Human Ego and Ascension

All of us have it – this human ego, especially myself.

What is preventing our Ascension, our leaving the Matrix, the maya…our time here on earth, this hologram, this virtual prison in which we are literally trapped all the time, knowing we live in illusion but still ‘suffering’ through it. Why?

If we realy were divine beings and our spirit was one then why is it that this spirit is seen or perceived as a human spirit. Look at the images of all the Ascended masters, all human beings…most of them pictured as mythological angels with human bodies and bird wings, we borrow those wings don’t we from other animals, and pretend that we can also fly, one day, without fuel and not just in dreams within dremas (I wanted to write deams but it came our as dramas, hence dremas) but in this dream itself, this dream we woke up in today, this morning in our bedrooms.

Those images we see of heroes, of the past, or myths and legends, of magically perfect human beings, our aspiration to be at the center of the universe, to say we are one with the father God, the mother Goddess, one with all there is, the alpha, the Omega, since childhood we are programmed to think and respect all those spiritual philosophies of human ascension. And seeing ascended masters as human beings who are perfect, pure presence, divine and radiant, calm and loving, unconditional – but human.

What if that was keeping us from our Ascension, our bondage to our human and superhuman forms. Our superheroes and ascended self as devatas, devas, angels with wings in human bodies. So personifying ourselves as angels, we fail to understand who we actually are. And here is the hard truth. Inspite of all our ego and vanity as human beings, regardless of how popular we become in spirituality, how positive our auras glow and how we shine in our beauty and bliss, of all our high vibrations and chakra raising frequencies of light, sound and bliss, what if we are not that great, what if we are not that superior to rest of creation, what if we are not any kind of divine soul or spirits but fallen ones – demons. Yes even demons have chakras, even they have higher self, even they are magical, eloquent, beautiful, with excellent personalities, fine taste, charm, charisma and radiant auras.

In my dreams I once saw a very popular human master, I had to run really fast as it was not a dream but a very lucid phenomena, where I ran at superspeed and went down in a subway, down into earth, in an underworld, where a lot of humans lived and there I saw one of the ascended masters, a very popular guru and he was communicating telepathically with me as most spirits do guiding me to read about ceremonial magick in an astral library where I went to get a book. It was not a place I felt to be divine at all and the librarian said I am not supposed to be here and I went back to earth. I wondered if these are such amazing ascended masters and powerful spiritual men with so many decades of meditation, such minimal, simple lives, such higher powers, brilliant intellect and wonderful books, how can it be they are in underground. In my reading of ceremonial magick, I was impressed, the Wiccan magick and rituals take much from it, but in all these rituals it still feels hollow as if we are still working with energy around us, the hologram. Those chants and sermons, speeches and signs, kaballah, numerology, astrology, and tarot, have been what I have learnt all my life since childhood in my rigid fascination with the occult. Knowledge.

So I ask myself what if our visualisation of ourselves as humans, as all of us ascending as human beings in flawed. What if our biggest barrier to ascension is our ego, our fascination with spiritual heights and spiritual glory and power, and our interest in rising up like angels in human form through our magical paths, our religions, our spiritual traditions, our concrete and stone circles and churches, temples and architectures that instill pride – our ego based artificial titles and thrones of power.

Does any other animal have any of those spiritual traditions, those spiritual cravings of rising and uniting with a deity, a higher self? No they are like children. Very simple, very pure. They do not have a mind like we do as humans. But what is our mind? is it something that makes us superior to those other animals, or plants. Just because we have a good mind to manipulate energy, to use energy at our will, to take energy from earth, to harness, to consume energy, to play with energy, to make things, houses, jobs, money…to visualise to manifest – does that make us superior to the rest of the other species? Or does that simply make us better demons, more conscious demons, more awakened demons, more powerful demons.

What if humans are not going for ascension at all but going to learn lessons, lessons that we cannot learn until we fall. What if we are here in this simulation or matrix for a reason, to learn some lessons, to bring our big egos down. To learn to stop projecting this ‘aura’ around us, one of power, one of self-love focused on selfies and hedonism, where we look so divine, one of our face surrounded with a halo around it, radiating peaceful and positive vibrations, with beautiful bodies, and for one second, realize the depths to which we have fallen in our human life. For as monkeys and apes we probably were a little more in alignment with nature. Maybe we can return to that at our very best attempt to not destroy our planet any longer.

