14 Ways in Which Abusive Parents Damage Children

In the current matrix we are surrounded by people who may not be human, including those who are not even our real families although the matrix ‘virtual reality’ simulation system through a set of artificial stories fed into our brain wants us to believe they are our ‘home’.

Domestic abuse and family based violence including sexual abuse, wife battering, marital rape and child abuse are all crimes but very very commonplace in the matrix of human law. Legal systems all over the world are inadequate and implementation disastrous. This leads to abusive parents damaging the psyche and lives of children, not limited to physical damage alone. Unfortunately common public and welfarism based law recognises physical damage alone and focuses on superficial welfare of child in terms of education, stability, autism and so on and ignores the imapct of domestic violence on children. Medical professionals seem concerned only in those cases where someone is hospitalised due to strong physical violence or aggression leading to bleeding or limb damage or death, and ignore the heavy mental damage which is perpetrated by violent parents against the welfare of their children in the following ways:

  1. They Ruin the Sleep of Children: Shouting day and night, abusive parents torture their victims mentally so that they cannot even sleep properly, get nightmares and being harassed mentally do give in to the demands placed by the abusive parent. Children listen day and night to shouting, get up late for school, get drained of energy and unable to perform well academically, unable to enjoy the day, feel blocked mentally and spiritually and cannot even remember their dreams that are frequently troubled. As a child we remember dreams of scary monsters who could be our own abusive family. Witnessing domestic violence can damage children forever, yet abusive parents have no empathy and lack insight into their behavior and its impact on child.
  2. They can Kill: Abusive parents can kill their children and mothers who are trying to escape from them. They demand compliance to their own wishes and feelings from their wives and children who are considered by them as properties meant to entertain them, support them, supply them food, sex, enjoyment, companionship and so on. If not they can be so angry and violent that they can even pick up a knife and threaten to kill with it. Unfortunately a lot of children as per Women’s Aid report do get killed by abusive dads. Children and mothers who are being abused, threatened or hurt cannot even call police as their phones are monitored and snatched by the abuser.
  3. They Teach Wrong Behaviour: Abusive and narcissistic parents are poor role models and teach wrong things to the child. Children learn that it is alright to get what they want using violence, hitting, pretending to cry, tantrums, anger, coercion and emotional abuse. Children learn emotional blackmail and crying false tears. They teach children to value vanity and false social image instead of being honest, heart-centred, truthful and integrity based. They tell children to lie and keep their dirty secrets and to not share what happened behind closed doors. They teach how to be ruthless, selfish, hedonistic, gluttons, greedy, and neglectful. They also lack sense of hygeine and neglect child’s nutrition and grooming and seldom train child on how to cook and look after himself or herself, to grow food or to practice environmentalism. They teach senseless religions and artificial spiritual values to children and make them pretend to be ‘good human beings’ just like them thereby fooling the world.
  4. They Turn Child to Reject Mother: The common factor in many domestic abuse cases is the abusive parent telling negative things to their child (and to all other people) regarding the other parent. In some cultures abusive parent and relatives manipulate the child against the other parent to prevents the other parent from being able to help the child grow up safely or get help from others. Children shout and scream at the abused parent or even hit them due to learnt behavior pattern since childhood. Young children can be turned overnight against the other parent to make him lie and refuse to see the other parent. Grandparents are also instrumental. Violence runs in the family lines which are patriarchial and they aim that children align with them.
  5. They Pressurise for Contact: Absuive fathers use the family court and legal systems to chase up the victims even after they flee and trace them down by making complaints against mothers stating they are creating ‘parental alienation’. Location is repeatedly exposed to them enabling them to be violent against their victims again. The fact that parental responsibility is shared equally between mother and fathers in developed nations goes against the abused parent who is normally the mother, and against safety of child who is treated as a responsibility of the abusive and abnormal father although they are irresponsible. To prove the facts using video recordings or eyewitnesses is very difficult in court and police usually takes no action leading to contact being ordered aginst the best interest of child even if child refuses contact.
  6. They Hit Child: Many of our parents were abusive in most cases in the past and hit us or slapped us when angry. This is a crime but a lot of countries consider it to be normal and allow it as a case of ‘disciplining’. You do not have to raise your hand to discipline a child, or even your voice. But in case of little children stating that child was not listening to the parent is a common excuse of abusive parent to hit the child. The instance a child is slapped it affects the mind of the child so deeply that it leaves a permanent mark. Unfortunately some parents routinise corporal punishment and consider it as a common occurence and as their ‘right’. They can also use other weapons or ways of hitting child.
