Personal Awakening: Losing Friends and Relationships

One of the facts of Ascension I am realizing is that we are going to lose friends and have fewer people in our life. For example in my personal life, what I am seeing is that the moment we share anything about domestic abuse with our spiritual friends they start treating us a bit differently, as if we need healing personally, as if we need advise from them, as if we are at a lower level and others at higher level. Being vegan does not help either, it repels most people away, people who simply hate you for reminding them that all animals feel pain and have emotions like humans do.

Domestic abuse and rape are some of the most common of all phenomena among humans, especially females. There will hardly be one female on earth who has not had an experience of being shouted at teased, made to feel ashamed, sexually abused or dominated upon. This does not mean that it was the fault of the victim and being a victim does not mean that we are not aware of our rights or not on the right path and need others to control us even more. To the contrary it means we are aware and left relationships finally, even at a financial loss to us and thus no longer a victim. The financial and career loss I had as a result of walking out of abuse was immense, not just because of the loss because of the way my work and profits were taken away from me due to control by family members (first my father, then sister aunt and then my, partner all very controlling persons who constantly wanted to subdue me and dictate my career choices) but also because of the general attitude of other spiritual clients and associates who just avoid you because you disclosed your personal life to them or use knowledge of your personal life against you to shame you.

Domestic abuse does not mean that someone spiritual who is good at their work should not longer get work or be respected in society because they were a victim but the vibes I have received from other ‘spiritual’ friends are of sympathy and as if they are preaching and not respecting me as a professional any longer. No longer do they invite me as a speaker at their events, or as stallholders at their festivals for Awaken the Goddess. 1111 events, Mind Body Soul festivals or any other spiritual shows, when in previous years when I was married and quietly working without sharing my past, they were eager to have me over. This is the discrimination I have seen here even in London. Essex and India.

People start treating you as if you are lower than them and I have been spoken badly to by those I shared my story with, as I because of my recent past experiences in personal relationships, I am negative as a person towards the rest of humanity. I am sorry but for your kind information, I have never been a fan of human species. In my opinions humans are at the lowest level of evolution, trees and plants being at a higher level, even insects and other creatures or animals such as monkeys are at a higher level than us. Humans are the ONLY species on this planet that are destroying the planet. So if I sound negative about humankind in general – or say that humans are demons it is a personal conviction I have and sincerely ashamed to be part of human race, a race that terrifies and frightens other animals, hurts then, abuses them, controls them, treats them like slaves for personal petting, enjoyment, breeding, or for food, clothing or other products. To every other living being on earth, and to earth on the whole, humans are the Devil.

The human race is at the lowest of all vibrational states as compared to other species who are carnivorous only out of the fact they are unable to think in complex ways and are programmed to hunt. We are able to think and release ourselves from programs to kill, hunt or abuse others, still we behave less than other animals and argue that we have canines and are omnivores to justify our rape and murder of other animals – the best, politest, kindest and sweetest of human beings (who are very nice to other humans) do this all the time. More than 99% of these are these type of humans of earth and we meet them all the time – even in spiritual circles and climate change strikes. No matter how nice you are to them and explain the points diligently when asked, without intruding upon them, without being aggressive, they still simply do not care. They care about the taste of dairy milk, cheese or eggs, that is what they love, and your friendship or the planet or pain of other species means nothing to them. Zero empathy.

The rest of the one percent are plant based – not even really vegan as they may be in it for health reasons. They will still use leather, fur, feathers animal hide and other products even in their spiritual products.

And veganism is not the only factors in ascension frequencies – it is only the starting point.

As regards my recent relationship experiences, I have never been anything but a feminist, I have never been a fan of male chauvinism or of patriarchy and was only because of my spiritual profession and work tolerating abuse by a man, because I knew that the moment I tell people what is happening to me, especially spritual friends and clients, they will stop taking advise or support from me for their spiritual work and I will lose the only income source I had, my Magick shop in Mumbai. I was 100% sure that I will lose my network, clients and reputation the moment I shared rape and sexual abuse facts with my spiritual friends or clients as that shop and flat was my only place to live as my PR business was taken by my sister and she would not let me enter my mother’s flat if I left my own. I was trying to hold on to material comfort which was my fault.

