Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 2

Further to the previous articles Part 1 in this ongoing series of disclosure where 12 entities were exposed through personal experience, 12 more important demons are enlisted to stay protected from, starting with your ability to identify their influence in yourself or others, both in their supernatural (dreamlike) or human incarnate forms.

The names of all of these demons and their associated characteristics were literally dictated to me multidimensionally while I was fully awake in 2017 on my birthday along with their spellings, and how to stop them from controlling your mind.

  1. Agrasel: Also called Agares he is the soldier demon of your biggest fears who exploits your fears against you. For example losing a loved one, being homeless, impoverishment or fear of anything that terrifies you. He ensures those who try to escape negativity are reprimanded and brought back into the trap of the forces they fled from. You may find that your biggest fears are manifesting out in life. If you have relatives or friends who keep scaring you with false alarms to make you quit important endeavours, they may be in this demon’s energy. Abusers can use your fears to threaten and control you or coerce you. This demon appeared to me as a children’s solicitor of very similar name, and even similar appearance to Agares’s well known imagery, a lady who was a reptilian coiled being who ensured that my son and I are brought out of safety zone and placed in danger permanently.
  2. Fenex: An educated demon who is a fallen angel and a spirit dancer, he causes kundalini like experiences making you be controlled in a short time. He can moves others like a voudou puppet through ecstatic tantric dancing or shamanism and promises of heaven in myriad ‘blissful’ mental trance of illusion. He makes you respond to emotional drama and to empathise or sympathise with others who are no good. He can make you do drugs, get into smoking and alcohol and to engage in meaningless pursuits of community rituals and parties of false spirituality. He works with Satan to waste your time. She manifested temporarily to me as a UK judge of similar phonetic name who was puppeted around senselessly to take my Indian passports and my son’s UK passports away at request of a criminal we had reported to court.
  3. Ashtaroth: A demon as the name cleverly conveys this demon connects with tarot and with its namesake Mesopotamian deity goddess Ashtoreth of sexual pleasure. He imitates ‘space commander Ashtar’ as a multi-dimensional being, giving you information about all hidden occult facts from all possible tenets for instance, runes, i-ching, astrology, numerology, pendulum and other oracular tools that are predictive programs of the matrix. He can also be a master of computer programming and gaming languages, javascript, oracle and many others of the matrix. Under his influence you may get lost in a weird or wired world of maya and not find truth. He was manifest in several people I knew in occult as well as a district judge of Essex with similar phonetic name who was cruel in her tone of speaking and very commanding known to intimidatingly order care proceedings for simple cases where it is unnecessry and uncalled for.
  4. Balaam: Also called Ablam, is a demon of uncertainty and disbelief who is sly, slant eyed and unable to accept facts as they are and tells lies. He is also connected with Oso or Ose a demon of delusions of grandeur who makes people believe they are Lords, Popes, Gurus or Gods. He sways you by pretending he is doing you a favour. He can be great at teleportation in and out of various physical and lower-dimensional realms. He supports evildoers and aligns with them against all odds with complete loyalty to Bael and Satan. He is found in many spiritual circles where people promote certain gurus and try to market them as celebrities. I was also told Osho was a manifestation of Ose/ Balaam with a song – ‘It’s time for drugs, and booze and mastercard’. I have seen glimpses of this demon in many celebrities, and also in spiritual followers who support certain newage Ascension yogis who rattle off theories.
  5. Incubus Succubus: Sexual demons who create orgasm in dreams or meditation exploiting the vagus nerve through your brain and can block or unblock your sexually as and when they they need. They create artificial ‘twin flame’ memories and dramas too to entangle you in sexual politics. They would like to tempt you with sexual or romatic experiences of tantric exploration and promiscuity. They are against celibacy and consider sex as an important spiritual experience of Shiv-Shakti union of divine beings without which you cannot ascend. They can make you succumb to immoral desires, unrequired relationships, incest, false twin flame and sexual abuse at times. One of the females who was a student of Wicca for some time was of of phonetically similar surname to Succubus and a manifestation of Succibi as she confessed to attracting high net-worth or billionire men through nude modelling. In the Hollywood moview ‘What Men Want’ you see a Succubi style character initially.
  6. Israel: He may be an alternative name of archdemon Azrael or Ashrael of death. A deceptive demon who pretends to be in outer space and contacting people from a spaceship using radio call, he speaks in a manner to make you feel he is on an important mission to rescue someone in a message of urgency. He has no interest in you or your ascension. He uses codewords and numbers to contact people from his team generally as if routine work as his teammates of Incubus-Succubus scan your memories like a photo album to fool ascension seekers in dream-time. They work as a part of the matrix encoded computer program to target individuals who are desperate to ‘go home’ to the stars or ‘God’ or ‘heaven’ through death or murder. Israel Regardie Francis author of Golden Dawn and assistant to Crawley and drugist of cunning Initiation traditions could be connected with Azrael and this form of the demon.
