Six Reasons Sex is Simply Senseless

‘Love your body’ does not imply letting others into it. We all have been fooled by the matrix into thinking that respecting your body, being free or liberated and not being ashamed about your sexuality is somehow also related with saying yes to unrequired sexual involvement with other individuals. Infact having sexual relationships can be one of the most negative or even dangerous things you can do because of the following excellent reasons:

  1. Unhygenic Germs: We all are by now experts at social distancing. Frankly it may be a great idea to stay aloof and distant from other beings and keep your body 2 metres away from another person’s body permanently even after lockdown is over. Sex and physical contact spreads a variety of millions and millions of germs within just a few seconds. Not just deadly AIDS and horrible Sexually Transmitted Diseases but also a plethora of other unhygenic bacteria, fungi and viruses are spread through wet kissing, sexual intercourse, breath, nasal secretions, mucous from thoraccic cavity, saliva, sweat, anal, urinary tract, skin to skin contact, sharing of bathrooms, toilets, beds, towels and personal items. As disgusting as it is people still continue to have sexual relations as if it is perfectly normal to do so in this yucky reptilian encoded matrix simulation system.
  2. Reproduction: We all need to stop reproducing. This is essential because we have a terrible level of evil in this world, atrocities upon animals every second are shamelessly recorded and shared in documentaries as 80 billion land animals are bled each year for food alone. We have appx 8 billion humans feeding off this ginormous evil. We do not need any more humans oro animals to be bred in this hell we are forced to be living in. A large number of helpless animals and orphans can beneft from adoption instead of dying everyday in pain. Yet humans chose to risk reproduction by continuing sexual relations, cohabiting and insemination even as family planning methods do not always work.
  3. Abuse: Pedophilia, sexual slavery, sex trafficking of minor or adults, rape, sexual harassment, sexual control and coercion, beastiality, genital mutilation, forced marriage, sexual bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism…the list of sexual violence and crimes is a very long one. Reason for this are primarily the abnormal glorification of sex in culture and society 24×7, the senseless erotic display in visual images, books, looking at others as sex objects, thinking of others in erotic manner, disgusting pornography in magazines and videos or cinema, sexual violence being allowed in family and lack of prosecution even if laws against these exist.
  4. False Associations: We have noone walking nude, because the matrix wants us to feel nudity is sexual. Ascribing sexual connotation to breasts or to pubis unnecessarily when they are for babies’ birth and a common part of daily life. We have fashion shows and ‘who’s who’ of celebrities displaying cleavage as if breasts are mainly for male gaze which is phenomenally wrong, they are for babies to feed milk from mothers. We have a lasvicious display of hips and bottoms all around as if they are linked with sexual attraction when their purpose is to support pregnancy and help mothers carry babies in womb comfortably. Once again it is the matrix at work spreading lies about our body so that we think of it as a sexual tool.
  5. Materialism: The matrix thrives off consumerism. Cosmetics are sold due to sex and orgasm as people are slaves of it and desperate to attract attention. Personal care products and perfumes smell bad, yet everyone walks around spreading their horrid artificial odours all around and wearing trendy clothing too. Fashionable accessories and designer labels, high heels and leather boots, false eyelashes…we all have a hideous, ugly and disgusting display of consumerism based on selling us one thing – sex. Marketing sex and romance through television commercials, movies, Valentine’s day and other stupid notions is the trick of the matrix to fool us into their money based system of slavery invented by the ‘Devil’ himself.
  6. It Feels Deceptive: We all have been deceived by this ‘Devil’ of hedonism and sensual desire with the help of a host of deadly demons or programs controlling us in this matrix through cinema, music, dancing, drama, poetry, media, culture, friends and family. They all want us to believe that sex and physical relationships are ‘all good’, healthy or normal activities. Since birth I have never felt great about any of it, whether a sexual abuse incident of when I was two years old at the hands of a household male helper from the army or on watching nudity or romance on the television in later years. No child enjoys scenes of kissing or sexuality in cinema and if you really introspect you will agree that there is something not only distinctly gross and unhygenic about sex, as it smells, looks and feels terrible, but also completely unnecessary. As a result of sexual imagery and desires implanted in our head since childhood and teenage years we are enslaved and get involved in relationships, reproduction and materialism. We are thus unable to be free of the simulation that we are trapped in through this mind, being invisibly enchained to people around us that keep prolonging our story on and on in this mental simulation.

We can ALL live and be happy without sex; it is not even required. Usually females and perfectly sane as well as rational men are mentally initiated, irritated or forced into it out of curiosity and coercion by senseless humans. We are forced into thinking of marriage and sexual partnerships by relatives, and led on by media images that brainwash us into thinking that something as abnormal as sex is a good thing. We are deceived into prolonging our stay in the sensory illusion or simulation of matrix (maya) through the web of sensual relationships, romantic allure, physical desire, sexual soulmates or twin-flames and useless karmic entanglements. Needless to say, sex and sensuality are best avoided if you are a seeker of truth no matter how much the matrix will deceive you by training your brain into thinking otherwise or even forcing you into it.

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