A New System of Life – Is it Possible?

Did you know that your regular organic plants are not really vegan?

It is time we all bid a firm ‘Goodbye’ to organic vegetables made with blood, poop and bones of horribly abused and killed animals.

I used to think that organic plant food is wonderful and promoted organic vegetables but the truth is your organic food is cultivated through the death and torture of animals that have been bred not just for their meat but also for their precious manure and waste material. Not only that the smelly manure of animals as well as slaughterhouse blood and waste used in organic farming contributes to many infections due to pathogenic germs.

Unless it is veganic – organic + vegan you are not really eating a single vegan dish even if it were entirely plant based and sourced organically. However finding a veganic farmer or veganic boxes of vegetables and fruit seems next to impossible in most cities and countries. As a result you have mainly two options:

A) purchase the smelly expensive locally sourced organic poopy vegetables enriched with blood of innocent animals, or

B) purchase supermarket vegetables with GMOs, artificial chemicals that are harful to your health, pesticides that have killed numerous insects and large scale deforestation for mass market cheap yeild.
Naturally a third option (not always available to all) is a better one, namely:

C) to find a patch of land, no matter how small or big and to start growing something on it yourself, veganically – without either nasty chemicals or horrible animal abuse poop, bones and blood.

So after being homeless and finally finding social housing after a long waiting list and applying for an allottment, again after a waiting period and at a cost again purely for personal use, when I disclosed with neighbours that I will not be using any of the manure or compost they are all eagerly barrowing away to enrich their soils and offering me free (with all the dirty pathogens complimentary) – they could not believe me. Indeed they had no idea that vegan compost is available and plant based food and mulching is enough to grow plants with.

‘But horse manure is alright’ they say – because ‘we do not eat horse meat right’ – as if exploiting and abusing animals, sexual abuse for breeding is not enough, the truth is horses also die horribly in slaughterhouses when they are of no use to the industries that enslave them and then export their meat away for further profit. No matter how well you claim to treat the animal, you can never be sure where that manure is from and even if they die naturally in a few cases, it is still slavery and never vegan.

It is also strange that people are not going to compost their own poop and add it to vegetables that they grow and eat themselves – but be alright in using the poop of other animals. As if animals are different and humans are not animals but something different. I know that some people prefer to compost their poop but this is not normally added to soil to grow vegetables in for hygenic reasons and is thrown away into the woods, although in the darkest bits of western history human waste was indeed sold to farmers for growing food and thrown on streets casually. Today the same is the case with animal manure which is not really different.

Going poo free in gardening and planting in soil is a great idea. From fallen leaves to grass cuttings, fruit peels to vegetable scraps, hay and straw to wood pulp, wood chips and bark, seaweeds and algae to moss and other decomposed plant matter, you can enrich your soil in many a ways. I remember in my house in London five years ago, I would never need any manure at all because there were so many fallen leaves, pruned stems and plant waste that went straight into soil and naturally fertilised it and made all the plants healthy – which were a mix of flowers, bushes, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Neither did I ever use animal manure for any of my several thriving plants once grown in my windowsill in Mumbai ten years ago.

‘So what if we kill animals? Aren’t earthworms also disturbed or killed if we grow plants?,’ said the stranger next door last week. As if abusing, enslaving and killing an animal is comparable to accidental crushing of earthworms. As if abusing, enslaving and killing a human being is comparable to accidental crushing of earthworms. The difference – our strange and irrational perception that human life is more worthy that another animals. Simply speaking – our huge human ego.

Another neighbour was quick to warn me that I must kill all worms and insects except for ladybirds and brown earthworms. How do you feel intentionally killing someone? We are so programmed to be killers are we not? Violence is something we were trained into apparently. It is normalised in our plates of food and in shops that are no less than morgues with dead bodies all around us. We think it is alright to kill and nromal to live in such a world. Slowly we become alright with all kinds of violence and crime, we become insensitive.

Unlike my neighbor I do like earthworms and insects, this problem is somewhat resolved by being gentle and carefully slow in your digging and tilling of the soil with no machines whatsoever (no rotavators, no mowers, no electric tillers) and as few implements as possible – I used only a fork and that is the only implement I have to date.

Finally – no agriculture, no matter how vegan is problem free. We cannot say that we are not vegan because we are not 100 percent perfect as humans in the present system we have. We should not allow that excuse to justify the deliberate murder and sexual abuse of animals bred in billions and trillions each year and killed horribly for no reason other than taste and profit.