  7. Uriel: Also called Duriel, he is a fallen angel reptilian projecting as if having a very large body of light as he magnifies his importance. He represents not having deep empathy or intuition. He can lead to flashbacks and clairvoyant insights that are scary and appear all of a sudden just before you are being attacked. He is found in partners who lack warmth and true connections with each other and are not emotionally drawn together but always canniving and he mimmics them. He appeared with arms in a ‘reclining Buddha’ posture and a false light in his belly and breaking the ribcage down like a doll in his gigantic hands as if he has no respect for females and thinks he can loom over them but he dissapeared as soon as he was spoken to. He three years later appeared as a gigantic policeman of similar name who was senseless and disrespectful and went against all logic to throw me out of my own property when non-molestation orders were broken by another person and I was the victim reporting this.
  8. Jabrel: Also called Jaffrel, a fallen patriarchial angel, this is also the Muslim name for Gabriel. He uses information to suppress those who deserve sympathy, while he would protect and side with evildoers. He specialises in causing immorality and rape of females. I have seen him manifest as someone who happened to be a muslim doctor in UK who had a similar phonetic name, and strangely seemed to have no idea how to focus on actual problem but had never heard of veganism and noted it is a psychiatric issue and cause of unknown deficiencies. He acted as if he cannot read previous medical records on the system to check the important feminine issue reported to him.
  9. Thoth: This demon named after ancient deity, may mean mental energy however he appears with a set of curly horns atop his head above each ear such as on the face of a ram or sheep of primitive origin. He can bring headaches or itching on both sides of head and his face is full of many lines or wrinkles. This being resembles other demons such as Pan while his focus is not on enjoyment or sexuality as Pan’s, but bitter conflict and peril. He reminded me in a dream of his namesake Tarot card deck by Aleister Crawley who was a drug addict, animal abuser and Satanic ceremonial magician living in Loch Ness and followed by famous rock stars. He manifested physically as a court recorder who had a similar name and working in lieu of a gay judge with his face as the man in the dream and I was guided in a premonition that it was Thoth and also turned out to be an alternate version of another demon Alocci discussed later on in this series.
  10. Gilgamesh: A demon also named after an inactive ancient figure, this time a Mesopotamian mythological character of a hero, he works with Satan. He is of severely proud character and believes himself to be the best and not requiring to learn anything or listen to anyone but expect others to follow without explanations. He is found in people who work in organisations meant to exploit those in trouble, have no genuine interest in helping others, bawk at them if the express any worry and show a false kindness or emotional support that is superficial. The person he manifested to me as was a lady with a similar name, who was a senior professional in a charity for women and children and with absolutely no interest in listening or helping them properly and took no action when any emergency is brought to attention.
  11. Carriamma: This reptilian, carnivorous and hard-hearted demon also called Carma, Carniveau or Carreau goes out of the way to help and serve evil people who invoke this being, and is desperate to support them as if bound by a spell. he also breaks down victims’ will or resolve. The demon also provides evildoers with enjoyment and a good time. He also makes you feel sorry for those who pretend to cry and suffer. In a premonitive dream I saw this demon with a song ‘chandelier’ with lyrics 123, 123 drink…which I had never heard before but turned out to be an actual number playing out of the radio many days later, of a popstar Sia, and a sad one. He also manifests as people who do their best to serve men who are evil, such as a man of a similar name who was after me to secure an interview at request of a person I was avoiding and made me cry due to questioning me and interrogating me on veganism in my blog instead of treating me as a rape victim, all at the behest of the criminal. He also manifested as another man who ferried someone to and fro unusually every weekend for free to help them at his costs. He is also found in pubs and shady places where wanton female victims are lured by narcissistic and drunk abusers. She was also in a femle cannabis addict of a similar name and bound irreversibly to her controlling sexual alchoholic female partner.
  12. Chatoriel: He can also be called Catoriel or Gadorel associated with a Satanic demon of deception leading to fall of Adam and Eve due to carnivorism (eating the ‘fruit’ of death instead of life). This is a demon with a cat face and a semi-reptilian hybrid monster. His purpose is to spread germs and diseases to others forcefully. He causes pandemics or infections and brings misfortune due to unhygenic behavior and disgusting animal products. He can for example spread saliva through wet kisses, if a partner licks the mouth of others and does not let them wipe it off, or though consumption of dairy and other organic compounds such as genital secretions that are unhygenic and disease causing. He is found in people who sneeze and cough or talk deliberately over food and in shop aisles, those who allow themselves to be licked by the saliva of other animals, and in those who practice oral sex causing diseases to themselves and others who would stay rather safe. He can also kill his victims. He also manifested as a cat named female judge who was considering veganism as a primary problem in a case of rape, and a sexual violence advisor of a similar name who avoided work. Another lady I found this demon in was an Indian astrology and Aghora practitioner of similar surname whom her clients have seen as a wild feline who eats flesh of her victims in lucid dreams.

(to be contd.)

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