Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 7

Usually in the matrix which we call earth, we find a lot of simulated programs and parasites around us with temptations of carnism and the seven deadly sins, primarily (1) non-vegan food (sin of gluttony linked with Arch Demon Beelzibub), (2) sexual debauchery (sin of lust linked with Arch Demon Asmodeus), (3) human self-importance and ego based corruption (sin of pride linked with Arch Demon Lucifer), (4) craving for status and competition with others (sin of envy linked to Arch Demon Leviathan), (5) money based corrupt systems (sin of greed linked with Arch Demon Mammon), (6) ignorance (tamas) and insincerity (since of sloth linked with Arch Demon Belphegor) and (7) violence (sin of wrath linked with Arch Demon Satan).

These demonic programs usually reptilian are found also manifest as human beings whom we see around us, who are usually canrnivorous insectoid and reptilian species solely focused on money, food and power. Further to the long series of these disclosures, I have been receiving dreams, spontaneous visions, as well as channelled drawings of humans with their non-human ferocious forms including those of celebrities and their demon names. For example I was suprised to learn of Queen Elizabeth 1, a Manticore species as a projection of Baelzeberith, also called Belzibuth or Beelzebub (picture included from Oxford Libraries public domain of Beelzebub going to supper with roast chicken and other nasty ingredients in Hell’s kitchen).

More information is updated in previous articles in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.

73. Andras: An androgynous demon who is associated with anger, discord and disaster, he works in both sides of opponents to equally infuriate the two against each other. He is associated with people who speak in loud voices deliberately to intimidate others, who shout and scream till they get their dinner and speak rudely to insubordinates. He is also found in those who use foul language and swear words and those who have a masculine dominant, adrenal nature or culture such as certain Punjabi agricultural carnivorous communities. He was projected as an angry, masculine bodied woman of similar phonetic name who shamelessly shouted in group meetings at innocent team members in a television media and cultural events organisation owned by her father, that too in front of outsiders. He was also in a very close relative of similar phonetic name who had angry red eyes and shouting on a regular basis, hitting only to intimidate and insult and also made both children be rude and angry towards mother. He also raised and killed hens after stealing her eggs and forced family members to wash off the blood and peel the skin and to chop the victim for supper and forced his children to eat livers, bone marrows and hearts of multiple innocent victims and he was proud of it, and how he killed and ate various animals. He also instigated envy between children by supporting one child against the other who felt neglected.

74. Crocell: A demon that is connected with waterbodies and finding of water such as springs, wells, fountains, rivers and other sources. It is connected with sin and is found in people who believe sins are washed away with water. Those affected by this demon have absolutely no insights into their behavior and no powers of self reflection, inner change or personal responsibility towards one’s actions. They simply do not learn and are rigid about religions. They are found in churches and mosques or other institutions where empty prayers are made as if there is a God present in those architectural designs and as if dipping babies and themselves in a bit of water is going to cleanse their sins away. This demon is also linked to dirty water and rivers such as Ganges that are heavily polluted with germs by a sinful civilisation that washes all its industrial and personal waste into water senselessly. This demon manifested as a person called ‘Rosicrucian’ whom I met several years ago in 5d as a projection that visited me wide awake stating ‘anything outside, go within, not with eyes but heart discover’. Recently after a few years of that encounter I was telepathically told ‘it is Crocell’ when I was at an allottment and guided to a nearby river to collect water for plants when the supply was off. I then met a lady with a similar name who asked me to use awfully dirty water from a nearby container in which during covid-19 several dirty people washed their hands and asked me where I went to pray to a church as if God is found in a building or somewhere in the world.

75. Baphomet: An iconic figure of Satanism found in the Tarot card deck as a personification of the masked ‘Devil’ card, this demon is also known as Mahomet and represents false prophets. It is found in those who preach and control others sinfully by making them do things against their will under fear, threats, anger, force, tension, temptation, despondency, lure and insinuation. It is also connected with the advertising industry professionals who manipulate minds to enforce consumerism and create desire for unnecessary things. Conventionally the demon is represented as an animal skin bearing person adorned with fur and animal horns of a killed innocent being and sitting privately holding chains of a man and a woman who are controlled by him as if Adam and Eve placed in a simulation. Religions, prophets and priests are responsible for the subjugation of females through marriage, dowry, childbirth, artificial insemination, population increase, lesser property rights, sexual slavery, loss of freedom, loss of free will, emotional loss, career loss and domestication. Females of other species such as cows, goats, sheep, fish, hens and others are similarly controlled and their babies taken away and killed. Scriptures such as the Bible and Koran have been manufactured through this clever agenda. Not only that new religions such as Satanism are closely invented to tempt sexuality, nudism, non-veganism and immorality into humans making them puzzled, totally lost in sensuality, unable to awaken and be free. One of the people he projected himself as was ‘Bill Clinton’ and his infamous sexual scandals.

