Star Races: Avians

On this planet we know as Earth we don’t always seem to be aware of who or what we are surrounded by due to the many reptilian veils pulled over our eyes. Major scientists agree that we are most likely to be in a simulation and there is only a one in a million chance or rather zero chance that we are not in a mathematical or computer generated artificial reality. Therefore those whom we witness as human beings may in reality be other spirit or non-spirit beings as featured previously – popularly Insectoids, Reptoids, and also at times Lyrans, Alderbarans, Draconians to name a few to start with on Ascension. This time we feature on another galactic race family members – namely Avians who are present among us and visible sporadically in the Matrix world.

By the mode of channeling as per information issued to me from other dimensions, a number of drawings of people around me in their true froms are being artistically revealed, changing me as I continue to learn something new everyday. Most of the human beings we see around us seem to be of different species other than humans, aliens who are non-human animals, whether carnivores. omnivores or herbivores. Avians are a type of bird like species who are also present in our Matrix system.

How to Identify:

Avians are different from reptilians in that they are upright and straightforward in their mannerisms and physical movements. They normally have wings, an oval shaped body or head and a cautious third-eye in between two large oval eyes. In their real Avian forms they have a small protrusion on top of their head and a round shaped protrusion towards the lower side of the back of their head. Their ears are joined to the face. They have straight hair and straight medium length eyebrows. They can be of various colours and skintones. They are modified species of Draconians. Their head moves downwards repetetively when they answer questions or sing to music. They smile emptily from side to side of lips slightly puffed outwards like a bird. They are monogamous in sexual relationships. They are dimunitive rather than magnanimous in their posture. Their feet are limited in appearence and movement and usually placed apart as they stand. Their lower body is oval with conjoined thighs and hipbones. They do not pout thier lips, move their head sideways or pull faces animatedly. They like breathing fresh air and prefer their triangular nose and nostrils to remain clean and unobstructed. Their chins are well aligned with their mouth and nose and they are vastly symmetrical in appearance.

As humans too they love travelling and circumnavigate the globe for example flying on jets and enjoy seeing new places all their life. They also like travelling from one city to another and meeting new people. They fly higher than others at a mental level too even in their human forms (twin forms) owing to their clarity of mind, higher vision, kind ways of speaking and excellent unbeatable logic. Their head is normally held straight but medium high. They enjoy photography and videography to document their life, travels and work. They enjoy walking and like flowers, trees and silk. They like living in high places with beautiful views from top of buildings or hills or scenic beauty visible from helicopters. Avians also like music and playing them for emotional healing as they close their eyes and enjoy it or drift into fantasy mode.

A Channelled Drawing of an Avian Being

They are patient, slow and silent observers who rarely indulge in frightful, playful, attention grabbing or indecent behavior. They try not to judge others but remain severely neutral themselves in conversations. They practice Socratian dialogue, a technique of talking where you ask rhetorical questions instead of giving answers thereby letting people introspect and try to come to an agreement with you at the end after insufficient questioning. I am being right now told telepathically by masters that that one of my leading paranormal teachers of Past Life Regression from India was a Blue-Avian being and taught us how to be neutral, put others in trance or meditative state and speak themselves instead of being told anything through reptilian psychic powers by yourself. My father was another Crow-Avian being who although telepathic was also a great believer in creating awareness rather than ‘expecting’ inner change. Buddha was an example of another Avian being in his philosophy of non-expectation, enlightment and calmness.

Sub-species: Blue Avian (updated as channelled visually and telepathically at 20:45pm on 24 July 2021 in lucid dream state). They are parrot like and dominate Avian bird species just as humans. One example is pop star Sia. Another, my son’s childhood friend Olivia’s mum who lived down my building but moved to her own house when I felt harassed by her son scattering things in my flat daily and visualised them moving away to own house. Sangeeta Bijlani is a name I heard telepathically yesterday wo was an Indian filmstar of yesteryears who is a Blue Avian parrot person too. A lady with many piercings whom I saw today working at a falafel stall was one of them too.

