Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 8

“And give good news to those who believe and do righteous deeds; that they will have gardens beneath which rivers flow. Whenever they are provided with fruit therefrom as sustenance, they will say, “This is what we were provided with before,” and they will be given the like of it. And they will have pure spouses therein,and they will abide therein forever.” – Koran, Ayah Al Baqara 2:25
God said, “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit contains seed. They will be yours for food. And to every beast of the earth and every bird of the air and every creature that crawls upon the earth—everything that has the breath of life in it—I have given every green plant for food. – Bible, Chap 1, Sixth Day, Genesis 1:29-30

This way the holy books of the world’s most prominent religions begin on a positive and non-violent note for peace and wellbeing through veganism, being fruitful and multiplying seeds of trees on earth, and not by killing or abuse of innocent beings and also by the virtue of celibacy instead of lust thereby promising the Tree of Life that is infinite instead of death.

Everything changes later on with a Devilish (reptilian) being tempting Adam through Eve into learning evil things (tree of knowledge of good and evil) and this act sent human from Paradise of Eden into a sinful and sexual simulation of Earth Matrix where lifespan was limited to a few hundred years and they produced progeny.

Furthermore even after mankind’s expulsion from Paradise into Earth where humans tilled the soil working hard for food (plant agriculture) instead of a magical reality of spiritual life, they were so evil and murderous (Cain and Abel to Lamech) that a third version of the Matrix was created. This was by causing the flood managed by Lamech’s descendent Noah to destroy all beings except a few and recreate a new evil Matrix where people are stranded and allowed to consume not just vegan plant food but also sinful and violent animal products and lifespan shortened further to nor more than the first hunderd years or so.

We all are trapped indefinitely in this lowest three dimensional version of the sinful programmed reality Matrix until we re-discover the truth and rise again through Ascension into the peaceful, spiritual, non violent and vegan Earth we descended from, as we are not on Earth currently.

Secondly by rejecting the temptation of sex and choosing celibacy we can return to our true eternal nature of angelic and positive magical world where sexual reproduction is unnecessary and we embrace the Tree of Life in our Unity consciousness of our original self devoid of all sinful lust and temptation.

However demons try their best to keep us asleep and believing that this world around us is highly real and that there is no way out, thereby preventing us to advance spiritually and sabotaging Ascension through mind control, economic, legal, material, food, medical and political systems inspiring fear, worry and making us appear insane if we are awakening or ascending.

Several of these carnivorous and lustful demonic gods/ ghosts/ angels have been described in this continuing series based on personal experience as information and visions with premonitions of human forms of these demons witnessed personally a few years ago. Upon checking on the internet as I was prompted to by the masters, these demons who were all named to me alphabetically in intense multi-dimensional psychic sessions, appreared congruous with ancient encyclopedia or dictionary versions by occultists for example Dictionnaire Infernal, Ars Goetia of Lesser Key of Solomon, Liber Officiorum Spirituum and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

Furthermore, they manifested as real people too over the course of a few years in accordance with my premonitons as described before.

continued from: Demons Not Angels series Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7

