Unplug Yourself From the 7 Chakra System of Simulation

The seven chakra system is an imaginary visualisation of our energy centres in the matrix. The seven major chakras along with minor chakras associated with them, blueprint our lower dimensional physical or lower matrix body. The transmission of this false energy of simulation occurs through various glands, organs and areas of our temporary physical body. The seven chakras and the aura or energy flowing through and around them are commonly described as the main energy centres or conduits controlled by our mind. We may visualise the energy passing through them as electro-magnetic vibrations or radiations that can be altered purely at will to effect healing, wellness and joy as well as to attract situations and realities we desire in the lower simulation of the matrix. Major and minor chakras have been well described in lucid detail in the free book Magickal Energy Healing.

But what about those of us who wish to leave the matrix and transcend or let go of our ego and of the falseness around us manifested through this ego? For Awakening and Ascension we are interested in a higher and more truthful reality instead of the controlled simulation our mind is engrossed within and attempting to break free from. This is not for you if you are interested in simply healing the simulation and remaining in the Matrix.

For those who are interested in being unplugged, the most important thing is to not be fearful of being rejected by psychiatrics as a lunatic who is disconnected from ‘reality’. The best of scientists are now clear that we are in a simulation and just because you believe in that fact does not make you mentally ill or schizophrenic if you have no adverse symptoms, merely a philosophical or psychic experience that medical experts are totally untrained in and unconscious of. However if you are struggling with physical and mental health issues in present physical reality please do not read this, it is not for you.

My spirit team informs me that the seven chakra system is rather a Luciferian or false light system of imaginary healing in reptilian matrix, that keeps us engaged in the lower world and in healing and altering our outer reality instead of letting go and embarking on the true INNER spiritual quest of who we really are beyond this false light energy projection or simulation. After authoring several books on the energy healing systems of chakra, energy work, spells, magic, new age mindfulness and lightworking, I was at first rather astounded to learn this new fact presented by the masters. Here are my initial and personal thoughts on how to release the self from the bondage of this matrix and the reduce personal involvement with simulation at every level of the seven chakra energy field of the lower self.

