Ascension Disclosures: Demons Not Angels, Part 9

Belphegor’s prime is the palindromic (mirror, that reads same both ways) prime number 1000000000000066600000000000001 (13 zeros to either side of 666 – also called the mark of the beast or the devil’s number. As per the Bible prophecies, the mark of the beast’s name or number was required of all who bought and sold in the end times of last judgement (Revelation 13:17), “so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” Money is a VERY big way in which the demonic system of the Matrix has us all imprisoned through fear of losing, going homeless, having no food without it, due to the way land and earth are controlled by reptilians, thereby causing our eternal enslavement to the Devil. Owing to preoccupation with financial rigmarole we cannot entirely be free mentally to discover the truth of who we really are, the spiritual source of our existence beyond this unwanted simulation. A few people have linked Bitcoin to the Devil’s mark of cryptocurrency in ‘one world order’, however demons and devil’s names and marks abound altogether everywhere in financial world.

To illustrate how the Matrix works, I read the above information about Belphegor’s prime number accidentally, and it so happened that day I was actively looking for various positions at management level. To my utter amazement a retail (devil’s tail) company called Primark called me soon after I had this thought upon reading upon Belphegor’s prime and Devil’s mark. Belphegor is the demon of sloth (whom Occultists often pictured as a mediocre demon sitting on toilet for ideas to earn money undeservingly). I instantly realized it is the Matrix confirming to me about the ‘Prime – Mark’ and I refused the interview round stating they sell leather and wool items against my spiritual values, which is another clear sign of the Devil amidst us tempting and luring us in through money or offer of employment via sin of murder and rape that is involved in any animal product or exploitation industry. I try as less to work for money as possible in the meanwhile and certainly not for any non vegan organization or person whether for psychic jobs of managerial ones both of whom I qualify for.

However there are multitudes of companies and business around us and not just people who come with Devil’s or demonic names tempting us into sinfulness and it is necessary for those who seek Ascension and freedom from Hell to be extra careful.

Take for example the following names:

a) The demon name Halphas, a Ars Goetia demon linked with building property and ammunition coincidentally resembles a financial company called Halifax,

b) Barkiel or Baraquiel a fallen angel of the Book of Enoch linked with self-destruction is in semblance to Barclays bank who is often blamed for climate change and planetary destruction by supplying funds to fossil fuel and animal agriculture industries. (as dictated to me by higher beings)

c) Satan, the fallen angel of deception hides behind the red coloured Santander bank and NASA whose logo has a swoosh that resebles T alphabet making it an anagram of Satan.

d) Hnickar the sea serpent devil alternate name, resembles Heineken beer,

e) Haborym the demon who sweetens the deal with the devil for Haribo, famous for animal gelatine turned to sweets,

f) Saleos whom I mentioned as linked to vegetarianism as Soil Association that peddles animal manure, blood and bones feeds for soil (as dictated to me lucidly in channeling by the higher masters).

g) Ashtaroth with reptilian Rothschild family known to control monetary value of the globe,

h) Buer demon of natural philosophies who kills animals with Bayer who poisons nature,

i) Barbas or the deadly demon of fear and hypocrisy Barabbas with Baskin Robbins, who peddles dairy icecream, (actually software I am told, of course as we are in a virtual reality simulation)

j) Haagz/ Haagenti (Hades) demon who turns substances to gold or wine to water with Haagen Dazs another dairy icecream brands,

k) Lucifer, the demon of false light illusions and pride as Lucas Films (another one dictated to me through spirit world and not something I have thought of or made up),

l) Chatoriel or Gadorel the demon linked with dairy and pandemics in the previous articles as Cadburys the dairy milk chocolate company,

m) Gaap/ Tap/ Coap, the demon of Hell who bring money anywhere as Gap the clothing brand, and Coop foodretail chain,

n) Pithius as a liar demon in form of Peta the controversial animal rights organisation known for unrequired euthanasia,

o) Amy or Hanni, the sociological and liberal arts demon as Amway multilevel marketing or Hanna Barbera cartoons

Previous articles in this Series are linked: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 and below the next 12:

