Pandemics for Christmas and 2021: Can We Prevent Them?

This year we featured strong articles about the plethora of zoonotic and other (many unknown) deadly diseases and viruses including Covid-19 and other coronaviruses that are linked with animal farming. You may read them again in Part 1 and Part 2.

What we can foresee is that food and climate change disasters including Tsunamis and floods are interlinked along with Covid-19. We can open our eyes and see the horrible impact of humans on nature for ourselves in the near future including coming months and not just in the long term future 30 years later as forecasted. The question remains – why are governments not ending the unnecessary graphic violence against animals, major health disasters and irreversible climate change by banning animal breeding and slaughter?

Recently Plant Based News released their sensational video Vegan 2020 linked below and focused on how Covid-19 has awakened many people into thinking about the links between animal agriculture and zoonotic diseases. Check it out.

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