Top Ten Positive News of 2017

We all have seen a lot of negativity in media all these years, so much so that we forget those things that really matter…messages of hope, peace and wellbeing that are before us to uplift our awareness and remind us that the world is getting better indeed.  For negative or disturbing news we can send energy through positive affirmations to transform situations into a desirable alternatives. Whatever we concentrate upon can indeed amplify by the power of our amazing universal mind as we are all one consciousness. We can start with these ten achievements to focus on as we enter 2018 to create a new and brighter beginning.

  1. End of Syria War: UN declared an end to Syria’s seven-year civil war, which had claimed the lives of nearly half a million people and displaced millions more, reported The Week on Sep 8.
  2. Daesh (IS) Defeated: Daesh, the terror organisation also self-branded as Islamic State and wrongly named by media as Isis has been defeated in key cities of Syria and Iraq which were their planning and operations centre for worldwide attacks per this Reuter’s report on 9 December.
  3. Women Allowed to Drive in UAE: Saudi Arabia, criticized for being the only country in the world that banned women from driving finally lifted the ban as per this NDTV report on 27 Sep 2017 , and now will allow women to also drive motorcycles and trucks in 2018.
  4. Disclosure of Secret Government Program concerning Alien Spacecrafts: Massive government cover-ups begin to be exposed as former Pentagon secret program chief admitted that the fact we have been visited by extraterrestrial crafts have been proven beyond reasonable doubt as per this Telegraph report of 25 December 2017.
  5. Return of Abducted Chibok girls by Boko Haram: 82 school girls abducted by the Islamist terror group Boko Haram in Chibok Nigeria, in 2014 were returned as reported by The Guardian on 7 May 2017
  6. Drop in Crime and Murder in USA: While until 2016 crime rates rose sharply against previous year, in 2017 latest reports have predicted a decline for the first time as per analysis of top USA cities. Murder rate fell by 5.6 percent as per Report by Brennan’s Center on 20 December.
  7. Record Increase in Green Energy: Solar power prices have reached record lows all over the world undercutting fossil fuels and helping our planet. As an example to the rest of the world, harmful emissions in UK continued to fall while number of coal free hours increased, with 11 June being ‘Stunning Sunday’ as  the carbon intensity reached a low level that must be the norm by 2030, according to the government’s climate advisers says the Report by Guardian 17 June 2017.
  8. Gene Editing Tool To Eliminate Incurable diseases: Scientists have found new ways to edit our genes to cure or eliminate previously incurable diseases such as Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy or even reverse ageing as per this Report by The Guardian on 7 December.
  9. Jordan Bans Rapists From Escaping Punishment by Marrying Victim: In a historic victory of women’s rights, Jordan banned outdated laws that prevented prosecution if the rapist married the woman as per this Report in The Independent on 1 August 2017.
  10. Artificial Food To Eliminate World Hunger: Agriculture requires land, climatic conditions and resources while poor have been dying hungry. Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have tested Bioreactors that use electricity to create food from basic elements such as water and CO2 to create edible protein rich compounds to help create urgent supplies to famine affected people as per this Report by the LUT dated 19 July.

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Believe in The Miraculous

What is Miraculous ?

Something that happens only in ‘Disney’ movies?

Something that happens only in religious texts?

Something purely technological?

Something you might experience someday…maybe… if you believe?

Or, is it something here with you , in you …right now…?

Fairy tales, religious beliefs, technological wizardry or mind-magic..are all around us.

Yet, you do not have to belong to a specific religion to receive an answer to your prayers. You do not have to believe in dragons and fairies to get a wish. You do not need a gadget to send a message instantly to someone far away…It all depends on our inner energetic state.

Miraculous is within us, right now.

Our thoughts, desires, beliefs and habits are constantly creating our life. Regardless of fantasy, religion or scientific knowledge, each one of us is capable of letting go of our unwanted thoughts, unnecessary desires, false beliefs and unuseful habits…and begin manifesting the miraculous.

There are two ways our subconscious mind manifests the multi-dimensional world.

  1. Our subconscious creating our dreams… that appear amazingly real and vivid, so much so that we cannot even tell the difference between awake and asleep.
  2. Our subconscious creating our waking life moments… that appear amazingly real and vivid, so much so that we cannot even tell the difference between awake and asleep.

Yes, each and everything around is is self-created at some level of mind. For most of us this has been happening subconsciously. When we believed that we were awake, we might actually have been asleep, because our subconscious fears, reactions, anger, judgements, disregard, vanity, ego, or any other hidden or inner states were manifesting into lack of health, frustrations, crime, discontent, artificialness, corruption or any other issue that affected us for ages.

