Ascension Blocks: Spirituality

“Dear Ones,
You are loved and blessed by the masters from higher dimensions. You are appreciated, special and unique. I am Archangel Michael and I love you very much. You are part of our team of angels to raise consciousness on earth which is your divine mission. Keep working with your IAM self and take time out for your personal care. Have water and take rest. You are being bathed in joyful vibrations of purity. Open your heart to receive much more healing with gratitude and positive affirmations.”

Is this a typical flat yet loosely inspiring message of ‘Ascension’ that you see routinely in your inbox?
“Your problems will be solved. The universe will manifest for your whatever you can imagine, to clear your loans, to attract the man or woman you desire to yourself, to bring you an amazing amount of money, remove black magic and control your enemies to make them do whatever you want through fantastic rituals and spells that work 100% or your money back. Call us for an immediate free session to begin now.”
Is this the leaflet that came through your door along with restaurant flyers, did you visit a ‘metaphysical shop’ (actually a meterial one) with such promises made by a tantric witch doctor or spiritual healer or did they send you this advertisement from the backdoor in a cunning way?

You are being guided or lured by a program.
Using positive words and divine messages of false kindness and artificial light, new age gurus seem to channel these typical messages but in reality they may not be channelling true masters or aliens or even spirits. The words they use are simple affirmations that anyone can pick up from anywhere.
If there are people who claim to have actual spiritual powers, the powers used are of the matrix of mentalism instead of divine powers.

The matrix or mind is manufacturing reality, not a divine self.

The divine self is helping us awaken from the dreamworld and helping us disconnect fromt the illusion all around us. But the powers these individuals use are not divine, although occult, if they have any at all.

The matrix around us is also replete with certain carnivore, evil or demonic beings who abjectly personify gods, angels and spirits or claim to be witches, healers and yogis of a very high grade when in reality they are ‘ceremonial magicians’ or work with negative forms of occult and invoke lower spirits. Most of them work with demons to read minds and predict futures accurately or to give you messages from deceased loved ones and there are a host of demons who specialise in it. Yes, they have powers.
Third class spirits and attachments that are invoked by the aid of ceremonial magic, tarot and chakras, crystals, candles and all kinds of hallucinations are operating in each person who dabbles in them – people who are wicked in heart but pretend to be good or neutral outside.
These spirits may be imaginary beings that project from the head and can even materialize in a real form, just like everything and everyone else – simply because the world is a projection in the absolute dream state. They are not gods, goddesses, angels or your true self.

Our true self is one. Illusions are multiple.

There are a lot of things that the true self may not always prefer to work with. Your chakras and aura for example are imaginary visualisations of areas in and around your body, imbibed with colours created through your head, mantras from your brain, your symbols for your mental healing.

Your crystals, your tarot cards, planetary charts and altars are not creating your life, it is merely your mind – and they certainly do not connect with any real divine beings, angels or gods. They are simply exploring the patterns of reality which is pure illusion.
You are healing illusion, working with illusion – or maya. People utilize this power but seldom ask how or why it works?

It is clear to see that even an evil person can work with chakras, cleanse them with radiations and light, work with crystals and ritual tools, be great with tarot or astrology, and give accurate psychic mediumship. It is mental power and not a good or kind heart that makes you great in these subjects you learn or teach, spiritual or non-spiritual subjects.

Similarly even an evil person can be great at music, art, science, maths, engineering, constructions, fashion designing, jewellery making, beauty, acting, or spiritual techniques. Being successful in anything in the matrix is no guarantee that you are not a lower spirit who destined to be living in hell.

Infact I know many people from my rich experience in the spiritual profession, who are evil or corrupt and who outwardly pretend to be your friend first, but in reality are cunning and deceptive and merely learning occult gibberish to impress consumers and extract large sums of money through a display of knowledge and grotesque power.

All the time in my years of develping courses and workshops, I was teaching one thing daily, to Harm None, to be kind and positive, and they were pretending to learn but their hearts were not into it. They were practicing evil magic through demonic actions and also criminals in some cases who saught fame and came on TV but in truth did not only negatve magic but also other criminal activities involving human trafficking, drugs, stealing, money-laundering and other satanic actions. I have dismissed myself from all of those psychopathic students who were desperate for knowledge to steal and reuse for personal gain. Many of them started their own stores and guided clients to themselves by cunningly working for me first.

This is why I do not teach any more or even give readings or healings for a fees. I only reach out to sincere spiritual seekers of truth, not to those who only want to be successful in material world or relationships in the matrix but those who want to leave the matrix and together seek truth.

Unfortunately sincere seekers are missing from the list most of the time, I am yet to find them. Most people want to learn how to enjoy their illusion of life, how to stay in illusion, how to earn, have sexual relations, or perhaps have a good metaphysical business in this illusion.

