Ascension Mysteries: Semantic Clues

Our human world has many mysterious clues that give way for ascension through unification of souls and returning to our common Source. We all have linear ancestry regardless of our apparent diversities. A big clue is between languages.

One of the curious things I noted in being projected into what appeared as a spaceship interdimensionally was the presence of a technology that I later learnt was called Babble Decryptor. I read a page stating ‘I cannot understand the language’ and even as I read in agreement that I cannot understand their language, their machine calibrated me precisely so that the words could be understood regardless of that. They paid absolutely no attention to my feelings, being focused simply on their information gathering agenda. These beings or demons later materialised in my life as people hell-bent into controlling me and keeping me ‘safe’ in England (Angel-land), afterall demons are also angels, programs of the matrix that have specific agendas to make us ‘fit-into’ a system that prolongs our stay in illusion or’ duality’. A few other people whom I have interacted with, too have remembered lucid dreams and astral travels into ‘otherwordly’ spaceships such as The Phoenix interacting with various ‘beings’ and have also reported the presence of ‘alien’ technology and devices such as Babble Decryptor. Our lower world being a projection of our thought or mind in the Matrix which is actually controlled from elsewhere is not the real world or base reality and on this there is general scientific consensus based on Nick Bostrum’s hypothesis.

The term Babble (language) is linked with Bible, although regarded as a holy book, the term simply means ‘written word’ or scripture. Bibliomancy refers to the interpretation or forecasting of future or deliverance of answers from any suitable book you have, random pages opening in response to a specific question if you concentrate and affirm that you will receive an exact answer to your query – can be very insightful no matter which book you use. The very fact that affirmation or thinking creates reality, establishes our presence in a mental matrix of pure dream or illuson (maya, a false mother-father ‘ma and jah’ or God system) established even more by Je-sus – Jah’s son in a patriarchially controlled world where women, children and animals are abused and killed for masculine dominion.

Babble also relates with the Biblical concept of the lower Tower of Babel indicating all out languages were one but were divided in history to create confusion (another clue about the very deceptive nature of the so-claimed ‘God’ entities) and the way that control is delivered in the matrix.

Babel also relates with Babylon (ref Revelation 18 FallenFallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit). The term Baby means creation given birth (breath or b-earth in an inter-play of letters). The one thing about dreams is tht we have no clue how we landed in our dimension. We have no idea of our true self, our original plan, our beginnings and simly pop up in a family, a hospital, or a place as a stranger, living our lives rather cluelessly in our assumed identities, religions, nationalities and relationships. As the Hollywood films Inception and Matrix supply us with clues or messages from the subconscious we wonder if the idea is merely to confirm that we are indeed controlled and in a dream-world projecting our reality mentally with no apparent way out.

Let us take a few countries for example. I have in my life been moved from India where I perceived myself to have been birthed to Britain rather unconsciously, or even against my true will. Approximately two years ago I received information from spirits thrugh channeling that the meaning of the word Britain is ‘Be-written’ and Brit sounds like Breath, and Breed. I found nothing of that in google of course except further etymological clues pointing that the Celtic term used p instead of B to denote Pretan (painted folk or tribes) instead of Britan. In Indian language Sanskrit Preta represents spirits or those who have departed, moved away or left the way I migrated from India to Britain.

The meaning of Ind is inner, Indra lord of the senses, (Indriya – sense organs through which we are able to perceive reality). However the word Hind – in English means looking back (hindsight) in other words it means History or the roots of our modern civilisation, or in other terms ‘where we are from’ or our perceived origins The word Indu of Indus valley gives us Indus-try and Indu’s-trial – the trying, or exploitation of our senses, trying hard or manu-facture new things in reality which is enturely a creation of our mana (sanskrit term for mind).