On the other hand, conscious awareness can help us manifest desired situations and experiences literally in our life. Those of us who have gained this awareness have seen this truth for ourselves, and the skepticism of others does not come in our way anymore. We begin with transforming our inner energy to directly experience better health, emotional joy, career satisfaction, abundance, love and truthful relationships. At the next stage we can help others (who are willing and receptive) through healing, intuition, telepathy and energy transmission. Our inner miracles grow to the extent that we can even affect global situations to some or the other extent.

As more of our subconscious comes into light of consciousness we find our world transform. It is merely a matter of time that all of us will gain this inner awareness that surpasses all boundaries of religion and science to lead us into a better state of global unity, peacefulness, loving acceptance, kindness, good health, equality, truth and safety for all beings including human.

We do not have to believe in a specific god, angel, ritual, prayer, fantasy or any other customary belief to manifest the promised kingdom. All we have to believe in the miraculous inner self, our own ascended state of consciousness to make our own promise come true.









A Special Gift: Free Books To Spread Spiritual Awareness

With the season of giving what could be better than light to awaken the Christ within.

If there is one thing that can improve everything in our life and our world, it is spiritual awareness. A positive spirituality that unites the world, guides us to harm none, and live in harmony with nature is needed everywhere right now.

Help us in our mission of Earth Healing and Ascension by sharing the light and making it stronger.



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Ascend from Within: Manifesting a Reality of Higher Consciousness

(The image on top is one of the cards from the Inner Goddess oracle which I have just finished designing.)


What does this word convey to you?

Most people see ascension as going up a ladder, or an elevator to a place physically above. In the new age however, many of us believe ascension to be a spiritual elevation to a higher plane of existence….being in the fifth dimensional earth for example, through a more heart centered consciousness. More about that on the newly launched

In other words, we can manifest a more magical reality for ourselves, shared with deeply conscious beings centered on unconditional love and spiritual oneness. A reality in which there are fewer limitations. One where we can transcend time and space to navigate between parallel realities anytime by conscious choice. Or where manifesting something is as effortless as wishing it. Perhaps, even one where we can materialize and dematerialize at will between different multidimensional planes. To reach that level of being without destroying our planet through mere technology, may require us to meditate and enhance our own vibrations to more kindness, higher sense of ethics, self-realization, inner peace, positive living and unconditional love.

Just the other night I had a vivid telepathic dream where I was visited, as I often am by a higher being called who sang an absolutely beautiful song with music I had never heard before and which was out of the world.

‘Age is a question of no possibility.

There is no need for money up there.

Love is the language of higher reality.’

I wish I knew the rest of the song and I sure hope I will…

For now here is an image of ascended earth that I put together for my newly designed Angels Tarot.




Four Steps to Amplify Earth Healing

Do you believe in meditation, spiritual healing and ascension?

Do you feel that we all have the power within us to manifest a positive reality? 

Through selfless intentions of  healing our planet, we develop a deeper relationship with our all-powerful Higher Self. We all are One in the Source and deeply interconnected through our common Highest Truth.

We have just created based on a clear dream from ascended masters in which they gave the exact name of this website and all the steps for earth healing. It is simple, free and you can Get Started right now!

I would love to see you there and have your positive energy sent to earth for manifesting wonderful intentions through our ascending collective consciousness!


Simply Sign-Up, read the four step process of earth healing and Share Your Vision. You can interact with others and share wonderful ideas for earth healing together with this community of lightworkers. Hope to see you there soon!

earth healing network

Positive Movie: Samadhi (Part1 – Maya, The Illusion of the Self)

We all love movies but there are only a few that have managed to enlighten and draw attention, not to the outer world of crime, glamour and superstition that we are so used to in commercial cinema, but to the inner world of the Self.

For the beginner on the path of self-realization, this is one movie we highly recommend. Even for many of us on the spiritual path, who believe we have achieved spiritual success, this film helps in discovering true spirituality which is not about spiritual style but discovering the essence of our inner self.

Samadhi Part 1 (Maya the Illusion of the Self) is the first installment of a series of films exploring Samadhi. You can purchase a high definition copy of the film for download to your computer here:… Samadhi Part 2 “It’s Not What You Think” will be coming soon.

There are aspects in this film that rely on your understanding of concepts such as the primordial spiral, the logos, akasha, kundalini which can be found in the film “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds”. This can be watched for free at

Meanwhile you can watch the free youtube version of this entire first part of Samadhi here:

Saying the Word: The One that Must Not be Named

Last evening, I went through a lot of turmoil within- unexplained and without any tangible reasons; at least at that moment. I was having a conversation with my mom on a call and at one point of time during the conversation, the restless in me increased to an extent that I felt breathless.

I shared what I felt with my mother.. and she suddenly started to discuss all the instances of rape that has happened with children. She specifically spoke about a case of a 4 year old being raped by her teacher. The thing to note here is that my mom has never spoken to me on this topic… and well it came as a surprise. And as she spoke, I felt a terrible rage erupt within me! I wanted to lash out at her for sharing this at the moment when I was already feeling unsettled.

