Star Races: Pleiadian

Star-beings of various forms are found to be hiding behind human faces upon earth and also originating in space, in other time-zone and dimensions. Previous psychic disclosure in this continuing series have included Reptoids, Insectoids, Lyrans, Alderbarans, Draconians and Avians. This message is from and about Pleiadians, famous masters of Galactic Ascension and inter-galactic co-operation.

How to Identify:

Among us as a few notable humans, they are good thinkers and mindful practitioners of consciousness. They like to channel information received from higher planes to the people around them and to masses. They are cat-faced (originally Lyrans) and females among them have shoulder length hair. They are poised in appearence and greet with their hand over the heart chakra region. They have orbs of light emanating from their body. They also travel between dimensions including to lower frequency ones if only to destroy energetic negativity and very cruelly so.

They feel the cold and enjoy sunlight for relaxing and joyousness. They are happy people with stable temperaments and meditate even in difficult times or conditions or while dealing with very harmful or abusive people, so as to remain peaceful for a longer amount of time than possible for most people under normal circumstances.

They are a space-faring race and not bound to the temporal Matrix of simulation, planet earth and solar-system. The channeled drawing below is of one who belongs to Pleiadian being Ashtar’s planet – Sanat Kumara – an enlightened master. ‘Pleiadian going to Sirius B’ is one of the consistent messages I have heard from them whenever I have requested for information.

Channeled impression of a Pleiadian Star Being

They can be thiefs and notorious though hidden thugs. For instance the above channeled drawing (psychic impression using spirit mediumship) turned out to be exactly a tall dark bicycle thief with large long lips of same face who turned up to the train station greeting me with hand on his heart area (I drew him months ago in above image). I was posing a a customer to get my own stolen bike back from ebay where he was selling it since the next morning after he stole it, and as UK police did not turn up in time to catch the thief he ran away in a van with the bike as picturised above near the fountain area to the right side of the circle.

As we know even Jesus Sananda and Ashtar team beings are related with Biblical prophecies such as this one: Revelation 16:15,“Behold, I am coming like a thief!”, in the words of Jesus. We all know that certain religious books are full of bad examples of behavior such as rape and violence against females, child abuse, justification of violence against animals, fishing, farming of animals and dominion over other species by human-beings (blatant specieism) which is why we all need to be careful as we are all in a simulation that is controlled by evil ones and presented with brainwashing material from all sides within this reptilian system.

Without exception all the pictures channelled of star beings including reptlians, demono coils, insectoids and even ascended beings, turn up as real people around me in the matrix, many a times people who are pretenders, malicious, manipulative and untrustworthy. Many of them do meditate, use crystals, enjoy healing, relaxation, speak politely, are punctual, self disciplined, manifest their reality with mindfulness, eat well, exercise, appear to be nice individuals and believe in higher self or God or other dimensions but ther actual behaviors in real life are noteworthy for being exceptionally low in quality.

Food Habits:

They have affinity to all species whether carnivorous or herbivorous, and gentle with all of them. They are non-violent and likely to be vegan. They believe also in spiritual food and can live off food and water for longer periods of time in higher dimensions where they are ‘at home’. Their massive message consistently is, ‘It is not food.’


Their message is truthful. ‘It is not your breath’ and ‘This is not your Gaia.’ The reason is there is no air in space and spirit world, therefore breath meditation is not necessary as the true way to spirit or to ‘go home’. The form of meditation they are likely to be compelled by is ‘no-mind’ or being empty in the inner-space with ‘thought-free’ consciousness. They teach the Samadhi state of celestial silence in the inner self. They are aware of the scientific truth of our simulation and stay neutral on discovering the way to freedom. They do not pretend to know more than the facts they are aware of and guide only when sure. Their guidance to me has always been very accurate in all matters in stellar contact as they seem to know all about everything in past, present or future that is not humanely possible even for the best psychic mediums to deliver in human form.

Their focus is on unblocking of the crown chakra. They enjoy using crystals in meditation. They believe in speaking to the higher self. Their spirituality is scientific. They enjoy emotional healing for turning sorrow to joy. They are also great believers in the power of compassion and forgiveness. Hence they are capable of dismissing ‘unforgivable curses’ or extreme crimes and often remain kindly and well-disposed to the demonic criminals around them on earth or physical dimension, although they are cautious of them.

Collective Behavior:

They are unlikely to have evil beings around them and stay alone in their personal bubbles rather than surrounded by all types of people. They know how to round off the cords with those who are living in insanity, by twisting around the energetic cords and sending it back to the person they were sent from. They are likely to be asexual and ascetic in their temperament and to connect with the higher self than with outer illusion. They do not seek love or belongingness from other beings but are generous with their free gifts and wisdom. They make time for others and for important decisions.

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