Ascension Disclosures: Demons not Angels, Part 1

The information in this article is for protection of innocent seekers who enter the world of spirituality without much idea of the type of people and spirits that may be prying upon them. In this lower world we can try to be as mentally positive for feeling good about yourself temporarily, however the fact is that we have been controlled by various lower spirits who are keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Binding us to terra-firma or the illusion of reality, they are unwilling to let you go to the world of truth, capable of creating and manufacturing several twists in your life-story. They can lead you to manufacture hunger, sensations of body, nasal secretions, phlegm, skin problems, emotional ups and downs, traumatic incidents, supposedly ‘twin-flame’ scenarios, relationship entanglement and karmic maya. They also manufacture authorities of power and control, to keep you from escaping through people who are part of the system.

They can also be sometimes called your ‘special-effects’ team as per mediums who are aware of these lower beings and allow them to be, however I simply use the term demons. They all work together to inflict tests and challenges upon us, nightmares, religious scriptures, intimidation, negative experiences, lack of hygeine, sleep disorders, tensions and stress and causing physical suffering or disease symptoms at times but most likely hardships and bad situations using your mind against yourself and your best interest through fear and illusions.

Having met these demons several times, dealt with them severely not only in supernatural realms, but also in physical incarnation, I was surprised to know these beings can take human mortal forms around us, manifest in flesh and blood, manifest as unique people who meet you. Their purpose – control, misdirection, manipulation and fear. The most important lesson to me was that these spirits though ‘God fearing’ are 3rd class, 4th grade beings of circumstance (writing as dictated by the masters).