How to identify Blue Avians: They usually pierce body with beads and gemstones or wear embellishments of such. I saw them using beaks to pick out and place beads in holes in body as if grains picked up as they moved from branch to branch. Beaks were pointing down with one tooth to ground outward like a parrot to look downwards. They do not look around left to write or shake their shoulders left to right, but downwards like pecking birds with head moving down and down repetetitvely to music. They do not wipe their nostrils with fingers from out to in but towards outward direction of each nostril that might have a small flare very slightly to the outside on either nostril. They cross their hands gently by the wrists across body below chest region and fans out their fingers very slightly while explaining something. They scratch their arm or neck very slightly while talking. Earthling Ed whose videos I noticed on youtube last year is one of them too.

Avians very rarely state the truth fearlessly or openly from depth of their heart. They are rather robotic in their movements as their eyes scourge for and scrutinise others telepathically. Their way of speaking is abject and indifferent as they nod their head up and down affirmatively for soulful listening mindfully, keeping their huge thoughts to themselves. They have a terrible temperament and display it ocassionally in private in individual zone. In public and on the streets, they all wear a mask and diplomatically cover up true feelings while internally judging others as negative, so as to maintain good relations and mannerisms. In this way they can be rather inauthentic or two-faced.

Unlike Draconians, Avians are usually respectful, understanding and positive although melancholic when expressing discontent in front of groups. Avians are calmly obedient to their Draconian masters for example judges of law whom they fear, business giants who provide them a few scarce grants for charitable work and top government authority as they obey the establishment unquestioningly while remaining adamant, independent and neutral to them.

They are good in working for mental health hobby workshops, media, or as medical and effective spiritual professionals. They are not always heartful. They make excellent and humble public orators and can captivate small groups of people without needing much fanfare. They are proud of their individual work, media management and technical skills and enjoy some form of appreciation from family members.

Food Habits:

Avians being bird shaped beings enjoy carbohydrate rich diet sich as grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, vegetables and plant proteins. Many of them consume animal flesh the way omivore crows and ravens behave, including that of other birds killed by them. A lot of them are active vegans who promote plant based substitites to human or other animal meat and tofu instead of scrambled eggs as expected of genuinely non-violent bird like species.


Avians prefer to be spirtual and ethical instead of religious but can choose to be Hindus and Buddhists ocassionally while keeping an open mind. As Hindus and Buddhists they are sometimes loosely vegetarian who do not eat bird eggs, and semi non-vegetarian terrifying avians who can attack and eat other birds at times. Avians rarely perform high or ceremonial magic or most forms of lower earth or herbal magic. Instead of channeling they send spiritual energy back to heavens and display information from around all aroumd.

Although they might seem angelic owing to their winged forms, their task is imited to divulging raw data and projecting negative images from the environment back to the people around for sharing information, leaving it to the criminals to decide whether or not they should change their behavior. In this way they bring light to humans in the same way as Archdemon Lucifer would who is one of the leading examples of an Avian being and bringer of ‘light’.

They do not issue spiritual truth to people by stating that harming others is sinful and we should not do it but present two alternative options leaving it for demons to decide whether or not they should stop being demonic without giving their opinion. An illustration of this is the metaphoric Biblical tale of Genesis of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that allows humans to have a choice to committ sin or not, thereby leading to crimes against the moral principles of non-harming.

Collective Behavior:

Even in human forms Avians are found around us flocked together and straddling on social causes such as vegetarianism, veganism, social welfare, mindfulness and economic life but refrain from making any active demands to government against injustices or crimes aginst the planet or animals. They believe ‘earth is nowhere’, and are honest but mediocre in rational radicalism as compared with some other reptilian groups such as Extinction Rebellion who passionately battle for political change. They are also seldom directly helpful to the victims either in efficient data gathering, report writing, rescue or rehabilitation work, duties that Insectoids seemingly perform.

However many Avians can be seen demonstrating the problems of poor welfare standards, inhumane slaughter and horrific graphic footage of abuse of animals from month to month in city and town squares as AV group (an audio visual group called Anonymous for the Voiceless) encouraging people to go vegan and giving long term, semi-adequate information very carefully. However they are seldom inactive or ineffective. They keep each other well motivated and calm. They rarely reach out themselves to other group members or call out to them for personal friendships or community warmth. They are never greedy for money or friendships but they do enjoy having others around who like them and enjoy maintaining goodwill and being part of professional clubs and cultural associations where they like to move around.

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