76. Buere: A deadly spirit or demon that is a president of Hell as per ancient texts, it is pictured as a messy haired carnivorous beast with several hooved legs in round shape of a disc to take our souls to hell and kills children. I have been informed that Boris Johnson is one of his manifestations as he is of similar phonetic name, carnivorous, likes promoting British meat, and enjoys hunting and killing innocents and having ‘semi-sexual’ relationship with horses during hunting proudly as explained in his interviews in media. This demon is also is responsible for medicine and healing of ailments, however the cause of the ailments is kept unaddressed. Therefore this demon also presents as people who believe in simply praying over or meditating for energy healing, or using herbs, oils or conventional medications to treat the symptoms for therapy which is superficial and aimed only at physical and mental relaxation and convenience of vaccinations to immunise people and get them ‘complacent with’ germs such as covid-19. In this way diseases keep spreading and become part and parcel of daily life, integrated in our body and mind permanently while we simply become alright mentally and physically while carrying the negativity inside us. The real cause of the problems is never addressed, mainly carnivorous and lustful lifestyle and sinful food habits that continue to plague us.

77. Paimon: A King of Hell that is a master of all worldly treasures such as name, fame, money, success, arts, sciences and various esoteric knowledge that keeps us bound to hellish regions due to focus outside of ourselves. This demon tempts us through riches and promises of wealth to get involved in activities that trade our soul for money. Under his influence we become sinful and complacent, uninterested in spiritual progress that is true based on inner work to release ourself from sinful behavior. In my dreams I had been shown how this demon joyfully leads people to Hell on roller skates wth his two index fingers pointing to the path where several people were hung on iron hooks on walls of hell by their hair, truly a painful scene to witness. The message was that a lot of spiritual paths and philosophies teach us to ‘lift our spirits’ by meditation exercises, mental health, joyfulness, happiness for personal satisfaction, personal healing or emancipation from stress, but such joy is shortlived and not truly spiritual. Our soul will still be guided into hell if we remain sinful beings who indulge in carnism, lust or sexual abuse, harming or hurting others, abusing or killing innocent animals for food, putting children in danger or victimising others for personal benefit. This demon also presents at times as a female or effiminate man who is sinful and carnal, for example one of my store employees with similar phonetic initials who lacked sincerity or ethics and only wanted knowledge of esoteric for free while wasting time and practicing sexual immorality in the guise of friendship with clients at store in my absense.

79. Hnickar: Also known as Nickhar an undine or underwater monster also equated with the Devil as per ancient folk myths, he is a gigantic being of evil who also projects as a magical female at times. He can also be Enki a trickster water god who created humans of clay. In my dreams a few years ago I was shown the word Gateway in scrabble, and a message that ‘Nikhita likes the Gateway’, herf being a ‘twin flame’ of a person called ‘Michael Satchinanda Swami’ who was described earlier in this series as Satan. When I woke up and decided to go for a walk outside early in the morning, I found a vehicle with Gateway written on it and I made an intention that if I am in the Matrix (simulation of mind), I would see a white British female that morning who wears an outfit just like one I had pictured in my mind, and will walk magically over a hedge carrying books. Soon I saw a female walking past me, carrying books who wore an outfit exactly as the one I pictured mentally moments ago and she walked right across the tall solid hedge casually as if she were a gianyt stepping over short grass while looking at me continually as I crossed the road to return home. She was giving an indication solely with her eyes pointing downwards repeatedly that this world is ‘Hell’ just as my sister had mysteriously once done when she met me outside my tarot store in Mumbai. This being also manifested in our lives as a famous, self-absorbed ‘Godly’ real estate czar of similar phonetics who had used us while paying us poorly causing many misfortunes to my dad and sister (while I walked away), and shown in my dreams in 2008 as a giant repto-coil being thrashing his serpent head about in his beautiful large ‘garden’ township.

80. Gusion: The demon Gusion is a false being of light who affects people to be strongly attracted to the unknown or unconventional in an irrational way. He may be found in those seeking God, aliens, enlightenment, otherworldly trips, new worldly adventures and unconventional careers or businesses. They also do not help their family and friends when they are required and listen to charlatans who misguide and fool them. Under his influence people refuse to be responsible for thier children, families or personal matters and run away to seek other things that are unworthy. This demon also inspires people to allow violence against females and other crimes by reconcilation and to allow others to enjoy violence or lustful behavior. For instance one of my uncles of a similar name had run away selling his only family home and deserting his family members, simply to seek Bollywood experience and then disappeared a second time without a trace when his family members were suffering and diseased. He also prevented his sister from fleeing domestic abuse and reconciled her with the abuser multiple times when she asked for help. This demon was also found ina school teacher of a simialr name who liked fur and hunting and told children she enjoyed sstories of how children went to the past through time travel, hunted wooly mammoths violently and wore cruel animal skins.