  1. Lillith: A demon of Babylonian mythology who seems to have fled from land flying towards the skies, she has been wrongly described by some occultists as Adam’s first counterpart. In truth Lillith is a night monster related to deliberate sexual craze, desertion and aimless wandering of spirit, here and there. A few days ago I was shown this being flying upwards and downwards in the night out of a pale orangeish deserted dry land where a castle stood in which an art exhibitin was organised, in the form of a nude statue with arms crossed across her body laughing hysterically with an owl in the backdrop of the cinematic vision, a place that appeard to be near to middle eastern side of the world, where a garden once used to be. I was contacted by a female by a similar phonetic last and first name combination who runs an art gallery near the park deserted due to covid lockdown and she usually stands with her arms crossed across herself and has surname firstname combination of similar phonetics as Lillith. At this art centre that also sold cruel products such as honey, silk and dairy items, I had once conducted spontaneous mediumship for a group of women, one of whom later ended up inviting others for tantric orgy and acted angrily demonic in the mediumship session scaring others off. Later on today, I read a Biblical passage describing the demon in the context of judgement of God for the land of Edom (Isaiah 34:14) and exactly matching the description of the dream.
  2. Kokabiel: Astronomical fallen angel of astrological and astronomical constellations and mysteries, this demon is reported as a rreptilian being. He affects people to be neutral ethically and morally with interest in star systems and mysteries of the universe, however they are not usually negative athough wandering in maya and seeking comstant information. A person this demon was manifested in was a clever man of similar surname to this demon name who was a television star and filmmaker and although addicted to carnivorous food took great interest in mystical sciences, astrology, nakshatras and vedic systems. They also have great attraction to worldwide methods of of healing or prophecy. Demons usually have great knowledge of science, occult, art, mysticism and all possible subjects and can provide accurate answers when asked questions, however lack insight into personal morality being carnal and carnivorous. They are eloquent and well spoken animals who can command others gently with their very British etiquittes and manners.
  3. Aim: Pronounced as Ayam or ‘I Am’ and also known as Haborym, this demon is notable for giving accurate answers concerning private matters for example family relationships, matrimonials, land and property. In the Bible Exodus 3:14 Moses hears a man’s voice whispering from a burning bush in the desert ‘I AM THAT I AM: Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.’ In this way Moses rescued Israelite slaves from Egyptian Pharoahs and brought to be offered a new land for them to inhabit. As the planet is ruled through grabbing of land though warfare and plundering of wildlife, land is something that is now bought and sold or rented out for money and a big business. Scriptures such as Bible and Koran are primarily about amassing land through war and establishing racial dominance thorugh belief in deities. Those possessed by this demon are very self assertive. ‘I’ focused ‘casanovas’, confident in negotiations, believe they can make things happen through personal power as focused on money, land or superiority of themselves and their family, friends or lineage. One of the persons this demon manifested as was a man whose name phonetically resembled Haborym and was a friend of an ex-family member who wanted to take over family property for himself and sell it off. He tried desperately to contact me to negotiate a deal although I refused as he had sympathy towards my abusive ex-partner.
  4. Yin-Yang: Also equated with Aengus, Irish demon of fatal love, Yin-Yang in East-Asian philosophy represents balance of masculine and feminine energy regardless of ethics or morality of either party and also believes that good and evil both need to coexist. Yan-ga-ty-tan is also a French demon of night who carries fire and miselads people mentioned in the Infernal Dictionary by Colin DePlancy. Those affected by this demon have no sense of priority on how to support good and outright reject evil things or behaviors. They constantly try to cover both sides of an argument instead of taking a clear stand. They believe that dark and light need to be balanced in order for the universe to function and one has to simply be ‘alright’ with the bad as well as the good, thereby allowing criminality, murder, sinful behavior, animal abuse, rape, violence and terrorism to flourish as they remain neutral. In this way they add confusions and misdirection in taking the middle ground. One of the evil people this demon manifested as was a child doctor of a similar first name who wrote a report casually and erroneously calling veganism and environmentalism an ‘obsession’ if a child displays those tendencies. She also believed that mothers are responsible for breastfeeding problems caused by fathers who are abusive creating a case for autism and care proceedings inspite of child having recovered from previous special needs over a year ago and doing very well with school having no current concerns.
