Top 11 Spiritual Tips to Cut Away the Cords of Negativity

In the matrix of this ‘reality show’ a lot of negative or evil beings are trying to remain in control of our lives. They have spread evil through patriarchial religions and legal systems that enforce sterotypes, while abusing human and animal females, children and even males. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, rape or child abuse, or if you are witness to animal abuse rampant in society, or see workplace abuse or sexual crimes, there is little help in sight around you simply because of widespread ignorance and deliberate corruption in society and among authorities. These tips may be helpful to get your started.

  1. Stop Spiritual Brainwashing: Spirituality and religious systems have all of us fooled. You are not really helping yourself by avoiding calling a crime a crime, by not reporting it, by remaining in abusive relationships or allowing innocent animals and children to be abused just because you emotionally are entangled with the man or woman who is abusive and believe you have to ‘love them’. You have pity with them as an empath and fear they are emotionally unwell, you hear false spiritual gurus such as Brahmakumaris saying, ‘if there is a fight at home, increase love to the person who is abusive as they are unwell’, Jesus who says, ‘show the other cheek’, ‘love the enemy’ and non-vegans who aggressively demand ‘compassion’ solely to them. You do not want to be ‘sleeping with the enemy’ if they are a psychopath killer who can harm you, rape you and abuse you. You do not want to keep supporting negative behavior. Set clearer boundaries, be kind to victims and do not let them be violated.
  2. Just Meditation is Not the Cure: You want to be sensible and not behave like a ‘mata’, a hugging ‘maa’, or ‘sadguru’ who speaks big things about how to ‘meditate’ if someone abuses you sexually or physically or to ‘hug them’ and praise them and ignore their negative traits. It will not work. To meditate yourself while someone is hitting you, raping you, hurting your children, killing animals – is simply idiotic. You do not cure a problem by allowing it to be there physically and escaping into a false imaginary world (purely mentally) at the same time. Your efforts to detach from negativity need to be realistic and not just imaginary. You need to ground yourself in a new reality altogether with your real feet first in the place you should be, a safe place, or send victims to safety in a sanctuary or refuge. Do not be afraid to say no to evil things. Do not sing, dance, laugh, make music, love or light with the Devil who tries to harm you and stays all around you or ivades your space or life. Shield yourself for real. Do not socialise with evil ones.
  3. Request Friends, Family, Coworkers, Public to Report Crimes Promptly: At times victims are killed and it is too late to report anything, therefore report abuse at first instance itself. Sometimes the victim is mentally ill, not aware of how to report crime, is fearful of asking for help, unable to be independent, too controlled, weak, unconscious, too young, disabled, or needs help, Your friends and family members may be hesitating to report crimes even if they witness them. Your partner’s friends and family will obviously help him instead of you even if they witness crimes and they are wrong (if they are also evil). Hiding crimes and whitewashing the fence instead of cleaning up the inside part is a common social evil. People say ‘do not wash your dirty laundry in public’ and they want to maintain ‘family honour’ and not bring shame to family members by exposing domestic violence. They want their social or corporate image to be in top shape when on the inside cowrokers suffer. They want to look good on facebook and linkedin and not take a stand but to post nice images. You need to break this evil practice and tell witnesses to report what they have seen, heard or felt as honestly as possible with evidence such as audio-video recordings, pictures or witness statements to police or court. This needs to be done fast else after a few months no action will be taken and danger will increase, for example in UK the authorities incharge will not take any action and close matters stating it is 6 months past time limit or historic. Medical evidence from professionals is often very necessary because authorities at times do not listen to verbal evidence. As far as animals are concerned vegan organisations can help promptly at times.