81. Sekhmet: The demon also called Sakhmet is a namesake of the ancient Egyptian lion-faced Goddess Sekhmet who represented beast like might, destroyed everything and was quelled only when she was drunk. This demon affects individuals who like to cause a scene, are drunk on power or alchohol, proud of being born in families with people in power or authority, and are carnivorous. A friend of a similar name for instance was constantly proud of having powerful policeman of high rank as his father and spoke lowly of females whose appearence he did not like, as well as supported those whom he found attractive. He also regularly became drunk when he was invoted to parties and acted inappropriately when angry as he tried to protect others by threateaning and inciting violence against those who upset him een a little bit. Sekhmet was also channeled by me briefly in a group mediation involving pyramids and ascension when I did not really like the energy and cancelled the mediumship promptly as Sekhmet would sit on chair with the chest out, legs slightly apart firmly on ground and act important, looking at others revengefully, which did not go very well with me at all as I did not even know these people but apparently she knew all about them and silently knew what they would say and what careers they had before they spoke.

82. Cacrinolas: This reptocoil demon also called Glasyalebolas represents knowledge of various arts and occult sciences as well as philosophy and can predict all things past, present and future semi-accurately. He forms relationships with people in a friendly way but is a monster who can also be vengeful. He can be found in civil servants and in seers as well as in people obsessed with art, culture, philosophy, poetry and forming relationships with others. People affected by this demon can cause artificial friendships that are practical or drain energy. They can also inspire others to cut off from others and to focus only on them and to provide fortune, favours or monetary support to them. A friend who was an oracle and occultist and had a partially similar first name had a past life as a person who was demonic and hateful and had vampirish tendencies. He also controlled a daughter of a famous personality 24×7 by being good friends with her. People affected by this demon are rabid about occult and follow Satanic or Aghori practices in the guise of spirtualism sometimes even to kill an opponent with negative energy.

83. Gorgon: Carnivorous demons from Greek mythology whose name stems from gorge means ‘greedy’, with the famous one being bad-breathed female sea-monster queen Medusa with serpents emerging like hair from the head. Also connected to Goetic musical and sensual demon of voice and unicorn head Amdusias phonetically. Serpents are also known as Seraphs or Seraphim in Latin terminology. An occult female singer with similar name phonetics and with her business of a similar name to Seraphim was a Lyran and a Dianic witch who believed in feminine energy. Gorgons can mystify, terrify or hypnotise you with their voice, their fake aura and their well fabricated temperament as if you are under the control for the time you are in their presence or physically close to them in a room or ithin a certain proximity. They would often spread the wavy locks of their hair around their head as they consider their hair to be important. In my dreams I have seen this demon as a beautiful female who shows off her lush hair. They believe in finding mates who would be useful to them in some way and are neutral to animal abuse as they are eager to spread their wings of influence all around them and attract people to adore them. They can also be lustful and seek sensual pleasure to gratify their appetite and can be really blunt to those they do not like. They are usually artificial in their way of talking or presentation and have their minds made up cruelly before they listen to you.

84. Aamon: An giant insectoid demonic being whose name connects to the moon with two large eyes is sometimes linked with the Egyptian reptocoil deity Amun whose name means hidden although the two may be different beings. The moon also is connected with psychology, mind and hidden secrets. In his violent form he presents as humans who look at you with scary rounded up eyes and an uncomfortable silence while you speak to them as if communicating something negative in a hidden way. This demon helps reconcile you with false ‘twin-flame’ enemies who are dangerous and is interested in being soft and kind to those who are sinful. This demon presented to me first as a name Amma, in a psychic session with the letters spelled out clearly as S.O.S. Amma repeatedly a few years ago with strange dreams of a twin-flame. After a few years I met a leather bearing female counselor of a similar name as Amon for rape victims who constantly showered concerns for the perpetrator who might be feeling ‘hurt’ at being exposed by my statements and to not talk about them and what they did. Her counseling sessions more like criminal interrogations with her eyes emanating a sharp warning that felt negative throughout her several long meetings as she clarified that police and court do not want me to discuss anything about ‘him’ as if it was all a setup with his expensive solicitors.

One of the most important things to realize is that we cannot rid ourselves of our inner or outer demons merely by belief, prayers, occult or various conflicting spiritual techniques or by obedience to any religion or master. Both manifestations of demons – the ones that occupy our mind through our own food-habits and diseases, and those who project as other controlling people around us are here to tempt, lure and enslave us into the worldly pleasures and dramas. The only way to win over them is to detach from the temptations and sinful tendencies of ego, pride, carnism, lust, corruption, status, inertia, violence and greed for money.

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