Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 5

Going further from Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4 are presented 12 more demonic beings and fallen angels for protection of unsuspecting spiritual enthusiasts and adepts who may get lured by their influence. Demons are not far away in some other underworld, we are in the underworld. Demons appear in human forms in this matrix of simulation, notable through the phonetic names of people and their facial expressions, body language and behavioral characteristics. What we need to understand is that we are not in heaven, we are in a world that is replete with evil and nonsense. People around are wanderers of maya, like evil spirits (mostly insectoid beings) or programs walking around with no idea of why they are here and existing only to serve themselves or ‘each other’ the way any demonic kingdom is organised, through reptilian demons of governmental power, religious authority, education, job, real estate, food, marital and legal systems and at the expense of horrific victimisation of all other species in our domain. Most of them are not interested in leaving this simulation matrix and will pull you down if you try to disobey them.

  1. Devil: This name of a demon is sometimes taken as a generic name for evil, however is a specific demon also who is a reptilian man. He is a shapeshifter who can have a handsome appearance at his will, and wears many many masks thereby making it difficult to understand and keep up with his many cunning words and facial expressions. He can also appear with horns if he so chooses to stare at you or he may appear benevolent temporarily and eager to be helpful, emotional and sympathetic to culprits. He represent Christianity and the Satanic power of the Luciferian Church whose priests are usually reptilian men. He forces people to do as he says and puppets them around. He dislikes opposition or if anyone interrupts his trance like state during which he presents his narcissistic displays of magnificience and eloquence. He represents deception, failiure of judgement, lack of respect and oppression of feminine, scaring others through his commanding voice and subjugating others through rank, power and authority impsoed upon them. He supports all other demons such as Satan, Lucifer, Baal, Murmur, Obizuth and many others who are distinctly and instantly subservient to him and obey his commandments tremblingly. His head and neck move from side to side with shining peacock blue scales all over him and especially underneath his chin as seen directly by my own eyes multi-dimensionally in one of his forms as an evil man Devil Tyrranus who was a high profile judge and Queen’s Counsel of a similar phonetic name in UK.
  2. Mammon: A demon of one of the seven deadly sins of greed, obesity and pilferage, he lacks empathy and corrupts those who get a hint of money or power in their hands. He presents as people who are addicted or obsessed about their bank accounts, fixed deposits, property, assets, possessions or even furniture to even part with one cent or ounce of the same. He is connected with misery and financial fears or overprotectiveness. He dislikes sharing space with other humans or with pets and can be heartless and abusive to them, unmoved even by tears of children or baby animals that are ill or dying. His influence is indicated by whether a person equates money with stability or safety while being oblivious to the plight of others. His indications are a growth in belly fat, eating unhealthy snacks, counting cash diligently every other day, focus on accountancy, visiting banks and filling out passbooks or repeatedly taking bank statements, fighting with others over money, giving cheap and plastic gifts, collecting miniscule possessions and being unable to declutter or clean your room properly, dirt and pests, collecting old smelly clothes and being unhappy if anyone reogranises the household or takes away unwanted or rotten items away from you. He presented himself as my very close Mumbai based relative of a similar temperament and nature.
  3. Balthazar: He is one of the demons sometimes equated with or similar to Baal or Baalzibub and also called Baalthazar or Balthazaar, a forgotten demon of power but with additional difficulties of tragedy, suffering and guilt. He can be controlling and manipulative of his victims but presents himself as a victim in Hell while always keeping an eye on the slightest movements and refusing to let go easily. He chases up if you try to escape from his influence. You will be made to feel very sorry if you attempt to leave Hell. He presents irrational behavior such as extreme chest pains, headaches, health problems, depression, panic attacks, anxiety and mood swings in a well orchestrated drama. A feeling of sadness, unhappy songs in dreams related to his counterpart Beleth, feelings that you must have pity on him, feel sad for or find pathetic another person’s ugly behavior is part of this drama. He is opposed by Melchizedek. Belief in Christ’s magical birth and three wise men is central to this demon as he is the fallen aspect of a saint called Balthazar. He can also be benevolent, good looking and caring as long as you are with him. One of the people he presented himself in was my ex-husband who had similar phonetics in his name and even appeared of similar complexion and features to Baltahzar in the Charmed series married in a secret handfasting ceremony to the psychic witch just as my own handfasting went. Just as the character in the series, he also wanted to take child away in evil manner and to turn him evil. He was also sexually abusive to me. He also believed in Yogananda’s three wise men as Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar based on a belief in reincarnation which may be deceptive. He was also similar in body type and appearence to the other rich and oppressive person I met before him who was a projection of Baal.