  4. Cut Cords Emotionally and Physically: Mere mental cord cutting by imaginary strings of energy or ‘false light’ is useless. These new age exercises are just a tool to enhance your will power but they may not help on their own if you merely call out on Archangel Michael to cut your cords, or imagine cutting cords in your aura or chakras mentally, or send light into your aura to shield yourself. You may be with Lucifer instead of any real angelic liberator if you are merely with imaginary light. All this mentalism works briefly or temporarily to make you feel better. You need to do the REAL inner work, to not be emotionally all smiles and mushy about the partner who is abusing you, read up on what is abuse and how the victim is controlled or puppetted emotionally. The strings around you are emotional ones that keep you physically entangled and mentally confused. You also need physical distance, you cannot be in bed with them and imagine detaching mentally and think it is enough. You need to break free at all levels. Similarly if you have non vegan friends, family and partners who abuse animals daily do not be attached to them. Tell them it is wrong and if they wish to be close to you, they need to stop being criminals, non-vegans or abusive psychopaths who lack empathy.
  5. Be Negative about Negative: You are told a common lie – ‘don’t be negative’. You are taught to be loving, kind, compasionate, full of light, towards evil beings and to bless others who harm you and many other innocent victims. You are wrongly asked to think positive about THEM. This is a deception. Your new age spiritual gurus or masters and all these fancy authors are misleading society. If something is negative it is negative. If someone is behaving negatively it is THEY who need to be positive. You need to see things as they are – negative as negative, positive as positive and respond appropriately. Be happy only if there is something to be happy about. If things are bad, you need to feel it, use your senses to detect negativity by feeling it. Then get out of there. Do not say false affirmations about how ‘everything is perfect and everyone is great’ by Hay House style books that make you mentally okay with all kinds of evil. Be ‘not okay’ with what is actually not okay. Be unhappy about negative things and happy about positive things only. Visualise actual change to manifest it.
  6. Use Judgement: You are being taught semi-spiritual lies about how not to be ‘judgemental’. Judgemental means to rush to a false judgement. To actually judge something exactly the way it is is not ‘judgemental’. You need to judge the behavior that is wrong as wrong. Be clear on your ethics and moral values. Have good sense of discretion. Do not be mixed up that exercising good judgement and ‘judging’ other’s behaviors are bad. You need to be a good judge about what is good or bad using basic common sense most of the time. Do not trade opinions for facts. If you see for a fact that something wrong is going on, for example animals being killed, abused, children and women being abused, please judge these things as evil and culpable. This does not mean you are judging the person, only that behaviour or pattern of behaviour as a crime. if they have learnt how to be good and at present moment are doing nothing wrong and have no bad tendencies then stop judging them for their past. But for your protection detach from them if you see they are the same or not agreeable to set things right or if patterns are ongoing and likely to return especially because risk can be too high if you have experienced horrific abuse from them already.
  7. Karma is Your Action: False light bearers will say – leave it to karma, let someone get their own lessons in their own time. This is the Matrix talking. Recognise the deception. Karma means your own actions, not something around you. The abuser’s bad behavior is their bad karma. Not taking actions is also a bad karma if the harm is likely due to inaction against the crime. Your karma is to do the right thing and protect yourself or seek support as early as possible as a victim. Other person’s karma if evil needs to be stopped by them or by relevant authorities or by intervention. Do not repeat a past mistake to end cycle of your karma of continuing to be in a bad relationship. It will not be a new lifetime or other dimension where the perpetrators will learn anything by way of a return of the karma through the universe (eye for eye, tooth for tooth). That system is simply a wrong one. You need to be clear and teach that evil is wrong, and stop the evil as soon as detected. That is real karma or spiritual lessons, not waiting for any divine being from outside to teach karma or give lessons to you or others in future life. Karma is an inner job, go within yourself and do the right thing, and stop the wrong if you are capable.
  8. Stop Victim Shaming and Blaming: When a victim reports what they are going through, stop saying, it is your fault it happened, to blame them for using self defense to protect themselves, to blame them for triggering anger or abuse or to say they have manifested it somehow due to their ‘low vibrations’. Also to say they are suffering because of previous bad karma is negligent and can cause more PTSD or even suicide of the victim. Let us say a female or child complains to you that they have been raped or hit, you should not respond by diagnosing that they were rapists or abusers in past life and are now being attacked so that they know how karma works and how it feels to be raped or abused. A simple example is an animal being slaughtered or sexually abused for breeding and their child killed for meat or dairy or eggs – this actually happens to billions of victims evey year just for eggs, cheese, butter, milk for tea or coffee, dairy sweets or chocolates, and all this is heinous criminal offense against the victims and it is definitely not their fault as the victims are far too many in mumber. We must not assume that each of them was working in slaughterhouses in past life or a non vegan consumer, because humans are only 8 billion and animals killed annually year after year exceed 150 billion per annum.
