The Role of Animals in Ancient Human Religion – Part 2


The sound of the native shamanic drums soothe your soul with beautiful beats that mesmerise you….your kundalini energy dances inside your body. You are taken into a sleep like state of dreaming and mental relaxation. You feel the rhythms vibrating inside you as you close your eyes, connecting with the powers of the animals whose skin was used for the drum. Was it a buffalo, a bison, camel, a cow or a deer, perhaps a loose horse who was killed for healing your soul. Its dead remains now used for healing your soul with the spirit or power of the animal, who is lonely energy now….Sounds a bit wrong doesn’t it? Afterall the hide and skin could have been yours too, or a friend’s. What is the difference anyways?

In part 1 of this series we examined a revival of neo-paganism, Wicca and a belief that connects to ancient wild customs within the modern world in secret rituals of white men and women merely imitating the original tribes and natives and their customs and rituals.

Humans have long been fascinated by a variety of power animals (symbols or totems of energy), although the right term should be ‘poor animals’. The word Anima or Animus represents your soul or dream persons as they move with you in your life. They are people who are animated, not still or calm but running, playful, energetic and emotional beings. Humans are animals just like any other animal is, and just like we experience life, emotions and pain so do other animals too. If humans are people so are other animals too.

Hunting of other animals by human animals should be seen as a crime. Instead it is seen as necessary for survival by tribes of ancient earth that are still existing in some parts of the planet. The behavior of tribals who hunt various animals is no different from the historically accounted stoneage folk who hunted sentient beings for food instead of surviving on plant based life. The fact that they are not able to feel the pain of the animals and focus only on thier primitive instincts to kill and eat someone as any carnivore does, seems to be of no consequence as the acts are justified and glorified by environmentalists and western media who enjoy carnivorism and connect it with their own stoneage ancestral heritage with aplomb.

Westerners who are educated and clever manipulate audience by justifying the hunting and killing process stating they are ‘uniting with the energy or spirit of the animal’ by consuming the poor victim and ‘honouring them’ by eating them up and using up all of their body parts for consumption, to make items from them. In this video they justify the acts for profit, by partnering with hunting tribes who are allowed to hunt animals in national parks and those terrified animals who try to escape unsuccessfully from the perimeters or boundaries within which they are bound in these national parks are killed mercilessly with either hunters who pay a fees or native tribals who commit the violent act for free because the land once belonged to them and they have arrived at a pact or agreement with the tribesmen who want their land and rights to hunt animals to be re-given to them as entitlement. Land afterall belongs to humans – an unjust system since millenia routinely followed, whether by tribes fighting with each other for right to kill animals in their ‘territory’ or politics of modern territorial governments who are corrupt and violent, acquiring land through colonisation and warfare and taxing people, selling land and charging rent from them. Animals have no rights.

Ancient tribes, native americans and shamans used these totems to connect with animal spirits, possibly in preparation of hunting and wars, panthers, tigers, wolves and snakes held their imagination as they role played their behaviors in colourful rituals and rites aided by trance and hallucinogens. Vying to take life of kind animals who run from them, hunters go around pretending to be snakes, cheetahs and camouflaging chamelons, owls and eagles who soar high. Humans in various native customs have devoured the spiritual essense of canivores to hurt herbivores, whom they see as ‘lesser animals’ – as food. Hunting native humans also dress up and imitate behavior of herbivores to fool the innocent victims who are then killed by them. This is the secret behind the ideology of power animals animal totems and the imitation of behavior of other animals by tribes originally.

The diseases humans acquire through the life of carnivorism are identified as bad spirits that have come into them to be released using hallucinogenic drugs, lovely songs in high voices, drums or other musical instruments and social products to alter their mind via trance states. Naturally western media and fans of culture would support the use of drugs and hallucinogens by themselves, other humans and children simply because it is also their way of living and partying and they too consider this as a remarkable healing experience of mind-alteration, numbing your pain, escaping from the actual cause of your illness by simply altering your state of mind ritually instead of dealing with the reason for the problems, your food, your own negativity, your own evil behavior.

Tribals found motivation in the spirits of power animals, the wild beasts who have a sense of purpose – the one who can murder another one survives, the other sadly dies for them, helplessly as the victim fails to escape the clutches of the powerful one. Thereby aping carnivores, with the intent of enhancing their survival and territorial rights, tribal huntsmen even used the skins, bones and feathers of their victims in rituals for the display of their own power over them. Dresing up in fabulous costumes and headresses made of feathers, skins and bones of the victims is considered stunning to make a social statement and impress others.

