Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 6

Geofferey Burtell Russel in his book ‘The Devil’ explores the concept and personification of evil, well defined as ‘the infliction of pain on sentient beings’. As we all are aware this planet is essentially a carnivorous one with trillions of animals – usually innocent children, and babies killed every year after barbaric abuse, strangulation, control, mutilation, rape, confinement – to be turned into food, leather and other junk. Naturally the truth is clear – that we are not on earth but in hell.

Demons are assistants in this hellish matrix, the world well known to be a false one of maya (illusion) as per spiritual theorists and meditators such as Yogananda, a computer graphic simulation as described by the world’s leading scientists including Nick Bostrum and the ‘Matrix of the Mind’ as suggested by famous physicist Max Planck.

Through personal prior experience as a psychic and vivid encounters with demonic humans and non-human beings masquerading as humans on earth, I have described 60 of these notable demons in the past, in this series of continous disclosure articles Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4 and Part 5. They can enter your mind in your sleeping state (especially if you are not conscious of your dreams and do not note down or attain awareness of your dream state). They also may project outwards in your lifetime as people through the matrix of the mind. I am being informed that these demons can also cause disease, pain, physical and outward sensations, control your breathing, blood flow, cause heart attacks, injury, putrification of wounds, bloodloss of copious amounts and even death. In human form they are usually ordinary looking people who are carnivorous or omnivorous, unethical, immoral, lustful, deceptive, filthy, gluttonous, casual, full of fake attitude, unauthentic behavior, false glamour, hedonism, pride, ego and envy with complete lack of empathy, low insight into their behavior and negligible self-realization. A sinful person may usually have a combination of demons in them.

You cannot cleanse, banish or eliminate that which you cannot see, understand or identify, leaving most ignorant humans susceptible to constant possession through sleep amnesia.

Here are the next 12 demons of carnal or carnist nature for your protection:

