in this growing list of this series of articles based on personal experiences. You may imagine them to be the programs we were all born with that keep the planet going as per the simulation programs of the controllers with all of us born in this maze of deception. We did not choose our given names or birth – we simply landed here in this dreamworld – just as the movie Inception indicates – that, if we have no idea how we came to a place, then we are most likely in a dream.

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