Star Races: Mahadi

In the eco-system of this planet we believe Earth to be an Organic reality with real trees, plants, animals and with human beings looking after it. However strange folks are around us as at all times walking in human forms in this materialistic simulation masquerading as the concrete world .

Human beings around us have true forms as a few insectivorous Reptilians who control the eco-system organically within the simulation, semi-carnivorous Draconians who are their dominant masters and abbet judgements, Insectoids who are their highly populous servants and diligent workers found looking for food in supermarket aisles, Lyrans who are feline adventurers and spiritual-religious co-workers, Alderbarans who are Intergalatic advisers who traverse multi-dimensional portals, Avians who are flight beings who project knowledge around and feministic Pleiadians who are spacefaring Intergalactic masters.

A fair group of star beings are Mahadi, ascended masters who are givers of energy and saviors of the lower world in which we reside temporarily.

How to Identify:

The Mahadi are patient and kindly spoken, gentle beings with wisdom. They let go of others and allow them to speak as they listen calmly. Their aura is open to their left hand side where much of their energy flows. They are normally bearded with a round chin. They remain simple in their clothing and optimistic in idealism. They are of sunny temperament in greeting and meeting others. They enjoy thoughtful discussions. They are not hedonistic. They are usually have a large stomach. Their eyebrows slant downwards towards or from the nose. Their nose is wider towards the middle and base. Their pointy ears are low placed against the sides of their face. Their cheekbones are raised right below their eyes giving them an Oriental appearence. They have three slits below each cheekbone. Their mouths are round shaped. They have long necks and large semi-circular hips. As they are semi-reptilian in origin their feet and hair may not be visible. They may collect their hair on top of their head in a bun or turban.

They are graceful and enjoy wearing khadi or comfortably loose organic handmade textiles of cotton or silk. Their males like to be turbaned women to be dressed in loose outfits or wear hijabs. They wash their hands carefully to extract germs. They are also selective about whom they listen to or cooperate with. They are generous and hospitable to others who are friendly to them and are willing to provide mental health advise. One of the Sikh psychiatrists I met once to discuss a family member with was a Mahadi being and so was a vegetarian environmentalist who was a Buddhist mindfulness practitioner. A famous East-Asian master who chants for Love, Peace and Harmony is a Mahadi. They listen with thier right ear. They close their eyes with their thumb and index finger and place their index and thumb on the bridge of their nose between the eyebrows for peace of mind. Celebrated Bollywood film star Amir Khan is a Mahadi too. Mahadis are usually affluent in industrial economy and good in politics. They have keenness in art and culture. A famous cultural TV show host who organised cultural exhibition and for whom I worked as PR agency head and who featured me on his show in Mumbai was a Mahadi. Jaspal Bhatti notable for his program Flop Show in his loose kurta pyjama was also a Mhadi being as revealed to me in a dream.

They are mental in judgement instead or heartful or passionate and rarely speak against sin or evil, keeping their vacant thoughts to themselves. They may have a slight moustache towards the sides of their upper lips. They rarely smile to themselves and are serious about life. They do not speak ill of others and praise them even if they are wrong although they block them out at the same time. They need convincing else they can be too eager to make mistakes in judgement being of positive disposition to all.

They have a cool rainbow shaped light emanating and flowing outwards from their body to their left hand side.

A Channeled Diagram of Mahadi Ascended Masters and Star Beings

Food Choices:

Mahadis are either semi-vegetarian Omnivores or Vegetarian for the purpose of spiritual practice of calmness, but may not always be inspired to go vegan as they follow popular spirituality that masses are agreeable to. For example they maybe against hunting or fishing personally but they do not preach about how to stop eating animal products from the market or shops or why not to breed animals for exploitative purposes. They are pot-bellied and enjoy good food.


They love organic and earth centred spirituality that is based on love, cooperation, balance of all religious thoughts and harmony for the sake of peace and wellbeing of humankind. They are not likely to be radical, magically superlative or unusual in their speech or behavior. They like to close their eyes and meditate or be in a peaceful state instead of work out things mentally that drains them out. They may not be interested in outer space or anything beyond our worldly simulation. They are not keen on astrophysics or about listening to voices from other dimensions.

They can be employees of spiritual sects or orgnisations that want to spread the good word about their philosophies and acute teachings of their reptilian religious gurus in this world itself. They are fans of reptilians. For example a few Muslims believe in a Mahadi as a ruling savior of their loosely structured religious communities. They are worldly not angelic although of saviour dispositon in thoughts.

Collective Behaviour:

They are popular among the masses. They envision the planet in their palms for healing and believe that each being on the planet should be on their way to Ascension and healed in mind and body before their work is completed. They like books of hope and inspiration in healing our planet with thoughts and non-hostile behavior towards reptilians. They can be good civil servants and professors amongst us if not spiritual propagationists or mental healers. Their throat chakra is closed normally and they prefer silence and solitude to talking and do not like to grab attention. They are noticeable by their disappearance from time to time.

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