Star Races: Lyrans

The human race is speckled with some humans while most seem to be other creatures entirely, especially carnivorous ones such as insects and reptiles whom many people wholeheartedly imitate. If we were mere humans we would be similar to our frugivore predecesor apes in our behavior. Clearly the human world has several other dimensions enclosed within.

In the past I have channeled some basic information about star races, predominantly Insectoid and Reptilian, who are proliferous upon 4D earth and notably among humakind with a few other interesting species such as Alderbarans who are unusual. This time I describe a few things about Lyrans in this and upcoming (although slowly revealed) series of articles. Searching for such species around us in the current 3D hologram of the universe may seem futile although there are a few hints as described and channeled below through multidimensional masters. Once we are permanently integrated with our perfectly aligned higher self twin-flame, the source and our multi-dimensional self and move towards 4D and 5D awakening we will be able to see and interact with the true forms of our masters and star family as well as distant relatives and friends of other star races and organic cultures.


Lyrans are known to celebrate Jesus Christ and seek divine blessings from above as they clasp their rough hands interlocking their fingers in prayer as a feline star race from the Lyra constellation (in higher ascended dimensions of the multi-verse) who self-seeded humanity. They are the lesser ones to seed the human race (the primary ones I am told will be revealed later on in this series, and I am just as curious as you may be). They are controlled by a higher power. It is infact believed that Lyrans are the ones who are associated with ‘Yahweh’ which I am just now told via channeling by Ashtar was one of the most prominent deities of ancient Mesopotamia and contrived as YHWH, the tetragramatton in later parts of cultural and religious evolution of humanity.

How to Identify: In every form including human, Lyrans can be identified. They are highly conscious beings of superlative intellect and proud disposition. Curved eyebrows going downwards on either side, arching around usually brown eyes. The edges of their eyes are long and curve upwards. Their nose may be narrow and sharp tip pointing upwards, nostrils at level with a shorter nasal septum making them look rather linear. They could rub the tip of their nose circularly with the bottom of their palms or back of their fingers. They might have a curved lower lip especially towards the middle. Their upper lip is straight. Their jawline rounded off and chin is slighlty clefted in the middle in a heart shape. They might form dimples on either cheek when they stretch them from side to side. Their hair can be long and they like to brush their tresses with their hands. Their ears could be conjoined to their face and having large semi-circular lobes. Their toes are curled. They may have knobbly knees. They are often overly sensitive to cold weather and shiver sparingly with their hair standing on their skin. They have a slight muzzle on either side of their jaw in their true forms. Their long tongue licks the side of their face through the corner of their mouth, even in their human outer forms.

One of The Lyrans Known To Me: Channelled Art

They love feminine energy in particular and may often try to cut off male influences. They can however manipulate others, can charm or soothe people, even flirt. They like to uplift their heart chakra. Infact they have a big physical heart in their actual Lyran bodies. They enjoy kundalini work and also seem to move with a gait, swaying their hips from left to right. They like to place their dead palm on their belly for relaxation. They could pout their lips forward slightly as they think and scratch one side of their head.

Mentally they are not very rigid and are gifted in skills of conversation. Emotionally they like twin-flame relationships and unification. They are very loyal friends who do not give up on you or toss established relationships very easily. They are full of uncertainity but love humanity and idealism. They are warm, charismatic and fun to be around. They have a small voice box. They are thinkers and good listeners. They listen to lies at times. They usually close eyes and be meditative using their third eye while listening and nod their head while channeling energy from their crown chakra for stamina. They like to hold one side of their face with their hand. They worry about mental health and try to maintain a sense of balance when sublimating supernatural direct experiences of others. They may not have mood swings due to their calm temperament but they can sometimes feel their heart sinking low and as if they are feeling sick when drained of energy. If they are Lyran-Reptilian hybrids, they can be dramatic, captivating and artificial at times if only to to attract attention with their antics while their neck would pop to the front and move around as they deliver their speeches to get others to listen and react to them. They could also be good craftsmen.

They are skilled at finding and removing spiritual implants. One of my Lyran friends explained how I might be hearing accurate predictions every second constantly and clairaudientally because I am ‘chipped’ and asked me to command that I am not disturbed by constant predictions and channeling to stop the process. She is a Lyran -Reptilian hybrid bipedal who lives as a human on earth with her Mantisoid partner whom she controls very ably. Her real face was issued to me clairvoyantly in a meditative vision all of a sudden one day as a large golden faced tiger with a longish tongue lapping out on one side of the face. Another Lyran I have known for many years is one whose true form was revealed quite recently to me in a very lucid dream by Ashtar. I was shown his athletic gait in his rather handsome Lyran form as a cheetah bipedal with yellow skin and black spots with the name Sola Mye. He had an emotional twin flame Maya Mye who was a deep blue skinned black panther bipedal female. Infact both are highly intelligent beings who can feel extremely sensitive ocassionally. A message from Yehovah regarding them was that ‘twin flames can be revealed quite spontaneously at last minute and may come as a surprise’. They were set to take off on their individual spaceships as if the ships were battery operated toys. Both of these as humans were infact very keen on living upon earth peacefully and having a simple life as most Lyrans do value a humble though phenomanally virtuous experience of life and speak of the glory of salvation upon earth itself.

Food choices: They love food and enjoy having full tummies. They are prone to having weight around their upper thights. Most of them like to go vegan eventually although they struggle with their protein requirement and dread nutritional deficiencies being accustomed to carnivorous lifestyles since birth and as Lyrans and need plenty of legumes. They have a rapid metabolism and remain slim usually inspite of variety of heavy meals. They can be anemic and fall ill with thyroid issues if life gets too stressful.

Spirituality: Lyrans can be very sensible and earthly in their spirituality although full of sublime higher-self wisdom and superior galactic insights. They are not superficial in their spirituality. They love reading in-depth as many books as they can master and also write very well. Skilled in word-craft and poetry they have amazing vocabularies and can deliver long prophecies and sermons to educate others. They like to learn about the universe and its functionings and also about Gaia, earth and its mysteries such as herblore. Many of them are adversely affected by multi-dimensional revelations and worry about the human race as they love the matrix, having designed many parts of it themselves. Lyrans are the origins of our empancipation from other higher dimensional planets from where we fled. They are very concerned if the matrix is falling apart and will try their best to prevent your discovery of other ascended realities beyond the planetary ‘triangle’ of sun-moon-earth. They would much rather help us survive and be happy within the simulation and encourage us to maintain family, friendships and emotional connections that entangle us and integrate us within the human world.

Collective behavior: They enjoy group ceremonies and community rituals. They also prefer engagements of other profesionals to help reach agreements with others. They like to show their emotions to others quite freely, invite opinions, deliver sharp criticisms to specific individuals and oddly place others in a position of judgement. They can be very transparent and oversharing at times as they trust large groups of people. They are at peace in a crowd and love company but are also happy alone especially when stable at work. They may not always like everyone they are employed with and can deal brutally with some folk although they try not to lose the order of the pack and maintain goodwill or celebrityhood in their valuable clan. They like to vouch for power to the common people and champion causes associated with human welfare.

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