Egyptian God Thoth is also related to the English word Thought for mind and connected astrologically with Mercury or intellect. Nuit the goddess for Night (eve), Nisha in Sanskrit. Ra or the masculine solar deity and rays of sunlight is also Ravi the ancient Hindu name for Sun. Horus connected similarly to RA with hour or solar time and Har or Hari of Hindu as the incarnation of Vishnu the world spirit. Ankh or Egg shaped cross connects with Egg or Anda in Hindi symbolic of birth and resurrection for eg Jesus in Easter also pictured as died on a cross only to be resurrected after passover. The eye of Ra and Horus are similar to the Turkish Nazar or eye (symbol of protection from evil-eye or lustful gaze of others over our beauty or wealth). Nazarene is another symbol for protection this time for Christians who were persecuted by Islamic miltants to convert, pay taxes or be killed. The term Nas means transmission or channel of information or energy in body.

Several religions have controlled us in the matrix by fighting over land and taxes by establishing nations and laws to support our various egoes or identification and to establish regime evil rulers, kings, queens and demons over us since ancient times when Pharoahs masqueraded in fancy dress with painted faces denoting their artificial self-importance and so did tribal leaders of elsewhere, whether native americans or aboriginals in their garments and decor, asother species were hunted, killed and slaughtered for human selfishness.

Going further within rigid languages of Sansrit/ Hindi and Latin/ English:

Ek or Equa (for sameness or unity), Do or Duo is the number for duality and increment, Tri for Three, Chatur or Quarter or Fourth, Panch for Pent or Fve, Shashta or Sixth, Sapta for Septa in latin/ english, Ashta for Oct, Navo for Nov and Das for Deca or tenth. The similarities of our east-west decimal numeric systems are uncanny.

Mother relates with Sanskrit term Matr or Matter and Mater in Latin, Father to Pitr in Sanskrit or Pater of Latin, Sister to Sahodr in Sanskrit or Soror in latin, and Brother to Bhratra in Sanskrit or Fratr in Latin. Similarities in our family naming system are also very unusually uncanny.

Man or human being is related with the sankrit term Man or mind. Other terms from it include Mantra for Man-intra (inside the mind) just as Tan-tra means inside the body (tan means body).

The term nomenclature, word Name is related with the hindi term Naam for ‘identity’. The original word ‘nam’ is also the basis of the greeting ‘namaste’, a salutation to another person or to bow down slightly in respect of someone’s identity. We are sensing the presence of another be-ing, another form of the self or mind (no-man) or ‘naman’ being a practice of dissolution of our ego.

The ancient Indian university Takshila founded several centuries BCE is related with the term Tark for reasoning, a place of applying logic and shila for monument or stone architecture. The term Taxonomy is connected with Taksh-nam or application of reasoning for Nomenclature or naming.

Our body parts for example have unique vibrations being controlled from a system not from around us, operating rather unconsciously in this simulation. Kapal is Sanskrit for Cepal or head. Muh in hindi is Mouth in English. Nas in Sanskrit for nose and breath channel is Nasal in English. Vaca in Hindi or Sanskrit is for Vocal or sound and speech. Channeled discources are called Para-vacan or Pravachans (otherworldly or Para voice). Hridya in sanskrit is for Heart. Lag in Hindi means to join with body and Leg is the limb joined to body. Pada is Pedal or foot. Swaad for good taste is conneted to sweet. Garb or covering is related to the word Garbha (womb where it is hidden). Shedding the cover – garbage, to cast away the layers that are unrequired.

The term Sun is consistent with San (the Hindu solar calendrical period). Solar behavior and its annual cycles of eclipses, solsctice and patterns clarify to us the system or matrix of reality whether cosmic or earthly, is highly structured which is what the matrix means – a pattern, an array of information that delivers images and sensory output much like a computer system would through 010101 repeated infinite combinations or pulsations of light (energy). Sun in astrology symbolises intellect. San also forms the word Sans-krit – krit means creation and Sun is solar or intellectual, indicating that our civilsation is created through intellect much as planet Earth through the Sun whose star-fragment created us.

Earth is related to the Sanskrit and Hindi term Artha which means both ‘meaning’ and ‘substance’, the opposite of it is An-Arth (disaster such as climate change, apocalypse or severe devastation).

