7 Things That Do Not Necessarily Make You More Spiritual

Media and popularity of social norms and global tourism has certainly opened our eyes to the vast variety of cultural traditions, festivals, religions and belief systems that exist all around the market – yes market. The entire market is flooded with objects and services that you can buy, consume or use for for socialisation, for entertainment and your own happiness and with people who would actively promote these to you, all sent by the matrix through the mind. However spirituality is a lot deeper than mere personal hedonism or enjoyment. These things commonly used as spiritual tools do not necessarily make you more or less spiritual:

Musical Instruments:

A lot of people spend a lot of time, money and intention in collecting varieties of drums, bells, gongs, cymbals, harps, singing bowls, hang pans, and all kinds of instruments. They believe they ate ‘raising their frequency’ through them. While you can raise the frequency of the intonation of the instruments to make them sound uplifting and pleasant or make you mentally focus on the tunes, spirituality is not really all about it. You can also meditate without these instruments and should. Spirituality is about being less materialistic and to reduce attachment or focus on worldly objects. Some of these instruments can also cause harm to animals for example drums made of skin or hide, by people in tribes and communities who ate the individuals up without any sense of moral values. Others may very planet friendly, such as terracotta drums. However being a maestro does not make you spiritually enlightened necessarily, it just makes you a better musician or a singer if you chant or sing in spiritual groups and choirs.


Some people imagine that symbols of religion, power or magic will bring more magic into their life by tatooting them permanently on their body, and they might be conscious reminders for many. While religion an magical symbolisms makes an imaginative exercise for raising awareness, imprinting them on the body to show them off to others or to feel connected with them through body is not essential. Indegenious tribals might have started this trend, possibly as a display of power, authority and assertiveness or for decorative purposes in community centric rituals of initiaton. Even children love getting their body painted for fun. However you also do not necesssarily resonate with the symbol for a lifetime. You may discover in the course of time that religious symbolisms, mantras and spiritual diagrams while making sense to you, are less and less important as their meaning is well understood and integrated, or you may not always connect with the same things all your life, for your religious beliefs may have transmuted.


Magical mushrooms, cannabis, and other psychotropic drugs are sometimes peddled around by dishonest people who aim to get others in these artificial habit or addictions. These drugs or substances can often in the course of time, harm instead of help and block your third eye. We are already in an illusion called life in the matrix. We do not need more illusions and hallucinations on top of this one. We need to break free from all illusion and awaken the real intuition, true and accurate seeing of what really is, rather than imaginary drug induced visions that lead you as far away from truth as can be and sometimes take you to the borders of mental health breakdowns and schizophrenia. The idea of spirituality is to sense your inner self and be independent, liberated and no longer have any craving for substances or things on the outside, even cocoa, herbs or caffeine.

Artefacts and Crystals:

Amulets, crystals, gemstones, talismans, magical jewellery, altar tools, incense, candles, oils, statues… all are appealing and enchanting for a while. Many people get lost in their world for a long time and are unable to realize that this too is an illusion. You do not need to depend on anything from the outside. Moreover materialism is the opposite of spirituality. The more you collect gems, jewellery and expensive items or crystals the more you are entangled in physicality of the world and its inherent glamour that is superficial. The powers of all crystals and gems is already within you as the world is a temporal projection.

You can also use etheric crystals if you want to stop the unnecessary mining of planet for extracting minerals, coal, gems and metals from it thereby damaging the environment. Etheric crystals are like brillaint throughforms that you mentally construct and visualise anytime for inner healing if so required and use just as you would use any physical crystals. To be more aware that the energy of the mind is projecting your life story is more essential than material things themselves.

Robes and Vestments:

While people in the past, whether Incas or Mayans, Aztecs, Druids, Egyptians, Hindus or Hopi tribes valued personal vestments and dressing up for rituals, we need to understand that these outer garments are more of a fashion statement to establish your power or grandeur or to look and stand apart from others and one with your tribe or community. The same are unnecessary if you are on a spiritual path which is inner. At times animal bones, feathers, horns or other items may cause suffering to the creatures who die for them. Tribals, religious churches, temples, monasteries and ritualists have also not always been entirely ethical. We do not have to ape or copy ancestors from any tradition, Celtic, Indian, Aboriginal, Christian, Buddhist or any other denomination to establish your lineage, affiliation or personality. Awakening is about disidentification than identification and detachment rather than attachment to a label.

Oracle Tools:

People love collecting art decks that are beautiful, inspiring, mind opening and an excellent teacher of the variety of cultural symbols and religious ideologies that are depicted pictographically through runes, I-ching, tarot decks, astrological oracles and several other fortune telling and inspirations picto-books in form of cards or tools. These can liberate our consciousness greatly by integrating many symbols together in the phase of exploration of the world and also be attractive to lure customers or clients for those wanting to advertise themselves in the market as a psychic or oracle. However once you have learnt how to meditate and discover the spirit connection from within you may discover psychic visions spontaneously which again means you depend less and less on outer things for divination or guidance and more on your inner vision, empathy, inner voice or clair-senses.


It sometimes appears that people value spirituality when someone has a large number of followers and are respected around the world on media and in communities. While having followers and admirers or audience is fantastic for raising public awareness on how to be a better individual, good moral values, better health and wellbeing, the fact that people depend on others for guidance can sometimes take away from personal inner enlightenment. You also can get muddled listening to various speakers who differ in opinions. Engrossed in the maya or illusion of having friends, followers, relationships and media around you can take away from the entire question of how to be free of the illusion of the world. You do not have to awaken the whole world, only yourself to wake up from a dream, because everything is within you ultimately. The tools you use will seem to be more of totems that are like clues to help you know you are in a simulation or a dream like virtual reality and need to detach and snap out of it.

The main feature of this post is that you need less of the material and more of the natural, inner self’s daily guidance on your path of enlightennent. If you have these things in your life it should not make you depend on them for too long for your happiness, success, healing or pleasure.

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