Is Karma About Reward and Punishment?

We all have a past. But do we all have past lives? Some of you would question past lives entirely. Afterall what proof can we have that we reincarnate? For those of you who believe in past lives or reincarnation, the questions are different. Why do we reincarnate? Are we supposed to suffer the consequences of our past life mistakes in our present? Are we here to reap the rewards that were pending from our past life? Are we here to even our accounts with someone we related with? Or are we here to reunite with specific soulmates?

Fortunately regardless of whether we believe in past lives or reincarnation, we all can agree upon one thing. That we are here right now….Our present moment is all we can be sure about.

The purpose of life itself may not be known to science, but all of us can know from our own hearts, who we truly are from deep within. Our behavior, thought-process, our skills and talents, our fears and choices, our likes and dislikes…..all are changeable with time. Therefore even if we have had a past, or who knows how many past lives, right now, we are something much beyond it.

It follows therefore that our future is not limited by or defined by our past but something that is being generated by our present choices. All that we have chosen so far whether in past lives or in the past of our present lifetime, up-to right now…has led us to only one thing. Our present!

Karma is another word for ‘work’, i.e. what we do with our life. Karma is not a synonym for past life energy following our present lifetime. It can simply refer to our deeds even in this very lifetime or even – right now.

The main thing to understand however is that it is no matter what our past deeds might have been like, the present moment is totally a new opportunity that we have to choose how we think or act. In other words, our karma is our own choice made entirely through our free will in the present moment regardless of our past.

We all know that every action comes with certain consequences depending upon various laws of nature and our world. However all the consequences finally boil to the way we feel in the end. Having material success might give joy for a while to some of us, while spiritual peace might lead some others to tremendous bliss. Our consequences therefore are not entirely about the specific reward or punishment that comes from outside but our own feelings and inner state in this very moment.

Our past might be something that chases us time after time until we are even and all our accounts sorted by providing us lessons after lessons in the form of our actions and consequences. Yet, ultimately we are all learning who we are through the various lessons that life puts us through. We all are learning certain core values such as peacefulness, love and kindness that make us an evolved human. These deep lessons need not come from anything or anyone from outside, they can simply emerge from our true self through quiet contemplation and meditation.

We can be free of our past and at peace with all there is regardless of our past deeds or past situations.  Moksha or liberation from our karmic cycles of life and death is possible regardless of religion or belief. The solution to all our past life or present life issues might simply be this: Forgive, Let-Go and Be at Peace.


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