Three Big Lies We are all Fed About Christmas, Santa and Religious Festivals

We are all aware of them – the lies. Yet, we have forgotten. They ‘lie’ within us, in our sunconscious memory, ignored and overshadowed by the Light – yes, the artificial glamour of light that envelops us all and blinds us to the truth inside as hollow bells jingle us to sleepy unconsciousness of shopping and herd-mentality.

  1. Christ-mass: We are all told that the word Christ means light. But does the world Christ truly mean light? Or is it from the original Hindi word ‘Krish’ – related to Krishna (a farmer hero god just like Christ) and from Krishi (farming industry). Even the first names have uncanny similarity Jesus, the shephard is originaly Yeshua and cow-herd tribal Krishna a son of Yashoda, both were popular icons when farming and specifically animal husbandry was popularised. Killing is called an act of sin-removal through sacrifice through the horrifically murderded ‘lamb’ of god, Jesus on whose symbolic flesh and blood the Christ-mass is designed. Infact the word Krish in India means ‘dark’ and Krishna the avatar who ushered in Kalyuga (dark ages) which is exactly what animal farming has brought into the world with its horrific sexual abuse or rape for breeding and lactation as well as ultimate gory slaughter of innocent animals that dairy industry has initiated. No matter how much we justify that dairy and other animal farmers humanely care for cows or other beasts and do not kill them or painlessly dispose them off, truth is they die after a reduced lifespan in a truly hellish slaughterhouse and that too after repeated rape and reproduction which makes dairy and other animal farming only the biggest evil earth has ever witnessed.
  2. Santa-‘clause’: It is true that originally Christmas was all about solar return or a festival of seasons to celebrate farming and mark the changing tides in the west. Specifically winter solistice, a farmer’s festival, called Yule or more popularly Yule-tide was observed when days start getting longer after mid-winter towards the end of December in the upper parts of the northern hemisphere. They used to worship the departure of the old father god (dying sun) or king for the new son god or king (newly born sun) after tghe longest night of the year. We all know this is where the legend of father christmas or Santa and the king of Christmas, Christ is from. As farmers covered the land with hay to prepare the land for snow and sell preserved produce from earlier months, it is primarily a season for buying, gifting and sharing of packaged or baked goodies, wines, chocolates as well as bodies of gruesomely abused and killed animals for eating, simply because in ancient times in icy countries they could not grow plenty of vegetables easily. This has today given way to senseless and heartless feasting, plastic marketing and vain consumerim even at this day and age when we have numerous healthier vegetables and fruits from all over the world available to eat literally everywhere on earth. Yet, violently abused Turkeys and murdered baby pigs in blankets, ugly meat, scary dairy and disgusting egg nogs prepared with horrific and undescribable pain and suffering to animals are consumed and sold for a few currency notes and even donated free to humans by major charities, with cuddly synthetic toys, all completely unecessarily as violence is condoned in the name of food and artificial garbage is sold cheap to us.
  3. Global religious festivals: Christmas is just one example of how lies with the specific intention of promoting animal farming and exploitation of the planet are spread all over the world through religious ‘fairy tales’ or myths. Christmas is merely one festival developed in the western and colder countries and popularised all over the world in a new form Christ-mass, a mass or gathering for Jesus Christ’s birth so that the popularity of Yule was superceded. A relatively new religion took over the western civilization a couple of milleniums ago and later infiltrated even in the other countries that do not even have winter at that time of the year and where Santa has no business of entering non-existent chimeys. Other countries have other celebrations such as Diwali, Pongal, Onam, Makar Sankranti and Holi of India and Chinese new year to name a few, also often marked by senseless consumerism in the modern world. We are growing crops over deforested lands on poisoned soil using the poo of abused and killed animals and dairy milk sweets made through sexual abuse of lactating mothers all overt he world for various senseless festivities. Festivals of horrors such as Yulin of open murders of animals in China, Gadhimai of horrific cattle slaying in Nepal, bloody Qurbani of little goats and lambs in Islam, and Kapporot of Jews where birds are gruesomely beheaded on streets by priests are not the only ones we should be speaking out against.

I hope that reading this written piece on nightmarish horrors has awakened us to some of the deceptions all around us in this world today. Whether the pagan Santa or devilish consumeristic Satan, holy Hindu Sant or western Saint – the truth is that over centuries we have been brainwashed to believe in a false love and false light that has been showered upon our ignoramous souls conditioned to be a slave of humanoid-reptilian matrix. We have been fooled and tricked into believing that the earth is solely for so called ‘humans’ to use, abuse and be merry even as animals are devastated, killed, made homeless through deforestation for farmland, forceably raped and bred in captivity and horribly slaughtered by our farming industry.

Sadly in this reptilian simulation that this world crafted through mind-bending matrix programming actually is, we are brainwashed into ourselves being called ‘the sheep’ of God being diligently herded into ‘pastures’ of mass-mentality in our own enslavement using ‘pastoral’ religion. We pay taxes and mortgage or rent our land for simply existing upon earth, paying our bills through hardships. We know not who we are or where our true body is kept plugged into the artificial reality of terrible struggle around us. Animal abuse and farming may be very simply, a reminder from our subconcious to help us gain consciousness of who we are and trace where we are actually being bred in the massive ‘hub’ of base reality, which even the greatest scientists have agreed that this world certainly is not.

Happy Awakening!

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