  1. Sitri: Also known as Satyri and Sartel this demon is a common occurence running sporadically through people who take undue interest in nudity and pornography. Fallen aspect of Satriel an angel of concealment mentioned in the Book of Enoch, he is one who can strip people naked mentally and also humiliate them. His name is also related to misogynistic Sita-Ram concept of Hinduism where Lord Rama would insult and throw out his obedient wife Sita on account of ‘chastity’ row based on husband’s presupposed sexual ownership over wife. Sitri is a demon of sexual allure between men and women who also can present himself as an extremly beautiful although pansy looking man. One of the human forms he took in my presence as also noticed by my sister was a deceptive and lewd neighbour of a similar name, who was obsessed with modelling, constantly mocked girls, told us our weight and vital statistics while walking past us as if he would unclothe women mentally, made passes at women both young and old. We both were shocked that his eyes instantly turned into a dangerous blue colour from darkest brown as he stood in a railway ticket queue and turned around to indicate that he is actualy a demon. He also worked secretly in the pornographic industry although being a rude and conceited television star. An uncle who was similarly lustful towards both of us girl victims and concealed serious sexual offenses against my younger sister was also having a similar phonetic initials.
  2. Tamas: Also known as the fallen aspect of Tamiel also mentioned in the Book of Enoch as the ‘perfection of God’, this venomous demon’s name in Sanskrit would mean ignorance or negative energy (Tamas). He is associated with astronomical and astrological observations, working with unseen demonic spirits, causing sunstrokes and heatstrokes, abortions, deaths and venomous serpent bites. He works through people who are attracted to the ‘dark arts’ while falsely showing themselves to be positive angelic or Wiccan healers.. He manifested as an unclean employee who came with false aura of being an ‘Angel’ with the sole intention of spreading negative and dark energy, forming his own group for negative rituals, pouting in selfies to seduce men being a closet vampire with a gay and transvestite club to lure victims, stealing clients and product concepts and starting his own black magic institute instead of helping manage the store he promised to run safely. People, including myself, often produced symptoms of sun-stroke or heat-stroke when he was near. He also lolled to death my innocent cat due to neglect, believed in animal sacrifice with disregard to karma, was proudly non-vegetarian, wanted to be called ‘Lord’ and learnt astrology for free superficially to start his own tamasic practice.
  3. Marduk: Also known as Marut or Mardut after an ancient Mesopotamian deity associated with stormy skies and calamities, this Babylonian bloodthirsty pagan deity Marduk in Enuma Elish has dictated man to be a savage brute. He is a version of Draconian Duke Murmur and a brother of reptilian Agares as recently updated in my dreams. This evil god brought storms in sky and is prophecised to return after his destruction to assist Bel or Bael and to him several innocent animals were routinely sacrificed. Maruts are also Hindu storm deities from Vedas while Mara is the name of the evil god who distracted Buddha in meditation through storms although he persisted.. This demon presented lucidly in a dream in the form of a short-tempered, rude mouthed woman of similar phonetic initials who is now an ex-relative, another unhygenic carnivore who is also lustful as the preceding demons are mentioned to be. She sang ‘the final countrdown’ song as she carried a small pigeon dove that flew low underground while pretending to be Athena of Ascension and brought the sky down like a falling gigantic screen made of cloth behind which her other notorious controlling family members were hidden guiltily, one in a bathroom as she was obsessed with them and routinely fought violently over the use of bathrooms.
  4. Decarabia: A great Marquis of Hell, this demon is a master of esoteric phenomena such as time-travel, space, aliens, ghosts, spirit communication, natural magic, spirit flying or astral travel who also takes the form of a bird. He is a Draconian whose chest heaves up and down from the diapragm in breathing. He is also a computer with skills of logic, visualisation, imaginary work and technology such as cellphones, cameras, spaceships and positive affirmations for programming minds. He is associated with Abraxas who is anothe esoteric demon of spells and magic but with specific interest in demons, ghosts, spirits and otherworlds including parallel universes. He is associated with Carabia and Cerebrus the three headed dog of Hades that guards the underworld. He momentarily appeared as a gentleman who was a ghost-hunter of similar phonetic name and wrote fantastic ingenious books about lies and earth simulation. He disliked me due to my interest in moral judgement of good versus evil as he believed in being narrow and dancing among all kinds of lower energies to enjoy a lustful stay in hell. He stated in his interview that wicked spirits of anger and murder do channel though us routinely and it is all acceptable. He also spoke about his wife in sexual way in her absence and believed in having numerous children to bring more and more ‘aliens’ to birth into what he admitted was this very lowly realm.
  5. Marchosias: He is an obedient demon who listens to those in power and authority and prides himself in their kinship as his name Marchosias denotes him fancying himself as a Marquis or one of noble stature. He states and restates things as truly as he can to help the other demons in making decisions although he is a fiery presenter who can be angry, grit his teeth and conflagrate other demons of power above him. He follows all directives and commandments of the leader infernal spirits gracefully. He is believed to be a strong fighter who does not give up easily as mentioned in Ars Goetia and has the shape of a cruel carnivorous animal. He presented briefly as a human in legal field who battled with me over veganism and presented it as a cause of urgent risk and concern to my child who he falsely stated as malnourished due to vegan diet and led the county court of Chelmsford astray even in a country such as UK where vegans are believed to be well respected and healthy. citizens having normal families. Unfortunately the court shamelessly listened to him due to his terrifying tone in my absence without any notice to me as I had fled to a refuge as a victim of serious assaults owing to hate against my veganism.
  6. Chiang-shi: A carnivorous and rather violent spirit of Chinese legends, this demon is associated with low level souls who haunt locations around in the visible world and are astral remnants of deceased men and women who committed suicide or were murdered or raped. They are terminated through meditation but hang around decaying flesh, attached to people who consume murdered animals and exhibit lack of morality or lust. I once noticed a young man of a similar name, a presenter in a Television series who visited haunted ruins rather insincerely and enjoyed a daily carnivorous menu with his crew in these haunted places, including consuming rotten remains and the large tongue of a bull in front of my eyes in a restaurant. He and his associates and producers of this show were rather happy with carnivorism and often argued with each other about consuming animals and proud of being demonic in nature. They unnecessarily asked me to ‘bring in’ demons for their third class television show and tried to turn it into a horror movie with paid actors pretending to be afraid, although I wanted to present healing and meditation to help young people get rid of irrational fears and to see human death as an opportunity to channel healing towards ascension of the spirit who is deceased.
