Rather a Fool Who Predicts Wrong Than a Wise Man Who Predicts None?

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

― Alice in Wonderland

Peter Diamandis (author of BOLD) recently blogged a weltanschauung on tech predictions for the next 20 years. He does makes a point in a similar post few years back that it is not so much as the predictions themselves but what they represent, that intrigues him, namely an exponential growth curve said technology follows based on the apodictic principle that the computing power enabling them doubles every two years insomuch it goes from being deceptive through disruptive to finally, democratizing the service (think of the many bundled apps on your smartphone that had a physical equivalent a decade ago). This is what technopreneurs quote as the ‘6Ds of exponential technology’.

It is no secret humans are wired to think linearly so this sort of growth curve is often difficult to grok (reason why the first phase is deceptive). It is naturally, harder to believe that way before your horse and buggy days, human consciousness may have actually peaked even well before the Golden Age of Egypt as evidenced by archeoastronomy in cue with the ancients and latter day saints and seers who averred that human consciousness mutates in cycles (imagine a trade-off between a straight line and hyperbola), with tendency to rise and fall over a period of 24,000 years often cited as The Great Year.

That said, how about a wager on scientific discoveries/advances for the next 20 years? My top 10!

2019In the beginning, black holes seeded the baby universe: This upends the current belief that black holes are simply the aftermath of large stars (or, that it appeared a lot later in the timeline of our universe after the same stars had formed and collapsed) proving black holes existed before the first stars were born; similar to swirling black coffee becoming visible after milk is added as physicist Nassim Haramein describes it but also accounts for much of the newly found primordial dark matter.

2021 – Wormholes: ER = EPR is now taught in high-school where entangled black holes are akin to a network of wormholes explaining the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’ as popularized by Dick Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and what any fan of Douglas Adams would have told you!

2023 – Okay, there isn’t a 9th planet. It is in all probability, another star (possibly a brown dwarf) and Sol/Sun seemingly has a binary twin: After chasing tails and trails for nearly a decade, leading astronomers finally confirmed what was suspected all along – binary systems are common and our star is no exception. ‘Dogon’ it!

2025 Cure for cancer is found: Yes, a cure for cancer is out (for real), not just consistent in human trials but also affordable. This isn’t exactly a surprise as several breakthroughs (here, here and here) were already news and really took a little longer to process and perfect before it was available to all.

2027 – Cure for HIV found: Always a foregone conclusion once cell manipulation coupled with gene editing got cookie-cutter easy…

2029 – Contact: Physicist Michio Kaku wasn’t kidding when he said, we will find ET in this century. If anything, he overestimated. After much hand-wringing, SETI in a public statement acknowledged the ‘signal’ smacks of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Funny enough, all it elicited was a smirk from the CE9 leader (Close Encounters of the Ninth Kind) who was present in the audience and asked to comment.

2031- Modest Continuous Big Bang: Now, eastern eschatology has always maintained that creation is cyclic. Ever since it was mathematically surmised, black holes allow information transfer to white holes, it was only a matter of time (pun intended) that westerners were able to verify the universe is expanding only to contract back into a singularity. Credit to Itzhak Bentov who first coined this term.

2033 – Meditation: Monk Dalai Lama had said ‘If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation’ so he’d be thrilled to bits to learn, not only its now taught in most primary schools with correctional facilities busy following suit.

2035 – Global Warming Reversed: This project was long overdue and debates were more political than scientific, until common sense prevailed when a hebetudinous leadership realized there is no arguing with melting glaciers and started au grand sérieux after Paris Accord 2015 before it hit tipping point.

2037 – Time Travel Prototype: Dr. Jack Sarfatti, was the real life inspiration behind the Doc in ‘Back to the Future’ and avid proponent of how a future invisible universe reaches back in time to create the visible universe we see with telescopes what Russian Physicist Igor Novikov described as a self-consistent time loop of retrocausality. After Vatican conceded to make Chronovisor public, it was a race against time for physicists to overhaul the device and send out particles back and forward in time!

In closing, I envisage the far-out future where we pop in and out of hyper space at will without some device (hint: Peter’s 5th/6th D) in a vein similar to how ascended masters can blue shift the ether.

He (a monk) recounted: “It emanated from one corner of the room, a deep blue light; then the whole room became filled with light. The blue light in the corner started revolving. A face appeared; then the whole bust, and finally the entire form. The face was so serene, so sweet! I thought, ‘Who could it be? Buddha? Shiva?’ No, this divine personage did not have the long pierced ears of Buddha, nor his short curly hair. Neither did he have the necklace of snakes and the long matted hair of Shiva. The face was beautiful and serene like theirs, but the hair was pulled straight back. He spoke to me and gave me a mantra…”

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