Intuition + Intention: 5 Steps to Create and not Just Predict Your Future

Premonition There are some people who believe in Premonition - a clear vision or awareness of what lies ahead on your path before you physically get there is possible. Perhaps we have read about various prophecies in religious or spiritual books or biographies as made by various spiritual masters. Or we could have had a... Continue Reading →

Seven Links Between Religion and Veganism

We all have noticed phenomenal spiritual awakening in recent years, typically including a transformational shift to Vegan food in those people who meditate and develop inner love, compassion or connection with the universe. But did you know that even our ancient spiritual and religious traditions all over the world, including The Bible included Veganism? The... Continue Reading →

Eradicating FGM – the Barbaric Practice Against Women

Did you know that in some religions and cultures, even to this day, it is believed that women must be controlled and should not be allowed to have the 'sin' of sexual pleasure and therefore their genitals must be cut off brutally even as they are little girls, from infants to those aged 6 or... Continue Reading →

Solfeggio: The Miraculous Healing Frequencies of Music

The healing effects of music require no second guessing. Listening to relaxing instrumental music can instantly make us feel better and as per scientific research even reduce the effects of illness and dysfuncions including autism, depression, Parkinsons disease and cancer. We all know about the seven notes of music - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La,... Continue Reading →

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