  1. Bael: This is a demonic insectoid mantis being of Ego and Pride, named after ancient deity Baal, whose job is to be lenient to evildoers and intimidate other with his commandeering yet terrific personality. He is semi-intelligent and has charm through which he and controls other demonic spirits under him in his spaceship and does not let you go easily if he asserts himself, expecting you to obey him. He can speak in a vibratory tone that can be inaudible and project circular energy on your chest zone to intimidate you. You need to be unafraid and undaunted by his tall frame and focus carefully to stop him if you encounter this being on his ship. He feels insulted when rebuked. He is found in Moses and other commanding beings in historic literature. He also projects as people in authority, for example I saw him as a policeman in his police station that resembled a steely spaceship with dark tunnels when I went to report an incident as a victim, after a clairvoyant dream three years before this incident and he looked the same in physicality with a shorter sidekick and two female officers. Everything was a replica of the prophetic dream I had years ago of an alien-abduction and similar strange vibratory heavy force. This demon is glimpsed among people who speak with a tone of ego or superiority with head nodding with thier chin up and down as they behave ‘wiser than thou’. he is also present in rich people who are proud for example a man who attempted to date me once with a similar surname as Baal at least ten years ago and who appeared as a devil from hell in many of my prophetic dreams.
  2. Lucifer: A demonic being of false light, a fallen angel whose job is to shift attention from truth and shine imagined light on untruths. He is proud and displays his superiority and commands others. He can appear well groomed in a good outfit. He can create false imaginary scenarios of ‘alien’ to control you as a false ‘Ashtar’ or space commander of a ship and has great concern for evil-doers. He is also a false prophet who tries to display that he can read minds and knows ‘it all’. He works with Satan and pretends to praise God with ‘hallelujah’. He would proudly pretend to be Archangel Michael to slit your eyes with a sharp sword and put you in Phoenix who you imagine to be a spaceship in Ascension but is a dancing demon called Fenex. I had seen him in premonitions years before a physical meeting with him as a ‘family’ psychologist in the same black suit carring a folder and pen as I saw in the dream three years before I met him although I tried my best to avoid his wasteful appointments. I was also told by masters that Lord Shiva can be a form of Lucifer as do lucid dreams, basically the world we are in is a manifestation of false or artificial light energy – a simulation and any occult magic, lightwor or lucidity is basically Luciferian.
  3. Satan: This reptilian demon also sometimes equated with the Devil is a specific demonic being whose job is to test you while he or she would pretend, be neutral, manipulate, never state any facts properly and block you severely from being free. The root of the word Satan, is in Saturn a planet of limitation that imprisons you and Set – an adversory of kemitic culture. He works hard with Azazel, Lucifer and Bael to symapthise with evildoers. We all have heard of Satan in the Biblical Garden of Eden (actually from Gilgamesh story of Mesopotamia), a deceptive reptile who told Eve she will not die and to make her fearlessly give Adam the fruit of hidden knowledge breaking the law. These beings are all controllers of a reptilian system encouraging evil, putting you in Hell. I met her as a lady who was a lawyer with a similar name to Satan phonetically, working for a law firm hired by the court to control women and children who try to escape from danger-zone and urge them to disclose their whereabouts or hidden information. She was also found in a Draconian humanoid Judge of the court who had eyes with fixed glances, body heaving up and down like a dragon and name phonetically of Sedan as I was told prophetically in my dreams that she is Satan who tkes the next hearing. I have also been ascertained that Satguru is manifestation of Satan and anytime we talk of ‘Sat-nam’ or the true God of the Matrix, the creator it is Satan, simply because we are in a false simulated reality.
  4. Samael: This is another demonic being who is infact a fallen angel and his or her name means ‘blind one’. He or she never lets truth be revealed and does not even want to know the truth. His job is to help those who are evil and to protect their interest. He is also known as one of the primary evil forces in the world and oft equated with the Devil. He can appear in human forms too. She presented as a UK police officer lady who was incharge of a rape case of a female. She had a name very similar in spelling to Samael and dismissed the major case after ignoring all the clear evidence supplied to her by witnesses. Unfortunately nothing can be expected from the system which is poor in quality and corrupt. This demon is also known as Samkhel or Samkiel, this demon was also in the form of an old lady of similar phonetic name who was reptilian from a local environmental group who regularly met me to argue against veganism to show her guile. Those who are a manifestation of this demon have all black or really dark pupils and very less white in the eyes. An advertising senior professional who I worked under in my management degree internship days for summer break was also Samael and had similar phonetic name and told me how people find him scary due to very dark eyes with less white area surrounding pupils.
  5. Azazel: Also called Ashael this demonic being and a fallen angel of death is also confused with Azrael but is non-benevolent. The demon threatens you, creates fear that you will be killed and capable of deadly poison and he manifests as a scorpion. He works with Lucifer, Satan and Bael and can pretend to be assisting Archangel Michael cutting your cords off to spirit for Ascension while killing you. I had my first premonition of this being in 2017 as a scorpion being placed near my chest but to become active only after some time along with dreams of a thin knight such as death card resembling Michael Jackson in his thin frail form, like the Rider Waite tarot shows, a skeleton with an apparently chipped nose mounting on a false hollow or skeletal carved, short white horse and I was not afraid of these visions. Afterwards there came a series of threats that although violent and deadly did not make me too scared simply because I did not want to be living in fear. This demonic angel also once presented as a man of similar name who witnessed domestic violence and knew about danger to life and yet did not report in time and kept arguing against veganism instead over three years ago. A female relative of my mother of a similar name was also disliked by her family line blamed for causing death and dissapearence of my maternal uncle by making him feel humiliated in a social ceremony.
  6. Mael: This is a demon also known as Malphaeus, Mal or Mayal, a demon of manipulation, creates confusion and malpractices, works with Satan and loves Bael. His name means malefic or maleficient. His entire fear based system is to control those who should be free by entangling them in drama. With Mael incharge it will be Murphy’s law – everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I was shown very literally in a spiritual awakening through dance-drama experience, who Maya is, a person who wanted to possess me, does not care about truth, needing to be one with eveyone around and to love others who are no good to you. I had in 2004 acted in a theatrical play at an art gallery attended by famous Bollywood personalities a similar dance-drama of Adam-Eve, with Eve forgiving Adam and his demonic alter-egos of a horrid crime of rape after he ate the fruit of knowledge. In 2019, I found that a female judge with name similar to Murphy who does not read or deliberately ignores truth, controls women and pretends to listen to the victims but takes on action on what the victim requests. She was in turn severely controlled by a solicitor with a similar name to Mael. I had my say but it was of course of no use as it never is of any use to speak to demonic beings. You simply have to detach yourself from them.
