Ascension Mysteries: Non Human Simulation Hiss-story

My spirit team has repeatedly informed me of two big errors propagated by religions propaganda twisting Biblical scriptures erroneously.

The first is the one stating Dominion in Genesis, on the supposed sixth day of creation of humans. Humans are not meant to dominate and have power over all other species or rule them but this was perhaps added scripturally and imagnatively instead of being a voice of the higher self. The original guidance of our inner self or spirit is not to be scared of other beings and to believe in own power with an abject confidence that ‘we simulate our own reality’ mentally as Man (mana or mind in Sanskrit language) in the Matrix (pattern of unseen energy or vibration manufacturing our visible universe). This is not for the purpose of controlling others cruelly.

Second is the part in ‘Genesis’ first chapter on the sixth day of creation: Humans (rather non-humans, as we are simulations) were fashioned upon primates who walk on two legs and use arms and hands to pick fruits. They were guided intuitively to eat plants and ‘multiply to be fruitful’ – i.e. to multiply fruits through seeds within, and not to spread their own race all over earth but to spread seeds of plants all over earth. It does not mean ‘spread your own seed of own race’ but to spread seeds of fruit an truth. Fruit also refers to the fruits of our Karma (action). As we sow, so do we reap.

Later on the reptile referred to as an ‘evil serpent’ (falling Kundalini) took over the mind of primates (original human) making them learn good and evil both and to have them become a mix of good and evil race instead of the initial sensible one who were non violent. Knowing both good and evil….since the evil snake spoke to us (kundalini or consciousness in fall)…the human race devolved into a carnivore or omnivore one. Most of the rest of the Bible is replete with nonsensical descriptions of evil. The human mind sems to have been judged as ‘evil’ by the assumed creator or ‘God’ who destroyed earth semi-laterally through the major floods of Noah and placed humans and animals through an ark into a new Matrix, which was evil and in which consuming ‘all things’ was allowed.

Our energy was actually supposed to be of light, upright in righteousness and ethics and towards the higher self to seek truth and prepared to leave the simulation. Instead of energy fell down to be convoluted into the kundalini serpent (power or consciousness) who is twisted and coiled in our belly – unconscious. This is where the connection between ‘Eastern’ spirituality of Kundalini meditation and chakras, and supposedly ‘Western’ Biblical scriptures of our fall from grace and ejection from a positive world of Eden into a serpentine world of evil began to gain form.

In eastern faith we have the story of Brahma or human-mind creator who makes up the world and its four directions mentally (anture and the four elements) but is unable to witness who he is and where he is from. He lusts after his own creation Maya (mental projection) or Bhrama (delusion) and seeks union with his own energy (mental thoughts creating reality) running after Maya (mind projections or simulations). Therein we find humans seeking money, relationships, sex, dreams, desires, wishes, manifestation of our own mind and being Sinful or busy after Temptations or sensual attractions. Most of them have no knowledge of themselves and do not understand the meaning of Aham Brahmasmi (I am creating my own illusion), believing themselves to tbe the Divine creator instead of the dreamer (in Vishnu’s or God’s mind or dream).

Note that the word Vish also means poison or serpentine as well as Vishwa (world). Krishna and other avatars are connected to Vishnu (hero or Savior, son or divine child) bridging Eastern and Western religions, Jehova with Shiva-Shakti (father-mother) to complete the trinity with Brahma (spirit lost in world process) – all connected with Father-Son-Holy Spirit trinity of trident. The fact that we are in a simulations controlled by serpentine energy is the crux of the matter.

Very few bother to understand or ruminate over how or why we exist in the first place and how to leave this mental projection of ‘world’ simulation to discover our true body and real self – instead of being lost in a visibly infinite digital simulation which is actually limited but pretending to be infinite (fractals). Brahma keeps manifesting several yojnas (plans) of aeons of time, with several universes in the Om-niverse of delusion and perceptions – many dreamworlds.

One of the main reasons for man-kind’s (simulated being’s) slavery and confinement in the earth-matrix is capitalism and control of planet via animal farming propagated religiously.

It is entirely wrong for humans to multiply and spread all over earth into cold regions where growing plants and crops is difficult and one has to burn fossil fuels to ward off extreme cold temperatures or to alter temperatures. This has led to a destruction of planet and climate change. Our twisted turn or transformation into Om-nivorism from our original simple self has added fire (literally) to the hell of brimstones we have built on earth as primates who became stone-agers in cold places wearing animal skins instead of plant leaves as original humans did, and consuming animals killed with spears violently such as wooly mammoths which should actually be impossible to imagine yet history books feed our children all this false information. We are brainwashed to believe it is natural human instinct to kill gigantic animals and subdue all creatures to live in cold climates and to use fire to cook their flesh.

