Dear readers,

I have been writing for a numer of years and have written numerous articles, poetry and books, as well as published material, tarot cards and CDs. After a long time of writing I feel that there is already a lot of material by me on amazon and on the and there are at least two dozen more that are incomplete and unpublished.

I found that in my posts on there have been a few interactions with readers in the past. However due to ascension and awakening, it is adviable for me to have less gadgets and online time and to focus more on the truth of the universe and how to break free from the matrix or illusions around us. I feel this is thwarted if I keep manifesting new situations and new people in my life. I have consistently discovered over the last many years that only those situations and people are manifesting that I strongly think about or visualize and it appears clear at times that I will attract social situations, interactions, comments and emails that I imagine tight into my world. Because it all feels like imagined realities manifesting into material from the astral, including comments, friends, emails, and in the past sales and income in my shop or businesses, it becomes clear that it is all the mind playing out its stories. More than often I have felt that even things that people say were exactly a reflection of my inner thoughts, expectations and emotions, as if this is all created from my inner self. Therefore I choose to from now onwards dedicate more to the spiritual than the worldly or outer activities and hence will move on so that I can detach and meditate more frequently.

Over the next few days I will be closing this blog and my websites entirely. New works if any may not be published under the old names, Tarot India Network, Magick, Swati Prakash, Global Wicca/ Spirituality or Earth Healing.

Blessed Be!

Swati Prakash

2 thoughts on “Goodbye!

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  1. I am very sadden and dis heartened to hear that you are closing the blog and website. I relied on you for inspiration motivation and advice esp. in lock down time.By closing this i see no light at the end of tunnel. Your books has helped me to further my study. I am pleased you are trying to concentrate on inward journey of soul through chanting meditation and contemplationas this is the ultimate goal of life. In the mean time i wish you health wealth and happiness.Until then keep safe and well. Keep in touch even everything is shutdown. God BlessBlessed Be NamasteRanjit 


    1. Thank you and I am sure the books and cards will remain available in print over amazon, and other websites. I am sorry about the lockdown and the depression this has caused everyone, however we humans fail to understand the harm we cause to nature and the way we dominate over other species and refuse to ban animal exploitation, trading and abuse. I am always happy to see people being more aware of these issues and doing something about the same which will help the planet.


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