Star Races: The Demono-Coil People

In alignment with the Star races of Reptilians and Draconians in particular and in some Insectoids and Hybrids such as Avian or Lyran reptilian hybrids we have a special category called Coil. The previous articles elaborating Star Races are as follows for original reference:

Reptilians (controllers related to Devils), Draconian (masters of reptilians related to Satans), Insectoids (slaves of reptilians controlled by Baelzibub), Lyrans (feline with draconian masters), Alderbarans (amphibian with ascended abilities), Avians (bird race with Luciferian reptocoil masters), Pleiadians (transformed felines with ascended abilities) and Mahadi (ascended master semi-reptilian hybrids). Coils are another part of our illusion in this simulation and take specific forms and shapes as described below.

How to Identify:

Coil races in human bodies are known by their tendency to move their chin from one side to another and emphasise their points skilfully and artistically in conversations. Their eyes close with head hanging downwards a bit in a semi-sleepy gesture as they listen. They have straight smiles from side to side and stretch their lips awkwardly if they disagree. They speak politely and calmly although severely. Their eyebrows are short and straight and they collect their brows together while concentrating in listening or thinking through a point of view. Their hair is normally straight like a river. They shiver in cold and press their arms to the each side of their body. Their eyes go upwards sideways pointedly in imagination as they think. Their fulcrums are narrow above their lips. Their chins are oval. They hold their chin with one hand to mull over subjects that interest them. They aggressively object to others who malign them while appreciating their qualities as well. They have a good fashion sense, excellent editorial and ordinary oratory skills. They can echo their voice all around them and often take the mike or dictaphones to relay themselves.

They can be unhappy people in human form and their focus is on mental health and temporary peace of mind living within the Matrix system. They can significantly dull down the original mental capacities of the race they hybridize by adding confusions, headaches, unnecessary roadblocks, lack of common sense and untimely complexities in anything that is originally clear and simple to understand. They control those who are interested in escaping or fleeing from negative systems of politics, law or mental health by bringing their ascending energy back into the inferior planes of the Matrix that appears to be the simulated projection of lower-earth. They do not believe in improving worldly systems. They can stay in the same place for a very long time and may be averse to awakening, travelling far and wide and relocating. Their upper body moves but their lower body or bottoms remain seated or stationary. They do not dance freely with thier legs. They have a good sense of direction. They look up skywards for insights or ideas. They are concerned about children and younger people and like them to be in negative or controlling realtionships and well managed for example rigid schooling and welfare. Their agenda is to subdue and keep energy soluble and low on earth to return to the matrix instead of ascension.

Ordinarily reptilians will be a wave form that will be akin to a cross-section or sub-section of a reptocoil diagram. However a reptocoil or other forms of coils will have coiled up tails that seem to go on and on someties indefinitely. They may have stripy scales.

Upon starships they are incharge of projection of other beings and creatures that conduct tests upon subjects and in language dictation and translation of newcomers’ voices over Babble (Babylonian) decryptors and megaphones. They help the masculine in controlling feminine energy in a joint effort.

Channelled drawings in colour or black and white as appropriate have been dictated to me by higher self in great detail along with the names of people or demons they represent, in a very identifiable life-like form that pin points specific people whom I have met in my life. A few are below:


Semi-Reptilian Lyran Hybrid Reptocoil (This one being a demon of name Agares who appeared as a human lady solicitor)


Dracoil, i.e. Draconian coil (Demon Hnickar is illustrated here who is a specific Mumbai based human being)
Dracoil or Draconian Coil (This one being a Satan appearing as a judge temporarily)


Spiro-coil (this one being a specific person or Ramiel demon)


Double-coil a Reptoid Demon Melchrissa/ Moloch who appeared as a lady with striped witch B/W stockings


Multi-coil (This one being a Demon called Ganga-Gramma, a cross section of who is Ganga while Gramma being the entire coil)


Mobius coil (This one represents dark eyed lizard Demon Samael who took human form recently)


Shadow Coil – (this one being a diagram of reptilian Demon Samgina)


Higher Coil (This one being of a person who was Kigatillik/ Kigatilick demon)

Information of the various Demon names of some coil demons is linked in the multi-part Demons not Angels series of Disclosures.

Food Habits:

They are respectable as people living around us, although carnivorous and being reluctant to change themselves they please the masses and try to be neutral to all points of views and imaginations.


The spirituality of coil people is based on macrocosm-microcosm principle of ‘As Above So Below’. They believe the earthly world is a reflection of the higher one and we ought to be entirely positive and in harmony with everything upon earth. They dislike men and judge them as evil internally while acknowledging and helping them externally.

They are interested in mental healing and not on ascended abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance or magical mind-power. These are termed disorders such as hallucinations, paranoid, delusions, psychosis, schizoid personality or magical thinking by dull psychiatrists and psychologists whom they follow. Their focus is severely on the mudane realms of day to day ordinary life which is a reptilian simulation and they are severly against leaving the same apart from death as they cannot visualise ascension. They believe in spreading themselves out with their disproportionately long tails on the virtual earth around them.

They represent the coiled kundalini reptilian feminine mental energy that is withdrawn, convoluted and collected low in the semi-base chakra and not able to break free and rise up to be transmuted into light.

Collective Behavior:

They are group talkers who like involvement of all types of people in each and every decision, seldom taking a clear and categorical role in directing the flow of energy onwards. In their control they subdue positive ideas unwittingly by allowing decisions that are worthless to be taken at the request of others who are wrong. They rarely make mistakes and correct those of others unknowingly during the process of a conversation. They are good in punctuality and routine work such as calculation and collecting massive facts and opinions. They are mindful of all inputs they gather and keep everything close to their chest pinpointing action on them. They listen to reptilians closely. They make excellent team leaders, news reporters, business figures, debate facilitators and commentators (my son correctly identified the Quiddich match magical megaphone commentator who echoes his voice all over the stadium in Order of the Phoenix movie as an innocent example of a Reptocoil). They can also be good in high quality martial arts such as my son’s Wing Chung grandmaster with carefully controlled upper body postures in every direction. They are very loyal in their employment, upbringing and friendships and their focus is always on stability of time and space (here and now) as they remain committed to the goodwill of people they associate regularly with. They seldom read their emails and prefer verbal to non verbal and telepathic conversations.

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