7 Myths vs Truths About the World

Innocent and unconscious we grow up believing that the world is a kind place and government, media, politicians, charities, medical team, spiritual groups are all there to support us, whether as a democracy or any other form of government. We are issued various lies from time to time over many many years to be completely programmed to comply and adhere with the matrix coded reality show which is pure illusion. Whether you are a targeted individual, ascension enthusiast, scientist, conscpiracy theorist or simply a realistic person the following will resonate with you no matter how long the general public remain oblivious to the truth (even deliberately so).

Myth 1 – Government is Here to Help The Innocent, Vulnerable and Poor: Government’s job is to keep the poor and needy public enslaved through obedience. They are here to serve the rich, materialistic, greedy and evil ones who dominate the planet. Their purpose is not to help those animals and humans who are oppressed but to protect assets, gold, mines, property, petroleum, land, cattle, human resources, whatever they deem as objects or resources that make government treasuries larger and more efficient.

Take for example the pandemic, which clearly resembles animal to human jump of a mutant virus. No country has banned animal farming or exploitation as we can clearly see. Instead they are busy promoting medicine and vaccines that employ more people and businesses to make up for lost revenue. Then they attempt to show us figures they want to deliberately show so that people can return to work and schools reopened for ensuring economy remains profitable and new viruses are simply once again integrated in our psyche as ‘normal’.

Myth 2 – Charities and NGOs are here to help the Victims: Charities, NGOs and other agencies usually work alongside the government to attract funds through public misery. Their purpose is not to improve their services but to do the bare minimum they require to show off or project their achievements in order for us to keep subscribing to their emails and donation drives. Most of their funds go into payments to their upper management and clients or in advertising. They also control other large assets and property. We are duped most of the time because when you actually contact them for real support they will defer it or refuse, sticking to their own very moderate and systematic agendas that allow them government approvals and funding without disturbing the wider economy. For instance when we proposed a petition to call for UK parliament to consider ban on animal farming, the biggest international names of charities, be it PETA, SURGE, Animal Equality, VIVA, showed zero interest in helping out, funding or promotion although it is perfectly possible for these well funded organisations to get enough signatures.

Myth 3 – Media are Here to Report Facts and Educate Public: Media is a tool for corporate and government agencies to promote their violent, untruthful, dirty and corrupt practices and to fool masses even more. They are fueled by government and corporate advertising and their sole hidden agenda is to sell us the lies that we need to buy in order for the matrix to carry on its nonsense.They have zero interest in public welfare or improving our world. Take Denmark for instance, proudly presented as the world’s largest mink fur exporter, burying 15 million murdered (they call it ‘culled’) innocent minks and what the media reports is not the plight of minks but whether it will cause pollution or viruses. The aim of media is a private one, to promote products, services and rich industries for the system’s welfare, not that of ordinary humans or other animals and certainly not of the planet.

Myth 4 – Medical Professionals Care About Us: You probably already know they don’t. You have felt it all the time, when you went to your doctor or physician, you expected someone to listen to you, discuss what is causing the illness or suffering, but their interest is in filling up their appointment books and sticking to their schedule and to write down routine prescriptions they are robotically trained to write, speaking out what is expected of them. In routine appointments my spirit team over the last two years told me exactly what will happen before I meet them, for example about my GP, ‘I am a computer’ or ‘financial surgery’ or in case of a nurse who kept talking about meditation and angels for relaxation, ‘psychic surgery’ so that I knew beforehand what she would say. Medical professionals lack human intelligence generally and are robots droning about in the matrix doing exactly what is programmed.

Myth 5 – Spiritual Systems Spread Kindness: Spiritual systems whether religious or alternate are gimmicks made up by man to control other species and to promote welfare of each other at the same time ensuring everyone feels very ‘positive’ about living in a negative world with obligate carnivores in human form. Enjoy meditation so that you are hypnotised into being dull obedient servants of the matrix and speak affirmations to agree with everything and everyone and to pretend that ‘all is well’. Keep working with the matrix instead of against it, by using your mind to project new simulations that keep you floating in this dreamworld of lies. Visualise, manifest, pray for and mis-create new illusions called ‘reality’ in which idiots still surround you at every corner. Unfortunately it is all assumed to be part of a strange ‘divine plan’ that they want to market repeatedly using various systems including spiritual ones.

Myth 6 – Law Upholds Rights of Innocents: You think you are innocent and want the police to help you when you are attacked or being harmed by someone. You believe law and its agents will support you in your journey to justice. The fact is that police, court and lawyers are here to support government in controlling innocent slaves and protecting the rights of the rich and evil. Animals, women, children are considered as property to be abused, thrown out, made fun of, exploited, tested, and disposed off as the partiarchs of the system deem fit. The rights of human animals, especially children or women on paper in United Nations documents are seldom honoured in practice as they are sexually abused and hurt but still subservient to men. Non Human Animals have zero rights, not even the basic right to live as United Nations as well as Laws in ALL countries around the world neglect non human animals’ rights to live and be free as they are mere commodities to be farmed, bred and utilized or killed.

Myth 7 – Most People Actually Care about the Truth: We all talk of ‘people power’ as if it is a good thing. People power simply means more power to corrupt, selfish, vanity conscious humans who have no interest in liberation of their own or of other species. Look at the general public around. Most people have concerns only about their immediate families and neighbourhood for personal interest and are busy shopping and looking out for themselves to make life comfortable, convenient and ‘happy’ in the unhygenic, violent and evil matrix. They never want to be disturbed from their seats to start finding a way out of the system, because they would rather live in illusion and be a slave in a simulation than to be disturbed for the sake of freedom. They are also usually not human.

Unfortunately what I have felt after many years as a professional is that all of the people in my ‘spiritual’ and wider audience or so called friends or family members had literally zero interest in truth and were eager and highly loyal consumers. They always saught after the psychic services or new-age magical products I sold because they felt it gives them information and power to survive and thrive in the matrix. They seemed to be illusions themselves, generated from the matrix through my mental activity, and obviously had no interest in finding a way out of the matrix, which is why I have distanced myself permanently except for this blog, comments to which are also now closed.

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