I quickly ended the conversation. As I disconnected the call, I felt this sudden rush of emotions and I wanted to howl and cry.

The earth is crying, shaking in despair,
She is hurting, she is angry at her children,her heir.
She wants to crash and burn, turn everything bare..
She is trembling with anger, screaming in pain,
As we are losing sight of all that’s humane.

Raping women and children, what is this that man is doing?
Killing and plundering, lying and corruption; it’s all going to be our undoing.

She is angry, I can feel it in me today
She is terribly sad, and wants to lash out in her way.

Mankind, take notice, do not let her suffer
The woman and child you rape are your own mother and daughter.

For we all come from the Source
We are but its fragment,
So love a little more, be a little more compassionate,
This is just my two cents…

earth cryI wrote this on facebook and soon saw a comment on my post saying an earthquake had been felt a short while ago. Now… I began to understand the rush of all the unexplained turbulence within…. But I still felt agitated. And once again, as it happens often with me, there was synchronicity. This time one of my mentors, commented on that post saying how she went through the same emotions and turbulence just a day ago. I knew I had to talk to her …and I am so glad I did, for I figured out what it is that the Universe wants me to talk about and educate people of if possible.

It’s A Hush Hush word but I’ll say it out loud


There i said it..The world didn’t end.

We as a nation and humans have turned the word and the act into a ‘dirty’ word. Sex is something we do only behind closed doors, never to speak of it….

Like ‘Voldemort’!

There, I named ‘YouKnowWho’ too!And no I ain’t Avada Kedavara yet!

Jokes apart, sex is a very natural act, a beautiful one, between people who agree to it… Two consenting adults!


What we (our parents and grandparents and so forth) have done is created shame surrounding the word and act itself.. a forbidden pleasure.. an act that only man has control over and only man is supposed to enjoy.

Now that more and more women are becoming empowered, standing up for themselves in every aspect, the men are not the dominant species anymore. Now men with twisted mind, who for so many reasons are beyond reproach, still try to dominate. If they cannot dominate their wives and mothers, or a grown up woman in general, who do you think they can? The children.. That and so much more lies beneath this cruel act of raping a child.

But how can we help alleviate the issue?

Let us not allow sex to be a dirty word anymore. Let us first teach our boy child to respect women and girls and see them as their equals. Let us teach our girls the same too. Let’s make our boys understand and even appreciate women as powerful beings. Let us show them that the new normal is their mother and sisters being empowered and having a choice to do what they want – roam the world if they want to or be a stay at home mom whose world is her kitchen and her family, if chooses that for herself… Both are to be respected. Remind our children of the ancient wisdom women possess. Normalise the days of bleeding that all women go through.


There is so much more I could write, and I will for sure. But for now let us take a small step .. let us raise sons and daughters who respect each other and see each other as beautiful human beings and not just a way to establish their dominance as a superior gender. Both men and women are equal. Without Yin, there’s no Yang.


Dilpreet is a Holistic Healer, Tarot and Angel expert who started exploring spirituality and various modalities at a young age and is consumed with a desire to help people improve their life. She believes in practicing all that she learns before she preaches it to others. That brings in an authenticity that inspires others and leaves a positive impact on them. More about her on


Eleven Super Meanings of the Moon

A Super Moon is when the full moon is closest to earth and hence appears larger than usual. Each thing around us stands for a message to go within ourselves and so does the Moon. At Super Moon these meanings are amplified to help us awaken in a stronger way through a better understanding of who we are.