  5. Shamat: Also called Shamael or poison of God is a fallen being of narcissim and destruction as the name Shamat in Urdu conveys catastrophe. This demon causes cataclysms, dangers to property, natural disasters, curses and dark magic that hurts others out of venomity against them. One of the people this fallen angel manifested as was a pretty looking severely dedicated female student of Wicca of similar first name last name combination, who suddenly disappeared on promising to take up my store franchise and then started her own work parallely after openly declaring she is learning to be like Nimrod who poisons Merlin upon stealing his secrets as a student. She was also known to cause destructions such as fire to a neighbourshood shop as my employees complained of her and other friends who knew how she kept proudly stating her destructive nature of mentalism and the way she manipulated the matrix to cause distress to innocent people and loss of life by cursing others to die. Such people bring disrepute to Wiccan Rede of Harming None and are basically evil or demonic beings operating in human form to control others and spread their narcissistic self-serving agendas forward by spreading their negative vibrations unnecessarily. She was also a proud student of Satan with a guru of Isha yoga mentoned before and another lower natured guru of astrology who shapeshifted into other people’s dreams to deceive them of money by turning into a deity and giving them a harmful message.
  6. Vine: Described as a false Count or King in the Pseudomonarchy of demons, Vine is also a reference to a passage of the Bible mentioning Jesus stating ‘I am the Vine’ (John 15:1) as demons are known to enchant people as pseudo Gods or false masters. As the name describes this demon is connected with posinous substances such as alchohol as known to carry vipers with him as a carnivore animal spirit such as a lion or lyran-reptilian hybrid. This demon is specially known for building walls, towers, feng-shui architecture, sea movements, discovering occult or witchcraft, consecrating boks, past life therapy and divination. One of the few people this demon presented as was a well known feng shui and east Asian occult astrologer from overseas in middle-east who visited India and was keen on affirmations, musical tones for trance and past-life healing magical workshops but was selfish never returned the favour of his free promotions or had any genuine warmth. Another being this manifested as was an evil neighbour in my maternal home, who was masquerading as a guru who wears large rudraksha rosary and constantly destoyed and rebuilt her walls unnecessarily and showed them off, wanted building tower rebuilt, focused a lot on feng shui and occult in her home and commanded my family to destroy memorabila related to deceased and was also evil to my sister and intent on discovering her secrets and keeping away her books on Jesus and exorcism. Another client with similar name was also rebuilding her rooms and walls and took severala tarot readings, feng shui and past life therapy and spell sessions purposelessly.
  7. Dakini: A word that means ‘taking away’ and ‘hiding’ it also related to Doquiel or Dokiel the Judeo-Christian fallen angel who weighs souls who have died. As a demon Dakini this demon being is a draconian and represents the legendary female spirits who consumed souls of dead people. Tibetan mysticism talks of five dakinis that are related with our five senses and can lead us to good or bad being either self disciplined through our higher consciousness or erotic, carnivorous, greedy and lascivious. Dakinis in their demonic forms are evoked in dark occult practices or black magic and are believed to feed on animal organs or human bodies in tantric or orgiestic rites. One of the people this demon manifested as was a carnivore female of similar first name last name combination as Doquiel or Daquini who was manager of a low standard healthcare practice in UK to whom I had issued a written complaint being checked unnecesrily on veganism as a part of control and coercion. Her response to complaint was partial and deceptive as she hid knowledge deliberately, chose to delay things indefininetely and did not follow up, was compassionate to the evil person who was controlling me and allowed her team of doctors and physicians to be miseld throughout without reprimanding them for mistakes.
  8. Pruflax: A carnivorous reptilian demon mentioned in ancient grimoires Pruflax, also known as Puflas or Bufas is one of lies and falsehood. Those affected by this demon are shortchanged or fooled by him. This demon also motivates one to tell lies if people are possessed by him. He manipulates others and also causes conflicts. He forces one to pretend that they are something they are not. The demon is also believed to be a Guardian of the tower of Babylon or speech and languages confusion and can also cause lisps while speaking so that s sounds like f. He is also believed to be an alternative to Purson. He represents as people who shrug their shoulders and pretend they do not know anything when infact they do. They are clever and indispensable and use their power to cause harm instead of helping. One of the people he manifested as was a maidservant by the surname similar phonetically who was deceptive and pretended to be innocent and good natured while stealing from my home and shop, shrugging off when asked where things went. Another was a Council worker who pretended to be unable to be decisive and clear about facts that are already known. A female client by similar phonetic name was also pretentious in being diplomatic, fooling several rich men through her outward beauty, charm and lies and cheating on them.
