Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 4

In continuation of the series of disclosures Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3 with 12 demons in each part that masquerade as angels and appear in human forms, here is another set of 12 elaborated through personal observation and experience as a psychic who has seen these entities in others in various forms both astrally and physically.

37. Sandalphon-Metatron: This is a fallen angel pair believed to be ascended versions of Biblical prophet human beings Elijah and Enoch respectively. Sandalphon, is of a name relating to sandal or footwear of ancestors, worship of parents and ancient ones as well as hedonism in stone circles and physical earth centric rituals. Metatron is associated with sacred numbers metaphysics, architecture, and sacred geometry including astronomy that the stone circles attempted to mimic in parts. Meaningless socio-economic gatherings and festivity such as animal or crop farming, crop circles, worship of broken bones, ruins, stones or structures on earth, physicality of five elements, craze behind sacred numbers, geometric patterns, architecture of buildings, star shapes are all themes by the Satanic architect of the Matrix. Through perfectionism, ‘divine order’, whole and part interrelation, micro-macro cosm theories these demons offer placement of people in rigid structures, assigning us to jobs in the economic system, giving roles to each person in events, gatherings, social and economic order in the world matrix so everyone is busy and lost in illusions. He also presented to me briefly as a job-centre female employee of similar phonetic name to Sandalphon and as another tarot reader and metaphysical female very keen on helping me re-integrate in the financial matrix ‘system’. One of the person’s Sandalphon manifested in was a Hindu-Wiccan male leader of a similar phonetic name meaning Sandal who was non-vegan and misled and controlled women to ape and follow him blindly.

38. Asmodeus: Also known as Hashmiodel and Ashma-dev, Thinking demon of planning, how to get what you want, lure people, selection, initiation, tests, need to do well, approval, sexual conduct or misconduct and arousal. Well focused on physical body attraction, incubation, degrees he builds temples, spiritual groups, associations, partnerships, covens all aimed at popularity, charishma, for personal enoyment and benefit, power and control as well as self importance. He works with Lucifer to bring attraction to oneself, acting honest, innocent, mild, soft-spoken and temperate and aimed at attention seeking and seduction. An example is Alex Sanders of Wicca. He can also inspire sexual violence, intercourse and rape of others in his communes. The signs he is operational are expanding chest in males, hip movements in females, hairstyles and fiddling of hair (human keratin horns), use of hand mudras in yoga, showing off, modelling, painting models, styling, martial arts postures, dancing shoes, dance poses, kundalini shapes of serpent for instance Khajuraho temple, profile photos and selfies. He was also manifest in a cunning Bollywood actor Hashmi of a similar name to Hashmodel. He also presented to me as an ex-relative of similar letters in his name, with glazed eyes, mild behavior and pretentious expressions of innocence but actually someone who is unwholesomely drunk and sexually addicted to females in past, yet wears white silken robes and performs astrological prayers, yogasanas, idol worship, mantras and religious Hindu rituals externally.

39. Jophiel: Also called Tsophkiel or Sophiel, a beautiful fallen angel or demon of art and wisdom, trained to impress others, regain approval of others, speech and voice recognition and manipulation, linguistics, putting your point across the table, behavior modulation, poise, head movements and acting. Examples involve British manners and speechforms, grooming, handwriting flourishes, gestures of table manners, fancy styles of talking, holding cup and politeness. The demonic or fallen being is also connected with fairy strokes or sudden mental health shortcomings. The demon leads one to assuming someone is pleasant and polite and therefore not dangerous, presents vegetarianism to make believe one is good or approved. He or she is found in spiritual circles, pretending to be enlightened, to see light in third eye, false spiritual ‘experiences’ or hallucinations, teaching meditation or artforms to others, false positive behavior, feel good therapy, ‘free hugs’, love, friendships, deriving pleasure or warmth from human or pets. She also presented to me as a lady Barrister with similar phonetic name trying to help me temporarily while actually being totally disinterested in the real issues and only pretending to be polite outwardly while being aggressive and contemptuous on the inside, eager to run away instead of really helping in professional capacity.

40. Kemuel: Also called Chamuel or Shamuel of fallen angels fame, he is a master of contracts and negotiations especially in interrelationships and causing entanglements with unrequired people and unwanted or shady forces. He can also be Kimera or Chimera, a reptilian monster and a leader of some African spirits also called Cimeris Kimeris in true form masquerading as angelic. He requires sacrifices and compromises thereby placing you in unwholesome situations that take away your liberty, freedom and independence. He also believes in animal sacrifices. Associated with love and romance as well as foreplay he causes one to lower ones defenses and give in to evil temptations aimed at subjugation to one’s enemy. It is a case of the ‘Camel’s nose’ epithet of allowing the camel to put his nose in till the entire camel comes into the room, a persuasion technique where one begins with small amounts and then completely takes over you and all that you wished to protect. He also presented as a Muslim family solicitor of similar name as Kimuel who had no idea how to really help victims but merely trying to avoid any confrontations by making private deals with the manipulative enemy at every step of the way. he was also in a Muslim doctor of similar phonetics as Shamuel who ignored severe complaints of anxiety issues causing domesic violence and said nothing can be done but to accept and ask the person to meditate and suggested Ketonic diet replete with animal products especially chicken. Two fanciful female Mumbai clients who were boisterous and carnivorous, of a similar name to Kimeris also come to mind.

