21 Keys to Ascension and Awakening

  1. Vegan lifestyle and not just diet i.e. no animal products and no supporting cruelty or exploitation of any sentient being helps in reducing negativity that causes mental guilt, karmic overload and keeps us in the chain of learning lessons by experiencing the same negativity repeatedly just to harmonise with or attain closure with our own subconscious projections. All beings are our own projections of the universal mind and all are one, not many as we see in the duality or maya (illusion) and everyone’s pain is of the self.
  2. Eco friendly lifestyle and not just diet that minimises damage to planet, eg growing own food, buying local plant based produce, living a simple and minimal life, not using plastics, furniture, useless items, vehicles, chemicals and synthetics and using only essential things that are natural and plant based. This helps in reducing karmic and material entanglement so that we can regain focus on inner self and our spiritual truth instead of bondage to physicality and industrial systems based on money and exploitation of planets.
  3. Not responding to unnecessary cravings and sensory temptations for food, sex, fashion, makeup, travel, luxury, alchohol, smoking, drugs, media or any other urge that traps us in the dreamworld/ maya of life. Keep reminding ourselves that we are in a simulation of our own mind and need to return to our truth. You are not here to be lost in flavours of food, or television or to have fans on social media. You are here to awaken.
  4. Stay away from any lure into mushroom journeys of hallucinogens or cannabis or any other new-age fad – these will not help you awaken but block your third eye and create even more untruth or illusion instead of accurate guidance from higher self through actual third-eye or psychic experiences and accurate mediumship or prophecy.
  5. Detaching from relationships and unnecessary gossip, conversations and people who are merely projections of the subconscious – all of us are interconnected and one mind appearing as different individuals. There may be no need to propagate, reproduce, get married or have babies as we have already multiplied enough and now need to reunite into oneness and spiritual integration.
  6. Ascension happens through several levels of awakening. At each level we may be in a higher dream that takes us closer to our true one self. It is a multidimensional awakening from this version of reality to others that are of levels above this one, from deeper into unconsciousness to more conscious realities. Multidimensional self will intreact with you to assist at each level.
  7. Being aware constantly and throughout that everything is mentally created – a projection and the purpose is not to enjoy creating more and more things, situations and people in your magical life but to awaken from this dream. At the same time do not struggle in life with complicated people, systems, authorities, law or anything else. Instead, stay detached and use your mind to manifest a simpler reality without people pulling your down. Manifest a spiritual existence that is simple and lucid enough to keep you aware you are dreaming an one that gives you enough time to meditate and relax so you can work on awakening.
  8. Being in touch with your magical self that is creating the universe is essential but not to have a major ego about it or to start imagining you have special powers and to capitalize or profit from them because that will deepen us in maya or the illusion of our story of life. You are not who you think you are. This body and this life-story is a projection.
  9. As spiritual healers we need to be aware of how each client or person we heal as lightworkers is also a self-projection and a reminder of who we are and what we are learning or going through by noticing similar patterns and how our thinking has brought others our way.
  10. Notice the patterns in everything, fibonacci patterns in simulated nature such as trees, leaves, spiral shells that appear very digital, or pattens in languages across the world that seem to have eerie similarities.
  11. Keep listening to intuition, the true voices within you are real and not a delusion or hallucination, all your ascension sysmptoms, pain, lucid dreams, headaches, any sensations through any of your senses are for you to communicate with your higher self or spirit team through a ‘language of light’. Some people see them as ship or crew at a higher level of reality interacting multidimensionally with earth self, others witness them as angels who are talking to us to take us on a spiritual journey of ascension.
  12. Welcome unusual direct spiritual experience – believe in yourself and do not fall for negative messages that aim to make you fearful of your own self by scaring you off from meditation, psychic (third eye awakening, empathy or emotional development. Do not be controlled by religious fears of demons (Id), god/s (Superego), or through control from relatives, friends, or society and governments (Ego). Follow your compassionate heart.
  13. Do not fall for the ‘blue pill’ again by making people believe you are going crazy. Look around you – 90% people believe that sexually abusing and breeding animals, killing animals horribly and eating them is normal – it is the ‘normal’ world that is absolutely crazy and psychopathic. They actually believe in religious scriptures full of gory violence, rape and murder, in controlling and punitive gods who ask you to pilfer, rape and loot for land. Who is crazy here? It is the ‘normal’ people around you, who are your unconscious projections in this very low level of reality we are culturaly engrossed in.
  14. Stay open to the truth. Most people live like robots in the system and never try to discover truth for themselves, about the universe and creation and just go about completing their life-cycle meaninglessly. They just want to avoid thinking of anything other than their immediate reality and stay grounded in illusion. Try to ground yourself in a higher truth instead of the surrounding universe.
  15. Some people might seem to be against your awakening an forcing you to ‘blend in’ to be like them and comply with their systems of ‘normalcy’ or culture or mundane-science so that you accept the current reality matrix as the ultimate reality. They are all projections of your unconscious mind (your own fears) and they are not truth. They would also be of lower frequency and low IQ levels and lacking in intuition or third-eye (psychic) skills as well as morally underdeveloped (unethical) – do not associate with those of lower frequency.
  16. The best of the scientists are in unison with the fact that we are not in base reality and are in a simulation. Those who believe this world is real are the ones who are deluded. Instead of following old-school science and mundane psychology be aware of the fact that advancements in science confirm that we are in illusion.
  17. Do not be only into science. Ascension is a personal and direct spiritual awakening through multiple levels or dimensions and not just by logic and thinking but through a heart based awareness of who you are. Science can sometimes be abused to exploit nature heart-lessly for profit through technology instead of an effort to discover truth and untruth of creation. It also focuses on external validation from others that unfortunately becomes a self-defeating exercise simply because it keeps us bound to outer world and present dimension.
  18. Free your mind, bend the rules and experiment yourself. The rules of physicality can seem absolute but they are not. Do not be afraid to fly for fear of falling down. Anything is possible in a dream and this is one.
  19. Do not give up too soon. Some people feel frustrated when they have a few ascension symptoms and struggle to find others to validate their uniques spiritual experiences. They wonder if it is the matrix playing with their mind and messing with their head through demons who give them nightmares or buzzing sounds or emotional upheavals. Your awakening is not explained by the rational mind.
  20. Others may not have any answers if they are projections of the mind. The best way to find out is to find out for yourself instead of books, philosophy, internet, social media and groups of people.
  21. Mortal spiritual gurus can at best be your own projections reminding you of something you have learnt earlier in another dream or helping you assimilate your knowledge. Some of them may merely be of lower frequency and repeating scriptures or trying to be popular in materialism and media glamour. Beware of false awakening or empty gurus singing lullabies and happy tunes to hypnotize you into the matrix. If they are from the matrix they cannot lead you out of it. Re-connect directly with the higher self.

The emerging system of new-earth is based on Sattvic (truthful) living such as veganism, eco-friendly lifestyle and metaphysical spirituality as compared to Tamasic (ignorant) ways of living that deepen our illusion of life. It is still a projection, albeit a more lucid one, or even at times a livid experience (my spirit team insists I note this) to helps us awaken through higher levels of truthful, authentic and sincere being. The old ways of simply living happily and in harmony with rest of the illusory world, nature-tripping and mere empty-headed relaxing meditation are fading away and being replaced by a more strightforward path that rejects all evil and nonsensical projections that are clearly wrong and unworthy of harmonising with.

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