  9. Saleos: Also called Sallos this demon is a reptilian called a Duke of Hell who appears with friendly dispositon and colourful personality. He appears to be benevolent to seekers of love and joyful friendships and makes hissing sound with lips sideways. His hair colour can be flamboyant and changeable. However his vice is inspiring a bragain between good and evil. He is common in vegetarians or pescatarians who believe in being ‘in-between’ vegans and non vegetarians to seek friendship with both, but end up being nowhere close to ethics or morality as dairy, fish, honey, fur and eggs cause severe injustice and harm to innocents along with any other animal product that vegetarians consume. He is found in those men and women who believe that one should maintain good relations to avoid negative consequences out of fear based punitive actions although people find each other positively detestable. People will be faced with psychic attacks, negative entities and unwanted energy attachments due to not cutting off the cords with unecessary people as a result of this demonic behavior. They are also self-deprecating. One of the mediocre level personification demon was a friendly faced female who has been through hell in her relationships and court cases for child arrangements and struck an unsuitable agreement due to evidence against her and she was vegetarian but deliberately made fun of me by carrying only non veg fish and chips, eggs (although she had period pain of ovulation herself but lacked empathy with the hens), honey added to vegan salad and dairy in coffee in outings and picnics knowing that I was vegan so that I was left out singularly.
  10. Churail: Also called Sariel or Sarel after the fallen angel who transports souls across one plane of life to another, this evil demonic being’s name means a female witch-hag monster in Hindi. Normally with a soft voice this demon can gain trust and immobilises people. According to folklore her feet are turned backwards and is also called an evil fairy with hideous appearence who can also look beautiful as a reptilian does. She dwells in dirty places and is sinful in behavior towards the opposite gender. This demon being a fallen one can cause death and diseases as well as difficulties with children and is carnivorous. One of the people she manifested as was a beautiful, tall, healthy looking and friendly woman with a similar name to Churail who wobbled while walking, dressed filthily and always threw items around and lived in a fantastic home which was always dirty and strewn with ugly things and food bits. She was flirtatious with men around and had multiple of them, and also tried sending one of them to me for ‘friendship’ in the guise of a carnivorous barbecue outside my home whom I respectfully turned away asking her not to do so again.
  11. Ezekiel: This fallen angel is a spirit also called Ezequeel who is named after a prophet bringing new forms of ‘evidence’ to people of God or almighty Allah or various higher beings of power and the scriptures channelled through contact with such beings in the lines of Bible, Koran, Torah and others. This being is a ruthless promoter of these scriptures focused on conversion at all costs and relentless in his pursuit of innocent minds to bind and hynotise. He convinces you that whatever is in the books ins the truth and nothing but the truth and the books are truly from a divine being or Source. There is absolutely no listening or receptivity to other views when one is brainwashed by this demon. One of the people he projected as was a man from esoteric world who promoted a Book of Knowledge constantly to people, talking incessantly about the diagrams and cryptic words in the book to groups and individuals day after day as if on a mission. He did not like me. As we know that various outlandish and Satanic scriptural knowledge is what has corrupted humankind and led to our fall and is from the Devil as it lacks intuition and listening to the heart and being a simple person who does the right thing instinctively. This demon also affects those who advertise and promote brand names succintly to convert the public into customers by giving repetitive information and using thier charm. Spiritually open people are most vulnerable to him.
  12. Smith: Also connected with the devil-angel Samael, similar to the movie The Matrix, this being manifests in your life as an automatic program (non-spirit being) in confirmation of your feeling that you are in a simulation. Each time I asked for the Agent Smiths to appear they presented, for example as Bible roted agents of Mormon church marketing students smartly suited in black talking me into their funny non-vegetarian covens, little did I know thier founder is one Joseph Smith. Whenever I ask for a response to ‘am I in the Matrix’ and imagine a person such as Mr. Smith appearing it happens exactly as imagined and it becomes very very clear that you are in a dream simulation in a very lucid level. One of the times I practiced this method was when I sat down in my office in UK London Road, Grays meditation and tarot office knowing fully well that I am in a reptilian simulation and that clients will appear only when I imagine them. I then asked for Smith to present himself dressed in a smart office suit with dark sunglasses exactly as imagined and he will be from the government. That very day there was a knock on the door and an elegant man suited and booted with sunglasses looking exactly like an agent like Smith appeared to me. He told me he received my leaflet through his door and wanted me to visit the Council office for a Health and Wellbeing show to teach meditation to employees. Another time I visualised agents exactly like Smith’s associate in the movie with earphone curly wired in ear and the same day two policemen knocked with exactly similar facial features and hearing gadets wired in ear with suits on instead of police uniforms and they were high level detectives who wanted to prosecute the man I had fled from, but I stopped the proceedings with my mind similarly.

(to be contd.)…

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