I see myself and I see all humans and I see us all having the same basic nature, we all eat, go to the toilet, we consume nature, we have bodies, that keeps us humble, that keeps us down in the realisation that we are not superior and not ascended in any way but still bound to the rules and regulations of the matrix, the laws of physicality. However when we additionally see the impact we are having on the planet as a civilisation, by even using this computer, I know there is suffering in it, not mine – but of others, there are so many animals killed for it, in the LCD screen itself of our mobiles, tablets, laptops, the gelatin in the seat of the bicycle I purchased second hand, the leather in our car seats, the paint we use, the paper in the books and tarot cards made of cut trees ….we know it, we do not want it…we want to be less harmful and save the world, but the fact is we have fallen so very deep, so very down, so low in frequency as a civilisation, that even saying this fact out loud, makes other humans angry.

We want to hear uplifting things, about humans, that we are doing so much to save the world, to heal the world, to make it a better place, to realize our faults and make a difference. This ‘so much that we do’ that we are ‘trying’, is our ego talking. We want to make a very big deal about ourselves as humans and glorify the work we do. But look at us, fallen monkeys, fallen apes we are, wearing clothes unlike the chimpanzees who resemble us. This is who we are.

So if we meditate it should be to lower our ego, to be down to earth, to realize who we are really. Nothing great, nothing larger than life, nothing to outshine other species on the planet, not with any kind of bird wings around us, simply apes, simply human – homo sapiens and monkeys gone all wrong, evolving negatively in our science and spirituality that is ego centric. And the truth is we are in a simulation and learning our lessons, some very harsh ones. With this realisation of who we are and where we are, maybe just a bit of ascension may be possible, if we can stop being demons first, a bit less negative than the rogue monkeys and destructive apes that we have become.

If our human and non-human superiority complex is our fall, then maybe we can rise again through humility, through consciousness and awareness that we are not in any way greater than any other being on this planet. May our meditation make us humble instead of imagining we are vessels of compassion spreading love to the universe and healing the universe with flowers of light emerging from our auras and blessing the world with our inner light, may we simply try to not be evil first or to be less evil if possible.

This heart opening does not happen easily, we will see our egoes and we will resist it, claiming our sovergneity, our free will, our place in a heavenly realm that our ancestors and ascended visualisations have promised is awaiting us when we leave the planet to be united with the higher self. First let us unite with the lower self, the planet and its humble species that exist here before we embrace our star families and the alien worlds that we aspire to reach out to in our scientific-spiritual ‘pseudo’ quests and adventures our our mind. Afterall why is it that no aliens are there coming in spaceships to planet earth if there are billions of planets around us – obviously because we are in a simulation, it is not real, it is a mirage and a dreamworld, infinity, this space-time continuum, universe and we are learing some very hard truths living in the holgram of earth-shan with our insectoid and reptilian relatives who are human in body all around us keeping us highly involved within this program.

Our ascension is not happening from our computer screens by semi-intellectual pondering over the mysteries of the universe and learning more and more complex terms and jargons from our scientific-spiritual circles, lineages, masters and guides, traditions, cultures and scriptures full of tonnes of information. Because all this is merely information – mind, matrix, not the heart. Our heart is where ascension happens, and it opens because we are not visualising any greatness in our aura, any colourful vibrations, simply seeing ourselves as who we really are, as creatures on earth, no greater than any other. Because first we need to see who we are in the ordinary unconscious day to day existence we are trapped in at the mundane level, as these ape men and women wearing clothes, looking good, imagining bird wings growing from our shoulders and flying into the skies of heaven, as those apes meditating and uniting with light, turning into light beings, merging with and meandering within the hologram around us, the universe, infinity – fluttering like fairies on earth in the cycles of spring, summer, autumn winter and global warming, healing the planet, flying in the astral skies of space and infinity, light and free, watching the galaxies appear and disappear, in trancendental meditations having those experiences that great yogis talk about after years and decades of meditation – the matrix showing us what it is. And opening our eyes after our flights of fancy and realising we are still here. Home?