  1. Root Chakra: This is believed to be the root and base center or ‘muladhara’ chakra of grounding at the base of our spine extending the cord connecting us to earth from the bottom of our hips, excretory system and tailbone through the feet and deep into earth through the ancestral and earth chakras below these fairy feet. Just like a tree is held on by its roots into soil, we are told to be grounded in the present dimension through this primary chakra. This chakra represents both our fears and need for safety, simply because noone feels comfortable being uprooted. Ascension is not for those who give in to such fears. We need to be aware of being in a tremendous deception of hyper-reality in this light show. One of the things this chakra grounds us through is an illusion of physicality, solidarity with the (imaginary) universe around us, the solidity of the body, materialism, food, fullness of our bones, muscles, tissues, a sense that things are stable around us and in our physical appearance, in the features of our daily routine life, having money, housing, four walls to protect us, and safety of the ground we walk on are key to our engagement in this worldly artificial simulation system. Practicing detachment from the following – materialism, reducing our intake of material objects, shopping, monetary transactions, working for money, desire for earthly riches, benefits, inheritence, wealth, property, things, gifts, outer body, constancy and physical structure – all can go a long way in helping us unplug from this simulation from the ground up by letting go fo all fears of being vulnerable. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: FEARLESSNESS
  2. Sacral Chakra: Assumed to be situated directly above the root center is our sexual or sacral center or ‘swadhishthana’ of creative power within the pelvic region and linked to the gonads or reproductive organs. Our sensual engagement in this matrix is deepened through this chakra even as we speak, smell, hear, taste, feel, smell, see and visualise with all our senses. We receive and give out energy in the form of touch, sensual pleasure, delicious food, aromas, pleasant sounds, bells, chimes, all tranquilisers to keep us asleep in this semi-dream state. Our spiritual systems are largely marketed through this false or Luciferian sensual system of trance, pleasure through music, celebrations, enjoyment, food offerings, bhog or prasad, incense, imagination of beings or divine powers. We are also misled into sensual and hedonistic pleasures, massages, sexual tantra, kundalini experiences of serpentine dance, breathing and feeling the imaginary energy of this simulation in our body and around us. Practicing detachment from the following – all sensual temptations, sexual relationships, entertainment, desires, taste or cravings of variety, aromatherapy, fashion, beauty, art, cinematics, dance, dramas, alchohol, wining, dining, luxury, tourism, all temptations, lures and hallucinations – is necessary in order to unplug from this reality show. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: NEUTRALITY
  3. Solar Chakra: Directly above the sacral center is the imaginary ego or power center called ‘manipura’ of within the solar plexus and linked to digestive system. Our agreement or contract upon earth or in this simulation matrix is manifested through our ego self who believes in holding on to our individuality, personality, story, memory, mental awareness of who we are currently, where we live, what we do in this world, how we are seen by others, self respect and respect from and towards others, self image and mind power all are in our head. None of these are necessarily our true self. All the success and power we feel proud of in this moment might be mere illusion. This is a dream. The story we believe of our life, our struggles, our challenges, youth, family, society, entitlements, approvals, rebellion, achievements, degrees, education, career may be sheer make-believe through data sent into our head by the matrix. To detach from the following – hunger, collecting information, gathering degrees, making an impression, being someone, career success, looking for medals, appreciation, applause, followers, likes, approvals, disapprovals, controversies, publicity, popularity, politics, votes, authority, power, supporters, audience, readers, trophies, competitions, need to prove yourself, challenges, judgements, justice, status symbols, brands, certifications, entrepreneurship, job positions, respect – would help unplug from the simulation. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: DISENCHANTMENT
  4. Heart Chakra: Directly above the solar chakra is supposed to be our heart centre ‘Anhata’ of emotional strength. This chakra is affected by recieving and sending energy of love, kindness, lack of love or unkindness from others and to others. In reality the others exist only in the mind, they are not real, and they are casually disinterested in your emotions as an empath. It is our ego that clings on to people around us, they are merely part of a simulation and ‘pretending’. We forge relationships of love, happiness, compassion, care and kind regards with people we believe to be our family, friends, helpers, society, extended support group, community, religion, devotees, deity, fellow and sisters of faith – this is all an illusion or drama. Noone actually exists in truth. Not them and not us. Detach from the following – emotional bondage, acceptance of others who are harmful, sympathising with evil, being hurt by others, letting others abuse you or others, condoning abuse, being drained by drainer programs or people, emotional folly, being told to believe in false spiritual concepts, blind faith in divine, love for an assumed God (Satanish program), false fantasy about angels (Lucifer and Satan), emotional trauma given from others, depression or sorrow due to accepting simulation as truth. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: FREEDOM
  5. Throat Chakra: Directly above the heart center is visualised a communication center or Vishuddi of clear expression. Most people do not speak from the heart and therefore energy is not flowing from heart into throat center for ascension. They are programs or illusion and their speech is entirely artificial coming from other area than from within. They manufacture false ways of speaking and pretend to be listening by nodding the head, talking out of ego or artificial languages, flattery, diplomacy and well designed facial expressions. This makes it clear that we are being fooled or deceived in a simulation where people are not truthful. This includes spiritual healers, angelic realm workers, family, friends, clients, employees, almost anyone you know. Insincerity and lies are all around us in the matrix. People also speak what you ‘think’ they will speak as your mind is ‘making it all up’. Of course this means ‘my mind’ right now as I write this because all those who respond are likely to be mental projections for me in my simulation of this story. Detach from the following – interactions with unnecessary people, gossip, chatting, social media, comments, writing letters, emails, speeches, talks, preaching, explanations, publications, videos, information technology, internet, phonecalls – all to be best kept to a minimum or avoided. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: SILENCE
  6. Third Eye Chakra: Pre-supposed to be in middle of forehead is the focal point of insight called Agya of command. Our reality is projected through this inner vision. We are simulating our life experiences though our unconscious, subconscious and conscious energy based on the mind and what it senses, think, dreams up as reality. If we are in a dream there is no point trying to shape and reshape this dream millions of times day after day endlessly as we slumber on. The important thing is to awaken into truth instead of living in constant illusion. It is good to be conscious creators of lucid dream or fanstasy but even better to wake up. It is of course disastrous to lose consciousness and let reality control you through commandments created by other people for making you believe they are in control. They are demonic beings whose purpose is to let you remain sleeping and unconscious by taking away your power. At the same time if you get drunk by your power to create illusions, you are deceiving yourself too and being a corrupt demon yourself who controls the simulation. Detach from the following – influence from others, influence upon life of others, psychic attacks, affirmations and thoughtforms, creative visualisations, magical energy work, auras, chakras, concentration and contemplation over thoughts, prayers and scriptures, mantras, chanting, psychic work, talking to deceased or necromancy, astrology, tarot, being curious about past, present and future in this simulation. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: PEACE
  7. Crown Chakra: Manifest above the head as a crown called Sahasrara is a compendium of information connecting us to the universe of simulation. Behold your personal wifi router that sends and receives energy from all arund town, city, country, planet, galaxy and returns all the way back to you, simply because noone is real. Your false belief that the universe is working for you in your favour is absolutely true because it is an illusion. In reality the true universe is not the one your perceive, you are in a hologram or virtual reality show as the star. You believe you are saving the world with superpowers even as you are plugged in to the system and dreaming it all up. Your ascension chakras, soul star, cosmic center, stellar gateway are not here in this third class worldly simulation, you ‘imagine’ them to be above your head. It is time to let go of all things you have been trained in, taught, issued in websites, books, ascension materials, because reaading all that may simply make you ‘manifest’ or artificially project all of it out into your life, hearing voices, listening, talking, creating illusions all around. Detach and unplug from the following: Guided meditations, Om chanting, belief in ascended masters of Luciferian world matrix, saying God, God, God, worshipping imaginary divine mother or father or beings in heaven, imagining you are a God or Goddess or Ultimate Creator, Devotional or Rigid Belief in a Creator or Creatrix of the Matrix, Maya or Mahamaya (Devil), God Theory, belief that God or truth is in everyone and everywhere (Omni) and in you because illusion is everywhere around us and working through us in this low plane of demonic realm, you are not home, this is not home and never will be as you are in prison here in an artificial simulation. KEYWORD FOR ASCENSION: GO HOME

A false belief in ‘oneness’ and ‘integration’ with all people around you is created by new age and spiritual masters making you vulnerable to demons and programs of deception (hidden among us) who will CONTROL YOU. This is not a game as joyful masters of false light will train you into believing – a game of dice by shiva-shakti or mahamaya’s (devils) loving bottom of creation. This is a world of evil, violence, corruption, pretensions, demonic and devil created negativity all projected by others who want to stop you from being free of their influence. By projecting new realities manifesting from your mind in this matrix where you are plugged in, you are not being liberated from the dreamworld, merely relaxing and being conscious in a dream which is helpful but not enough. While this article is all too technical a return to simplicity follows when we unlearn the spiritual untruths and chakra work we were trained into for all these years of spiritual exploration.

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