This propensity to multiply our own genes (species) instead of seeds on earth and spreading over cold regions, has led to feudalism, capitalism, genocide and colonialism as well as the ‘might is right’ power struggle, religious corruption for controlling and enslaving masses and dominion over earth and farming of innocent animals to grow wool and animal skins, and animal bodies slaughtered for meat later on after their abuse and seeking fossil fuel, metals, wood from deforestation and mining. Domestication and control of other species and land to prevent humans from being free and engaging them professionally to earn and work as a domesticated specie ourselves is the icing on the sinful cake.

Teaching us falsely to have gratitude for the matrix providing us ‘daily bread’ with us as slaves of the Lord (capitalism planned by the ones who control land and resources) instead of being free to enjoy the fruits of our own karma are several new age spiritual traditions and masters inspired by Biblical texts of servitude.

Humans are natural frugivores from primates and not supposed to migrate around in cold areas to become scavengers of dead meat and flesh as stoneage people supposedly did. It is like living in the lifestyle of insects who nibble dead meat and other disgusting remains and secretions of animals.

The Matrix has been successful in turning humans to an insectoid and semi-reptilian energy projections who subsists on dead tissue, secretions, plastic resins and other nasty chemicals and droppings found incidentally while visiting supermarkets and shops, looking around for something to fill a meaningless or hollow life with in the hollow-gram of unconsciousness. Dumbed down by rudimentary science taught in primary schools in dull ways and by idiotic religions who present horrible scriptures as noble and holy, most humans have no imagination or sensibility to question their faith and the systems of education that aim to keep us limited and enslaved.

The types of animals humans are today (simulated) include:

Reptilian: Many humans pride themselves on eating eggs and dead meat crawling about looking for food and power over others as well as being violent and being carnivorous animals from Beta reticulian races.

Insectoid: Most humanoids on earth are infact insectoids eating dead meat, dairy and other secretions keft by other animals and whatever else one can find as well as being violent in case of carnivorous insects and omnivores.

Lyran: Feline carnivores from Lyra galaxy who are on earth sporadically or ocassionally, especially to promote religion or Biblical scripture or ‘God based’ spirituality of humans being the custodians of earth and to take care of everyone else, other species as the noble masters.

Of carnivore races many are trying vegan and plant based lifestyles currently to help the Matrix reform and continue instead of being destroyed (at last minute – vain attempts to prevent own species extinction) – in other words Environ-mentalism (outer-mind).

Avian: Some humans are infact aliens who are grain eaters, carbohydrates and protein from nuts, wheat, rice and beans are primary food of bird-beings including vegans from AV groups who promote veganism and animal freedom by showing truth but remaining silent.

Other Galactics: Pleiedian (primates), Arcturian, Alderbarans and many more inter-galactic star races exist to enhance consciousness of the planet and engage in healing activities and spiritual meditation based plans of new-earth (reloading of the reformed Matrix) and Ascension (higher dimensions in galactic civilisatons beyond earth for those who are ready to leave the lower more-severely limited Matrix having learnt lessons).

A few of these are described in previous channeled articles and more to follow.

Human – Who-man (man = mind) whose mind is manifesting the reality of the matrix?

The matrix is a mind-based reality generator programmed carefully to ensure we are trapped in our head and creating simulated situations based on our thought processes, relationships, success, etc or changes in environment based on mental manifestation, law of attraction, mind-simulation while people think falsely a ‘God’ or gods-goddesses who are benovolent are answering prayers – it is demons of devil (Maya) who are programs – controlling our simulation and ensuring we are trapped within it. Clearly I am informed Maya is the Devil, Satan and not a benovolent creator as the Matrix aims to keep us busy and engaged in stressful life, capitalism, illnesses, worry of job and consumerism and emotional dramas of sexual lust, greed and power instead of focused on liberation.

While we learn abut the Matrix and how consciousness is creating reality, are seeking Ascension or Liberation from Maya, we are also at times being drawn back into the Matrix through varieties of fear base demonic entities who create new stories and alter our DNA and our memories and place or implant false memories and Hiss-story in our head. A description of the various demonic and fallen-angel entities along with information and drawings channeled of the star races is revealed gradually.

The entire purpose of the original creator/s mentioned in Biblical texts has been shown as being entities or programs who keep our mind jacked in and controlled into a simulated world in which we are ‘placed’ and interact in a multi-sensory way within. With the help of fear-based entities to ensure we do not leave the simulation by gaining knowledge or by lusting after ‘bitter’ flesh and sensuality of food (Adam, Eve and serpent, karmic fruits of desire and temptations), and by spreading confusion through varieties of (organs) as well as languages, culture and religions (falling tower of Babel), we are kept engaged in the world of Maya (illusion and desire) of fallen Kundalini.

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