  4. Hades: A demonic being who is named after the master of Greek God of Hell or underworld of death, he is also connected with Hgog or Haagz, finely dressed alchemist of turning metal to gold and water to wine much like the Merovingian with his wife Persephone in the Matrix movie. He presents himself as a narcissistic, cold and stern of speech gentleman or lady. He is narcissistic enough to be distinctly suited at times and an evil Terminator like character at others. He is an expert liar and manipulator who works alongside other demons such as Malpheus to support negative beings. He does not listen to the voice of reason and deliberately ignores anything that comes in his evil ways. His aim is to never let his victims leave his domain of misfortune. His eyes are fixed on his end goals that are his relentless pursuit of autonomy and service to the Devil to whom we transports his victims. His purpose is to make you vulnerable and to send you into lower dimensional areas of the Matrix where you will be even more controlled. He is always available to listen to the pleas of the wrongdoers who summon him for fulfilling plans of murder and crimes such as rape or asaults. He does not help in financial issues and can take away wealth from others and destroy it as his focus area is on mortality and reduction of lifespan. One of his forms was of a purple suited judge who had a similar surname and appearance who refused to dismiss a case that was false and to close matters thereby ensuring one’s difficult and dangerous circumstances are extended unnecessarily without any assurance of protection leading to negligence and unecessary early sale of sensible long term property.
  5. Alloces: Sometimes also known as Allocor or Algor he is also connected to Norse God Loki, the Lechies deceptive lake monsters and to the Egyptian Thoth discussed before. He presents as a horned masculine personality with phenomenal intelligence and powers of speech and smarttalking, but lacking capacity to simplify the obvious or to undertsand emotions at all. He loves battles and arguments even if completely uncalled for or irrelevant just for the fun of it. He often presents as a valiant knight eager to make people fight and haggle. He especially nudges or ‘eggs on’ on criminals or other demons to conduct mischief, speak evil or victimise others unnecessarily. He enjoys putting others down and to shame or unnerve people who are frightened of his flamboyant conduct. He is phenomenally racist and believes in white supremacy. He does not let anyone have a say or to even think about what is right or wrong making hasty decisions that are reckless due to his obedience to other demons whose calls he answers. He confuses those who have less intellectual capacity and presents contradictory questions or information to outsmart others through his cunningness and guile. He presented himself as a judge who wasted most of the time in making criminals fight and present their own arguments that were superficial and in showing off his clever mental capabilities.
  6. Marbas: Also called as Barbas or Barbatos this demon is the fallen saint who was historically against idol-worship and cut down a healthy tree and killed snakes that were worshipped by villagers in his times to establish domination of the punitive Christian church. This demon may present itself as a bearded man or as a woman with a manly voice who speaks softly and very less but executes her will over others with no interest in understanding the point of view of the other side. He is also called a Great President of Hell as per Ars Goetia and misleads people into abuse of nature and animals. In my dreams he presented a a female who revealed that there are ‘doors in the ground’ for all those who refuse to go vegan and continue to consume all the items sold by supermarkets indicating that he or she takes them to Hell. Marbas also creates health issues and problems including physical or mental health concerns quite illogically just to confuse victims and to make you believe that something is wrong with your brain or mind or body although you may never have had any such issue in your entire hoistory or any medication or diagnosis and builds false fears into your head. She presented as a judgemental woman who hired psychaitrists to make my husband believe that he is severely mentally ill and needs medication to ‘cure’ him and to strangly initiate care proceedings if my son and I stated we would not live with him.
  7. Alastar: A demon of vengeance especially in family matters, he is known for possessing people and initiating a chain of events through them by making even simple things complicated. He is invoted through psychic trauma by victims who feel wronged by major crimes such as murder, rape or violence. Where clear information and simple solitude is likely he crafts an impression that things are deep and serious matters that need a lot of investigation, repeated scrutiny, judgements and punishments when the easier way is to simply let go and leave the people who might be troubling you. He is connected with shame and putrefecation such as checking of sexual matters of violence and breaking down of dead matter unnecessarily instead of burying the old. He involves you into battles that you would much rather avoid. He hands matters over to other demons when summoned including Mathias, Marbas and the Devil with a team of demons such as Agares. He has no power after that as his job is done and vengeance ensues. He is also connected with delivering unhelpful and frightful information, nonsensical scriptures and texts by other entities and putting together different bits and pieces of information that are enormous to look at altogether but have not much value overall.