Sat or Satya is a sankrit word for Truth, while Satan-ish is anti-truth – the word in sanskrit being Sat-nash (destuction of truth). The Goddess is called Sati (true self) a term that also connects with Stree (woman or womb-man the creator of man or Creator/ God). Create means Kritti, and a name of Goddess is Krittika, Creation is called Akriti (formation) and Pra-kriti or pure formation (nature and beginnings). Another term for Goddess is Parvati or Purity. Para also means spirit (telepathic or purely spiritual communication called Para language as Para also means from far away or in-space or from the heavenly creator who is pure energy) for eg, Para-normal. Parvat (Himalayas) are connected with Par and Vata for movemenent (far from moving). Para-arthana referes to obtaining the pure meaning or spiritual knowledge, in other words it is called Prarthna which in English becomes Prayer. Parva or purity is also connected with ‘vrat’ committment or intent for example fasting on certain days to connect with spiritual instead of material. Param-atma is the heavenly soul-father. or Higher Self.

Atma means soul or self and Adam is the english term for it with Atom meaning microscopic particle as we are not param-atma when placed in physical temporal bodies, but materialised humble fragments of the higher Spirit having lost our way and identifying with our limited forms.

Eve means night sky and its Hindi term is Hava or heaven (celestial) or upper planes and also air or breath of life that fuels our existence, becoming our energy or ‘Shakti’ that empowers our matrix self. We depend on our breath andn cannot imagine existence should we stop breathing. The projection of our inner life-force energy or Shakri through the left side (heart area) of man (mental being in the matrix) as his female counterpart in ‘duality’ is also described in the Bible in a crude way. This has given rise to a number of evils systematically thrugh duality or ‘devil (dual)’ that takes us away from the inner self and lost in the confusion and drama of the illusory mind-generated reality show projected around us. Our sexual temptation or lust for outer form, flesh and matter lures us into temptation when we look around for something other than ourself to complete us, be it food, sex or any kind of sensual pleasure. Our original sin being to lust after the extrenaland imaginary objects of our desire.

Should we deny the temptations of the devil and be different or spiritual thriugh celibacy, fasting, meditation, ascetic path, and solitude, the system begins to control us through a fear of ‘not being normal’ or ‘mentally ill’ which is exactly how we remain engaged in the matrix. The new-age and western ‘spiritualities’ will consistently BRAINWASH us to accept sexuality, to be sensual, to be materialistic, and want pleasure, to value vanity and external beauty, charisma and to seek that which is of the outside. They would sell us the idea of being in ‘balance’ – in-between matrial and spiritual, but not wholeheartedly dedicating ourselves to a quest for trusth. Using our spiritual energy merely as a mental device to generate our chosen realities, to affirm and bring into existence more illusion – we are fooled into staying in the matrix and actually thinking that it is ‘a good thing’.

Hell connects with Hal in Hindi for digging underground, solving, mystery, subconscious and unknown. Divya in sanksrit is Diva or luminous, and Deva a sanskrit term for Divine or light being. To shed light on the darkest, most unknown parts of ourselves, our lowest and most hidden secrets is enlightenment. To be aware of the extent of our fall into the illusory world of untruth (maha-maya or great deception), surrounded by temptation is the beginning of our freedom. Few will ever get there. Most of us remain a victim in Hell – in a subconscious world where we have no awareness of who we are and how the reality is a projection of unconsciousness. People around seemingly unconscious, having nothing more to offer in terms of light, even demonic beings who negate our quest for truth, constantly asking us to be engaged in the matrix and never to be free.

The Serpent is called Sarpa in Sanskrit, also a term for Devil who curses and destroys with negative thoughts Srapa – for curse in sansrit. Just as bright and happy thoughts fuel our enjoyment and motivate us into living, dark, gloomy or negative ideas destroy us from inside making us actually mentally ill and unable to regain consciousness. We are sent even deeper into Hell with drugs, alcohol, other forms of substance abuse or sexual addictions due to a constant unfulfilment and unhappiness inside us, leading to killing others for food, animal products manufactured or sourced through a psychopathic urge to harm another in order to fulfilourselves temporarily in this illusion. The matrix tells us this is ‘completely normal’ while awakening and spiritual enlightenment (witnessing the hell we are in) is not.

A brave hero is called Vira a term in English being Warrior who fights evil (Eve-ill or Dev-ill) – the ill intentional weakner of our Energy who corrupts our Heavenly nature. The symbolic fight of Jesus against the Devil in the ‘temptation’ isan example of the ‘hero’ of the quest who conquerts hunger and lust thereby being able to live eternally and ascend into the true world or Sat-loca (truth) instead of dying in the matrix of unconsciousness and deep sleep.

