Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 3

In this disclosure we continue to examine several demonic or fallen beings which are spreading illusions and delaying our path to freedom from the matrix by manufacturing more and more negativity in life. Please also read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series for the list of demons or fallen angels and the way they operate in the matrix to let us down severely in this hell.

The following beings may not be the usual demons mentioned in occult books so often, simply because occult books of demonology are sometimes skewed and present you only facts that are partial in favour of one religion against another. Most of them are made up by Christians. But the fact is I have been guided well that all religions are Satanic and those who seem to claim that they are the true voice of God are also deceptive. The demons listed here therefore continue to be from personal experience and not from other sources.

It is necessary to detach and shift your vibrations gracefully instead of being imprisoned by them in your household, career, spiritual circles or routine life. People around you by way of music, dance, literature, films will indicate they are demonic and from the devil initiating us since childhood into this Hell we are born in, replete with violence against all animals, deforestation, carnivorism, wars. sexual activity and enslavement, drugs, alchohol and intoxicants, mindless consumerism or shopping, hedonism or beauty and narcissism, senseless politics to sell and control land and mining, slavery to the system through jobs, artificial money system, and temptation of materialism or relationships being presented to us all the time. If we choose to break free we encounter demons who surround us through controlling authorities and family members who never want us to leave and make us compliant to them who are demons.

The demons listed below may appear to share their name with other benevolent or semi-benevolent beings or deities but are pretentious which is why it is necessary not to believe merely in a name or outward appearence but look within the being. Moreover spiritual systems no matter how kind or positive sounding are often there to make you mentally entranced, enchanted in meditation, duped and fooled further into compliance and imagination in a false light of Lucifer out of your desperate need to ‘believe’ in something positive and to ignore the negative which is all around us and does not liberate us.

