An Economic Vision for Saving the World

There is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed and this TED talk is a stark reminder of that! It isn’t blue sky thinking to be able to ‘save the planet’ but inevitable if every city and country roots for this economic vision.

Five years ago Naoko Ishii, an Economist was appointed CEO of Global Environment Facility and discovered how economists so far including herself and her colleagues were totally ignorant about protecting and managing ‘Global Commons‘ i.e. our shared earth resources such as wildlife, air, water and land. In recent years a group of scientists defined 9 Planetary Boundaries the crossing of which could lead to catastrophic change in our survival on earth, and we had already crossed 4 of them and beginningto invade others.  planetary_boundaries

To change this alarming situation we must manage our Global Commons by acting like our ancestors who managed our local commons, such as fishing waters and pastures by preventing each other from polluting and depleting all our resources.

Her suggestions focus upon 1) Clean Green Cities 2) Green Energy Systems 3) Less Wasteful Production Systems and 4) Change our Food System to reduce Deforestation and Greenhouse Emissions.

Let cynics play that lone-voice-in-the-wilderness for a change while you and I spread her word to ‘think global, act local’ and take a step or two to make it a better place.


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