Astral Travel to Real Alien Worlds with David McCready

You are not who you think you are… and you are not even ‘on earth’!

Did you know that you are channeling various spirit energies all the time to make up your ‘adopted personalities’? Have you realized that the illusion you experience as your life on ‘earth’ is held together by thoughts that are sent by lower spirit energies, including your ‘special effects team’?

You have the power to break free from this illusion by raising your consciousness to higher dimensions and higher spirit beings including advanced aliens that are part of your higher soul family, and they have been visiting you unawares to ‘say hello!’

In this detailed video documentary David McCready, author of The Great Simulator and Real Alien Worlds – A Brief Encyclopedia talks to The Positive Media about how he discovered Astral Projection, the secrets of ‘How To’, The Science behind it, and his experiences of Higher Dimensions that you can explore through Astral Travel yourself including ‘angelic’ higher beings or Guiding Spirits, advanced Alien Worlds and the Creator’s World.

Get ready to take a joint flight in this incredible adventure to real alien worlds through science and art of Astral Projection…..5..4..3..2..1…Blast off!


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