  7. Ahriman: He is also called Ramiel or the fallen version of the archangel of judgement, signifying loss of judgement. Called the Source of all Evil as per Persian legend and lore, Lord Ahriman’s name represents the Sanksrit word ‘man’ or mind thereby signifying and evil mind or collection of evil thoughts. A person or human is a projection of mental energy and their behavior or temperament usually caused due to his or her mental energy. This demon is listed in infernal dictionaries as a fallen one who clouds the human brain from truth and to cause spiritual confusions. A college girl with similar phonetic name and surname combination, who was a repto-coil being was constantly attention seeking even after many years, manipulative to force her choices on others for personal gain, cruelly non vegan who had no intention of changing, liked to practice dark side of magic when invited to rituals of positive earth healing work. She spoke loudly, practiced tarot card spells to attract specific men and usually spoke negative chagrin but continued to pretend being friends with people she complained of, and it hurt my head to listen to her. This spirit was also found in a male family solicitor of similar initials who lacked judgement and a charity worker with an angelical name of similar initials who was a carnivorous reptilian and a master of metaphysics who refused to think about or help in complex cases as she said it ‘twists her head’.
  8. Leviathan: Also known as Lotann or Tannin, this Biblical reptilian demon is supposed to be a Satanic guardian of Hell on the day of Last Judgement. He is connecting with eating of sentient creatures and visualised as a sea monster whose mouth is the opening of underworld. He is also an arch-demon connected with one of the Seven Sins of Envy. He is found in people who believe in otherworlds or supernatural and educate people to merely believe in a religion, deity or God, to pray and chant hymns or songs for deity in order to gain entry into other dimensions. In this way they lead people into Hell as people continue to be sinful, consume dairy and other animal products such as honey or eggs, just because it is allowed in their religious or spiritual systems and to also be alright with other forms of evil as they believe in meditation and devotion, and being calm and temperate instead of avoiding sin. They are also envious of others in their field and constantly seek for God to approve of them. A human form he took was of a musician of similar name to Leviathan who sang about other Dimensions and Last Judgement and believed his devotional songs was Hebrew God Jah’s work to praise him for his approval as he believed himself to be superior to another lady singer who was more popular. I also heard psychially that he is Satanic. He was also in a Malaysian family friend solicitor similar to the name of Lotann/ Tannin who ate fish, honey, shrimp, etc., was into unconscious meditation and chanting of Yogananda’s groups while completely ignoring huge social evils and said that a spiritually ‘higher’ person such as myself should be held responsible for every misfortune.
  9. Leraie: Also called Leraje or Loray he is associated with Goetic summoning of lower spirits, with bow-strings to putrefy wounds in the physical body, hurting it even more by controlling body areas mentally or psychially such as with voudou by going within the astral or mental bodies of the victims. He can cause pain and death in the process by making the organic matter break as if being hurt as if by a bow and arrow. I have been shown how this works through my own body psychially with painful piercing in minute areas of the physical body all of a sudden for no physical reasons to show what putrefecation is. This name of demon was also connected with accidents or fatal injuries as I was shown in a lucid dream of a ‘lorry’ that is upturned thereby killing the driver through blood wound on the forehead to educate me of Larie. This was shown to me before I met a British medium with stern or fixed glance with firm lips and upwards chin of superior disposition called by a very similar name who saw spirits around people and played string instruments and also attempted to heal people by placing vibrations of very sharp tonal frequencies inside their aura in meditative state that cause piercing pain. He was also sharply rude to my husband telling him he had more ‘negative energy’ than me in a judgemental and authoritative way as if he has more discernment than everyone around the table and looked down upon victims who fled domestic abuse. A UK police lady was of similar phonetic name and neglected evidence of violence leading to more incidents.
  10. Bacchus: Also known as a fallen angel or demon Ribesal he signifies herbs and potions of healing, high and cold terrain, and drunken state of trance or ecstacy and associated with the ancient Greco-Roman deities of wine such as Dionysus and Bacchus. This demonic energy is found in those who specialise in healing physical or mental ailments with ordinary herbs, intoxicants, rudimentary plant medicine, basic meditation, shamanic healing, outward healing with angels or superficial mediumship. As a result people are unable to get the right tests, diagnosis or deeper examination conducted in their body, mind or spirit leading to more harm than good. He manifested temporarily as a nurse of similar name whom I was guided just before my ridiculous appointment, will give ‘psychic surgery’ rather than any medical or physical therapeutic prescription. It turned out that she refused to examine any problems, did not investiage my son’s presumably covid-19 symptoms dismissing it as we did not ‘travel to China’ and insisted I go to a spiritual shop for meditation, talk to my angels who are ‘all cut off’ from me in a sham aura reading unwanted session in a UK NHS General Practioner services when I went for help surrounding medical examination in a police case, thereby leading to lack of evidence.
  11. Cacus: This demon is associated with cowardly behavior, theft, cattle abduction and mutilation. It may also connected with Kilakee an Irish demonic group who practiced animal and human murders for their spells or magic. Caccus is found in practitioners who beat animal skin drums, who believe that hunting of animals to kill them, or raising them for slaughter, or sacrifice to demonic spirits or so called gods are normal spiritual activities for healing purposes to give power to the person who uses the victims. He is also found in people who are afraid to speak their mind and take a clear stand, associate with those who practice crimes and address them as friends instead of staying safe and not interacting with dangerous or unethical people. They are abound in drum circles and pagan gatherings for reckless abandon with no virtuous education as vegans and non-vegans seduce each other meaninglessly instead of having distinct boundaries against animal abuse and murder. He was also found in one of my African solicitors of a very similar phonetic name who constantly addressed the other party’s manipulative solicitor as a friend and refused to help me complain against dangerous malpractices prevalent in the system and cowardly left the case, thereby leading to failure in justice.
  12. Dantilon: A Solomonic demon of many faces, this being is a reptilian shapeshifter who takes the appearance of anyone he chooses to be of either gender, for example I was introduced to this demon in the form of Bob Dylan staring at me nodding his head disturbingly in a revengeful way as I sat in the waiting room of a court, by way of a lucid dream to indicate it is ‘Dantilon’. This was just before I met a lady of the very similar name as Dylan who worked as an assistant in a law firm, someone against veganism, who misplaced information, lost emails and deliberately did not pass crucial documents of my well written statements to her lazy Principal while hypnotising me that everything is going on perfectly in their team as she pretended to take notes. This demon is connected with mind-control and also found in psychics who can cause dreams in their victims to mislead them, to make them obey or bend to their will, morph into a celebrity or a deity to ‘implant’ a thought inside your head such as ‘Inception’ movie has shown. I am aware that several low level Hindu tantric astrologers are aghori and practice this form of ‘vashikaran’ (mental illusion based hypnosis) related to this Satanic demon.

(to be contd…)

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