Perhaps a few may be bold and care about exposing the matrix, about realising the untruths around you, about the need to break free and WAKE UP, but I am yet to connect with them and keep writing. Some people I have met in UK care about detaching from the matrix of consumerism, they are noble and not material or money minded, however they also are not really spiritual. They do not believe in a reality beyond the matrix they see around them. They believe the world before their eyes is truth and they want to heal it and be happy within it. They are not ready to wake up. They have had no genuine mystical experiences of awakening and do not want to have them either, they are also very afraid of letting go of maya or illusion.

My past network in India was of people who seek technical knowhow of alternate healing for materialistic reasons. They also seek companionship or relationships. Not liberation from the absolute hell we are all living in. They believe in maya and worship maya, the illusion, the devil – to ask for success and health, just like the idols they worship to pray for something in their material life. These are the people I refuse to work with any longer, for any amount of payment.

Your goal is not to be excellent in technique but to be a good person first and detach from the pure hell you were born in. However spirituality has become more technical and less heart based for most of the generation we have witnessed so far. People do not care about the fact that we are in hell most of the time, that we as humans have become demons, who have hurt nature, destroyed all animals and caused immense immense harm, more than one can ever imagine. Every step you take walking around in this world, is in hell, one where roads, building, houses, factories, pastures and land was cleared for heartlsess humans by killing someone else who had a beautiful heart.

Your goal is also not to be an excellent physician and help people cure diseases that they have due to their own karma, feel good therapies and healing by angels and chants or prayers can help only temporarily. Their habits may be impure and permanent and they may be carnivorous and unable to change themselves due to which they have repeated maladies of cancer, heart disease and hundred other illnesses that do not go away by wishing, or sometimes they do for a while, but return. This is because of the way we have lived untruthfully since childhood or birth, taught by parents to live in an evil way that is neither eco-friendly not vegan, and certainly not spiritual or truthful.

Your true self sees you as you are and works with your purity and truth. Being an honest and kind person who needs to know where you are from, how to awaken and be released from this hell, maybe all your higher self needs from you truly.
However, in the new age a lot of other gimmicks are being exploited for selfish and materialistic purposes that has nothing to do with enlightenment or truth. Sexual tantrics are sometimes working online or in spiritual communes or ashrams, to lure nubile aspirants into their vast circles for exploitation.

People are more and more interested in making money through rituals and spells or ritual courses, through Wiccan and chakra workshops or training programs, spiritual healing methods training and even new-age angelic channeling or reiki and mediumship that may or may not always be effective, except that it helps people earn some money by exploiting the consumer who is desperate. I have myself seen desperate customers flock to my shop each time they read an article in the newspaper about it, purchasing loads of crystals and talismans for healing their life, using law of attraction. I wished they would not be desperate and waste money or time in buying things instead of self-reflection. This is why I do not sell items anymore.

Let us think about spirituality in the way that is not materialistic for one moment.
Imagine, if there was a way that you could meditate peacefully, learn how to use psychic powers suitably, learn how to heal, be kind and sensitive as a person, be as non-violent as possible, and an innocent being who is not attracted to money, fame, glamour or false fortune.
Imagine being someone who can live freely without the chains of material wealth all around….because freedom is more valuable than personal gain and there is no use of money in Hell.
You cannot buy your way to Ascension.

Unfortunately in the business of spirituality a lot of us charge money for readings and healing services because we are in a corrupt system that is exploiting us and charging exorbitant rates for land, property, workshop venues, online services, food system and basic life necessities or comforts. A reasonable fees is usually demanded by most professionals. Some people even work for free or as a charitable website that relies on donations if enough people contribute to help keep the work free. But, there are a miserable few who charge unusual amounts of money simply because of their glamour and fame and because they want to exploit you.
How could any true spirituality flow from such ladies and gentlemen who are materialism based? The spirit has no use for matter and can exist independently. It is only in the lower world that people buy and sell land and property, make investments and financial decisions.

While it is great to be positive and use affirmations for mental peace and personal benefit for health, relationships, work success and peace of mind, it is also necessaary to know what true spirituality really means. It is about detaching from materialism and raising your consciousness to higher dimensional living not just giving free or paid services to continue living in a lower dimensional, artificial world which is simulation.

Instead, we are controlled by demonic beings who anger and negate our quest to break free from the matrix. These spirits and humans control us and pull us down the moment we try to ascend and let go of the corrupt world around us. They demand that we provide them enough of our energy, give sexual services in our relationships as an obligation in return of marriage, they want us to earn money for them, to consume food that is unecessary or unhygenic and immoral, to pursue goals that are temporary and superficial and to be like them – worldly and not spiritual. These could be family, friends, clients, teammates, authority figures and in general everyone in this world except for someone who truly cares for your liberation and freedom as a spirit and supports you in your choice to break free.

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