Noah in Hindi is Nayya or Nao (a boat in water). Water connects with sankrit term Vati meaning container. It is said that God was so unhappy with human (mana or mind) that the destruction of the matrix that was corrupted was seen as better than its continuation thereby leading to floods from where a new God took over ‘allowing’ the killing of animals for food in the Genesis – a big change from the original seven days of creation. After all human or man (mind) created on the sixth day was lured through deception into knowing (learning) both good and evil, using our cunning mind instead of our heart and the intuitive nature that guides us on the path of righteousness or basic decent behavior. We were guided to be fruit-ful and ful-filled. The term ful-filled and full is relatd to the Hindi world Phal which means fruit. Fruit is also symbolic of the consequences of our actions, or Karma making us reap what we sow in the Matrix. As we partook of the ‘forbidden’ fruit our journey out of paradise was ascertained with suffering inbuilt into our life now cursed by the ‘God’ due to our evil behavior. The current matrix we are in is no longer the primordial garden of bliss where noone was farmed or harmed and we lived forever in the vegan heavenly reality of innocence.

The current matrix is one of sinful behavior, being born in sin, programmed since birth to trust the people around us who are sinful, materialistic and enjoy harming anf farming innocent animals, domesticating them and us. We are domesticated into accepting and artificial life that is as distant from natural one as can be. The wilderness and our wild or natural self totally mutated into a terrible person who lives to eat even if it means eating others who have feelings and soul and to make sex and reproduction our goal of life, based on selfish and senseless enjoyment to continue our severely demonic species.

We developed our own spiritual systems too, instead of the simple one of going within and realizing that we must have nothing to do with illusion. Religion and scriptures were born to give us our ‘scripts’ for mas-delusion aimed at community bonding through rites and rituals conducted in places of gathering for group-enjoyment of tribes, from stonecircles to places of nature and our new artificual ‘vain’ structures of churches, mosques, gurdwaras and temples standing proudly a symbol of our untruth and ego. Singing, dancing, mental relaxation, entertainment, trance for mental tranquility, like a drug to ‘bliss’ us artificially while we continue to harm other species and believe in the superiority of our own.

Vedas are Sankrit collection of rites and rituals and is related to the term in English ‘to Wed’ a ritual that unifies while its opposite is Bheda – division or breaking down. There are four main parts of vedas. The first one Sam-veda, the term Sam means Same (equanomous, consistent), second Yajur-veda for Yajur or Yojna, Yagna or a vedic ritual through planning. Third Rig-veda is a collection of rituals and hymns with Rig connecting with English term Rigour for dedicated chants and mantras (spoken in mind with concentration). Fourth Atharva veda is for Athar a term similar to English or Other/ Ether that means knowledge of something other than yourself. Havan is a vedic ritual to invoke Heaven (Godly deities and celstial spirits from higher planes) who confer blessings of good for all. Homa is the part of the rite where you offer something to the Spirit, return to God or Home.

In each term we see how the western and spiritual words are resonating in meaning and pronounciation.

Shoo – Shoonya relates with the term Soon or ‘no time’. Jan is a word for progeny/Gen. The term Vicar is linked with Vichara of Sankstit which means contemplation. Bind is a term for Bandh in Hindi and Sanskrit which means tying together. Dwar is a sanskrit word for Door symbolised by two pillars – duo/dwa. Loka is a term linked with Location. Sharm is a hindi word meaning shy. Mal is a term dirty in sanskrit similar to mal in malefic or corrupt. Meet is for Mitra in Sanskrit that means friendship. Na simly means No whereas Ha means Ya or yes in affirmation. Path is a sansrit term for Path or way. Gao in Hindi means Cow in English. Hari (for Krishna) means to take away, as Harrie or take away, rob or steal (similar to Jesus saying he would come as a thief in the night). The term Kal is connected to Cal in calender and means era, out current era being Kala-yuga (the final one in the cycle of the matrix before it is reloaded).

(partially based on information channeled by author in 2018)

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