97. Raziel: Fallen angel of secrets and connected with tempting people thorugh occult or secret information or energy that confuses them and makes them feel they can achieve all sinful or lustful desires through power of the matrix by manifesting money or sexual relationships at will. A meditation teacher who founded his own occult order of the Golden Dawn esoteric courses had a first name and second name combination of similar phonetics as Raziel. When I enrolled for the program at least 17 years ago, I was shocked to have an initiation oath in exchange of a certificate stating they can even kill us with their occult powers if we reveal the secret teachings of the organisation to others. I felt instantly something demonic about them. Upon examination much of the course seemed to be the normal Kabalah based theories and normal information on rituals and mentalism already known to me previously and it appears that many people market these simple or ancient concepts into initiatory traditions with negative oaths and also have corrupt bodies of people accused of sexual abuse, pedophilia and domestic violence themselves instead of positive magic and meditators of celibate or ascetic nature. They focus on how to use the matrix in Luciferian way as Cipher of the Matrix movies would to gain money, fame corrupt power and sexual control over others.

98. Barakiel: A fallen angel Baraquel of God’s lightning and destruction can also at times in demonic aspect be persecutory and villanious together with being charming and enlightened. For example Besides Barclays banking institution that causes climate change destruction, millionaire Barack Hussain Obama with similar phonetic name was known to be a President of this hell world where evil is abound. Although a famed personality he was also known to cause massive destruction through military attacks and arsenal. The previous occupant of my current residence was of name exactly as Baraquel in first and second name joined spelling who left home in derelict condition. In my premonitions over three years before I moved here I saw the windows and the open air scenery of clouds and sky outside and an angel dancing there in the hall next to the window singing in a pleasant voice that this home is illusion, and the one before was too as ‘this is maya’ or matrix of illusion and simulation. In my previous home too I was literally shown with open eyes all the buildings of terraced houses going wavy exactly like in the Matrix movie Warner brothers opening scene. I have been informed by higher beings that I have a few minutes left to wake up and therefore back in the simulation of dream with a note stating, ‘you will lose your judgement and your memories, you will have economy and friends’ upon re-entering the Matrix and also that one of the symptoms of simulation includes a static sound constantly playing in the background that is a main Ascension symptom.

99. Halphas: A Solomonic spirit of demonic nature, Halphas, also called Malphas in Goetia is reputed as a soft spoken being who destroys and builds towns or buildings and towers and also supplies arms and ammunitions to protect them. I met this being many years ago in my tenure as a PR agency head working for a very noteworthy real estate conglomerate with an esteemed architect of a similar first name who rarely spoke. He built striking townships of amazing style in Greco-roman architecture that appeared out of the world occupying large swathes of land and full of modern gadgetary and demonic conveniences of all manners. This demon has a low hoarse tone of speaking and silent mannerisms with head low as he prefers to maintain a low profile in contrast to his Draconian masters whom he detests privately. Halifax noted for building and real estate economic funding is also related to this demon. Noted occultist and ceremonial magician Eliphas Levi with original name Alphonse Louis also is related to this demon name in phonetics and he was master of temples and Kabbalah pillars of the temple of Solomon that he connected with tarot cards in the construction of various dimensional merkaba structure models. The demon resembles the architect character in the Matrix movies and in one dreams I was revealved innumerable pyramids rising together upwards from oceans near UK after moving there, with the term ‘Project Atlantis’ while I went underground in a cave to see the chthonic goddess and told that ‘just because I am the Creatrix does not mean I know it’, while being shown the Magister of the Matrix in a tall deep maroon and gray coloured building that I later found after 5 years resembling a Magistrates court similar in architecture near to where I live currently.

100. Valac: Valak or Ualac is a Draconian demon who can control reptilians gently with a rather young boy seen alongside the dragon and he also specialises in locating wealth or treasure in land. One of the sins of temptation is treasure or mining land and using it for agriculture of other investments that control the planet and usurp its resources such as water, oil and metals against the welfare and rights of other animals that dwell on earth for instance Oil and Gas association as well as Crude Oil industry. One of the humans this demon manifested as in my life was a huge woman with similar phonetics in first and second name combination who was controlling reptilian allottments in her official Council role while not a single tenant felt comfortable with her emails or calls. She worked along with her young delicate looking son who handled the paperwork in a semblance of nepotism. They sent horse manure piled up at the site with horrible pathogenic stink and used by the reptilians in neighbourhood to fertilize crops making it unberable to work there. They also permitted chicken to be raised along with foodcrops in the allottments and the reptilian tenants happly placed birds in a closed wooden coop box and left them there to die and rot over many days and nights without any reason just to abuse the female sexual reproductive system to collect a few dirty eggs for cooking their meals and they could kill the chicken later casually. The reptilian tenants felt absolutely no shame in my meetings with them when I explained the abuse and requested they do not keep chicken in the plots or the sheds as the rules permit them to do so in UK and they completely lack empathy or moral values or even hygiene sense.

