Five Positive Ways of Celebrating Christmas

Did you know that all our popular festivals have deeper meanings that might be forgotten to some extent in our consumer-centric shopping and external celebrations?Christmas, one of the most popular international festival, has a depth of meaning that can help us celebrate in many spiritual and uplifting ways.

  1. Care for Trees and our Planet: The entire idea of decorating a tree is an ancient pagan custom associated with winter or Yuletide, based on honouring the sacred spirit of trees. It is a way of recognizing that all beings including plants have sentience and require loving care and protection. Trees are specially important for our planet as they help reduce carbon emissions and provide us a healthy atmosphere, protect our soil from erosion and give home to several creatures. Fir trees are decorated in Christmas or Yule as they are evergreen, and represent life in winter. Unfortunately many people started cutting down trees and bringing them indoors for their parties which is the opposite of what this festival ideally represents. Decorating trees planted in earth and celebrating greenery is what we need to focus on. christmas trees
  2. Gifting to the Needy: The cold time of winter is a time when many homeless people and animals are suffering outside. The entire idea of the ‘season of giving’ is to spread warmth and joy to those who need it the most. We all have heard of Santa Claus who brings presents, and Saint Nicholas who helped the poor. Similarly ancient beliefs were in an Old God of Winter with a beard of snow who brings us good cheer. In whichever way we look at him, the idea is to open our heart. Charitable activities and gifting to those who require support and help is a wonderful way of truly celebrating this season. Our exchanges need not be purely financial, but also of love, compassion and understanding, including but not limited to our own family and friends, without any expectations of return.heart winter
  3. Healthy Food: Sometimes in the entire gamut of celebration we focus on a lot of unhealthy treats and feasts that can add unrequired calories and drain us of our vital life-force. By focusing on healthy eating and sharing healthy food such as organic and vegan delights, with our loved ones and with the poor, we can bring true blessings upon ourself and others without harming or killing meal
  4.  Light of Consciousness: Everyone loves stories and carols pertaining to birth and resurrection of Jesus and it is great for inspiration. However the meaning of Christ is light or consciousness which has to be awakened within us. We all are united in spirit because we all come from the same source or Higher Self which is our truth. This awareness or inner-light is the true meaning of Christmas. This is the season where lights decorate each home and garden all around. Our real celebration is within us in the form of our expanding consciousness or Christ light that connects us all in the energy of unconditional star
  5. Magic: We all enjoy tales of elves and fairies at Christmas, the most magical time of the year when reindeers fly and angels sing praises of the creator. It is necessary to remember that we are all magical creators and all of us without any exceptions, have been gifted the energy of spiritual manifestation. Anything and everything is possible, therefore we need not despair. In each one of us is the energy of God/dess or Holy Spirit and we all have the power to make a wish and watch it materialize in our life. Through meditation and affirmations we can create blessings for our own growth and well-being as well as for the good of the earth and the universe. We are not victims or slaves but conscious creators of this reality, both individual and shared. The state of our world is directly connected with the state of our inner consciousness. We can magically transform anything right now to bring the divine kingdom through our heart into magic

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