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  1. Great article. Here’s some of my two cents.

    “Demon” literally means “god / diety” which we all are. But some ET types tried to peddle themselves a (big G) God (the All That Is) and also to hide humanity’s own godliness (Divine and Powerful Creator gods) from them, hence the control agenda started.

    “I wondered if these are such amazing ascended masters and powerful spiritual men with so many decades of meditation, such minimal, simple lives, such higher powers, brilliant intellect and wonderful books, how can it be they are in underground.”
    This reminds me of the true meaning of the word occult, which many think means “that which is hidden.” Oh, the occult did indeed become hidden because those who knew may have very well been killed to keep occult truth and wisdom from spreading to other humans. But this is not the true meaning of “occult”. Oc / Ak means “light”. Cult is short for culture. Hence occult means “the culture of light” and yes it has been hidden. Time to stop hiding it.

    Ego is not “bad”. Ego is just one’s Sense of Self. Ah, but where DOES one get their Sense of Self? Is it from the paradigm of this tainted world… or are you getting it from your Divine Self?!

    Ascending as “human”. That actually IS part of ascension. Ok, on one side, ascension is about returning to your True Divine Self, but it is also about taking your human form with you, not the actual body you are in, but a new crystalline version, which is a thing of 5D (not 3D, like your carbon-based 3D body). Read my post “What of the body during ascension?” for more on that.

    But yes, ultimately we are not “human”, we are spirit having a human ex-perience. (ex means “outer / outside” as in outside of who we really are) Many who call themselves “star seeds” don’t get this either. They see themselves as some ET, which is just another ex-perience that they as a soul have had. They are no more Pleiadian / Arcturian / Andromedian etc. than they are human.

    “If our human and non-human superiority complex is our fall, then maybe we can rise again through humility, through consciousness and awareness that we are not in any way greater than any other being on this planet.”
    Most human ego issues are NOT about being “better than” but are actually about being “less than” someone or something else. Even the word “humility” (and also “humble”) literally means “lowly”, which I would gladly argue, none of us are “lowly”. That is disempowering programming. When Divine and Powerful Creator gods buy into the “humility” thing, they cause an awful lot of problems, not just for themselves but for others also.

    We only do “evil” things because we don a consciousness veil (and take on free will) and forget who we really are – a soul of God. We just need to reawaken to that FACT, then we will quit with “evil”, disempowering, dysfunctional, unhealthy, abusive ways.

    “First let us unite with the lower self, the planet and its humble species that exist here before we embrace our star families and the alien worlds that we aspire to reach out to in our scientific-spiritual ‘pseudo’ quests and adventures our our mind. ”
    We came here, in these times (!), to literally bring “Heaven” to Earth. To do that we need to honor both our Divine selves and our human selves.

    ALL dimensional ex-perience is illusion, including higher Ds. Only the Divine realm is real. Higher D entries can and have come here, in ships and otherwise, but yeah, they too are also having a veiled consciousness ex-perience.

    The reptilians know more than many humans, but they too are having a veiled consciousness ex-perience. They too are souls of God. They would never be the tyrants they are IF they re-membered who they really are.



    1. Absolutely wonderful comment and adds a lot to our understanding. Very correct demon or daemon in past literally just meant animal or living being, spirit, anything that has power, and often we would have a power animal or totem to aid us. All evil indeed is our ignorance and if we create the universe from within – microcosm and macrocosm we have to understand, at least I would like to deeply understand why I manifested negative universe/ dreamworld/ maya of mind….if everything is a projected holographic universe… there must be something negative in myself as well. Therefore no shame in saying we are still low in frequency or energy, and ignorant beings at least personally I would not want to amuse myself with lofty ‘divine’ titles and we are simply learning to improve ourselves and return to source, hope it is not just a computer though if we are simply simulations…you never know 🙂


      1. Yes, daemon, like in the movie The Golden Compass (and whatever book that was from) where the animals running next to them were called daemons and kinda represented their soul. The children’s daemon could shapeshifter but the adults’ daemon got fixed onto one animal.

        Yes, we have to face the darkness, most especially within ourself as that is what’s ours to do.