  8. Cali: Named after the dark goddess Kali this demon is one of dirt, excrement, death and decomposed matter, fungus and unwholesome sexuality. She is found in people who are intolerant to hygeine, those who like seductive behavior and promiscuity, those who dress or undress to impress others and who have unclean toilets. They masquerade as people who love nature, like raw spirituality, mushrooms that grow on poo and other erotic hallucinogens and peddle them to unsuspecting victims whom they constantly criticize behind their back after outwardly showing off that they care for them. They believe in Jesus, Shiva and many polytheistic deities superficially while dancing with their hands in the air. They lack depth and rationailty. This demon is also found in temples that are sexual or where animal sacrifices are conducted in pagan traditions that are unhealthy and evil. She is invoked by tantrics, aghoris, malpractitioners of withcraft and false Wiccans who are Satanical. Her interest is in controlling people and using them towards her targets and aims. She also connects with reptilians and insectoids and is associated with Bellzibub the demon of gluttony in festivities, rituals and rites of the wheel of the year surrounding eating all kinds of food. She was found in an environmentalist lady with a similar name to Kali Ma who was a controlling and hedonistic personality who admitted that she is ‘using people’ and interested in selling psychoactive drugs to clients interested in eco-friendly spirituality who worked for free on her ‘poo friendly’ farms.
  9. Vepar: Also named Vephar, Zepar or Separ/ Sephar he is called a Duke of Hell who rules over seas. His power is to send people to inhospitable climates and to countries that are far off where the victims are further isolated and children suffer. He lures them through promises of wealth and status and leads you to joint ventures and connections with fraudulent agencies or corporations that can get you arrested. He can make you lust after a show of money, create false appearance of abundance and job opportunities when there are none. He lacks intuition or insight or any kind of wisdom and present false guidance. He can also stop victims from escaping from such regions and helps criminals gain the trust of other demons whom he leads them to. He can also cause death and further injuries upon assaults or wounds. This demon presented as a reptilian friend of similar phonetic initials to an ex-relative who was promised a placement with a fradulent organisation overseas and also prevented his family from being free of his negative influence, from lack of right medical treatment leading to health dangers in foreign lands and destroyed the wealth and well-being of all concerned and led to separation and collapse in relationships. He was also an astrological rich repto-coil client who bought castles in mysterious dealings but did not return a few gemstones issued on trial basis. He also connected with a charity with similar first name that used misfortunes of abused women and children made homeless from far off places, to make money with no service to them.
  10. Sorath: A fallen angel whose name means ‘spirit of the sun’ he is found in people who rave, talk unnecessarily and repeat the same things again and again. He also presents as a person of outward appearence that is flashy, dressed moderately but smiling unecessarily, displaying their lineage, showing off their skills, achievements, photographs, degrees or qualifications or trying to attract the opposite sex by various means. They can pester and harass others incessently to get their victims to bow down finally out of sheer tiredness. They are also coercive and opportunistic. Their head moves from side to side and up and down to look aggressive and demonic. Their facial appearance can be animalistic with sharp wicked eyes and strong teeth. They have smelly armpits and uncouth bodies much like a wild animal who has no civil manners and they can carry several germs. One of my peers from a hobby institute had almost the exact name and extremely irritating, untidy and of similar ragged appearance, flashy behavior and harassing personality who demonised me repeatedly and defenselessly as a single woman who lived alone several years ago in Mumbai. He was also manifest temporarily as a insincere and lustful Parsi man from Dubai who had similar carnivorous nature.
  11. Purson: Named as a great king of Hell and also known as curson, he works alongside various demons such as Obuizuth, Marbas, Agares, Balthazar and Melchrisa at the directions of Satan to confuse, intimidate and terrify those who are already frightened. His way of speaking is harsh and atitude flippant as well as demeaning and he lacks knowledge of ethics. He is sluggish in movements and delivers inferior judgements that are unnecesary and unuseful. He presents as a malevolent, cruel and carnivorous being, often with sharp and dirty teeth and a large bottom. He is unusually greedy for power and uses it to simply subdue others and increase his self importance. He is interested in taking away all secrets and misusing them as his nature is investigative, to find anything hidden. He also mocks, tests and questions victims to disarm them suddenly and to leave them unprotected. He can also dissapear and appear to be invisible to the eye but still in presence around you in spirit to spy on your activities. He presented to me as a shady and rather stupid female in human form of a similar name from the local Council, temporarily collecting information from all around and dissapearing without even opening the door that she entered from and upon complaints informed that she has been transferred out of the department.
  12. Gello: A female entity also called Jylo or Gilo is usually harmful to children, works alongside other supernatural demons such as Agares, Jezebel, Abraxas and Obizuth and responsible for deaths, abduction, strangulation and other forms of hideous harm to children. Employed with the task of aiding the Devil in his wicked plans she frightens off mothers who are trying to hide and protect children by threatening them and assuring punitive measures. She can be an vampirish or blood sucking insectoid under the domain and control of the reptilian demon Beelzibub. When in human form her lower body may not be visible at all and she would chew her fingertips by placing them between her upper and lower teeth. She is also connected with malevolent village witches who were harmful to vulnerable and innocent animals including to human children and women. She presented temporarily as a solicitor of similar phonetic initials and human form who scared me off by claiming that I will be punished if I tried to protect my child as a survivor of an attack of strangulation and tried to ‘pair down’the risks unnaturally and inhumanely.

(to be contd.)

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