12 Simple Tips for Meditation

Just like dreams are created through our conscious and subconscious energy, our life is also a product of our conscious or unconscious energy. Meditation is a non-religious, spiritual science of awakening inner consciousness. 

We all create our reality through our consciousness, although not everyone realizes this fact. For humanity to awaken into a more conscious state meditation should be an essential daily practice for every person. This will enable us to make more conscious choices for better wellbeing, peace, joy and love so that we improve every aspect of life.

Anyone can meditate with these simple tips:
1. You may begin practice of meditation at a quiet place where you are not disturbed

2. Close your eyes gently and look within in a relaxed and alert posture

3. Observe your sensations, feelings and mental thoughts without judging them

4. Breathe in and breathe out naturally and observe your breath

5. Observe yourself, who is feeling, who is thinking, who is breathing

6. As your thoughts reduce slowly find silent space in your mind for inner peace

7. Witness yourself as your inner consciousness beyond body and mind

8. Spend time with your inner self, begin with 30 min to one hour daily

9. For establishing routine you may choose the same time everyday if it works for you

10. Some people find it easier to meditate on a light stomach

11. With practice you can meditate anywhere at anytime by being aware of inner self

12. Special techniques, chants, music, clothing, mats, mudras, aromas, gurus or décor are not always necessary although they help to induce a meditative state sometimes

Swati Prakash, Spiritual Author
(Free books on www.aumnow.com)


Free Meditation from 9:30 am to 10:30 am Mon to Wed at
AUM, 2 London Road, Grays RM17 5XY
and from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm every Thursday at
Thurrock Asian Association, 35, Clarence Road, Grays RM17 6QJ

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