  1. Chamunda: Also known as Chandali and Chamus, a President of Hell in the form of a bird speaking in nasal voice, this is a demon who has large angry eyes and messy hair that seems to project outwards from her delirious face. She is a demon of slavery and causes fights and numerous discords. Her manifestation is in people who seek attention all the time and create drama for no reason to interfere with the free will and welfare of children. She controls your life if allowed to do so by others even against your choices. For example she may present as nagging in-laws or attention seeking aunts in families who demand labour and sexual servitude for their sons and male relatives from innocent women and makes violent men become even more violent against their spouses. This demon brings discord and negativity simply by speaking to such beings over telephonce calls. For example one of my aunts had a similar phonetic name and caused numerous fights in my family since my early childhood. A rude employee with scary expressions was of name and mannerisms of Chandaali.
  2. Paul: Also called Beleth a musical demon, this presents as a semi-reptilian holographic demonic being who is wavering in appearence and appears and dissapears as a singing person who often raps a song about Jesus. All kinds of music are heard in dreams and lucid states in his influence. He is patriarchial and believes in father and son relationship above all else. He sways his body from side to side presenting original devout lyrics and creative compositions. He prays with eyes closed superficially with no proper depth of meditation, breathwork or inner energy. He presents as devotees in churches, temples and other spiritual institutions who compose, sing and dance rhythmically to devotional chants and hymns for enjoyment and fun to convert others into a belief system that they rigidly latch on to in hope of salvation, thereby misleading people into obedience to Satanic belief systems and masters from the matrix. I have also seen him as people who fight for masculine rights of fathers over children who are abused by fathers as they come from these patriarchial systems.
  3. Shakti: This being can also be an alternate form of a lier demon Shax presents in numerous forms such as a ‘dove’ as egoic expressions of personalities. Calling himself or herself by various religious names, Shiv-Shakti, Purusha-Shakti for example to pretend to be a god-goddess unification to make women a puppet of masculine lust. She may emerge from belief in tantric cults that deceive people and manifests evil twin-flame scenarios that move your kundalini within the worldly maya to seek male-female union instead of allowing you to seek your true self that is beyond this material life. I have witnessed them in new age dancing and prostitution based female gurus who mislead others and pull energy down from higher self of meditation into lower body self and womb immediately after meditation, negating all the spiritual enlightenment work in a Goddess festival of London and in other spiritual fairs and events where feminine is equated with sensuality business.
  4. Satchidananda: This being also a reptilian known as Satanachia, chief commander of Satan’s army of Hell projects himself as Sananda or Jesus archetypes of ascended masters and various Swamis or other masters in his team of Satan which is hidden in his name. He could connect with you through spirit attachments you might have picked up in the course of spiritual or healing work or in communicating with deceased spirits. He affects those who believe in the ‘spirit’ giving you messages via necromancy or talking to the dead humans or departed loved ones or ghostbusters visiting human locations. He can manifest 3D projections of religious beings or Gods or masters. He represents the ego of those specieistic and patriarchial humans who believe men can dominate over women and humans are superior to other animals and chosen by God or creator of the universe in a special way over other animals just because of their subscription to faith or spiritual systems. I received the name Satchinananda Swami in a dream written in a letter from my ex-partner who at that time had slapped me a few times and hit me with belt and continued to meditate and speak of Sat-Chit-Ananda state of bliss.
  5. Witch: Also called Vich appearing as a prominent demon Melchireza who represents evil in Black Sea Scrolls or Moloch/ Molok (God of child sacrifice legends of middle-east), this demon presented to me as an imaginary ‘witch’ form into 4D vision from your third-eye, sometimes seen as removing tree bark with a scary medieval scalpel and looking at you with a grotesque appearence. She can create scenarios of psychopaths such as the one of an old American Psycho movie character attacking female victims sexually and hurting them. She is linked with taking away babies and makes women stay subservient to the imaginary needs of children for entertainment against actual needs for freedom from harm, for example in a clear premonition a lady projected our of my head wearing black and white striped witch stockings, black nailpolish and a short black outfit and appeared a few months ago as a Council worker with name phonetically similar to MelChrissa with the same face and clothing who spoke of how she is not vegan and minimised the information in posters about tremendous cruely and murders in animal farming and neglected abuse of me and my son. She also manifested 23 years ago as a dark and tall man of similar initials to Vich who was controlling, stalking and scary and forced me to date him. In my dreams I saw him frying a baby in a pan and he used to torture and burn bats as a child.
  6. Fairy Godmother: She is seen as a non-spirit being who seems to be offering special help at first but does not appear as full of light as you normally would expect as her presence is temporary and flittering. She poofs fairy dust in the eyes of innocent people to deceive them and sends them away into uncertain futures. She pretends to help the innocent when in truth she is helping those who are evil in getting rid of those who are innocent and sending them into perilous journeys where cold and inhospitable environments abound. In a lucid dream she appeared first with fairy dust to disturb my third eye and then in fairy card readings as the Fairy Godmother of Brian Froud’s and Jessica Galbreth’s deck the same day and later manifested as a woman who was Hella or Hel, the goddess of hiding who forced me into homelessness with false promises to kep me safe in a hidden place.
  7. Guardian Angel: This is a demonic being who may not like those who are evil but does nothing against them either and rather protects them against all logic. She is not the guardian of those who are poor, innocent or suffering but of those who call upon her using their power, and she helps hastily without any prioritisation. She has lack of judgement and lack of sincerity in her work and also is highly insensitive to the plight of those animals who need support. She is emotionally unavailable to vulnerable children and beings who are fighting for their rights for mercy and protection as she is a protector of dangerous men. He or she is usually invoked by men who seek a power to support their corrupt intentions.
  8. Athena: This is new age deception demon who is the namesake of a Greek goddess of war and strife. She brings negative energy into your life and causes innocent victims to be attacked constantly for no fault of theirs. She tries to look good and presentable and is an insectoid. She reprents strategy, agile and craftiness of the human mind. She is present in most government authorities and ex-presidents or world-leaders. She also presented to me as a computer program used by police teams in UK by the same name, with no human heart or intuition or even common sense, as they waste all their time to target the innocent instead of prosecuting the guilty, working hard to serve the evil masters and help them harass the few good citizens who have done no harm and who are trying to be a voice of the planet.
  9. Ariel: This is a fallen angel of the occult who insists on delivering messages from one person to another indirectly through himself. He can also present as Hari chanting Narada in Hindu myths. He presents whispers of gossip and unwanted messages and ignores important ones. He also cross communicates with people with the malignant intention to harm instead of help people who ask for his support. He manifests as an angelic being who collects all your information and prayers on your behalf but does not give the same to those who can effectively help you and behaves as a mediator who is inept. This being had presented as a lady by an similar angelic name who kept meeting and asking questions but did not read my reports or send my reports through to the departments I had intended to pass them to.
  10. Mata Hari: She as her namesake, Matari, Nath or Mathriel, is a spying spirit who collects data and secrets about innocent people to hand over to those who can abuse that information and place victims in danger from serious threats. This demon works for governments and agencies who serve evil doers and ensure that they are always given all the information they need to target and harm those who are good people. She has no real reason for doing all this except that she is bound by orders of Satan and Lucifer whom she is subservient to and who thrive on power provided to them by criminals and corrupt institutions. She appeared as a lady of very similar phonetic name, who wrote a letter of ‘safeguarding’ from a court advisory office by collecting information from here and there in a very hurried and incomplete and neglectful way leading to more harm than good as she did not read the main expert report that had analysed everything in a detailed way already after a lengthy assessment. She was also a powerful lady of a smilar phonetic name to Matari, a lawyer cousin of an ex-relative, and was carnivorous, while wanting information but not sincere in talking or listening, and lacking depth. Marshall Mathers of Occult
  11. Jezebel: This is a demon of narcissism and complaining. He focuses on personal gratification and seeking sexual intercourse from others and when they disagree with his demands he starts complaining against them. This being wants to control and assesmble an army against his victims by rebelling against any good efforts taken by any institution to protect victims from him. He continues to spread misinformation at every step of the way and to bribe authorities and use charm, wit as well as seduction. He pretends to be cool, calm and capable when he has no capability and feeds off energy from others constantly. He has no self realization or insight into himself. She manifested as a cunning lady barrister of similar name who did not listen to me and spent more time chit-chatting with the other harmful party in sexual way seducing with akeup and leather tight dresses to display cleavage, and did not even read important government reports that were necessary for protection with the right points to be highlighted initially itself, leading to traumatic lengthy process.
  12. Jacaranda: Also called Jagaranda or the fallen angel Jagudiel, he is a carnivorous jaguar shaped demon of false positivity who asks people to be happy regardless of their situation and to not take action that is essential. He has no respect for the real needs of an individual. Completely devoid of empathy he forces people to be humorous and gullible thereby opening their energy field to attack from Satan and those who can manipulate, abuse and control them. He is found in most superficial practioners of new age spirituality, such as those who say ‘Jai Guru’ and false healing or angelic practitioners who lack depth in their therapy. He is also manifest in religions that believe that spiritually selected humans will be transformed and ascended to heavenly realms of immortality to enforce blissfulness and ignores the severe hell that various animals are placed into upon earth by the very same humans. He also manifested in a female form as a manager of local government department who sent criminals to make spurious allegations against female victims causing tremendous stress, and then spoke with poise and artificial sensitivity but did not physically accompany me or even speak on phone with the police in a critical incident where her presence was necessary.

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