All of our land is ultimately stolen from nature, from wild animals and forests that are killed and razed to ground to prepare allottments, plots for growing crops, vacant parcels of land to build houses upon, and also to create furniture with, to have industries and factories to produce a variety of objects upon. *most of them unnecessary. It is not entiurely possible to survive being of zero impact to the planet, but we can minimise the damage in many ways, being vegan would be the very important and essential starting point, without which the journey cannot being.

We can minimise our impact. Therein lies the virtue of minimalism, so I do not use any furniture that has been made from deforestation, and minimal gadets made through metals and plastics that also ultimately destroy earth. You can use few clothes that are absolutely necessary and keep shopping to the very bare minimum. I have gone completely makeup free and use minimum toileterries or any products whatsoever.
Instead of chemical soaps from shops we can grow and use soap berries, soap nuts or soap weeds directly. I do not use cars and use public transport only sometimes if essential, and of course I do not fly in jetplanes. These things are all possible if we try them bit by bit everyday and let go of the materialistic and vanity based lifestyle we have been programmed to accept..

You do not need a variety of gadgets and toys made in factories. You do not need printed books and tarot cards (yes, I have stopped printing my tarot cards and books too – it is all free in digital form if anyone cares or printed on demand if absolutely necessary).

The best part is that with a direct connection with your spirit team you do not even need a single spiritual object to work with, you work purely energetically. No crystals, no cauldrons, bells or chimes, no singing bowls or crafty bits required. They all lie unused with me, eagerly to be donated away to those who still need them.
The best music is within.

From manufacturing to import, shop space to taxation , plastic packaging to chemicals and synthetics, metallurgy to mining, we exploit and abuse nature in horrible ways whenever we use any products or trade any products.

We need to develop spiritual systems of energy work, real magic is the answer.

But what about our housing, electricity, water consumption and sewrage systems? These are still nature unfriendly. I still cannot help thinking that in some ways we need to evolve a better way to live directly in the woods. We should be allowed to live wild and free, to forage for sustenance, survive in our chosen temperatures instead of border controlled through visas and passports, choose to live in a climate that is liveable without electricity and artificial water supply. We can live in eco-friendly houses made within nature without deforestation and off the grid.

Then why has this not yet manifested?

Two reasons:
1. We are slaves of a capitalistic system that controls our land. Once upon a time people looted, pilfered, raped and killed humans and animals both, burnt down everything to get the prized possession of valuable land and fought bitter wars with their neighbours to control the ‘resource’ they put price tags on. This unfortunately was the beginning of Government. And we continue to feed this historic debt by working our butts off every single day so that we can have a place to live – by paying enourmous rent or mortgage to the landlords who were wealthy due to this evil ancestral wealth, or maybe some of us have a divorce settlement from wealthy capitalistic partners, or perhaps we had savings generated by slaving for years for corrupt businesses that harmed the environment.

2. We are not ready to wake up. We feel so inert, so helplessly dependent on the system that is exploiting our planet and us that we are unwilling to take any action, and rise up together. The movements around us of people who are rebelling against fossil fuels are also corrupt and unable to speak openly against animal agriculture – the cause of maximum deforestation and land shortage in the world. Most of our available land is usurped by animal farmers and slaughterhouses to breed jail and kill sentient animals deliberately for profit. Unless the consumers, society, people who eat these animal products wake up and go vegan first and change the system by demanding a complete abolition of animal farming – how on earth are we going to have any REAL system change. Anything less than an abolition of animal farming is a disgusting and shameful approach of tweaking the system to please the masses instead of a real moral and inner awakening.

When most people remain psychopaths trained to accept the knives driping with blood of calves, lambs, fish, birds, pigs and numerous other animals as normal or even acceptable – what sort of people are we anyways? How different is this as compared to Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer or even the Joker portrayed by Joacquin Phoneix on screen recently, who of course in real life is a passionate vegan campaigner speaking against the gory violence in dairy and other animal farms, and the voice of Earthlings, the superb documentary that is changing the world.

What sort of world will we create except a bloody disgusting one, even if we do create a new world and a new system with minor changes that have nothing to do with moral values and a REAL spiritual cleansing unlike the superficial one with white light in the mind but blood of animals on the plate.

Extinction would indeed be better than that.

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