101: Pithius: Pythius, Botis or Otis are reptilian snake demons or fallen angels who are presented as pythons and vipers respectively and are associated with deceitfulness taking the form of a human with large teeth or fangs later on. They are found in people who are liars or cheats and can fool others into believng they are harmless. For example in my dreams I was shown a great big snake with diamond shaped dark brown etching on the scales of his back over pale yellow colouration of skin. The snake seemed asleep and I opened its mouth very gently and checked below his skin of the large mouth to find that it did not seem to have teeth at that time although the fangs may be hidden beneath the upper skin of the mouth. Earlier in the day I was informed of a ‘Pit Viper’ in telepathy clairaudiently before I had this dream. The same time I had contact with PETA who refused to take forward a UK goverment well drafted petition approved by the governmental petitions committee to eradicate or outlaw animal farming and fishing although they are a worldwide and UK based organisation who proudly states that murder and rape of innocent animals should be classed as a crime and we should be doing something about it. The elevator and escalator form Otis is another example of snake form moving around in the Matrix, initially to transport war items. In my dreams I have been shown elevators to be transported into future progressions, for instance five years ago by a being appearing as Micheal who sang to me in elevator, showing me that I follow my son into a new future while my husband goes to London underground alone, something that happened in reality three years after the dream.

103: Kigatillick: Kigatillick or Kigatilick, A demon with large mouth and sharp fangs, he is connected with shamanic legends of ancient tribes in some countries and relate to causing death. In my daily life I met an older male person with a similar phonetic name with a large toothless mouth who often roamed the city as a noted environmental activist and often joined the local band practiting samba drumming for the cause. He seemed very keen on joining the actions of vegan groups to take part in the outreach to educate others, but despite meeting them several times and talking for long hours to extract lengthy information from organisers, and watching videos of slaughter and animal farming horrors on street he refused to go vegan but insisted on explaining veganism through those videos to others. Even after more than one year and showing keenness to go vegan initially he still consumed animal products and dairy although he bought a few vegan items from shops to show to me when he saw me cross his path. When I explained that climate change is caused due to over 75 percent of arable land being usurped by animal farming he maintained his position that life is vague and meaningless and nothing can be done about it personally although I explained that if someone we know is being killed we cannot make such philosophical arguments to justify the crimes.

104: Oniki: An oriental demon connected with Oni (troll) and Ki (spirit or ghost) this demon can have one to hundreds of eyes on his body and connected with legends of a warrior fighting with monster who is Buddhist. Four years before I came to learn of this demon, I had a dream showing a man fighting a dragon in the sky with a sword and later telling me that the dragon was helping him in the filming of the show he had produced. Then he came into my cottage as a hideous troll with eyes on his knees looking for Enki/ Nickhar (sea monster) named Nikhita and asked if it was me to which the answer was ‘No’ as I sent him away while looking for who the Nikhita female was. The troll resembled a South Asian man of similar first name phonetics who was a London pagan priest who held enthralling ceremonies in woods for showing to people his dramatic skills but he was carnivorous and upset about vegans and spoke rudely over an incident I shared privately regarding being abused and humiliated as a vegan by someone close whom he knew too and who had contacted him already. He seemed to be supporting the abuser instead of myself inspite of being formal and friendly in the past and admiring my work in his group when I lived in London before moving out of there.

105: Abigor: Abigor or Eligor is a demon from Goetia who resembles a big gentleman, knight or someone who commands other spirits. A person whom he manifested as was a Brigadier from the Indian Army with similar phonetics in name as Abigor who lived next door to where my sister lived in Mumbai and she was investigating personally against him to help a 10 year old girl who was a victim of rape at his hands and from the same neighbourhood as a tenant. While my sister was terrified of people from around and called me worried that she could die as people around are evil, she did indeed die mysteriously (she died after vomiting and being unable to eat or drink for many days) after this phonecall the next month after she shared vaguely about a molestation case in the neighborhood. I was unable to meet her and confirm anything over long distance from UK. Later I found out about this criminal case of minor rape from her diaries and accounts of her neighbours who told me confidently that the retired armyman was guilty and the look on his face was of severe guilt as well when I met him. Interestingly in my sister’s diary was a dream that I also had in exactly the same detail around the same time as she had this dream too, an Indian truck on a street with the word ‘hell’ written on top of the truck and several Indian men falling about nearby rushing on the street to cross it. It appeared as if she and I had the same spirit and she left clues for me about the Matrix and how I am manifesting everything I see in a way in her written carefully preserved notes stating ‘it is me’.