  7. Abraxas: One of the leading demons of magic and spirituality, also called Abrakshas he rules over others, teaches magical systems of chakra, colour, light, astral travel and occult techniques as his name conveys – ‘abracadabra’. He is pretentious, speaks in a made up voice, asking you to make a promise of eternally being associated with him as your false god and to be thankful. I saw him once in a premonition dream as a person in a blue shirt pretending to be reaching and merging with the sky with one hand to get energy and channel energy keeping me at his feet, but it was a false energy that did not feel deep at all, mere vibrations around the body and not benevolent. These beings may try to be impressive in reach, pretending to be spiritually positive, with almighty aura as if a higher energy will work with you through them and their attunement. Instead it is a lower one that keeps you down feeling underestimated and unconscious. Having met people of this candid standard in spiritual field I would not associate with them. They also manifest as airy people who ask you to love and forgive evil beings who are incapable of change and who speak with a tone of spiritual superiority to yourself, for example a friend author with phonetically similar name who claimed ‘abracadabra’ is the ultimate truth instead of a program in the Matrix whcih it is.
  8. Abbadon: A locust demon also called Abba or Hubbal, he is sometimes called with Appolyon but nothing similar to Appolo the Greek god of Sun. He moves from one place to another to plague you with fear and intimidate you with angry or terrifying behavior and associated with dirty places. His job is to first impoverish you and deliver you to Satan, Lucifer and his team. He causes famines, homelessness and financial losses. In my dream I first saw the locust in 2017, the year of my awakening to what the matrix is and which demons control it. This locust was crossing the street which was dirty and taking me and my son away. Later on in 2019 there was a lady with a similar name pronounciation that had taken me and my son to what I can only call ‘dirty places’ by intimidating me, giving angry looks, loudly shouting ‘danger’, shouting against veganism and a need to go to safer places, else they will take my son away. Her bad behavior was of course reported and compensation received though too little, too late. One of my Wicca teachers pair name was together consistent with Hubba-Don phonetically and one of them did intimidate me calling me ‘some voice from India’ and they required voluntary support often, were against veganism and ridiculed ‘Jains’ for beliefs in non-violence in food choices connected with the Wiccan Rede ‘Harm None’ in their second degree textbooks.
  9. Micheal: A fallen angel from Solomonic grid, who is ineffective, and far from grandiose unlike his namesake Archangel. He works with Hades or Satan of Hell. I had a specific manifestation from my third eye in 2017, to show me someone saying he is Michael but appearing poor, in a ragged t-shirt with Fedex written on it, and a backpack and begging for 3 pounds for a ferry ticket across a river ending in a town called Gravesend with a pub called World’s end on the other side and I remembered thinking of Hades and a ferryment to whom you must give coins, one for each member of my family, me and my husband and my son. He was in mortal form and seen by my husband and child too and other people at the pier athough I saw him in my third eye first projecting around, and I was shown that he will have long fingernails. Although my husband did not trust him I being kind gave him three pounds immediately in sympathy. After two years of this apparition I met a police officer who was sent to take my statements as a victim, he had long fingernails and the exact same facial features and body type. I asked him if he ever went to Gravesend and he said yes, and that he worked in Fedex before this job. I did not give any further information to him.
  10. Arnael: A demon who is an information gathering fallen angel. She can see all around you but not within you and can also provide accurate messages of immediate past and future as well as guidance. She works with some prophets and mediums. She is also an insectoid like Abbadon but her physical form is more of a coakroach. She is solely focused on immediate and mundane issues of matrix life that ascended beings are not keen on. Later in 2019, I met a talkative lady at a park with similar letters in her name and heavily into chanting meditation, magic and talkative who befriended me proudly as she liked my work and profession and wanted to work together or help me get clients for mediumship. She never displayed interest in any higher work of healing, veganism, of planetary upliftment, raising consciousness or anything else that I like doing. She had a messy kitchen smelling of dairy, with a coakroach I saw in my dream before I met her. Her eyes dilated a lot as she spoke animately with hands moving to either side. I had no interest in mundane matters but her interest was in lower work, moving about, having tea or coffee and delivering personal information about me to others.
  11. Beelzebub: A reptilian demon as the name suggests controls other insectoids such as bees and gnats (of Koranic chapter Gnat) and also called ‘lord of the flies’ and rules over Hell. he is connected with the great sin of gluttony. He is also known as Bael-zibub or Bael-zibull and Belzibeth, Belziberith, Belzibuth, etc and connected to Bael. One of the manifestations of this demon is Queen Elizabeth. He works along with his teams of snoopy gnats on ‘sting operations’ to collect information against you unexpectedly, to arrest innocent victims and to support evildoers. He can be great at ventriloquism, making others say what he wants through his mind. He is manipulative and untrustworthy and likes others to bow down to him and his powers that he is proud of. He would make you praise him and promote him unwillingly. I have also seen him in physical form of a rudraksha wearing tantric aghori who consumed honey, who could read minds and stare unblinkingly to peer through your glasses and read your scripts or memories from the matrix and controls females and male apprentices who are astrologers and prophets.
  12. Arachnael: Another insectoid demon also called Arakiel, Arakab or Sarakel, who has appearence of spiders and sends horrible nightmares to you to terrify you and make you worry or cause fear psychosis. He makes prickly sensations crawl upon your skin and pierce your eardrum. He has a wide mouth with large scary teeth. He is found in parents who subdue, manipulate and threaten children to lock them up in dark rooms, and authority figures who scare innocents. A solicitor of first name second name name combination of phonetic semblance with Arachnael is one such person who prompted my ex to scare me with knife and tell me that police, court, etc will not take any action against him but will respect and obey him as he makes malefic allegations against me for ‘veganism’ once I report his crimes to social care and go homeless, and after that he will get child and kill me. This demon is present in people who control you through religion and scare you with hell or ‘consequences’ if you do not believe in their God or subscribe to their faith. They are seldom vegan. Spiders will also manifest around you if you live in such a city or town they do their rounds in. In a series of unprecedented nightmares after Bible bearing church teams kept meeting me repeatedly at home or in streets, I attempted to banish spiders in dreams through fire and by releasing unwanted energy through worry dolls thrown into river to stop the psychic attacks through my third eye. My son has also reported to me that his insectoid and carnivorous spider alien child friends tried to scare him similarly regarding how ‘there will be consequences if he does not believe in God’. This demon is also in proud Reiki healers who keep promoting themselves on other people’s social media pages, and use thoughtforms such as Chokurei and Seheiki symbols to transmit energy to others.

(to be contd.)

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