  1. Tune Into Inner Peace: The Moon has a calm aura and cooling light that can heal us through peace in the silence of the night. Gazing into the soft radiance of the moon we can bring our minds to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature without the constant noise of our thoughts. Enjoy the moonlight and the serenity it gives.moon light
  2. Feel the Emotion: The full moon has been a symbol of love and emotional energy. Just like the tides of oceans are pulled strongly by the moon, our emotional state is also influenced by the lunar tides. The supermoon and full moon help us be aware of our emotional needs so that we can care for ourselves better.moon emotion
  3. Listen to Intuition: Our inner spirit or true self can speak to us in a gentle voice that can often be drowned in the humdrum of daily commotion. The full and super moon are wonderful opportunities to specially focus on listening to the guidance of our higher self.moonocean
  4. Connect with Feminine Energy: The moon cycle corresponds with feminine monthly cycle and therefore makes the full moon a symbol of motherhood or creative power. Regardless of gender we all have our feminine or motherly side within us and the full and super moon are reminders to connect with our ‘shakti’.moon female
  5. Heal your Subconscious: The moon represents our mental energy including subconscious that is slowly brought into light through all the phases of the moon’s illumination. The super and full moons help us be aware of our subconscious patterns for healing and self-understanding.moon clouds
  6. Reflect on Yourself: The moon reflects the strong light of the sun in a kind and gentle way that helps us look at it directly, unlike the sun. Therefore it signifies an opportunity to reflect and introspect on who we are and on our life purpose.moon reflect
  7. Conquer your Fears: The waxing, waning and full states of the moon are illusory and give the moon an appearance of changing or shapeshifting. The full and super moon is symbolic of our mental or unconscious illusions or fears being transformed by light so that we can face them and be fearless.moon fear
  8. Follow your Dreams: The moon is a symbol of dreaming where our consciousness can literally show us clear images, music, sensations and multi-dimensional experiences as lucidly as waking life itself. Prophecies and clear messages can often be obtained through power of consciousness through understanding our dreams. moon angel
  9. Know your Hidden Side: The moon has a dark or mystery side that is never seen by anyone on earth because it is in an orbital lock with earth. The hidden side of the moon represents our unknown self that can not be revealed through any way other than meditation that connects us directly to the all knowing higher self. Full and super moon are considered specially good for quiet meditation.moon meditation
  10. Be Unafraid of Change: The moon is the most changeable of all astrological symbols as it moves fast between zodiacs and changes phases every night. The full and super moon are signs that we have come a full circle despite all the changes we have faced and need not worry about future ups and downs.moonchange
  11. Awaken to Truth: The moon represents illusion as well as reminds us of our power to see through illusion. Just like our dreams are multi-sensory and make us feel like we are awake, our life too is a creation of our mind and therefore no different from dreaming.moonhand

Five Positive Ways of Celebrating Christmas

Did you know that all our popular festivals have deeper meanings that might be forgotten to some extent in our consumer-centric shopping and external celebrations?Christmas, one of the most popular international festival, has a depth of meaning that can help us celebrate in many spiritual and uplifting ways.

  1. Care for Trees and our Planet: The entire idea of decorating a tree is an ancient pagan custom associated with winter or Yuletide, based on honouring the sacred spirit of trees. It is a way of recognizing that all beings including plants have sentience and require loving care and protection. Trees are specially important for our planet as they help reduce carbon emissions and provide us a healthy atmosphere, protect our soil from erosion and give home to several creatures. Fir trees are decorated in Christmas or Yule as they are evergreen, and represent life in winter. Unfortunately many people started cutting down trees and bringing them indoors for their parties which is the opposite of what this festival ideally represents. Decorating trees planted in earth and celebrating greenery is what we need to focus on. christmas trees
  2. Gifting to the Needy: The cold time of winter is a time when many homeless people and animals are suffering outside. The entire idea of the ‘season of giving’ is to spread warmth and joy to those who need it the most. We all have heard of Santa Claus who brings presents, and Saint Nicholas who helped the poor. Similarly ancient beliefs were in an Old God of Winter with a beard of snow who brings us good cheer. In whichever way we look at him, the idea is to open our heart. Charitable activities and gifting to those who require support and help is a wonderful way of truly celebrating this season. Our exchanges need not be purely financial, but also of love, compassion and understanding, including but not limited to our own family and friends, without any expectations of return.heart winter
  3. Healthy Food: Sometimes in the entire gamut of celebration we focus on a lot of unhealthy treats and feasts that can add unrequired calories and drain us of our vital life-force. By focusing on healthy eating and sharing healthy food such as organic and vegan delights, with our loved ones and with the poor, we can bring true blessings upon ourself and others without harming or killing meal
  4.  Light of Consciousness: Everyone loves stories and carols pertaining to birth and resurrection of Jesus and it is great for inspiration. However the meaning of Christ is light or consciousness which has to be awakened within us. We all are united in spirit because we all come from the same source or Higher Self which is our truth. This awareness or inner-light is the true meaning of Christmas. This is the season where lights decorate each home and garden all around. Our real celebration is within us in the form of our expanding consciousness or Christ light that connects us all in the energy of unconditional star
  5. Magic: We all enjoy tales of elves and fairies at Christmas, the most magical time of the year when reindeers fly and angels sing praises of the creator. It is necessary to remember that we are all magical creators and all of us without any exceptions, have been gifted the energy of spiritual manifestation. Anything and everything is possible, therefore we need not despair. In each one of us is the energy of God/dess or Holy Spirit and we all have the power to make a wish and watch it materialize in our life. Through meditation and affirmations we can create blessings for our own growth and well-being as well as for the good of the earth and the universe. We are not victims or slaves but conscious creators of this reality, both individual and shared. The state of our world is directly connected with the state of our inner consciousness. We can magically transform anything right now to bring the divine kingdom through our heart into magic

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