Ascension Blocks: Government

We grow up believing (very fancifully) that governments are here to help us and create laws that govern our world in ethical and positive ways. This as we already know is far from true.

The biggest problem in human governments including democracy is that other species such as trees or animals are never considered citizens. Neither do our eco-system, the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the soil, the atmosphere have any permission to speak for themselves, neither can they and vote or pass bills and enact laws. We consider earth to be purely human owned in our very ‘reptilian’ system of human welfarism (focused on a misplaced reptilian lower-brain, fear-based notion of ‘survival of the fittest’).

This irrational ideology is supported by a wrong religious or spiritual visualisation of God or Goddesses, angels and ascended masters in human forms and embodiment, fueled by churches, temples, statues of human masters such as Buddha, Mary or Jesus – instead of a love for nature and respect for earth itself. When we engorge humans into a larger than life imagery of power, as saviours and care-takers of earth, we are destined to fail in Ascension. We are not saviors of the planet as humans, we are simply trying to be less evil, to finally be starting out on a path that is not one involving destroying everyone and everything before us. Simply speaking if we are insensitive towards our planet and its other species – how can we ever ascend to a galactic level?

The biggest challenge in this quest against evil is our currently popular capitalistic political system that is based on short term goals of certain human beings keen on staying in power for profits and economic gain. These human politicians have a self-important and rigid tone of speech, aggressive attitudes of masculinity, wearing crisp suits and storming into meetings of power, they go about their daily routine devoid of any planetary consciousness, meditation or humility to prepare speeches aimed at targets of economic gain. They are supported by religious and spiritual system of mass-unconsciousness that keep the public entertained and careless as consumers who are being ‘looked after’ by a higher power and supposed to simply be ‘happy’, ‘blissful’ and at ‘peace’ with all there is (the matrix).

In all our countries, humans are citizens who vote and have a say. Animals are considered as food, commodities or essential stock (supplied by this strange God who loves humans alone) and in some select cases as animals are considered as pets owned by humans. Trees, plants, land, water, air and wildlife are considered as resources for consumption by humans – as energy sources to be exploited, mined and controlled. This religious and political mentality is our biggest setback in trying to get signatures on petitions and initiating proposals to our ministers and MPs to represent the animals and the planet (eco-system) and be their voice – to stop horrible and massive crimes against them.

While planetary bills such as those to reduce carbon content in atmosphere and prevent climate change, protect seas, rivers and trees are already recognised and climate emergency being declared globally, one of the biggest tragedy of this planet is concerning animal rights. Masses of people awakened by Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and other advocates for the environment have created a change and led to an awareness among the communities around us about why we should not exploit the planet for fossil fuels and other industries that are capitalistic and profit based.

When it comes to animal rights, the story is different. We have no animal emergency declared as yet when trillions of animals are suffering and killed mercilessly every year for food after being bred through sexual abuse, assault and rape. Reduction of the number of times you commit rape and murder per week is not the answer, abolition of these crimes is. Yet, environmentalist and politicians speak about ‘reducing’ animal meat and dairy, not about abolishing breeding and slaughter. This is neglectful and depressing. When we have crimes our concern should be in eliminating the crime itself, not just the germs or greenhouse gases the evil act generates as a byproduct. We do not even call these crimes for what they are, rape and murder, we call them breeding and slaughter intead (very conveniently) and consider these crimes as essential commercial industry for supplying food and other byproducts.

Animals carelessly end up being promoted as food and other products and for entertainment in zoos and are disposed off as garbage at the end of thier life if they suffer and die beforehand. The media promotes this for profit thereby brainwashing citizens with their false advertising and senseless cultural programming of food shows of killed animals, leather or fur rags and other disgusting merchandise. We also have a specie-istic conditioning given by family and educational values since our birth (also rooted in colonist religious mind-programming) making us think of humans as special and different from other animals.

The fact that other species besides one specie – the human – cannot vote or represent themselves is the biggest flaw in goverment leading to an exploitation of our planet for profit.

To start with in the process of change and establishment of new earth system, we can propose a bill to outlaw the cruel and unjust systems on earth in one of five democratic ways:

1) Petition signed by public to the Parliament that can be debated if there are 100,000 or more signatures (depending on country specific laws). This only works if human beings of a country are interested and sign petitions in large numbers, for example to outlaw animal farming, such as our new petition before a certain date (ours is May 2021). If the animals were to sign this petition we would have billions of signatures by now. Please be their voice and think as if you are THEM and sign it – or start your own petition and promote it.

2) Ministers responsible for certain affairs can propose a public bill to the Parliament directly through their powers and these can be turned into Acts. For example we can find out if there are any vegan ministers who are responsible for animal rights legistlations. (if we vote for them or if we write to current ministers and educate them about this injustice they may begin to understand and go vegan). We can also write to the Prime Minister as well. If many people write clearly and consistently they may consider a change in their own time.

3) Members of Parliaments can propose a private bill as private members and these can in turn influence public law and become and Act. We can write to our local MPs and if they are awakened to the subject of animal rights they have the power to make a change.

4) Rebel for a cause and take to the streets to protest the establishment and demand a system change and awaken others to join the wave – for example global vibrant mass movements of Extinction and Animal Rebellion where you will find some brilliant humans who are dedicated, spiritual and heartful.

5) You could also stand for elections and be the direct voice of the planet. For example a new personality can represent and speak for the animals as a vegan. This will need education, motivation and initiative or join a party that is vegan and that can attract enough votes (again dependent on public awakening). This cannot succeed unless public votes for them – if people are awakened to veganism as a philosophy that animals should not be exploited unnecesarily and not just for sustainability and reductarianism.

In countries that are non-democratic it may be harder (although not impossible) to create change and challenge laws – they would need massive revolutions for freedom and liberty.

Veganism is a global revolution and a freedom struggle for animals, because animals excepting human animals have no say in democracy at all – all over the world, even in democratic countries where humans have a say as citizens with representation.

As long as veganism remains to be misunderstood as a food based personal choice or diet fad for health reason in the mind of public and citizens we cannot change anything much. You are not a vegan if you are a health freak trying out vegan food for wellness and personal spirituality, or if you are merely a plant based environmentalist who wants earth to be greener, healthier and eco-friendly but only for human welfare and sustainability. You are vegan if you feel equally for all species, for the sentient species who are animals and wish to stop the brutality, the rape, the murders, exploitation and abuse against sentinent beings. If you are against evil!

If you have a strong ethical, spiritual and moral sense awakened within yourself and are against crime and specie-ism, the you can help in educating others and demanding a change in our laws to safeguard our planet and its TRUE citizens – the millions of species on earth, and not just uman beings.

Would you be one of the people helping in transitioning to new earth and helping in planetary Ascension? Can you make a final and last minute attempt in trying to save our sinking ship called earth from drowning in the blood of trillions of animals deliberately killed every year after repeated torture and sexual abuse?

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  1. Your books are great. l love them all. do you intend to write in future lllustrations makes it easy tp understand. Happy christmas ,


  2. We, humans have decided to end our evolution. This cycle will end any time. Earth and the planets and the entire universe and beyond will continue its cosmic dance. Mankind will perish and earth will flourish in flora and fauna in all its glory unaware of anything missing , quickly (for earth) after millions of years of our time amoebas will appear to evolve as men. The cosmic dance continue. So please hand me my book of verses and fill my glass of wine and come and sit near me and a part of the drama.


    1. You are absolutely right, where evolution of humanity ends, ascension begins so we can continue to learn our lessons as spirit beings who are on a journey in higher dimensions of awareness.


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