  7. They Insult and Belittle Children: To make children subservient to them they speak rudely to the child in an important tone or high pitch or in a nasal voice and use gestures that are intimidating. Showing angry eyes widened in a threatening look, showing the stiff palm to threaten violence, hands on the hips to shout at them, pointing fingers, throwing away books so that child listens when he is reading, taking away their toys, not giving pocketmoney, withdrawing praise or affection, punishing child by way of cold treatment or time-outs, crying to child and making child feel they need to sympathise with them, making children feel guilty and answerable to the child or grandparent, all are abuse. They can threaten to ‘throw you out’, ‘lock you in the shed with spiders’ and make children feel they are shameful, stupid, worthless, terrible.
  8. They Want Child to Obey and Respect Them: Abusive parents want control. They exercise control over whom they consider vulenrable and unable to defend themselves – most likely to be children besides mothers. They can make you want to worship them by telling tall tales about their heroism and making you rather fond of them. They load you with gifts and praise and treat you as their special or ‘precious’ or their ‘pup’ ‘pet’ like a little dog taken away from mother and made dependent on the new ‘owner’. They also make you their slave at home asking you to iron their clothes or polish their shoes and to bring them tea or wash dishes.
  9. They Load Child With Expectations: They interfere with every decision a child makes regarding what subject to choose in courses or college, who their friends should be, what a child should should think, what hobbies they should have and whom they should date. They take away the child’s will power, imagination, sense of freedom and personal choices. Not only that they make you feel grateful for this and demand respect, love and admiration. expect them to do even better for them, for the family name, for grandparents and blame child for not doing good enough in what they want them to do. They could also use child to earn money or bring them popularity.
  10. They are Jealous of the Child: A strange thing about living with domestically abusive family members is that when you have a baby they seem happy outwardly as a gimmick of family values and sham cultural showing off, but in reality they are jealous of the child. They are especially unhappy that the woman gives her breastmilk to the baby and want to control breastfeeding and parenting. They are narcissists who want the entire attention of the family towards themselves and when their routine of movies, outings, travel, sex and shopping is disturbed due to presence of a young child or baby who needs immediate attention and care, they are shattered.
  11. They Do Not Prioritise Child: An abusive parent does not want to take breaks from career or prioritise the child’s needs above their own. They also feel that mothers should keep earning money right through pregnancy or after and make grandmothers or maidservants look after child, although untidy, underqualified and old fashioned and can harm the child instead of helping. Instead of learning parenting they consider having a baby in the household as an opportunity to show-off their rudimentary methods or to get grandparents or relatives interfere and dominate over mother to disrupt right parenting so that child is not benefited.
  12. They Make Child Poor: Abusive parents have no sense of priority to a child’s needs for financial stability, funding or saving for education, inheritence or even a decent livelihood. They make ‘by-products’ of children just for their own hedonism or sexual greed and to bring a ‘toy’ into the family to play with even if they lack means to bring up child into the world properly. They ruin family’s money by their irresponsible behavior losing jobs, gambling, alchoholism, cigarettes, drugs, wasting time, starting wrong businesses and making poor investments. They control and ruin well established businesses of other parent and sell away property. They are penny-wise and ‘pound-foolish’ to save small amounts of money by not buying basic good quality clothes, shoes, toys, bikes or school material for children even if they have funds.
  13. They Can Sexually Abuse Child: Abusive parents not only cheat on their partners and abuse them sexually, they also sometimes can be abusive to their own children. They can display the ‘lewd gaze’. They also allow you to be abused or harassed by rich relatives such as uncles in return of their presence or support to them or their siblings. Upon rejection by their abused partner, they can often use their child as their new ‘muse’, taking them around town with them for parties, to movies, shopping, to hobby classes or their office to fill up the gap. At times they coerce or assault children sexually.
  14. They Teach Animal Abuse: Children are usually kind hearted and hate abuse towards animals. When they talk about the disgusting taste of meat of animals, eggs, honey or dairy and the smell of leather, to question its origins, abusive parents who dislike animal rights and are narcissits encourage children to use animal products. They seldom rescue farm animals and instead buy pets as ‘toys’ to have fun with. They will brainwash you into their ways of living and lying that animals do not feel anything and were meant to be eaten for nutrition and their offspring, secretions or skin stolen. They boast about and normalise fishing, hunting and specieism. Such parents believe that ‘might is right’ and superiority is everything.

People in the matrix are trained to imagine that we need to love and respect our parents, but with the help of tools such as the Bible that teach us false Luciferian and Satanic concepts of condoning rape, domestic violence, animal farming, slavery and child abuse. We need to be able to speak up and let people know what is going on so that the chain of abuse is broken, violence is not condoned and our children are safeguarded in the absence of police and legal support due to lack of direct evidence. Also these abusive people never change and it is hopeless to put any sense into their heads as they lack empathy and are usually not of human intelligence or consciousness to be able to introspect at all. They continue to lie, pretend and manipulate everyone and decieve their children and also turn them into abusive people themselves. They are your matrix family, inculcated in your mind through artificial simulation using false memories – they are not your true family and you are not home.

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