Star Races: Alderbarans

As we leave our frailities and imperfections of human self and release ourselves from the illusion of this earth-shan that we are constantly manipulating with our mind, we awaken to new ascended levels that are sometimes galactic in consciousness. On earth we have been unclear about the existence of aliens so far, although speculated but seldom proven in physicality. However multidimensional experiences have been phenomenal especially among those with spiritual crown chakra awakening symptoms. Almost all of this is channeled information and not of my direct thoughts, book reading, personal experiences or personal ideas.

Alderbarans are galactic ascended civilisations in higher dimension of the multi-verse. There are many ascended levels in the multi-verse above our present or current level of existence in this earth – matrix life where we are tightly controlled, aped and kept in place. Once free we experience the galactic levels of consciousness that we so far were unable to reach out to in physicality inspite of scientific advancements and explorations.

Alderbarans reside in loci around the upper middle parts and icy regions of the galactic spiral. Their spaceships are cold, egg shaped and open up and split into two halves when unlocked and separate out in two different directions. That is because they reside upon planets on two sides of space, much like a mirror image divided into two.

How to Identify

They are tall and large, have curved cheekbones and sullen cheeks. Their chests are set deeper set than their shoulders. Their chins are rounded off to thir lips that are short. They do not like talking but listen well and thoughtfuly. Their heads are stretched in front of their shoulders. They have upwards angled lacerations of both sides of their face from their chins to thier eyes and one from above their nose to the crown where their third eye is. They have a crest on their heads reaching out and protruding to the front. Their nostrils are medium sized. Their skins are patterned and holographic. They may have cold skins or body temperature. Their stomachs are medium sized or round shaped and they suck them inwards a little.

They are respectful of others and ultra-sensitive. They open portals before them. They are detached and observant. They can also fly astrally to other planets. They understand both sides of each situation in relationships. They unconsciously feel hurt but they ignore it. They have intellectually let go of pride. They believe in feminine and masculine balance fitting into a system of mutual understanding. They journey through their third eye into our hologram as they can also live multidimensionally and materialise or incarnate into our planatery matrix mixing with people around us. They can cast away lies through discernment. Unlike lower dimensional beings they are not seekers of food or sexual energy from the hologram. They enjoy meditation and work with sushumna naadi. They are of service to others. They are part of the intergalactic council. They have a consistent point of view and rarely display confusions.

Food Habits

Alderbarans are permanent residents of outer space and are not usually greedy for human food from the matrix. They enjoy salads, fruits, fasting and simple cereal grains or lentils. They eat lightly. They are vegan but despise those vegan alternatives that are processed or meat textured unlike other star races such as Draconian, Reptilian, Insectoid and Lyran who retain their protein rich carnivorism instincts even after going vegan. They do not like fungus or yeast either and are quite hygenic.


To Alderberans enlightenment is temporal and physical or rudimentary. They crave for spiritual knowledge that is higher from other planes of consciousness instead of merely how to be at peace in the world. They enjoy mathematical memories of ascension codes.

They believe in sattvic spirituality or truth based liberation rather than tamas or lower world reptilian energy activation. They believe in taking our kundalini or serpent energy (reptilian innocence) to the third eye so that it is transformed. Many of them believe in Shiva-Shakti or tantric sadhna and naadi shastra to explore cosmic consciousness. They can be found living in spiritual places and might enjoy Hinduism as compared to other paths such as Buddhism or western new age or paganism that they might find erotic in some ways and childish in other sense of magic spells or lightworking. They are very eco-sensitive and love the planet and believe in end-times to which they are neutral.

They love the energy of the Matrix or Maya and respect its goodness whicle also fearing its evil or material side which they consider to be a grim reality to reconcile with. They are ethical in nature and against crimes believing that the universe is one system and should return to truth and non-violence. However they still ignore victims and exhibit neutral emotions towards evil. You could say they are ‘ascended devils’.

They are galactic masters of pathworking who move in and out of crown chakra to bring in posiitve knowledge through to the rest of the planet from higher dimensions or spheres. They rarely channel other entities and believe in themselves instead of in others. They listen to personal experience and own consciousness as their tool of awakening rather than other human or non human souls who give advise to mediums.

Collective Behavior

Alderbaran beings are sweet in temperament and rarely speak in harsh tone to anyone at all. They are in agreement with people instead of arguing passionately to convince them. This makes them amenable to good as well as negative points of view in others as the explore reconcilation. They believe both opposing sides are from the same unity based consciousness. They close their eyes and listen well in groups and add thier own insights very gently. They are not usually famous speakers or media personalities such as some eminent reptilian and draconian beings. Alderbarans value thier family in the earth matrix while here and will never leave them to ascend into higher planes of awakening which keeps them unsuitable for ascension.

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