41. Murmur: A name of a shape-shifting reptilian entity that lies, gives a host of excuses, makes pretensions, keeps secrets and speaks in mysterious ways as if she or he is hiding something deliberately. The entire ‘mystery religions’ and secret pathways to God or ascension or new and higher realities being issued to special seekers who are clever, cunning or wicked enough to ‘figure things out’ is this demon’s invention. The signs of this demon’s presence is speaking in low voices, deceptive tones, eye gestures exchanged between enemies, speaking with subtle hints, indicating that one is not interested in learning, insight or understanding anything but only in their own pre-planned and well-designed agenda. Also called a great Duke of Hell, he also manifested to me as a well known UK female judge who was of a similar name, a Draconian as I was shown in a clear vision. She exchanged secret glances and spoke in whispers to the culprits to support nefarious agendas while listening to me and yet avoiding any action on my complaints about how she passed unmeritous applications of culprits without scrutiny, wihtout notice to me and continued to entertain them as if she had cannived a dealing already.

42. Rafel: A demonic or fallen entity of moderation, he calms down people instead of taking quick action, benefits men who harm others, helps to tone down and reduce justice and aims to be kind to those who can be dangerous, cruel and evil to the vulnerable. In spirituality this demon manifests as false healers who help negative people, who make everyone meditate and be quiet and close eyes instead of working on handling actual problems in society. Fallen angel Rafel or Raphael, just like other fallen versions of our beloved archangels Michael, Uriel and Gabriel (Jaffrel) can be surprising entries in the list of demons, however one has to remember that the world we are enclosed within is a hell, a simulation of pure evil and there are no higher beings around us. These demons including Raphael serve as masters and work in the political, legal, semi-spiritual or authoritarian systems manifest as people around us. To me the fallen Rafel also manifested once as a police woman of initials of similar phonetics who no doubt beautiful and comforting in presence and highly capable of protecting me, was also terrible in the way she avoided confronting criminals, closed cases of high risk with moderation and no further action and refused to refer the psychopath to psychiatrists for evidence gathering. An occult Reiki friend from India also agreed he was Rafel, and he also justified rape and domestic abuse as caused due to mental stress of criminals instead of as a problem in ethical orientation.

43. Eros: This erotic and angry eyed demon also called Iros or Hieros or Haures and linked to furies Erinyes and fur bearing Euronyme, can control vulnerable victims and aim to help evil men seduce them and abuse them. He is connected with silk and soft skins or fur, reptilian energy, physical beauty, appearances, evil looks, sexual masturbation, yoga postures, seduction, nudity, orgy, pleasure and lust. The matrix is replete with hedonistic individuals who operate under his influence. He also tempts people through food taste, craving, appetite, hunger, sudden pangs, hypnosis, smells, aroma, using your mind to associate pain with pleasure, manufacture hallucinations and make you desire more sensual pleasure. He is found in people who charm you through culinary skills, who are coercive in asking for sexual favours and personal services, dating websites, matromonials used for preying upon victims, controlling others through mind and sensuality, chattermouths who suck energy, angrily force you to listen to them, and warning that ‘if not’ then there could be pain and discomfort upon you. She also presented as an angry fiery-eyed, ex-relative who was keen on making me obedient to a lustful person claiming that the only way to avoid his anger and to calm him down is to listen to his abusive words and to meditate and be silent, but entratin his advances in order to avoid further negative behavior by him if I complained or rejected him. This demon would notably prevent you from being tempted by his enemy demons and lead you to only be controlled by himself and his accomplices.

44. Sphinx: A demonic entity notably in history books of pre-Christian symnolism, the Sphinx is a protector of evil powers and tests individuals who rebel against tainted authority. He riddles and ridicules you unnecessarily on your way thereby attempting to make you feel obliged to answer them with threatening gestures if you do not obey and povide answers. A few years ago in astral projections I was presented to a Sphinx projected by another demonic entity of Bael’s command after a ritual for earth healing, by taking me out of my body through the ‘fourth eye’region. He appeared as a brown skinned projected man with a trunk, head and crossed arms but no visible lower body who asked me a question in a very serious tone ‘What is the difference between God and Human?’ and began aggressively to attack me dangerously when I replied plainly that it would depend on who or what you define as God in the first place, your inner positive self or an external power of creation, until I stepped backwards and moved into my body again. He also presented a Sikh psyhciatrist of similar phonetic name who was hired by UK family court three years after this premonition and projected by Agares to unecessarily quiz me about veganism as if it is a primary concern of court to know where I purchase ‘milk’ for my child and asked me to answer ‘yes or no like a rapid fire round, instead of focusing on my serious reports of high risk to me.