I knew the moment we expose that we are in any kind of trouble especially in our personal lives, our clients refuse to visit us any more as they want only those people who are never into any problems to help them – they think they should stay away from others who have any negative ‘energy’ as if being abused means our own energy was negative. They don’t even know that no matter how postiive you are personally it does not mean you will not be abused – look at farm animals for instance – they have done nothing wrong, yet are abused. Those who are kinder or less violent or aggressive get treated even more badly from others. Our spiritual compassion and forgiveness becomes an excuse for others to attack us even more and use our spirituality as an excuse to stretch their boundaries with us to an unhealthy extent.

Believe it or not spiritual people are the first to condemn the victims and blame and shame them. They think that they must respect only those who have had most perfect lives and force us to pretend and project a false image as if ‘all is well’ and there is nothing wrong with their world. They want only positive posts, positive images, positive words and flowery tone.

Something is wrong with the world – we are not in a great world, we are in a world that has a lot of evil in it and it is our fault as a human race. We have racism, sexism, specieism and do not have basic level of consciousness as a specie. If you disagreee with me and think that we as humans are wonderful people and a blessing to our planet, I beg to differ, we are not a great blessing to our planet, we are simply trying to ruin it a LITTLE BIT LESS but crying against fossil fuels or animal abuse and demanding a ‘just’ transition in our systems.

We still have wars and nukes, we still have weapons and crimes, we still have legal female genital mutiliation in some countries and widely practiced in others, we still have countries in which women are flogged publicly, we still have legal marital rape even in countries such as India famous for spiritual enlightenment where a penis (linga) is worshipped and yoni supposed to be penetrated into by man. People speak highly of Buddha but even he they say died of eating pork. We still have dairy and animal products EVERYWHERE even in this computer’s LCD screen – that is the joke we are as a human race, none of us, even the greatest of our spiritual masters have been aware, leave alone enlightened. I include myself in the unenlightened lot, a demon merely learning how to be less negative as each one of us is. Nothing godly or divine about it.

If we manifest anything in life, anything – it only means we are plugged into a computer system – one that is generating a hologram, an illuson around us – that is simply put the SECRET, the Law of Attraction – nothing great about it, nothing to feel proud of, nothing holy or spiritual or divine. It means we are controlled and in the false world, a sham, a virtual reality. Not a God, not a Goddess, channling a higher power, but merely a dreamer is who we are, living in a mind based reality ‘show’.

Seeing the TERRIBLY slow pace at which change is taking place…and how people generally argue and fight CONSTANTLY even for their ‘rights to consume eggs, dairy, chicken and meat’ and are unable to make any personal change while saying they are victims of a political system – a system we have created – there is very very slim chance of our ascension as a civilisation. We want change but we do not want to change. In all probability we will destroy our planet instead of ascending it. We are on earth because we are learning lessons, we are not ready to ascend to a higher level or dimension except internally at times in our dreamworld or fantasy while being in an AI/ VR program, as slaves who are bound to earth, kept controlled in hell and dreaming of heaven – that is all.

Most people do not even want Ascension or freedom from the matrix – they just want to live here itself in thie Virtual Reality – and they will discourage to the best extent possible anyone who is a seeker of truth. They seek illusion (maya) and worship this maya which is comfortable instead of truth which awakens us – the uncomfortable truth – that we are all controlled, not just by politics, not just by governments or religions, but by a virtual reality based simulation, a computer simulation – and they just do not care. All they care about is food, having a pleasant or comfortable life, enjoying themselves, and being happy within this prison called earth and very patronisingly telling me also to do what they do and accept their opinion and belief as the ultimate truth – they have had no personal experiences as I have had of the simulation but still insist I must do as they say as if they are the final authority. That is our level of awakening on the whole.

2 thoughts on “Personal Awakening: Losing Friends and Relationships

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  1. Very true. Kind from heart, genuine and spiritual person get hurt more than others, that doesn’t mean they are not powerful.. Women get easily victimise by society that doesn’t mean she is not strong,or she allowed purposely to get abuse…
    We are living in illusionary world, and human being are the meanest and worst speices on the earth.


  2. i feel ya. most seem to be fake programs with no soul or compassion for what’s true and good even when u show them 3000% facts about something they don’t want to change or care about it


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