        Well, if it’s a “computer”, it’s God’s computer (or our own), yes an illusion, a Grand Ex-periment of Ex-perience.

        I have found that yes indeed we see our reflection “out there”, but only to a point. We are not just here this time for our own ascension but to serve humanity to encourage as many as possible to follow suit and also get themselves ascended. With that in mind, I have found that I am sometimes shown things that are not directly about me but are instead preparing me to better serve others. And I’ve done transmutation work for myself, the planet and the collective and found that even that stuff that was not personal was made to feel very personal and really did need to be handled the same way, ya know, “groan”. lol

        And yes, “low frequency” is one thing, but being “lowly” over all, nope, none of us are. This is not kindergarten here on 3D Earth, it’s literally the Masters Program.

        I’d recently heard a Christian talk about not being fond of those who say “we’re perfect as we are.” Well, define perfect and from what level. We are all perfect as a soul and just having ex-periences, but if we want to ascend and return to our True Divine Self consciously, we do indeed have some work to do and that would mostly be about releasing what we are not, since who we truly are is always there, just buried under a crap heap (highly technical term, lol)

        To me, the soul is “real” but this realm is an illusion. I’ve known folks who have a problem with that as they are having real ex-periences. Indeed, the ex-periences are real, just as someone donning virtual reality goggles would be having a real ex-perience but in an illusory realm.


      2. You are right, a lot of people disagree with my statement that our frequency is at a very low level here as humanity, as human beings, but seeing that we have been better of as apes, now destroyign this world with sheer stupidity is frustrating to me…it makes no sense ..,kindergarten children are ok, when we are fed all these lies in our education system, in our politics, in growing up by parents and others, then we lose our integrity as people…most people, 99 percent do not even learn basic set of ethics such as let us not kill or harm other species…it is so very very basic don’t you think?


      3. Yes indeed, low frequency… and missing Divine connection and just flat good sense. Domesticated. Trained.

        And yet… there are many here now whose frequency is no longer so low, which stirs the pots of those whose freq. is still low. And the chaos ensues. Bringing light to a world of darkness does indeed cause chaos.

        “99 percent do not even learn basic set of ethics such as let us not kill or harm other species…”
        … or even to let up on killing or harming our own species.

        Basic. Fundamental. I was just thinking about how things are made and made to seem so complicated, complex in this world. It’s a program running in many people still. Never mind most real wisdom is often quite simple. They’ve been programmed to think that some “expert” (including career-politician type “experts” or science or religion, etc.) has to deal with certain things because Joe Average themselves couldn’t possibly understand. And… this to me is why many folks don’t step up into leadership roles (even simply the leading of their own lives – not being “slothful” like the enneagram of personality defines as (not lazy but instead) allowing others to determine their life agenda for them) themselves and are content to leave it to the “experts” as their world is crashing down around their ears… much of which needs to come crashing down, but really? Does it all have to completely get trashed before folks can imagine something different and very willingly surrender / sacrifice these things that no longer serve them. (I’m seeing someone taking a hammer to someone’s fingers to make them let go of things.) Things have gotten as intense as they have because even folks “in the know” don’t step up and take back their lives and world. But the Divine never gives up on them and they’ll get every opportunity to wake up and take action… to reclaim their power. To even remember what that is.

        Oh yeah, the cabal’s tyrannical form of “darkness” doesn’t irritate me anywhere’s near as much as humanity’s ignorance or lack of fortitude or initiative. Those who “serve the dark” ultimately serve the light and are currently in the role of getting the bulk of humanity to wake up or to take right action concerning what they are already awakened to. No more fence sitting.

        And yep, the education system (and religion, media, etc.) has always been about brainwashing but after so many generations (millennia really) of this and an increase in intensity most especially in the last couple generations has resulted in so many in “low information” mode and unable to be heretics (ones who think for themselves). Face it, the cabal have had to work very hard to keep humanity down for so long and yet they have managed to do so. If enough folks not only awaken but step up and take right action in the world, then the cabal have no power. They’ve only ever had as much as we gave them.

        Have you seen this brand new David Icke interview? Very good.
        David Icke: The answer to getting people to activate their will – It’s time to free your mind of burdens


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