45. Belphegor: A demon also known as Bael-Peor who is ‘lord of the gap’ and associated with the deadly sin of ‘sloth’ he is a bringer of misfortune, wastage of time, distribution of wealth to the undeserving and accumulation of unwanted energy (Tamas). He can also be called Bolfri. He brings nightmares of poo, toilet or urination dreams and causes bed-wetting or eneurism in children and adults. He is associated with phalluses, anal sex and rape of victims who are children or unsuspecting females and males by those who force themselves upon the weak. He brings out fear, fright and feelings of being used and abused against one’s will, tyranny and drainage of resources. In my life he manifested as a solicitor company of a similar phonetic name who did exactly what this demon does, waste time, be unhelpful to me, waste expenses as he was paid by public funds due to merit of my case, yet benefited the abuser instead of me and my child, led to severe fianncial losses, as well as cause major stress and nightmares by his useless performance and cunning lies making me fearful and leading to increased stress to my family. He is also connected with Kimari/ Kimuel demon.

46. Marax: This demon called Maracs, Marax or Morox is a wing commander or great president of Hell and also works with another entity called Hella. Related to the latin word for ‘stop’ he is a deceptor who bring misfortune and stops works that are good. He sends victims to lower dimensional beings and places of underworld, hiding or Hell such as the goddess Hella significes (hidden). He also teaches occult sciences such as astrological and magical stones or herbs thereby deceiving people that he os liberating them and empowering them while he is only making us even more engrossed in the matrix simulation. He also presented to me as a female of a similar name to Hella and chairing an agency named as the demon Maracs’ name. Her entire focus was only and only to force me to go into hiding creating fears that I am in great risk and danger as a victim and causing me to close down all my ascension work and getting me more engrossed in the Satanic matrix. She promised to help me further in returning to success but casually disappeared once I became homeless and even more vulnerable and did not send any reports in time, neither did she update police, medical professionals, legal aid or domestic abuse agencies of my predicament so that they were also unable to help me in a matter of urgency as a high risk victim.

47. Obizuth: This demon also called Obizel or Obiel, named by occultists as the ‘destroyer of children’ is a common occurence in human society that religiously and socially abuses children on a daily basis both at home, in schools and by dangerous men who are after children. Osama Bin Laden was a manifestation of Obizuth. Connected with strangulatoin of innocent children and placing them at firther risk of harm by abusers, she presents as a dark female with crazy looking loose and gray, wiry hair and manly voice. She appeared frst in a lucid dream in which I was looking as ‘Neo’ of the Matrix at her giant form and her shining fiery eyes that glinted. Three years later was forced upon me and my son as a female from UK’s family court’s advisory agency with similar presentation who was keen on being a legal ‘guardian angel’ to my son but was constantly focused very criminally on deliberately increasing dangers to my son, Most people complained that her agency destroys children’s lives in google reviews. Upon complaining she increases her negativity as she is obedient to Lucifer and assisted by Satan directly to trap vulnerable victims. She is solely dealt with by Rafel whom she listens to, and in my case also her negativity was reduced only due to police complaints and disclosures of the other entity of Rafel who presented as a policewoman who took my initial first reports but she ignored further statements or crucial evidence deliberately.

48. Chax: Also known as Shax or Scox, he is a dark male entity with a hoarse voice and large belly who has low level of intellect and infact takes all logic away from all issues that come into his purview by refusing to be rational. He pretends to be a good and friendly person but lies and deceives as and when it is convenient to him. He is also financially immoral and works for low level immoral people routinely. In my case he presented as yet another dark skinned and passive solicitor who was masquerading as a team of lawyers to help victims, but in reality was merely a duty solicitor for lower level police jobs to help criminals and merely pretended to be severly important with rude and hoarse voice over telephone. He also charged money from my funds but refused to issue invoices or disclose how much, did not issue me my well deserved compensations and issued many lies upon complaints of his negligence.

As I have stated before at the start of this series of articles, the demons of the Solmonic grid and occult fame are lower level, third class beings or projections who make the world a severly stupid place to live in and are present in full physical form as ACTUAL people around us in our personal matrix in order to control us and prevent our Ascension out of this Hell.

I hope this article along with its predecessors helps in understanding how false and complex spiritual, legal and economic systems are here to force us to comply with wordly matrix in order to be accepted as a ‘normal’ part of this well architected controlling and deep-conditioning simulation and to actually feel ‘positive’ about it, instead of being able to see things as they are, with descriptions of more reptilian, semi-reptilian, demonic entities and fallen beings to follow in future continuation to this series.

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