  9. Astrology, Numero, Mumbo Jumbo: You know that astrology works only because it is a program of the matrix system. All occult and magic is inherently a program. Your planets and stars controlling your life are mental holographic reality constructs. They are not responsible for your life. Praying to them does not help except in an imagined way. Saturn is not responsible for your problem, it just corresponds to it, correspondence is not causation. These systems show you the patterns of the matrix, are diagnostic, and not helpful beyond merely introspecting and understanding your situation. Spells and positive thinking works only because your mind is working, not the planets. If you have been in the wrong and have been harming someone, prayers to planets or gods or handwriting analysis or changing numbers of name, or feng shui is not the cure, change yourself. If you are a victim, in tht case an illusion of occult subjects to change things may not be the immediate solution, however helpful magically through intentions.
  10. Prayers or Chants: A common thing in the world of healing, therapy and general life is to suggest prayer, meditation, devotional chants, hymns, angelic music, and spells or mantras. To say devotion, worship, singing praises of Gods angels, the God of Israel, the God of this or that religion will be the best way to stop black magic, psychic attacks, demons or anything else attacking you, is also strange because this means the animals in slaughterhouses who do not have access to those religious tools, techniques and religious gibberish have no way of manifesting freedom. This is an unjust system of Satanic lies that a narcissitic God, deity or universe or some angel will redeem, save, deliver or help you if you believe and have faith and if you are devotional or very loving to that deity. If that deity was a real benovelent and Omnipotent being who can chieve anything or send help to anyone, why would he listen only to his or her believers or admirers unless he was a narcissist. He or she would help each victim promptly with his or her Omniscience and love. We as humans need to fight evil and act in solidarity using our will power. The religion or deity is irrelevant.
  11. Do Not Respect Evil: Ego, pride, a sense of attitude, asking you to respect them, is a common way of the Devil making you subservient as a victim. They will put themselves first and demand attention, love, sympathy, respect, free will while not respecting you, not loving you, not caring for your free will or that of others whom they abuse freely. Non vegans will ask you to respect their personal choice to abuse others and to stay out of their plate while animals are raped and bled for them. Domestic abusers will ask you to stay out of their affairs wile raping their wives and hurting their children. They will confuse you and give their false stories to all others to attract attention, derail from the main issue, to get respect and sympathy towards them. They will use various manipulations to convince you to hear them out constantly and respect their point of view.
  12. Educate Children: The false notion that children should be shown or told only positive things of Disney style colourful cartoons is wrong. You are going to be risking the life of your child or letting them be victims of sexual abuse, or risk turning them non-vegan. You need to tell children that the world may have wrong or evil things at times, and explain it in a child friendly way using stories for children about how noone should hurt, harm or exploit someone mentally, physically, sexually and emotionally. You need to be well educated yourself first else you cannot teach them. Other family members may want to control your children and abuse them or turn them into abusive citizens like them. Help children learn about their rights and how to stop control and coercion and why be vegan by explaining what happens to abused human and other animals.
  13. Educate Society or Cut Off: Others around you either do not know or do not care about the above things because they are dumbed down by the Matrix of media, consumerism, artificialism, social approval, mis-education, mal-practices in family, bad role models of celebrities, foolish religions, wrong spirituality, cinema, music and cartoons. People are heavily reliant on the matrix for entertainment, consumption and illusion. While it may be impossible to shake them up and awaken them, it is still necessary not to come under their control and tell them they are wrong instead of being infected by the virus of control. If it appears they are deliberately proponents of evil and violent systems, you can cut-off from them for your own spiritual freedom. There may be more to them than meets the eye and a lot of people are inhuman agents of the matrix or demonic programs. Beware.

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