106: Cereberus: A famous demon of mythology, Cereberus is known to be a three headed dog that guards the entrance or exit to and from the underworld or Hades to prevent the prisoners from leaving their zone in this Matrix or simulated reality system. He is also called Naberius in the occult work of Pseudomonarchia Daemonium. He specialises in rhetorics, arts, sciences and occult knowledge as a cleverly dressed Marquess of Hell and teaches how to be gracius, amiable and positive outwardly which are tools to keep us enslaved and obedient in the employment and social sector of worldly life. One of the people he manifested as was an occult expert by similar first name who also worked with a charity claiming to rescue animals and organized workshops and psychic fairs to support the noble cause. In one of them when I conducted a meditation workshop, I found she was selling dog chains and leather straps for their necks for raising money inspite of the awareness that leather involves slaughter of innocent animals. She also allowed sale of animal skins and fur, wool and other animal products in the psychic fair to be amicable to all her participants equally although an animal rescue charity whcih turned out to be soleley for dog rescue and not for animals in general. Another woman this demon manifested as was a controlling learning mentor of similar first name and second name comination as Naberius in phonetics, in my son’s school who came to spy on me and my son in our temporary accomodation when we were in danger to give malicious information to the offenders against our safety and controlled me.

107: Hanniel: Fallen angel Hanniel or Anael is also called Hanni in Munich Manual of Magic or Hanz and in various occult grimoires such as Goetia also described as President Amii or Amy in Psedomonarchia Daemonium. He is known to provide knowledge of arts such as psychology, sociology, politics, economics and astronomy and give certain keys to wealth and success. One of the people he manifested as in my world was a famed law of attraction writer of similar first name and second name combination to Amii who was skilled in correcting me and others and constantly evaluated the works of those whom he followed. Hanna Barbera productions of cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and Flintstones that influenced our childhood behavior and socialisation are part of this demon Hanni and Amway multi-level marketing brand which is the demon Amy. A pretty female solicitor by similar first name who manifested other demons such as psychologists using threats that I need to agree else I will be harmed by them, was part of this demon Hanni as well. One of the occult supplier friends from Mumbai of similar name to Anael was also notable as this fallen angel who gave clues to wealth ad success to me when I ran my occult store as he supplied items wishfully and said he has enchanted me so that I keep buying from him which is another demonic skill that people are learning sinfully in the Matrix as they get turned into demons and stay confined in Hell.

108: Gaap: Also called Gap or Tab/ Taob, Coap or Caap is noted as Prince of Hell in occult dictionaries of Goetia and Pseudomonarchia Daemonium. He is connected to Asmodeus the archdemon of lust and performs charms of love to attract female victims to male voyers and controlling men as well as controlling maternity of females. He also is known to be a master of liberal arts such as philosophy and economics that help poor people remain loyal to the consumeristic system. The demon inspires stupidity and hides people from those who can rescue them (invisibility) and carries people between two zones in th Matrix. The Co-op retail chain and banking cooperative system is an example of this demon and so is the renowned casual clothing chain of Gap that also specialises in maternity and children’s wear. A person he manifested as was a child of a similar name to Taob known to my son as a playmate to control him and keep him occupied and hidden from mother when in danger zone with controlling people after transporting him away from me.

Being aware of the presence of demonic forces apparent as ordinary sounding but less intelligent controlling people or organizations around us in the Matrix system is essential, but no more than the importance of how not to be tempted, deluded, misled, annoyed, disturbed or petrified of them. They work their dark magic and lure only due to our fear, our habitual greed or temptation to be like others in a sinful and dull world and harm us due to our willingness or fragile eagerness to cooperate with them, to not hurt their very artificial display of feelings, or become ‘one with them’ in materialism, lustfulness and carnivorism.

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