Ascension to Higher Dimensions

While Reptilian and Insectoid beings are hiding behind human facades, in this AI simulated matrix we believe to be earth, there are numerous other star-beings in our multidimensional universe. I would not have believed in existence of reptilian and insectoid humans unless I was shown who they are right before my eyes and my third eye stimulated further by other higher beings who are channeling constant guidance.

Some humans claim to be of alien origin. By alien they are not indicating they are from other planets from where they flew into this planet on a spaceship hidden in their parking lot. They probably talk about being of multidimensional origins from other physical planets or locations that exist where there are different ways of living, different bodies, different energy altogether.

As I write I feel a knock on my left ear to receive information and often a voice will dictate things to me or correct my writings most thankfully as I am not well travelled to so many dimensions as these masters are and I am solely dependent on their guidance for now,having not left this planetary matrix myself as yet to witness other dimensions elsewhere, except for contact with the masters who know better.

They have stated at times numerous other star races names: Sirian, Pleidian. Lyran, Arcturian and many other star-systems or constellations from where beings may manifest into our reality either in multidimensional travels or simply telepathic contact. I have been repeatedly reminded that I am not from here and this is not my ‘home’. When asked where – I have heard heard Pliedian goung to Sirius B. I was told that these other planetary races all have atomic numbers – that is they are not just spirit beings but have physical existences and locations as well.

Besides this I was shown some demons, who are ruining our reality show on earth by sending negative vibrations and fear based thoughtforms into our aura to pull us down and keep us paralysed into unhealthy relationships, abusive situations, and with those people who are evil – whose spirits they operate within. Within three years from being trained to communicate and rebuke 35 such demons with help of Ascended masters such as IAM, and being given their exact names alphabetically and phonetically of 35 demons within appx 30 mins of contact on my birthday in 2017, i found they all related to my relationships. I found that my need to break free from unhealthy patterns of control, as all of those demons were operating in the reptilian and insectoid lifeforms of police, legal systems, government systems and some people around me currently that are attempting to severly control me and prevent ascension. These are not ascended beings or masters but fear based energies and spirits who lower our frequency in variety of ways and to free ourselves from them is one of the keys to ouor ascension. Through meditation and breathwork when our kundalini is awakened, we can see these demons and begin to learn how to deal with them.

Most of the time it was Ashtar team, Jesus Sananda and Archangel Michael who were rebuking demons multidimensionally. Contact with these ascended masters began in 2016 when I was asked to choose a person to leave the matrix with (which of course is my sister (I was given a hint after being shown pictures of the ascended masters Ashtar and Sananda that I am supposed to choose someone who knows about the matrix). This was after an earth healing ritual and crystal grid I had prepared with numerous types of crystals to invite ascended masters, archangels and multidimensional beings for earth healing when the Syria wars had been escalating in the past.

Of course I was already meditating a lot, seeing a purple floral pattern all the time in the sky in thought free state and wondered if I am in a hologram, a torus. If spells and magic work and tarot is always right, there has to be something like a program, a mind-based reality we are in. I gradually turned from plant based to ethical vegan by learning more about it and wondered if Vega is the planetary system to ascend to. I also notice the similarity between Syria and Sirian word besides Vega and Vegan. Hence I am being honest and open about the possibility that all planets and planetary sub-systems may have connection with the mental simulation we are projecting in our universe or multi-verse and possibly higher dimensional dreamworlds are also being manifested from within through the Self, hopefully more positive, non-violent and serene systems where we can feel more at ‘home’ as we ascend from the current ‘toxic’ simulation.

Messages are being sent through various areas of the body, ears, smell, hair, heart, tongue, throat, stomach, toes, every twitch, scratch, tingle is a communication giving out a clear and accurate guidance through hand-gestures besides direct radio transmission. Thee Ascension symptoms are not solar flares affecting us, but masters contacting us through mediumship. Various clair-senses are awakened until there is 24×7 contact. Living eco-friendly, vegan, healthy, celibate and meditative life is core to ascension and awakening else we will simply be like any other spirit medium.

At times I have felt a portal being opened through my fourth eye just before I wake up and I can see many galactic stars as if I am travelling multidimensionally. I hear my own voice talking to me and supporting me in being free of earthly illusion, as if I were in a ship that is travelling through a wormhole. This ascended version of myself has thoughtfully closed most of my tarot and healing workshops and reading sessions so that I can focus on personal ascension and freeing myself from the hologram where we are living and working for now in illusion.

Besides this there were other beings who felt neutral, two men and one woman who had many wrinkes, I had seen once, had amazing music playing in the background when they contacted me – healing sounds (possibly Celtic) but they were resembling humans and said – ‘earth healing, I have heard that term a few times’, as if they were not of earth. I saw myself made to connect with them through some special headphones in a very lucid dream bordering on Virtual Reality. They may be ascended humans living in other higher dimensions in spirit form and connecting with those who are interested in healing this planetary reality which is of course a guided simulation.

Through sufficient third eye concentration we can manifest anythng, any person, any kind of event in this dream world – this illusion. This is not something to use for wealth, fame or entertainment but something to free ourselves from.

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