Demonic or wild immoral spirits that are carnivorous help tribes in killing their victims. Skins of victims are beaten in a hideous display of energy, drumming to assist in invocation as bodies move to the rhythms in trance with aid of hallucinogens. Vibrations of the killed animal, someone who was terified and hurt painfully and then eaten up and every part of his or her body usurped by the killer…would heal someone?

The truth is that commercial glamourisation of animal skin and hide products in the name of shamanism in the west is as popular as animal meat industry and consumers form a profitable market, both spiritual, semi-spiritual and simply fancy dress. Skins and hides sourced either from so called ‘ethical’ slaughterhouses of partially stunned and heavily raped or abused adult or children become belts, clothes, fur or leather as well as drums and other shamanic paraphernalia in most cases, simply because they are byproducts of meat industry. Original shamans kill their own victims for meat by hunting in the wild and use the animal’s hide for healing each other in their own communities unperturbed by what happened to the animal. In some cases we are made to believe they thank the animal’s spirit first over their dead body similar to Jewish and Christian customs of thanking the creator for the animals farmed and killed after tremendous abuse to be served upon their plates. On top of that all body parts of the victim are used including for ritual healing purposes for ancestral healing and proud to not ‘waste anything’ and being eco-friendly.

Ogouns and Orishas of African tribal communities as well as Indian or Asian gods and goddesses are usually spirits believed to be assisting humans with hunting, abuse or killing of domesticated animals and praying for welfare and wealth of the tribes. Rituals involving brutally murdering animals are supposed to make spirits happy in rarely recorded communities of tribals such as this one.

Legends of fictional reptilian or draconian deities who dream up and create our world abound in aboriginal myths. From Philipines to Chinese spirits and deities that assist in hunting and fishing abound in eastern as well as western mythologies. Divination or fortune telling called Haruspicy, performed by examining the disgusting entrails of the poor victims is also part of Shamanic practices in a few parts of the world having been performed for augury since neolithic times.

Cannibalism is also found in tribes – wilfully accusing and killing a friend or community member of being ‘evil, a sorceror, a witch’ (as somebody simply must be blamed if anyone else dies of a prionic or deadly disease caused possibly by germs and animal protein of killed bodies). The idea is that any misfortune is due to spirits and the spirits are sent by someone else from their tribe and the accused done away with and his body eaten. They usually feel no remorse on killing their own cousin or friends for them killing someone and eating them up is a a normal act, animals and humans alike.

Little children are also brutally murdered on strange suspicion that they caused evil or misfortune to their family or community in case someone dies of a natural cause.

While neo-pagans and Wiccans at times imitate the native and tribal ritual methodology they may leave out or not even be completely aware of the actual tribal customs, imagining they are helping the planet and wildlife by a return to ancient systems that were hunting based and therefore preventing deforestation. Sadly some people such as heartless media persons actually like these customs and justify them because they like carnivorism and look actively for validation of their belief that killing someone for taste or pleasure is good simply because it is ancient.

Similar violent traditions of hunting, killing and eating animals and thanking creator or God continued on as human civilisation developed consequently and white men drove out the original poor tribes of natives and aboriginals and usurped all the land using uncivil or criminal means to unceremoniously grab land and prosperity for the new kingdoms of their God and religion, spreading pollution and horrors of animal farming everywhere and building vast monuments and industrial legacies of crimes against nature.

Be it tribal folk customs or modern ways of living and praying, westerners, especially whites have severely exploited ancient tribal and native shamanic cultures, taken away their land and then used them for the purpose of selling their own ‘spiritual’ products or services through popularising borrowed ideas and widely market the symbols that actually belong to the tribes. While it is right to sympathise with natives for the loss of their primitive land to the exploitative capitalists, imitating ancient tribals blindly by hunting, drumming on skins or using thier personal totems also seems unecessary. The natives are after all merely singing songs, dancing, playing their beats, celebrating rituals and rites of nature to serve them with hunting, calling upon spirits to assist them in hunting and to help themselves be the surviving tribe in the area. They were poor and unable to find food easily being untrained in plant based agriculture, health, hygeine or spiritual ethics. Their healing was not really about loving the animals or being kind to the rest of nature for healing other innocent beings, but for personal survival as this acclaimed documentary conveniently elucidates.

We hope this article and videos help you demystify ancient cultures of tribes and native customs. Human world is highly unconscious and it can be hard to find a spirituality that liberates you or leads to an ascension of consciousness, awakening you to think about how you can discover your true self in this matrix of mumbo-jumbo all around hell.

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