What They Say – What They Mean!!

Did you know that the spiritual systems around the planet are all here to control, brainwash and make us mentally open to their hypnotic suggestions?

What they say – What they Really Mean

1. Jesus loves you – the Matrix has you.

2. You are loved – you are not free

3. God wants you to be happy – you need to be happy to be in a simulation (submit to the devil)

4. Love is all there is – you need to believe that the demons/ agents who control you in this simulation are loving beings

5. Be one with all there is – be one with the matrix

6. Accept and believe – live a lie

7. Love everyone – be in love with illusions all around you

8. Have faith – be a fool who enjoys being trapped in a third class, poor quality simulation

9. You are meant to create a better world – the simulation needs your input to improve user experience

10. Be joyful, enjoy life and never give up – give up the need to be free of this matrix, this simulation and be trapped forever in hell, hail Satan!

11. You are never alone – Demons or agents are always there to control you and to make you hunger, thirst and believe in this false reality

12. Believe in your dreams – never wake up

In Short: This world is a Simulation. Creating a trance state through heavenly music in churches, in temples the bells and gongs, the use of loving and kind words, the psychological influences through ‘mindfulness’ based programming to make you feel temporarily enlightened and happy, teaching you meditation to become one with the illusions around you and be happy about it…..to prevent you from being uncomfortable, from waking up – all religions, spiritual systems and saints and gurus of all kinds are the agents programming you to ‘believe’.

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